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August 10, Live Feed Updates

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Everyone has left the hoh room, (see video of it in thread

Jameka and AMber in bed, relaxing, Amber asks Dani if she was ok she ignored her.

The house is splitting up for a rest most likley. Dani is giving her dad advice not to tell Jenn to much,

that she is a big mouth.

Here and her dad are discussing what to do if they are nominated, POV and their stranghts and weekness.(video thread)

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Jess whispers to herself, "I'm so excited!"

Jess is laughing as she reads her note. It is on pink paper.

It says "You finally won an HOH!"

Also, it says something about someone taking her to the wrap party.

She reads

"And now you know what it's like to live with roommates."

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Jen is talking to Eric and Dustin. Jen talks about Kail, and Dustin says he really likes Kail. Jen says that she wishes everyone would have acted like they liked Kail more, because Jen feels she got stuck with being with Kail all of the time, and she "feels she was outcasted because she would bring Kail." Jen says she "liked her," though.

Dustin wonders what Dick will do, when everyone is outside late.

Jen asks if they are going to go outside, then? Dustin says they always do, so why wouldn't they?

Eric asks why Jen doesn't just leave the round room and let Dani have it.

Dustin says she probably likes that bed, though.

Jen says she will try it tonight and see how it goes.

Jen says she doesn't know Dani that well, but she feels bad for her. She asks if no one else feels bad?

Eric: Not at all.

Dustin says that he hates it that Dani has chosen to play the game as she has.

Dustin: I mean, look at them now! They're inseparable! (Dick and Daniele)

Jen wonders what would have happened if Dick would have left when he was on the block?

Eric says Joe would have caused his own problems.

BB talks to the hamsters and says they are going to let them outdoors.


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Dustin is folding clothes outside, and Jen and Eric are outside.

Dustin says that he thinks it is bizarre that Dani would come to Jen like this for companionship, when they have not talked to each other at all up until this week.

Eric says he would put at end to it (if he were Jen), but that's just him.

Jen says that she lost Kail and Dani lost Nick, so that's probably why.

Eric says that they (Dick and Dani) have tried to get Jen out of the house every single week!

Jen says she has a "problem" because she forgives everyone easily, and even some people who don't deserve it.

Talk about Jen's video when she entered the house. BB told her to pick up a toy, and she didn't want to be represented that way, because that's "not what she does!"

Dustin says she doesn't want to look like a maid when she is a nanny then?

She says that just isn't what she does! She doesn't pick up after them!

(I just switched to quad feed, and heard Dick whisper to Dani: You need to stay, and I need to go. She just sits looking at her hands. I missed the first part of the conversation.)

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Dick and Daniele still in round room.

dick - you know when I am in sequester every single time I am hoping not to see you. my heart is with you and you can do this. Listen daniele that group of assholes is going to break up very very soon. It doesn't always go the way it is supposed to. all it will take is you, zach or jen getting HOH next week. blow those motherf*rs out.

Dick - you can do it.

Daniele - its because of eric

Dick - just get eric out of here. you need to get eric or dustin out of here.

Daniele - I wish it was this week. OMG I would be so happy

They strategize who would vote for who.

Dick is trying to get Daniele to let him talk to Jess for her. Wants to ask her to give Dani some slack.

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Dick is outside, smoking and talking to himself.

Dick: It was a fun run. It totally was a good time. But, Dani is the one that needs to move on, not me. That fucking cocksucker, Dustin.

Dick talks to Vincent, says he misses him and knows he's watching and rooting for his sister. He says if they put up prizes for POV, it's "mine, mine, mine, mine, mine."

Dick: I'll see who's in it.

Dick laughs

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Dick tells BB they can call him into DR anytime!

Dick says he gets a vacation. He laughs.

Dick: No going on the grass. I wonder why?

(BB told them to stay off the grass while they are outside. They don't know if it is because they treated it for ants or what)

Dick: If Dustin won't do it, I will!

(Still talking to himself)

Dick: Food comp! Who wants to be on MY TEAM? (Evil laugh follows this)

(I hope Dani is on his team, since he said that--Cat)

Dick counting how many people are left.

