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Hey everybody! First post here. My wife got me hooked on BB last year so here I am. It's not the same without Will. I haven't seen this done, so why doesn't everybody rate the remaining ten players from their favorite to their least favorite? I'll go first

1 Eric

2 Jessica

3 Dustin

4 Jen

5 Jameka

6 Amber

7 Zach

8 Kail

9 Dick

10 Daniele

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1. JEN



jess and zach have stayed back and are fixing to lower the boom on the others, cant wait to see the action from them.







10. DICK

jen because of all the abuse, really did not care a thing about her from the beginning, but she has grown on me. after number 2 and 3, i just kinda threw them up there. dont like any of them a bit

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What if you hate them all??? There are some I hate less than others.... Here is my list Least Hated to Most Hated it has changed drastically since last night...

1. Dani

2. Dick

3. Zach

4. Jen

5. Kail

6. Jameka

7. Jessica

8. Eric

9. Dustin

10. Amber

I'm just so annoyed with everyone. If Kail and Jen go on the block again this week and both STAY, I will be so pissed...and will become an adament Jen and Kail fan!!! Anyone who can make it three weeks on the block and not go home...ugh! I'm not really sure if any of the other hg's have ever seen an episode of this game. Oi Vey!

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1. Jessica

2. Zach

3. Dani

4. Dustin

5. Jen

6. Jameka

7. Kail

8. Eric


10. Amber and Dick tied

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this is kinda hard to do, and i sorta hate to list it because my opinion may change by tommorrow....and i do have some degree of hate for each one of them

so, from favorite to least favorite...and i'm still not sure about the ranking order after number 3

1. Jen

2. Dustin

3. Eric


4. Jameka

5. Jessica

6. Zach

7. Dani

8. Kail

9. Dick

10. Amber

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1. Danielle-Janelle's Mini Me

2. Dick-love how he stirs up the house

3. Eric-just because he is AP

4. Jessica-hated her the first week, but love how she has floated the rest of the way

5. Dustin-middle of the road for me

6. Zach-irrelevant but would be a great alliance if someone grabs him soon

7. Jen-way too LA

8.Jameka-giving Christians a bad name


10. Amber-if I have to watch her cry one more time I will slit my wrists

I guess you can tell I am a Dick and Danielle fan; the rest just get on my nerves.

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Guest junwyld

lol. other than the blonde hair daniele is nothing like janelle. and jen is way too la? her and dani are from the same city :)

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1. Dustin-needs extra loving after rough week

2. Eric- Taking one for BB and CBS

3. Jessica-like to see her take the helm soon

4. Daniele-OMG, little bit won the HOH

5. Jen- like the Timex-takes a licking and keeps on ticking

7. Keil- is she still there?

8. Jamaica-stupid move

9. Amber- get a backbone and stop that crying

10. Zach-harmless..should have gone instead of Nick

11.Dick-bully-probably will be in final 2-who has the guts to nominate him?

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hmm...here is my list...

1. Eric

2. jen

3. Dustin

4. jameka

5. kail

6. amber

7. zach

8. jessica

9. danielle

10. dick

I know too many guys like 'ED' and i don't find him entertaining at all, and i have a neice who is EXACTLY like Danielle, who has a relationship with her dad like she does, so its like watching them up there, i stay away from them for a reason! lol

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