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Daily Update W/grammar Corrected


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12:00AM BBT: In yesterday's PoV contest Kail, Daniele, Jen, Zach, and Jameka (Dustin dropped out of the game before it got this far) agreed to dump a bucket of murky, mystery sludge on themselves every hour for 24 hours. This will continue throughout the night and until 5:30 pm. Jen and Daniele, now buddies, talk while waiting for the buzzer that signals the next round of sludge dumping. 12:45AM BBT: Dustin asks Dick if marijuana is addictive. This leads to various stories about drugs ending in the overdose death of Dick's best friend.

1:15AM BBT: A quiet talk at the kitchen table with Dick, Zach, and Daniele turns to game. Dick is certain that Zach can be trusted as Dick is his only friend. Dick is unaware that Dustin has also been asking for Zach's cooperation. Dustin asks Zach why Zach would align himself with Dustin when Dick offered to let Zach play on their side. Zach answers, "Because it looks like you have more friends."

Daniele tells Dick that Jen told her she didn't really want HoH and how she really "hates her." [i thought they were friends now, maybe Amber's right; they

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