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Dick says that he got rid of Nick, but he couldn't take that chance! He says that Jameka is a hypocrite and a liar.

Dick: Give me some prizes this time. Seriously.

Dick says they got "jacked out of the last POV prizes."

Dick: There's got to be one to make the house suffer.

Dick: The money---

And he's cut off as BB switches the feed to HOH room.

Eric is helping Jess move her stuff up to HOH.

She's freezing even with a sweatshirt on.

Eric hugs Jess in the HOH bathroom, and he says he's so happy for her. She says she is so happy for HIM, as he is still here.

He says thank you for everything--he knows he was a "pile of dog doo this week."

Jess says that's okay.

Eric says that they (Dick and Dani) have made the two of them uncomfortable all week, and now they owe them the same thing.

Eric plays the multiple choice game. He asks which houseguest had a look on their face like they just lost $500,000 when they said Eric was staying?

Jess says Dani, and it's right.

Jess says she is sorry she didn't hug Eric after he got to stay. Eric says that was a "WS" (weird situation).

She agrees. She says she wants to see how people reacted when she won HOH.

Eric says he's sure the camera zoomed in on a few faces.

Eric tells how Dustin told Eric he needed to speak to him in the gym, all serious. Then they went in the gym and were celebrating.

Jess says she was asked in DR if it made her mad that people were arguing when they should have been celebrating for her? She said no, there was enough celebrating later.


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Main action is Dicka nd DAnielle talking about all the possible competitions they might have. He will be the first in sequestor, and can use the vacation. Will take prizes make house suffer or anything. (I think Kail is first, since they didnt reveal Eric in goodbye..or have family)


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Dan tells Dick that she doesn't want him telling Jen too much info cuz Jen has a big mouth. Dan tells Dick that Jess hates Jen so maybe she'll put Jen up with one of them (D/D) and that would be good...But Dan doesn't think that will happen because, if they are smart they'll put them up (D/D) together...

Dan says she's probably coming across as that person that thinks she's smarter that she really is on the show, Dick says that's not true, that if they (us) hate someone, it would be him (Dick). dan says she feels stupid, like, in so many different levels...

Dan tells Dick that she "hates being here, I really hate being here!", that she's so "over this" that she hates crying, hates crying infront of people, hates "everything about this place"... Dick tells her that when she gets out of the house she will find out that people...America absolutely adores her.

Dan says "you keep saying that, but I don't believe it...Dick asks "Why? They loved Nick"

Dan says "so? and they think I'm, like, the stupid girl that didn't do anything..." Dick says that people understand that "they see your honesty, they see your heart shining so many times in here, your Diary rooms, I can only imagine...They must see you for who you are, and you are a beautiful young woman that wants to do the right thing in life...You're smart, you're beautiful, you have a great heart, you have a great soul, you're a good person (something of a woman) the heart of a lion, stubborn as a mule, I love you to death, and I think that America sees that...I really do...they're gonna say "no wonder she (D) didn't talk to that jerk (ED)for all that time"...

Daniele says nothing, she's sitting on the bed with her hand on her chin looking miserable...Dick tells her that she knows that when he is in sequester he'll be hoping every time, not to see her, and that she(Dan)can do this...Dick whispers to Daniele that the household will break up pretty soon because everything never goes the way it's supposed to...That all it would take is for Dan, Zach or Jen to get HOH next week and blow these mother f*ckers up...

Dick is telling Dan to talk to Jessica and tell her to put Dick up. Dick wants Dan to tell Jess that she wants a chance at playing the game without him (D) there...

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Jess says she is a little nervous even though they know who will go up on the block. Jess says she will be sending the first person to the jury. Eric says that she's looking at the negative, but everyone will love her for getting rid of the most hated person in the house. She says she just asks that they make sure that the person who is left doesn't win HOH.

