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Cbs Leak/Hoax? ***possible Major Spoiler***


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Some wierd posts just started popping up from a user on the CBS page with an admin handle claiming that he is leaving CBS tomorrow. Below are some of the quotes....

One pill makes you larger

And one pill makes you small,

And the ones that mother gives you

Don't do anything at all.

Go ask Alice

When she's ten feet tall.

And if you go chasing rabbits

And you know you're going to fall,

Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar

Has given you the call.

Call Alice

When she was just small.

When the men on the chessboard

Get up and tell you where to go

And you've just had some kind of mushroom

And your mind is moving low.

Go ask Alice

I think she'll know.

When logic and proportion

Have fallen sloppy dead,

And the White Knight is talking backwards

And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"

Remember what the dormouse said:

"Feed your head"

"Feed your head"

-Jefferson Airplane

Tomorrow is my last day at CBS, and I'm having a little fun before I go.

The whole "Alice in Wonderland" theme for Big Brother 8 was decided on by a few of the producers when they heard this song played at a bar.

The song gives all clues needed to figure out what's going to happen tomorrow on the live show.



A snitch in time, saves nine...

Hmm... Let's see. Who knows Eric is the America's Player?

Most of the previous houseguests, but who else?

No, not Julie.

America knows.

Think about it.

America's Player is a middle-man.

What usually happens to middle-men?

Then.. these posts were between this and the his next response.......

Does Amerca's vote trump all the other housequests votes tomorrow night?

At some point in time the middle man gets cut...Is Eric getting evicted ?

They usually end up getting the raw end of the deal. So....if Eric is the middle man between "America" and BB, then he'll end up walking out of the game or getting discovered and all hell will break lose. Hmmm....

Then, he responded that someone was right...

Links below..



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I wouldn't normally pay any attention either. But, their handle is CBS-Admin31. I'm not sure if you can spoof admin usernames over there, or not.

They added this in the AP thread.

No, no..

By removing the middle-man, I meant to imply that instead of having someone do your work for you, you yourself, do your work.

America becomes America's Player, literally.

Hmm, now I wonder how that last America's Player vote turned out.

Feed your head.


1) It was set in stone before the pilot of this season's Big Brother when America's Player will be revealed to the house.

2) Eric is not in jeopardy tomorrow.

3) The power should shift.

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time2talk said...

If Dick says he got a call from the caterpillar, all 9 of them are safe?

cbs-admin31 said...

This... is super-warm, in the sense that the phrase is most definitely important.

time2talk said...

Okay he has to use the whole phrase and if he does, all 9 are safe...

cbs-admin31 said...

No, I didn't say that. The phrase is what someone has to say.

But if someone says it when prompted, it doesn't mean everyone is safe.

I'm sorry for being enigmatic, but besides the potential legal issues from coming out and saying it explicitly, it's fun too.

As far as my personal opinion of Eric goes...

I'll just say this... The LNC (when Evel and Danielle were still a part of it) were fine, until Eric saw that banner (which we had nothing to do with). Eric then realized that even though he was America's Player, he had to bury the thought of him having alterior motives under the rug.

Unfortunately for him, in doing so, he had to end up working against the people in the house that America was behind the most.

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Well, I will say this... I tried to e-mail someone over there with an admin screen name and it came back that the person didn't exist... Tells me that you can fake an admin name... :)

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If it's fake, it's a great prank and I have to give props to the person doing it. Those boards are going nuts and I can't stop reading the threads.

It seems very well thought out either way... can't wait until tomorrow night.

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i like the song too. it was popular when i was REALLY little, but i've never seen the lyrics written out and they creeped me. this is a great prank if that's what it is. i get scared easily...last year when they had the people looking in the windows, i almost had a heart attack! i don't understand the line about the caterpillar? did someone mention this tonight?

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The caterpillar has something to do with the object that Dick supposedly found in the BY under the chess pieces. Lots of questions that I don't have answers to and I don't think that I'm going to be able to sleep tonight.

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In the book The Dormouse never said feed your head.

Apparently the caterpiller did.

If you believe the uber geeks that study this story. Which is where I got this info.

ETA: Well I looked it up and I can't find the cp saying it either, but I must admit my search wasn't very thorough.

Meh, I'll wait for the show.

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There is now another thread that lays out what is supposed to happen during the live show and beyond. Part is below...


LOL - OK OK!! I would want to know too...

