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August 11, Live Feed Updates


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Dan and Dustin are having it out in the BY. Dan tells Dustin people do not see him as an individual in the house. He asks her if they have told her that. She says she's just letting him know... Dustin tells Dan that he's sorry her actions have put her in the situation she's in...

Dan says she's not playing this game personal...that she put Eric up and people lied to her, he stayed... it's just a game, she doesn't take it personal...Dustin tells her she hasn't tried to know people, Dan asks like who, Dustin says like him, she hasn't tried to get to know him. Dan says she's gotten to know Dustin plenty in the last few weeks. Dan says it's not all on her, when has Dustin tried to get to know her better? Dan keeps saying "It's a game, it's just a game, I really don't care. I'm not taking it on a personal level. it's just a game"

Dustin says he doesn't want Dan to isolate herself from the rest of the house. Dan says she's not.

Dan says that she's tired of getting the brunt of whatever Dick does, that Jam called her a bitch last night because of things Dick said. That she's tired of Dustin and people talking about her behind he back because she doesn't do that...it's just a game.

Dan says that what Dick does is not her problem, that she's tired of telling Dick to stop, but she's not going to do it every day for the rest of the time she's in the house. Dustin tells her that by not saying anything to dick she's condoning his behaviour. Dan says it's not condoning, it has nothing to do with her. Dan tell Dustin that it would be as if he was held responsible for whatever Amber does. dustin says he does talk to amber when he thinks she's said or done something wrong int the house. dan says now, thatit's not the same, and anyway, for her it's just a game, she doesn't take things personal...

Dan says no one's situation in the house compares to hers. Dustin is never going to talk to Joe again, so, big deal, Carol and Jessica, big deal...she's in a unique situation being thrown in that house with her dad.

Dustin tells Dan that whatever he's done to hurt her in the past he's sorry and he won't try purpously to hurt her again. Dan says: well, thank you...

Dustin says that that's more than she ever said to him the other night when he came to apologize to her and she said nothing so he hopes she (Dan) means it and moves on.

Dan says she's sorry too and he can take that however he wants, that she's sorry that her hanging out with her dad this week is perceived as her alienating herself from the group, but to her this is just a game, she's not mad at Jess for putting her up, it's just a game.

Dustin says he hopes Dan enjoys this last week with her dad in the house, and he promises not to call her names and tease her because he knows she's in an awkward situation...so he'll give her her space to be with her dad, but to know that she can talk to him...Dan says "thank you" ...Dustin leaves and Dan says to herself "ugh, I think I just threw up in my mouth...oooh Big brother" ...then sits there quietly...

Amber comes out and asks Dan if she's okay, Dan says she's fine. Amber says she heard Dustin talking to Dan and wanted to make sure he hadn't been mean to her...Dan says no. Amber leaves. Dan says to herself "I threw up in my mouth a second time"...

Up in HOH Jam and Jess are talking about how bad Dick is at comps and how it would be better to send Dan off instead...Jam says none of this matters until after POV comp.

In the Gym room Dustin is re-telling Amber his convo with Dan...

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Zach tells Dick they want him (Dick) out and Jameka is running the show...Dick says Jam has no power... Zach says "she's the mom"...Dick says that's good, then he'll be picking on Jameka...Zach begs Dick again not to go repeating what he (Zach) is telling him (Dick)...because it will hurt his (Zach) game...

Dick leaves...Zach tells Dan that Dustin is very young and very arrogant and very uneducated and he (Dustin) thinks he has Zach wrapped around his finger. Dan agrees. Zach says Jess made an agreement with him that she would not nominate him, so unless she's backdooring him, dan says she doesn't think so. Zach says apparently he (Zach) has a date with Jess this week, Zach says "great, she's so not my type"...

Zach tells Dan that, to be honest if he wins HOH he will leave the noms the same. she says she doesn't blame him. Dan says she wishes she could exclude someone from POV and she would do it to Eric, just cuz he's been saying he hasn't got to play for POV. Zach tells D/D that it's Dick "they" want out, so if dan gets POV, it will be Zach or Jen going up. Dan says it will be Jen, because they already told Jen it would be her. zach excuses himself and says he better go spend time with the princess...Dan: Good luck with that...