Jess says to remember, nothing is a sure thing, and they can't be positive that they (Dick and Dani) aren't going to make a deal with Dustin and Amber. She says they could be "making out in the storage room right now!" (ROFLMAO!!!!--Cat)

Eric says that they have the luxury of her, Jameka and Eric sitting in the HOH and talking about all of them if she wants. They could even talk about every person and the benefits of putting them up. (I think he is covering in case he has to lobby for someone--which, by the way, won't be Jess this week, so that's good--Cat). He says they don't have to have a big group discussion if she doesn't want. She says no, she's fine with it.

Eric says it was hard for him to bite his tongue this week.

Eric says he was "rolling on the floor" when Jess told Dick that they are all "over" what Eric did. Eric starts to talk and Jess says Eric is "lucky" and him being there proves they are "over it" and she doesn't want to go into all of that. He says he won't go into a big speil. Eric says that Zach told him that he has some good friends in the house, and Eric agreed!

Jess says that it's funny, but not funny probably to Eric, but everyone won't hound Jess this week. They think Eric is the brains between her and Eric, so they will hound Eric! He says that's not true--he's not smarter. She says she knows, but they think that, so he can just handle it all!

Jess says that Zach told her before HOH that if he won, he wouldn't put up Jess. He told her there are "bigger fish to fry." So, she told him that she isn't targeting him, either.

Jess jokes about Eric saying he would take her to the finals. Eric tells her "One of these days, you'll say it back!"

Eric says he would probably be accused of faking his celebration when Jess won. He literally exploded! Jess says they asked her how she felt, and she couldn't remember, she was so excited. FOTH

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Dustin comes up to the HOH.

He asks Jess how it feels. She says just another day in the BB house. Then she says it's great!!

She says that at first she really thought she wanted HOH for the pictures and stuff, and not for pissing people off. But now, she wants it for both!!

Eric says he is still in celebration mode. Dustin says it will last all week.

Jess says it will be best if they win POV, too.

Eric tells how he would give a speech about how great Jess has been during HOH, and how he will leave things the same.

Dustin says it would be great if Jameka could do it and then say she is leaving it the same, after the way Dick treated her.

Dustin asks how the letter was, she says it was awesome, and they can read it if they want.

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Dustin says that he is glad that after six weeks that Dani is finally speaking to Dick about his behavior. He says she has been telling him how it upset her.

Eric says that it is probably half that, and half that she knows they are in trouble.

Jess says she felt bad for Dani when Jameka and Dick were going at it.

Eric says that Dani wasn't squeaky clean, though.

Jess says that people will say the same about her, as the group wants Dick and Dani out, and she'll be doing it.

Eric asks if there is anyone else she wants out, and she says no.

Dustin says he didn't get out the person he wanted out during his HOH.

Dustin leaves.

Eric says that he doesn't think Jess has anything to worry about. Everyone will be like, "All hail Jessica!"

Jess says "Until tomorrow."

Jess is excited she will get to write a blog.

Eric says that the he and the others are much higher on Dick and Dani's "anger list." She says she guesses he's right--she has it pretty good.

Eric says one of the two are going home, too.

Jess says that if Dani stays, Dani is a great player.

Eric says look at it this way, if he is ever on the block next to Jess, who does she think will leave??

He laughs

Jess talks about how Dani was so high in her test scores. Eric says he was over the 90th percent.

Jess: Wow! That's great--why don't you use it sometime?


Eric says that she can enjoy being in the room. She says look at Dani. She was HOH last week and look at her now.

Eric says that Dani did something stupid, though. She says he is right!

(Jess seems a little more distant than she was before all of the secrets came out, in my opinion)

Eric says that he thinks a few baths are in order this week.

Jess says it's really like a new beginning, now.

Eric says it's great that they will all be on the jury, too!

Eric says for the most part, they will control the game, then.

Jess says after next week, they will control the game for the most part.

Eric says that it has shaped up really nicely.

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Eric says that she must be on cloud nine.

Jess says she is "so happy" Eric got to stay.

Jess says to be honest, Dustin is the one who fought for Eric, and he got Amber to change her vote.

Eric says that he knows, Dustin was a great friend to him. He says that Kail told him that Dustin was fighting for him.

Eric says he is excited he stayed, but he had a greater reaction to her winning HOH.

Eric says he was relieved that he stayed, but then he just exploded when she won.

