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Other Bb Fans Are Fed Up With This Season.


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All quotes taken from CBS.com message board.

This is the first season I've watched this show, my wife got me into watching it. but it's clear as day for anyone with 2 eyes that this "America's Player" is a way for the producers to manipulate the show and therefore continue with the ratings. there's no way they're taking a poll into account, the producers are making Eric manipulate the game for how they want it to be. If Eric had been able to vote and nominate and strategize the way he wanted, Jen and Dick would be gone already. and the producers know that controversial characters like Jen and Dick are good for ratings, so they manipulate the game and put in "America's Player" to actually make people think they (the viewers) can change the outcome. it's a complete sham. when these reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother first started, it was about real people being left on their own to strategize and try to win. but this crap is as pre-scripted as a sitcom. tonight was the last time I'll watch this show.
I agree with you. Will be canceling my live feed in the morning.

CBS lost my $$ too. I will cancel the feeds in the morning. What a hoax!!! CBS shame on you!!!

I totally agree with you. All of the Evil Dick fans are extremely rude to other people. That explains a lot. CBS may have a bunch of Dick fans that are watching the show now but all of the sane people have stopped. Dick is a crud person and I refuse to watch him on tv. I stopped watching the show last week but I did come online to vote for Dick to be nominated anyway.
Who are you quoting?
the bb fans who are fed up

i always thought BB was a good quality reality show to watch, guess not. I am ashamed to say I pry will still watch, just to see how bad CBS screws everyone else over. Yes, CBS needs to make money and needs the ratings, but at the expense of fans, and actual people who went there to play the game. How unfair CBS.

Honestly, For me, The worst part is "America." The second worst part is CBS.

I had been on CBS' defense until today. It is not so much of believing the game is rigged, but I am absolutely sick of this editing.

Why do they show everything everyone else does cruel but do not show truly what evil Dick has done? It is so unfair. truly.

What are we truly rooting for in this country? Money/ratings is not everything.

Yes, Dustin was arrogant and had his flaws, but for me, he did not scratch the surface when it comes to the things that Dick has done.

I'm actually sad for this "American majority" right now.

These truly are "The End Times."

Daniele was bouncing around and didn't even know if she would have offered the veto to her Dad as he offered it to her. She could have atleast said yes she would offer it to him, knowing he would tell her to keep it.

All this disciphering riddles and all they had to do was remember. I thought that might had been the case because BB did this kind of thing before.

Amber definitely cries too much, but I have never been rooting for Amber to win HOH so much before in my life.

For me, This is my worst Big Brother and I have been a fan from

The America's player concept is the only thing that's keeping people like ED in this game. No way Eric votes for Dustin without that. So, they've basically changed the whole game to something that it hasn't been before. I've only watched a couple of episodes this year, watched just about every year in the past. It was fun then. This is just plain boring.

first of all this show is so freakin rigged, the producer's are manipulating eric to back stab his own alliance they are probably changing the votes so the game goes the way they want it to go. Julie chen is soo fake!!! why did she cut amber off when she was talking its soo clear that she doesnt like amber,jameka and jessica. she's likes dick because the show is getting more ratings cause of him and julie chen is making more money$$$$. rigged show!!! julie chen nose job..!???


CBS manipulated the players in BB8 to increase RATINGS profits and therefore increase profits with the America Players Choice Player. He (ERIC) was given a advantage over the other HG's and should have been eliminated. This IS NOT A FAIR COMPITION. The other HG's have been intimated by other HG's (Dick) and by CBS Producers into voting who they (CBS producers) wanted to stay & who they (CBS producers)- wanted evicted. If you feel that this has happened, please e-mail your dissatisfaction and complaints about CBS to you congressman and demand that CBS be held accountable for giving preferential treatment to some contestants. If you feel betrayed by CBS, e-mail the sponsors of BB and explain to them the reason you will not support their products or services.

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People just like to complain. I dont care if the show has the production influencing it or whatever people want to claim. Its on 3 nights a week in the otherwise boring summer and its entertaining. Sure the twists are lame but I can deal with it. I like the fact that I can come to Morty's and read all about whats going on 24/7. No other reality show you can do that, so who knows how the production is influencing those shows since we never even would see!

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TV is about entertainment, not setting a moral example. Anyone who has a problem with what they see on BB can stop watching at any time, and that's their prerogative. But enough complaining about it already. Either sit back, watch and enjoy the show or don't watch it at all and be done with it.

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I'm not fed up..............I'm ordering live feed today.............and I'm going from house to house in my neighborhood to convince new people up.........so far, I have 25 and it's only been an hour :animated_rotfl::animated_bouncy:

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when these reality shows like Survivor and Big Brother first started, it was about real people being left on their own to strategize and try to win. but this crap is as pre-scripted as a sitcom

if this is the first season this guy has watched, how would he know how big brother started out... (1st few seasons)???

go ahead and stop watching... but leave us real fans out of it.

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Well, if anyone thought this season was not somehow geared towards Dick, they obvisouly didn't watch the first episode. Dick even said in the DR, "This was like Danielle's dream when she was little. She was Alice in Wonderland. This was my favorite story for her" (or something to that very effect). Even before I knew about America's Player I thought to myself, oh god Lord another Chilltown.

But, I admit, I liked Dick at first, because Jen was so over the top with conceit. I never liked Daniele and I was weary of Dustin.

But because I vote about 30 times for America's Player, never once getting the "you've maxed out your voting for tonight", I will agree. America's Player is a sham. Our votes, posts, picketing the studio, death threats, do NOT effect the big brother house. They just don't. It's like America Idol, So You Think You Can Dance, and the Presidential Elections (ok the last one may be a bit off...but not by much :) ).

Will I stop watching? No, but I have no desire to listen to Princess Alice bitch about life being so hard or her obnoxious father gloating. And as much as I like Eric and Jessica, I hope Danielle nominates the HELL out of them. Just to see Danielle say, "You know you should never trust anyone in this house." I don't want Danielle or Dick to win...I actually want Amber to win...just to rub it in "America's" face.

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Good. That'll be less complaining I'll have to hear from whacked out BB fans who are poor sports when their choice of house guests are evicted.

There was plenty of complaining about Eric last week when he neglected to brush up on his campaigning. Honestly, comments like yours are what irks some posters on this board.

Those posters were poor sports too!

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