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Just rented and watched this, and how anyone could even remotely compare this to Hitchcock's Rear Window (one of my favorites!) is beyond me.

I had high hopes for it during the first few minutes, but all went downhill after they put the lead character under house arrest for punching his teacher. I mean c'mon, I think they could have come up with something a little easier to swallow than that! I guess my main gripe is that they promote it as a suspense movie but the suspenseful part is only maybe 15 min. long- the rest of the movie is pretty much made up of the lead, played by shia lebouf (forgive my spelling if its wrong), hanging out with his "comical" friend, spying on a "hot" girl, getting in trouble for going beyond the boundaries setting off his leg monitor, and having pranks pulled on him by two annoying kids.

True, the suspenseful parts ARE pretty suspenseful...there just isn't enough of them. David Morse does a pretty good job playing the creepy serial killer next door, but, for some reason, I just couldn't quit picturing him as the kindly doctor from the classic tv show St. Elsewhere. But what bugged me the most, was the fact that they finally got to the final confrontation and then rushed it to the "boy and girl kiss" ending. What??

So as not to "spoil" it for those who haven't seen the movie but are planning to, let me ask those of you who DID see it...

did it bug you that they didn't have any news report, or ANYTHING to tie up info on the killer and the huge pit full of floating bodies that Shia fell into? And nothing more about the cop who Morse's character kills by breaking his neck? And what about the friend- is he alive? dead? who knows since you never see him after he gets hit with a baseball bat. All we get is the kissing scene at the end...ah, how touching.

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The only suspenseful part in the entire movie was, "Why didnt it go straight to DVD?"

I'm also convonced that the Shia kid is the next generation Keanu Reeves.

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