Dan re-tells the story of her convo to Dick who calls Dustin a "walking dildo with ears", says arrogance will be dutin's undoing (ed. Dick should know)...

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11:20 BBT

Dick mocking jameka talking like he's praying. outside as she practices croquet..saying she needs a lesson in humility and saying she goes back on her word.."please forgive her"

Dick "you're tearing up" "the Lord must be on your side"

Jameka paying no attention to him.........Dick saying "pray about it" and mocking her for "the magic ping pong ball"

Jameka makes a shot "boo ya"

"I don't think God likes hypocrites " "you're number 1 on his list" "like all bible toters that have been in this house..full of crap" "you should be embarrassed and ashame"

"you and your kind are a hemmroid on the Christian faith"

Dick tells her "you better keep practicing because I'm going to kick your ass tomorrow" "i'm gonna whip your ass so bad"

Jameka "welcom welcome" as Eric and Jen come out jemka says she going back up after she finishes the last shot..

dustin comes back out and Jameka says "that was about 10 minutes of torture" Dustin says he can't believe Dick started and Dustin says he lifted weights for a half hour because Dani was out and Jameka says he did it when she came out and then she went back in.

Dustin "How embarrassing " as it was on Showtime [bet showtimes happy]

Eric whose voice goes up two pitches talks how surprised it happened.

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11:30 BBT

In the round room Dani and Dick are talking ...Dani says Dustin says that Dick actions are being condone by her and Dani explains "he's his own person I'm not his mother" Dani says Jameka hates her and "I didn't do anything"

Dani and Dick laughing about the producers "Rich" and Dick sasy if that's where she got her "knock knock jokes" from and Dani says no they were hers.

Outside Zach showing Jameka how to swing the croquet mallet......

In round room..Dick who has a headache says he's going to grab an "advil" saying "it's not that bad"

Dick saying should he throwthe six beers in the trash and Dani says "just open them" talking about season 3[i think] talking about deals that were made. Yeah it's season 3 they are going over. Dick saying they say the diaries and Dani says "can you imagine " if they did that this season.....Dick says jason of season 3 "was like Jessica" Dani says he was nice and quiet.

Dani wondering who's like Jason ...Dick says Mike" "kail" Dani says that Kail could ahve done better "in a different season" Dick saying had she not hid up in HOH the first 3 weeks she could have been "more likeable"

Dani says "there is no way for one or the other" unless there is some surprise tommorrow..Dick "that's ok" saying he's made a mark on this season and "like me or hate me it doesn't matter" people will have an opinion..

Dani saying I feel like "if you go home" what's the point being here one more week...Saying Jens here but they "don't like her" and Dani says if Jen Zach or het didn't get HOH "that would be it because they would backdoor me for sure" "I would be going home" because everyone who plays could get POV except her...Dick says "odds are you'll be playing" after she says "no one would pick me" for POV.

Dani saying they been there for "7 weeks" and "that's a long time" Talking about what week and how long they have been in there....

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11:46 BBT

Dick talking about how tiresome the same conversations going on [how do you think we feel]

Dick talking about how quick they cleaned up after today's food comp and they will be locked out as they set up for POV

Talking about POVs from other seasons.....Dani complaining that they don't get to "paint things" like in season 6..for POV.

Outdoors in the hot tub Eric Dustin Jen and Zach talking......Jess practicing her croquet....Eric talking saying that he really didn't want an actor and if was an actor then he would have been disqualified..

Back indoors Dick saying he feels like punching dustin in the face and Dani saying how mucjh she hates him..Both saying they hate his crown and Robe and Dani says "hide it" and Dick says he'd like to throw it of "the BBQ" and cook it..

Dick saying tomorrow he'd like to "bounce off someone's forehead" with the croquet ball.

Outdoors Jameka and Jess talking as they practice....

Dani and Dick talking "these people just the little comments" say Dani saying "people are idiots in here" [DUH]

Dani says "eric looked so ugly today" Dick says "everyday" "he's a strange little man..honestly...he's going to be a very unique character when he's an old man" Dani says he will think "he's so cool" when he gets out and will always says "I should have won".....Dick saying how Jameka talks about "her husband who she's never met" Dick says that Jameka told her that every man she's been with has "cheated on her" Dani was goin to say something about Jameka and stops and says "it would come back to her" Dick "Its probably safer that way"

Dani says can you imagine after he leaves and she got hoh and the next week Zach got it....Dani says that if he gets HOH he wants to send Dustin home and not Eric.......saying he wants to put up "dustin and Jameka with Amber as the replacement"...

