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What Side Are You Rooting For?


what side are you rooting for?  

278 members have voted

  1. 1. what side are you rooting for?

    • eric, amber, jameka, jessica, dustin
    • dick, daniele, zach, jen

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I signed up for ShoToo to watch this crap. Whenever Dustin and Amber are on I cannot watch...I hate them soooo much. I know Dick takes it too far. He would do so much better if he could keep his mouth shut some. Who cares, I still like him and Dan. I am even liking Jen and Zach more, too. Do ya'll think Jen would put D and D up if they got HOH? Why don't people see how controling Dustin is.

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Also, as for as the LNC...Dustin has been talking Shit for a long time about getting D and D out. D and D did not stray. They have been loyal to the group, until this week when Dustin has been such a shit. Everyone last week said they knew it would be hard for Dan after Nick left and they would need to be there for her. Well, where were they? They left her all alone. Dustin is such a Bitch. Dustin turned on them, long before D and D turned on him. But still, I do not know if D and D know how threatened Dustin is by them? Also, do these people want the money? Why don't they try to take someone to the end with them that the other people will not vote for? Sorry, my wine has kicked in and I could go on forever. These people's stupidy pisses me off.

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