1) America's Player is revealed to the house. BB announces the responsibilities of America's Player are no longer in effect.

Eric is given a one-week immunity, but can not participate in the HOH competition for that week either.

2) The results of the last America's Player vote is revealed (who should Eric vote to evict)

That person is sent home immediately.

3) New HOH competition

New nominees.

Vote is immediate, and live.

That person goes home

3a) When each houseguest comes into vote, they are also asked if they would like to guess the special phrase that was alluded to via the theme in the house, clues in the house, and yesterday's visitors.

If Dick survives the HOH competition and eviction from item 3), and correctly provides BB with the special phrase, he picks who comes back. Or, if someone else gets the phrase correct, they pick who comes back.

Have fun!


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Now, all of that, is totally believable.

At first, I was leery of all this, then went to investigate myself, and the admin person seemed to be fairly calm in his/her denial of being a 'plant'. The clues provided seem to fit some of the mess that went down today, and now this...yeah...I think this is for real.

Why would CBS reveal any of this? Why not? I consider that they are telling real fans, those hooked enough to be on CBS's message board, and those people will tell ten people, and so on and so forth, and the show tomorrow will get a real ratings boost. Who better to use, than the fans, to spread the news of the 'Coup de tat'??? All those promo's they might have used, take away from valuable ad time on other shows....

I believe this...guess we'll have to wait and see!

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HA! Probably!

One of the things that people seem to think is a hink in this scenario, is former HG's being out 'in the world', and getting to see the show...why is that such a problem??

Consider that the AP thing will be revealed, everyone will know the outside has been cooking the books for the inside, so to speak, and then a former HG comes back in...what will that person know that is so damaging to the game???

Believable or not, this is the kind of thing that shakes up a show that has hit some doldrums....breaking some long standing BB rules is probably a good thing!

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They probably figure the people that come in go right back out. There's this "you had your chance" mentality when it comes to a returning houseguest.

I find it odd that the leaker claims to have not signed a disclosure agreement. I find it hard to believe they don't take extra security measures with their own staff. But I guess this isn't like Survivor where people know an outcome and have to hide it. The houseguests are really the only ones that are supposed to be kept in the dark. Which is also odd that they would let people in that have been doing interviews, watching feeds, etc. This person also claims they are a copy editor. How many do they employ? Wouldn't that make it easier to find the culprit? Also, there's no official response by anybody representing the show to discredit this person. Maybe CBS leaked it, so they can build up a quick viral marketing (er...viral promotion) to blow the ratings through the roof since they're the highest they've been since I can remember.

The whole thing seems real, but there's a few holes in this claim. But the Jefferson Airplane song does tie in quite well. Small people (Mad Hatter), big people (the pirate)...both referring to the pills. The rabbits representing people that have been evicted. Dick finding that item on the floor, whatever it was, and only telling Danielle about it...indicating it's a valuable piece of information. The song reference to chess pieces and the show's history of having chess boards in the house...not to mention a board directly featuring Alice in Wonderland characters.

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I think I've got it!! (I didn't read to see if anyone else had posted this, yet - so apologies if someone else already did) but:

In "Alice in Wonderland", there was a caterpillar on a mushroom smoking a hookah....

KAIL was on a mushroom in the first competition to win the HOH...When she was evicted and spoke with Julie, Julie didn't reveal that AP was Eric during her exit interview...

KAIL snitched out her alliance to Dick...

Has Kail been in sequester only she has had access to the live feeds? Is she coming back in?

AND, they could have America decide who is evicted the same way that American Idol singers are eliminated - by a phone in vote, with results to be announced the next night.

Anyone else think this is a possibilty?

Still thinking about the rest of the clues, for now....


PS: Is KAIL actually Alice???

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The show is going to be on the fast track if all this is really going to happen. Julie has a ton of stuff to remember, the people that get votes out won't get interviews. They have to devote a good chunk to airing the clues, then revealing about Eric, kicking out Dustin, doing an HoH, then a 3 person nomination and live vote so this magic question can be asked. Seems like too much to air in 45-50 minutes, and half the houseguests will probably pass out from information overload.

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Keep in mind, there is always a lot of filler, past days action and all that. And, there are fewer players in the house, which has allowed more of those 'family' vignettes to be shown lately. Cut all that out, and you get some room for all of this.

I'm with a lot of the posters over at CBS, even if this isn't true, it sure is fun to think about!

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