She asks if he was scared she would lose?

Jessica: Don't lie! After I beat you?

Eric: Well, I just didn't know what Jen would do, and I just didn't know what Amber would do.

Talk about the HOH--who got questions wrong. Eric is happy that Dick "fucked himself up" and can stew about it.

Eric says he told Dick outside that either everyone else in the house is a dick, everyone else in the house lies, or it's just you!

Jess says she felt that Jen had a look on her face, and it seemed like Jen wasn't trying to win HOH.

Jess says she did tell Jen "Good luck" in a sarcastic way.

Eric says he has to tell Jess what Jen said when he talked to her last night.

Jess asks when he talked to Jen?

Jess: I was watching you, and I didn't know this!

Eric: I was campaigning to save my own ass!

Jess: I know, Eric.

Jess: Why didn't she vote to save you?

Eric: Because of Kail.

Jess: Oh, because of Kail. (Sarcastic voice) Whatever.

Jess: Now she's gonna be up your ass all of the time.

Eric says he just "fucking buried her" about the shit with Jess. He says Jen brought it up, not him.

Jen said "When I was speaking to Jess, I got nervous and started saying strange things!"

Eric says they don't need to be fake with Zach and Jen, but he would be happy to get a unanimous vote to get Dick or Dani out.

Jess says that then they would feel closer to Jess and Eric, and maybe wouldn't put them up next week if they get HOH.

Jameka rings the HOH bell.

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Jess: I did tell a lie yesterday, Guys, and I want to fess up to it.

Jess says that yesterday she told Dick that if she won HOH, she would let him sleep up with her, and she doesn't want him to do that. So, she lied.

Jess says she wants a slumber party. Jameka is excited, thinks it would be fun. Jess says she "misses her girls" and Eric says he's just one of the girls. Jameka says Eric didn't want to be called one of the girls!

Eric tells Jameka that he is so, so proud of her for standing up to Dick.

Eric says they are the "only Eastcoasters out here" and she saw how he had to bite his hand this week.

Eric: I was glad that you didn't hold back. Good for you!

Jameka: Oh, I held back!

Jess says that her favorite part was when Jameka said, "Don't tell me to back up!"

Jameka says when those moments happen to her, it's a blank. It's just red.

Jess says that was how it was when she won.

Jameka says she was so cute when she won! Yelling Booya!

Jameka: By far the cutest HOH!

Eric says he loved coming up to her room and seeing how happy she was.

Jameka says it was so heartwarming!

Jameka: I was like, Oh, the girls!

Jess: Yeah. The girls.....In a bar!


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10:34 BBT

Wow big fight going on between Jameka Amber and Dick..

Dick calling Jameka a hypicritcal christian.

Jameka "who's the liar bitch..who's the liar bitch" telling him she'll paray for him "go smoke a ciggie if yoy can find one"

Jameka talking about his daughter and Dick says don't she says "don't bring christianity into it bitch"

Making fun of Amber's drug use call her a tweaker

Dick says" there is a difference between hypocrites and liars"

Amber "we can care less about your god damn jury vote" and the Dick calls her a "fag Hag" and she says you have to hit below the belt.

Dick saying "with a mother like you" her daughters' a mess.

mocking Jameka and an agitaed jameka says she's voting him out and and Jameka says "your mother's a bitch" and Jameka is screaming "you don't know me" when he says you don't knoew her.

Amber says "you should commit suicide" you'd be better off and he says you should "your daughter would be better off"

Dick says to go "fuck off" and don't call me ED and now Dick has moved up to call her a "cunt"

Jameka saying "I have eternal salvation" "please believe it" that you'll won't have to worry about having contact with me.

Telling Amber "you're a waste of breath" Making fun of Dick's clothes..

Jameka to Dick "you're a piece of work" and Dick says "you're a piece of shit"

Dick now telling Amber why her boyfriend would take her back saying he's "a mess just like you"

Dick saying "this cunt called one of your ministters a bitch"

Jameka "i'm sorry you held it in this long" saying him calling her out.

