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Best Bb Season Ever?


Best Season  

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  1. 1. Which season of Big Brother is your all-time favorite?

    • Season 1: America votes; Eddie wins
    • Season 2: formation of Chill Town, Justin expelled, Will wins
    • Season 3: Introduction of the veto, Amy returns in a midseason twist, Marcellus doesn't use the veto, Lisa wins
    • Season 4: Ex-factor, David/Amanda caught doing the dirty deed on the feeds, Golden POV introduced, Jun wins
    • Season 5: Project DNA, Adria-Natalie twist, Nakomis/Cowboy are related, Drew and Diane's showmance, Marvin's one-liners; Drew wins
    • Season 6: Partners twist, first year in the two-story house, nerd herd vs. Janelle/Howie/James/Rachel; Maggie wins
    • Season 7: all-stars, Chilltown returns and Will lives up to his puppet master nickname, Coup d'etat introduced but isn't used; Boogie wins
    • Season 8: so far memorable for Dick's tirades and not much else. Eric as AP, Dani dominating in competitions, Amber's crying... winner TBD

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My personal ordering, which a ton of people might not agree with, would go:








I didn't watch S1, so I can't make a judgement on it. What does everyone else think?

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i been saying in all these best bb season thread for me its season 4

good gameplay no comp fixing just good honest bb

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the best player won

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For me I liked season 5 the best .....but this season has some

very colorful HGs....and it's not over yet... :party_smilie:

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What the heck...I'll just put it out there and say Season 1. The tears and America's voting and town loyalties and bonding and boredom and Cassandra peeing with her great big skirt on all broke the ground for the show we love today.

Eight BBs later and I'm still addicted to it.


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I never saw season 3 and I still have a soft spot for Season 1 (none of these people would make it on Season 1). But in all honesty, Season 4 was the best. Allison was THE most loathesome and she almost won the damn thing. Jun actually befriended and used the Final 2 goat (allison). Although Season 4 saw the introduction Erika, I actually liked her on the season and voted for her to be on all-stars.

But what puts Season 4 above all others was Jack's "Buzzard Crotch" comment. I laughed my ass off, and I was a Dana fan. IMO, Jack should have been on All-Stars, he was just too good and likable. He was like Survivor's Tom, to me.

What I have against Season 6 was the viciousness of the boards (including here at Morty's). Looking back, most people would say that they posted things they didn't mean. That and the total brainwashing of the Janelle fans. She was great at comps, but Jeez, you would think that she was the second coming (or first, depending on your religion).

But I was reminded of Marvin...damn, most of his comments should on a desk calendar...too funny.

Hey mayve that's what BB needs...a favorite comment of the day note pad or email...

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yep another season 4 lover

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While there are seasons I didnt like the outcome or the players, I have liked all equally, usually the one going on is my favorite, since I have long term memory loss, I am old, today is my Bday, 43, now my name is wrong. Hopefully next year I will be saying BB9 is my favorite, well, hopefully y'all will see me saying it on the feeds. It can be our code...I will say, this season is the best one yet, with the best looking cast. If you hear that you know its me.......what.......thats already been said? NO WAY.OH, I voted for season 4.

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