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Thursday's Live Show 8/2

Thursday, Aug. 2  

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  1. 1. Who is going to be evicted tonight?

    • Kail
    • Nick

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Okay, one hour until the live show and either Kail or Nick will be evicted from the Big Brother house.

And don't forget to join Fuskie's Live Play By Play in the chatroom tonight starting at 8 pm eastern time as he recaps the whole show live!!!!

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2 to 1 for Nick to go so far.....commercials..*sigh*




Back from commercials......voting continues....

Eric.....Kail (America Player - he has no choice)


Amber......Nick (starts to cry)

Dick.........Nick (regrets it)

Dani.........Nick (cries)

Nick is evicted. Amber cried and hugged him "I love you so much!" (omg I wish I could strangle her lying behind!)

Julie discussing the 2nd vote for Kail last week..he says he thinks it was Jen....they show him Eric as AP!

Did anyone catch Julie's blunder at the start of the show? She said Jameka was from Baltimore...which she's not, she is much closer to D.C. (I am originally from Baltimore so I know the area fairly well).

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Let the questions ensue... "Who voted Kail out again?" Nick's not there to blame this time!

Eventually they have to figure out who did it. I think they might guess Eric this time, He changed his tune too late in the week.

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I have to say it again - about this absolute bunch of idiots!!! Sorry for repeating myself but they are SUCH idiots. I think I'm going to quit watching this disaster!!!!

What consistantly cracks me up about the "alliances" is the Kail/Zach/Mike/Jen & Nick (not really tight with the other three) totally played horribly the one and only week they had any power and...

I look at Eric and Jessica as a group of two and Nick & Danielle as another group of two but all are sympathetic with the Dick et al group

The Dick group... Dick/Dustin/Amber/Jameka are such an all out brain-trust that they are the only group in BB history that keeps evicting their own members!! Granted, they evicted Mike... but since then, they keep putting up and trying to evict people that they could probably use to their benefit - or who already are siding with them (Danielle and Nick)!! Every single week they put up people from the Kail group and are so proud of themselves for doing it... but comes the clinch... they backdoor one of their own people!!! What a bunch of maroons!!!

Someone from the Kail etc. group may wind up actually winning the game without having to do a thing and also by being nominated by the Dick group until the bitter end!! What a riot!!!

Kat :animated_rotfl:

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Voting Nick out was such a stupid decision!!!!!!!!!

Esp. for Dick and Daniele. How is having Nick gone going to make Dani play better? Nick was HELPING her, so now she's just down one for her side.

I understand that they voted with the group...As long as it was because they knew they didn't have enough votes to keep him. But if they just voted with the group to look good, that's just stupid!

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I almost thought for a second there he was going to propose to Daniele. Too bad they got rid of Nick..I really hope it bites them in the behind! I think Dani will be blamed for the 2nd Kail vote no matter how much she denies it, so Eric just might be *safe* again there.

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That sucked tremendously.

What a bunch of idiots.

He was on the right side.

Dick and Dani...you're next.

And you deserve it for being idiots.

This show is gonna suck balls come 3 weeks form now.

Good luck with that CBS.

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I'm apologizing right now for my venting!!!


I'm frustrated that Nick is out!!!! Now the show is going to be boring as all get out!

I'm so sick of Amber crying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm ticked off that Nick is evicted....

I'm so sick of Jen and Kail!!!!

They need to get those two out!

I love watching Eric and Jessica!

I hate how Dick disrespects everyone!

I love how Danielle is so pretty and her skin is flawless!

I hate Jen's bathing suits!!!!

Ok, I think that's it for now!

On to watching HOH! Who's it gonna be!!!!.... Danielle I hope!

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What a fun HOH challenge! I hope it speeds up!

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