Dustin says something Dick "fuck off Dustin"

[wow this is good]

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10:46 BBT

Jameka "I love you I love you I love you I love you......."

Dick "love the underside of my balls"

Jameka "I love you" saying to Dick "i'm not talking to you" and Jameka "poor mom" and Dick saying she'l never find a man saying about his two failed marriages and would never get divorced Dick "because no one would marry you"

Dick "your a stupid bitch and a poser christian"

Jameka going back to his failed marriage Dick WWJD about calling his mom "a bitch" and Jameka says "on your death bed" will call him

"at 10:49 from this point you don't exist" Jamela leaves.... and Dick calls he a fake fraud

Amber walks in "speaking of little bitches wait it's a fat bitch"

Amber smiling..........

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10:51 BBT

justin how embarrassing and she won't do anything about it

And talking about Danieiele saying she sperated and isolate herself and I can't feel sorry for her.

Eric says "I'm steaming and boiling" and this all five of us "thi his fuckin' war"

Dustin cussing out Dick behind the closed glass door. Yelling 'washed up dead beat white trash dad" of course Dick can't hear it..[where we theses saviors when it was going on..spare me]

Jameka saying "thank you God" because Dick spilled his salsa while he was giving her dirty looks.

Eric says "he can go fuck himself and rot in hell" and eric ranting that he's not going to do it no more saying he crossed a million lines.....Jamek saying "I don't want his vote" and Eric says he doesn't either...

Jameka "everything" and he called "me a cunt" and says he called his "mother a bitch" and Jameka goes on "just stupid stuff"

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I'm trying to listen to two feeds at once. Kitchen and Hot Tub. This convo contains LOTS of cursing.

Lots of tension going on right now in the BB house. Dick went off on Jameka and Amber just now. Dick was atacking Jameka's christianiaty and calling Amber a fat bitch. Very tense in the house right now

Eric/Dustin is in the Hot tub right now. Dustin/Eric saying Daniele made bad choices in isolating herself in the hosue. Dustin says he is a deadbeat white trash f**k.

D: The AUDACITY of some people to call Amber out on her drug problem? She confided in him at one point (she also confided in Eric).

Jameka goes out to the BY couches and while the doors are open, Dustin yells out "DEADBEAT WHITE TRASH DAD."

Jameka saying Dick spilled his salsa all over the counter and Jameka said "Thank you God."


E: No one is listening to him anymore. He doesn't have an audience in anyone anymore. He fucking expended his ammo last week. Now, he's shitting in his fucking pants and he's taking it out on everyone. He can go fuck himself and rot in hell. This is not one on one anymore, this is everyone on him. You can run around like a lunatic, he's not getting out at this point. He's going home a week from tonight and I couldn't be fucking happier.

J: I don't even want his vote.

D: He has to vote

J: I don't want it.

E: He's dragged everyone through the mud, it's enough already. The only thing that I felt bad about is when I told Jen I had no idea what it was like being on the receiving end of it.

J: He kept calling me a cunt (and she recaps what he said to her)

Dustin yells that it's just the two of them now while Dick and Daniele are eating dinner at the round table.

(Jessica, Jen, Zach are nowhere to be found on feeds)


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Dick is in the kitchen, picking on Amber, but Amber isn't crying yet--she's mad and laughing.

Jameka: She wasn't drunk when her daughter was delivered, at night.

Amber: Raise my kid for me!

Dick says that Dick claimed she (Amber) was high 24 hours a day.

Dick: She was high the whole time she was raising her daughter.

Amber: OMG. I did drugs with her every day!

Dick: You did. You said you did!

Amber: I did it in front of her??!

Jameka keeps saying "Wow. Amber, don't! Yeah!"

Dick: You went through $600 of meth every two weeks? How much is that? Four eight balls? Of fucking meth?

Amber: Yeah.

Dick: Yeah. Don't tell me you weren't high 24 hours a day.

Jameka; Oh, he knows you now. He knows you.

Dick says he does. He knows "tweakers." He sees plenty of them.

Amber: You know heroin addicts. That's what you know.

Dick: I know tweakers, too. Just like you.

Amber: Wow.