Dick thinks that the rest of the girls would vote "jameka out" and Dani says "no way"

Dick whispering about possible nomination pairings and votes........saying with Jen that's all the votes they need.

Dick telling her to put "Eric and Dustin up and use Amber as the replacement"

Dick gets up to check to see if anyone listening and Dani "can you be anymore obvious"

Talking about "how stupid" Zachs noms would be and Dick says he'll talk to him....

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12:08 BBT

Dani talking that Eric or Dustin have to go...........Dick says he's going to talk to Zach about his noms and Dani says that Zach reasoning would to make Jameka an enemy out of Eric.

Dani says that if one of them takes themselves down maybe one of the girls might go and Dick says he doesn't think it will happen and Dani says that's true because "jen's about getting the guys out"

Dick tells her to stay close to her tomorrow during POV....Talking about taking things during POV and if you can't see they can blame it on Dustin and Dani says id he he takes the bad stuff he just may win the veto

Dick has to use the bathroom again like his 3-4 th time [overactive bladder] saying they will talk when he gets back

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12:18 BBT

The girls minus Eric talking outside ....talking about watching the guys "if he fucks me over" Jess says I'll be sick and Amber is saying "jen is so "both side" because she was comfortable and Jess is saying "it's killing me " because Eric may be "fucking up my game " worried about how close she's been with him...Jess wonders if she could confront him or just watch him...Amber saying "maybe it's all an act"..Amber "you never know" saying about the actors people can be.......

Amber saying jen and Eric can talk in the open now that everything is in the open....Amber saying they are saying no big deal about it and Jess says if she's being played she'll "put him up this week" [hard to follow as BB leaves everyone's mics on and jameka drowns everyone out"

Amber really telling Jess to just talk and Amber realizing that Dustin was way to defensive of Eric. Amber "if they are doing that behind our backs they are going to start to worry they were doing it behind their backs" and says lets talk everyday and see if the ask about our convos and if we talk on the hammock lets see if the come over.

Both are saying "I could totally see that" "it makes too much sense" saying Eric doesn't talk game because Dusti and Eric are talking game together......the two are comparing notes.......Amber "they both are fucking paranoid" "they both keep looking over here" "they are just looking over here again"

Jess says "I'll just play stupid for now" [shouldnt be hard]

Amber wonders if she wins HOH she would put up Jen she wonders what their reactin would be as she thinks they want her around....Amber tells Jess Dustin always asks her if she's in a "secret alliace"

Zach comes over and Jess and Amber go to HOH

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12:32 BBT

Amber and Jess in HOH

Talking about pulling Zach in Amber says the possiblity of the two working together never crossed her mind.

Jess says its frustrating and Jess says if they win HOH they will not go after us but Amber says "eventually they will" and Jess says "we'll be ready for it"

Jess says we should do get Jameka to "pick her brain" and Amber send her to go get her.......Jess says she yelled for her to come upstairs and Amber says we have to do that to get them worried.

Amber "I won't be played by a gay guy" "fuck that"

Jess "underestimate us..I don't think so"

Amber "I swear to God I'l will fuckin' uh uh"

Jameka enters....Say as soon as they left whispering and silence and Eric looking over and Jameka says "I think its a strong possibility" Talking about how they never talk to each other and the next day Eric and Dutin "always asks you what you talk about"

Dustin comes in"what's going on" and they say "girl talk" and asks if he can take a shower and the talk turns to Dick.....

and his rants and Jameka said if she knew its was Showtime she would have said "something to the camera"

Jameka says they were talking about who was the bigger threat and talk turns to the size of the table......

Jameka called to DR and thanks the girls

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12:43 BBT

Dustin asks Amber what they talked about and Amber says nothing

Jess says Dick asked her how she was enjoying her HOH and says "I think I'll talk to him tomorrow" and Amber says "I think he likes you"

Amber "something is not right "im sorry" and Ambers "didn't I tell you" that Dustin would be up here.

