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Thursday's Live Show 8/2

Thursday, Aug. 2  

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  1. 1. Who is going to be evicted tonight?

    • Kail
    • Nick

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Are the feeds going to come back on???

Say yes please.

I'm sitting here mentally willing them to come back on too Marty!

This is the first year I've had feeds so maybe someone who's had them before would know better? Have they ever come back during an endurance comp like this or do we have to suffer and wait until it's over and they are on indoor LD again?

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Usually the feeds are back by now, with or without an endurance HOH competition going on. Hopefully they're not waiting for the west coast showing, as they haven't done that before, and plus, so much can happen in those 2-3 hours. Also, they already have the spoilers on cbs with the new AP Poll. It doesn't show Nick's name. So I don't see why they would block this out.

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I don't know how true (or not) this is, but on the CBS message boards someone posted that Jess, Eric, Dani and Dick are the only ones left in the HOH comp right now...how they know this I have no idea......my feeds are still trivia!

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After Jameka falls off she will come out and read her Bible aloud until the others fall off in boredom

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and all through the house

some people were saying "we got rid of the louse."

Julie Chen was waiting and combing her hair

In hopes that poor Nick soon would be there.

The houseguests were gathered all smug in their heads

Knowing they'd soon be all snug in their beds.

Dick with his tatoos from head to foot,

His clothes all dirty with ashes and soot.

He was soon heard to shout to the crew

On to your beds now - all of you!

Now Jessica! Now Eric! Now Amber too!

You're crying your eyes out - so what else is new?

Now Jen! Now Jameka! Your bible in hand

You'e the biggest little hypocrite in all the land.

Now Kail! You want to go home, so get to your bed

Where visions of your Hummer will dance in your head.

Now Dustin! You're taking your girlfriend to Barbados

With all of your boyfriends you'll soon be toast.

Now Daniele! Please go to bed my dear

You lost your bedmate but be of good cheer.

Now Zack! You were hung - oh wait - no you weren't.

We saw your shortcomings on the night you were burnt.

And Nick exclaimed ere he walked out of sight



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