Dick: How come you didn't lose the weight?

Amber: I don't know. I just didn't.

Dick: I guess you put it back on.

Amber: I did.

Dick: Yeah.

Jameka: Wow. My how things have turned.

Dick: And Jameka and the magic ping pong ball.

Jameka: That's right baby. And you're gonna hope that you had it this week.

Dick: God placed that ping pong ball in that hand, and then when Zach didn't go home, all of a sudden God spoke to you.

(Jameka keeps saying "yes")

Amber: You're just mad because you don't have the power anymore, honey!

Dick: I never had the power.

Amber: You don't have the power. You can't try to puff at everybody. You're not Will, honey, and you never will. You never were Will.

Dick: I never said I was. I never tried to be.

Amber: You wanted to be! You wanted to be!

Dick: No, I didn't.

Amber: It's too sad that it didn't work out, did it?

Dick: Not at all.

Amber: It's too bad.

Dick: You were the one who made the comparison of you and Dustin to Will. Which is a fucking joke.

Amber says she knows nothing about Will--she never compared herself to Will. Dick says she is a liar.

Dick: You're a goddamn emotional disaster on two legs.

Jameka: Wow. Mmm.

Amber: Good. I'm glad I'm emotional. At least I show my feelings and at least I don't hurt everybody.

Dick: You're a fucking disaster.

Amber: I am and that's good. It comes from the heart.

Dick: It is good. And so do your lies.

Amber: Yep! They sure do!

Dick: I'll get Eric out of here, even if Dustin won't. I'll give him my vote. Even if he does, it will be both of our votes. You're a fucking liar. Yeah, you've told the truth no matter what in here, right?

Jameka: Yes, I did.

Dick: What a fucking Christian you are!

Amber: It is, huh?

Jameka: That's the only thing you have. That's the only thing you have. It's so sad.

Dick: What? That your religion is fucking worthless?

(At this point, Jameka starts saying "Your daughter and your Mama" over and over, with an East Coast accent)

Dick says "all of you fucking idiots try to attack his daughter."

Dick: My doiter? You're from NY now? Why don't you suck my fucking balls. And you will never end up get married, because no one will be able to put up with your bullshit.

Jameka: My husband would whip your ass.

Dick: You don't have a fucking husband, and you never will. Even though you lick his asshole and suck his balls and everything else you said.

Jameka: Whooo! Say more! Say more! Keep it going!

Dick: No worries, baby.

Jameka: You are ridiculous.

Dick: You are a worthless Christian. You are no Chrisitian. You are a great example to every Christian around. You are a great example of why I am not a Christian.

(Talking over each other now)

Jameka: Let me just say this, please continue to talk, so when it comes out why I serve the God I serve, you'll know. You'll know. You'll know.

(At the same time, Dick says:)

Dick: You are THE example of why I could never, ever be a Christian. And You and YOU are going to love my DR entries about you from the first week, all of the way, on!

Jameka: Oh, GOOD! Who's the liar now, Bitch? Who's the liar now, Bitch?

Dick: I am! I am!

Jameka: That's what I know. That's what I know. That's what I know.

Dick: Is that what Jesus would say? Bitch? Is that what he would call me? What would Jesus do?

Jameka says He would do what she does every night. He says he would call him Bitch? He would lie?? She says she prays for him every night, and that is what Jesus would do.

DIck: You claim to know your God? I know more about your God than you know. That's fucking sad.

Jameka: But you don't live it! You don't live it!

Dick: That's fucking sad. You're Goddamn right I don't live it, because I'd live it like you. A hypocrite. A total, complete hypocrite. Full of shit. Full of Bible talk.

Jameka: Go smoke a ciggie if you can FIND IT. Go smoke a ciggie if you can find it.

Dick: Go smoke my pole.

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11:00 Amber telling dick that she doesn't want her daughter to hear that she's a piece of shi...t [but I do]

Dick and Dani eating tacos [yum] telling her about what was said between him and Jameka.

Back outdoors they are so workes up it funny "how dare him " 'dispicable" "ludicrou bullshit" "low life" "absolute degenerate" "sum of the earth" [all behind Dick's Back]

Eric saying if any of us making to all stars 2 he'll be there with us.

