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Amazing season ender last night! So much going on--Deb diggin up the facts on Dexter(at first I thought she was going to start putting it all together about him)--Trinity getting away, or so we thought--and worst of all finding out that before Dex could kill him, Arthur was busy at Dex's house--poor Rita. She always seemed to pick men who attracted trouble.

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This season was really great... wasn't it? :D

I'm really looking forward to what the writers will do next season. Not going to miss Rita too much (didn't like the dynamic being married brought to Dexter's world) but, I think there could be so much to work with him being a single Daddy.

Can't wait!!!

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I just saw the last episode and omg...I can't believe it! It's an ending I never saw coming. That's so sad! I am going to miss Rita... wow, I just can't believe it. The writers who came up with this are freaking BRILLLIANT. Wow, I'm so shocked! Wow... just wow!!!

Best season ever!

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