Back inside Dani laughing that dustin was yelling "with the doors closed and his microphone off"

Back outdoors saying "daniele needs to be on slop" says Amber

dustin saying if Dani gets pulled down the "put me up" "put me up" and see the vote be 6-1 and see his daughter vote him out.

OMG they are so worked up so I guess Dicks plan is working..

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Jameka says anyone can read words.

Dick turns his attention to Amber.

She tells him to go for it, when he says, "AND YOU!"

Jameka says "Entertaining a fool" and he says look in the mirror and "entertain yourself for days."

Jameka: Whatever. Your daughter and your Mama, both Christians. I'm sure she's very happy right now.

Dick: What are you going to say about my Daughter and my Mama?

Jameka: Then don't bring Christianity into it, Bitch! Don't bring Christianity into it!

Dick: Bitch! You think that hurts me?

Jameka says she isn't trying to hurt him.

Amber asks if he thinks it hurts her when he calls her bitch?

Dick says he is good with who he is, and Amber isn't, so she cries all of the time. He says Amber is a liar and a poser.

Dick: And you! (Jameka) You don't even know what a Christian is!

Jameka thanks him for every meal he has ever prepared for her.

Dick says this is a great example of Christians.

Jameka says "Just like your daughter and your mother! Same thing. Christians. Christian is Christian."

Dick says there is a difference between Christian and hypocrites.

Amber: OK, I'll go there! That's why your daughter didn't want to have anything to do with you until Nick was gone! How sad is that?

Dick says that's right.

Dick says remember who is in the jury. Amber says they don't care about his jury vote.

Dick: It won't be you. You and Dustin. A couple of liars. Fag hag!

Amber says he goes right for the heart--that's him.

Jameka says all Dick sees of them is that Jameka is a Christian, and Amber is a drug addict.

Dick keeps saying that she is a hypocrite, etc.

Jameka calls him "Suicidal tendencies."

Jameka says she can't wait until the DR entries.

He says that they should leave. Amber says this is their house, they aren't going anywhere!

Dick brings up Amber's daughter.

Jameka says that Dick's Mother is a bitch.

He says you don't know his mother, and Amber says he doesn't know her daughter!

Jameka: You don't know ME! You don't know ME!

Dick: What makes you think a word you would say out of those FAT LIPS would bother me whatsoever?

Dick says their opinions are a piece of shit.

Jameka: Is that why you wanted to apologize again?

Dick: Suck my dick

Jameka says ED, that's your MO.

Jameka: Who always tries to come up and apologize after they--

Dick: Don't mistake! You are a fucking cunt! There is a difference between a bitch and a cunt!

(Both yelling at once. She says he only has words, and that's why he is not God)

Dick: IF there is a hell, I will see you there, Bitch.

Jameka; No, you won't see me there. I have eternal salvation, and you do not take it away or give it.

Dick calls her more names. Jameka says maybe his mother should school him on that.

Jameka says he will not see her after this.

Jameka: Please believe it.

Dick comments on Amber's clothes--"Love your clothes! So stylish!"

Dick says Jameka has nothing but lies from her mouth.

Jameka says he is a piece of work.

Dick: Let me reiterate. You are a cunt.

Jameka says God loves her and that is all she needs.

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Amber is now arguing with Dick and Dustin keeps opening the door making sure Amber is protected.

Amber said something how she doesn't appreciate how her daughter is watching him call her a piece of shit. Dick says maybe her daughter can learn something.

Amber walks out to the BY crew with Eric, Jameka, and Dustin.

Evel Dick/Daniele in kitchen.

ED: by the way, Jameka called your grandmother a bitch.

D: Why

ED: Because I talked about how a bitch she was and she was like "Just like your daughter and your mother." What a fucking stupid thing to say. I guess she thought she was getting into the yo momma jokes. *laughs*

Daniele laughs

HT crew

E: He made up ludacris shit about everyone. He's a fucker. He's a piece of shit. They knew what they were doing putting in here, but they made a fucking mistake. We know he didn't pass his psyche exams.

Back to kitcehn

ED: He's a pussy, he won't say anything to me.

D: He's out there yelling with the door closed (Dustin). With the door closed and his microphone off (BB has repeatedly told Dustin to put on his microphone). If you owned companies, why would you lie? It has to be... IDK

ED: Really big?

D: Or maybe she has a lot of money and she doesn't want to seem like she did.

ED: Maybe she doesn't live in rainbow oregon, maybe that's her second house. Well, no, she said her kids go to school there.

D: Jen was telling me that Kail could get us a lakehouse for vacation.

D: Remember when Mike left, she wrote down her name and google her and he'll find her family.

ED: I'm sure this experience isn't what she intended it tobe

D: I feel so bad that this was her most fun week. I know it's a game, but I feel bad

ED: It's not your fault that they all lied and we did our best to keep her in here.

D: I feel so rotten because of my goodbye message. I was so positive. He kept telling me that you never know what is going to happen. I mean, you know how your moods are when you go in there. I was laughing the whole time and everyone saw that and probably thought I was a piece of crap.

Now they are making fun of Dustin's goodbye messages.

ED: They go, Amber to the DR, and I say "Crying bitch to the DR." I didn't see her and she goes WHAT? and I said "You heard me." And she was all pissed off.

D: Well, I need HOH again next week, that'll be fun for my b-day.

ED: Or Jen or Zach. You can do it.

D: It's very uncomfortable not being able to compete in HOH. "How dare you even think that I tried to get Nick out of this house."

Ed whispers: What I'm worried about is if they get you out. I'm going to go off on them so much that they're going to want me out.

Talking about Amber now. Saying she's a horrible liar.

D: shoulda kept carol around (YES!!!)

Looks like AMber is crying, switching feeds to BY

A: My boyfriend knows the truth. My daughter is 8. She doesn't need to hear that.

D: You know your sister pulled her away from the computer.

*everyone talking fast*

J: You have no idea how many women you have helped

A: I"m a fucking meth addict, Then he goes like this, "Looks like you didn't lose weight fatass." Everyhting he says is what I've already said..

J: Dont' even, it's not worth it. You've come too far.

D: The five of us stood up to him and that is why he is in there trembling with his bitch ass and little miss sunshine daughter in there. With us overcoming, standing up to him, we ruined him from the inside out. He is completely trashed. Whatever fake self respect he thought had, it's gone.

J: I'm going to say, I vote to evict Richard.

D: I'm goign to call him Richard for the rest of the time.

Eric now saying he is sorry what they are going through and asking if Dick is the twist or whatever.

switching back to kitchen, HT crew trying to cheer themselves up

Daniele talking about Jen being obsessed with Nick. They're laughing about it.

ED saying he wants to see production people at the wrap party.

D: I would like to talk to kail, the real kail show. OF course Nick. Everyone who is gone. *laughs* How sad is that? And also Zach. OMG, I don't know what I'm going to do if you leave me this week with Zach and Jen. Zach thinks he has everything figured out.

ED: I'll tell him to listen to you

D: He says things like Jameka was the vote.

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11:11 BBT

Amber mad about her being a dead beat mom and now the tears are falling.....Eric says you're a wonderfu mother.

Dustin "i'm sure they have to censor the internet" for Dick

They are all comforting Amber with Amber says about Dick calling her a "meth addict..fuck you" about dick calling her a "Fatass ....fuck off"

dustin talking about banding together "we have ruined him" "and he's scraping the bottom of the barrell" because he has nothing....

Jameka says "I vote to evict Richard" when she evicts him .

Inside Dick and Daniele very calmly eating diner talking shit about them...Dani saying "i'm a bad liar" and her bring up Nick [move on] Dani saying jen is "obsessed with Nick' [meow] talking about seeing Nick being a the wrap party and they want to only talk to the production people and "the real Kail"

Dani says "kail is a interesting person" and sonce she was hiding her real life she should have made "up a fake one" and Dani says that this week " I liked Kail" and Dick talking about "what could have happened" with Eric....and nothing was accomplished with her HOH......

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