Talking about jen went out of her way to make nachos for Eric to make it look like they were in an alliance "because its supposed to be secret" "why would Eric and Dustin" who are good at the game and be with us at the end ..Jess "they wouldn't" and Amber wants to be next to an honest person at the end and her vote will go to an honest person.....Amber "wow I never even thought about that"

Amber "i know I'm getting HOH next..I know it" and Jess says "good we need it" Amber says I want to see their reaction if we put up Jen.

Jess says that if the vote is a tie she would pick Daniele to go and if she's gone "he has nothing and won't go far" saying if he goes and will rebound from this and Dick will be "broken down"...Amber says Dustin didn't want to talk about who will go and sais "i want Dick gone" and that's how they will vote...

Amber and Jess talking about evicting Dani and trying to figure out the votes and Jameka returns..... but Amber gets called to the DR.

Dustin says Dick should go because Dani would be nothing without him...Jameka skeptical. Dustin says it will be worse "can you imagine if we evict his daughter" Dustin "I guess we have to see what tomorrow brings" [POV]

Jen comes in so all game talk stops.

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12:56 BBT

Eric and Zach talking how paranois Dustin is when they talk to someone else....Zach says Jameka can put them all togther "she can crack the whip and they will all will listen" and both agree that neither would want to be next to her at the end.....Eric says it would take "something pretty elaborate to get her out as she has the votes to stay"

Eric talking about all the people who haven't been nominated and Jen said only her Kail Dick and Dani and that Jameka panics.......Eric syas he like her and "enjoys her company" and says he wouldn't want to go against Amber either.........

Dani and Dick whispering in the round room ....Talking about the noms if they are hOH next neek [ hard to hear I don't think i've ever heard Dick whipser]

Dani talks that they want "seperation and division" and saying Amber would never vote against Eric.....Talking about Jess and Amber has replacement noms ... Dani saying for the trillionth time that she needs to win "HOH next week"

Dick says he'll talk to Zach about "their plan"

Talking about what if's about their noms

1:07 BBT HOH

Dustin talking about Jen "here we are week 6 " and she's still in the house and says he doesn't see here going nowhere...

Talking about showering naked and Dustin says to Jameka "you shower naked" hmmm mmm

Dustin's goes over with his embellished convo with Dani earlier in the evening [ see previous updates]

Dustin says "it would be like losing Amber but I'd move on" as he explains to Jameka what Dani said about her losing Nick... and Dustin says Dani says "alright Eric...Eric told me those exact words" [wow hope Jameka's taking notes]

Dustin embellished story goes on........ all for feeds

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1:17 BBT

Dustin's finished saying who should they go after next week Jen or Daniele and says Danile rthinks Danile may team up with Jen......Dustin says Amber was worried that he was "outside talking to Daniele" and KJameka says not to jump to conclusion and it's "the nature of the game"

Dustin says they "I shouldn't be acting in the manner that I am" and felt bad about the way he was acting when jameka asked what he got out of the comvo.

Feeds switch to four empty rooms then to Eric talking to Jen on the Patio and FOTH

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1:23 BBT

Jen says she's going to bed and says she thinks its the croquet and Dick tells her "they don't give a sit who wins..if one gets off the other goes home' and Je says "yeah" and Dick asks her "have you been crying" and Jen says no

Feed switch to HOH where Everyone is upstairs talking.

Back downstairs Jen and Dick talking....Why would Jess put up Zach and jen "you're the pawn" and Jen says "I would fip out ..I mean I would be mad if she put me up..It's my week off" and Dani says she would be the replacement nom Dick saying That Jess doesn't like her......but "more than Kail"

Jen "whatever"

Dick same scenario that all four need to go and it doesn't matter what order and that "they have a hrd on for me" since he's talking shit... Dick saying Dani second and Zach is "no threat" because he's out "on the first question" everytin me..."you two are the biggest competitors in the whole game"

Jens says Dustin is fake ......

Dick saying if the three of them don't stick together after I'm gone 'you're fucked" Jen says Dustin wants Dustin to go and put up two people and either one goes home and Dick says "replacements are important"

Dick says "don't let they make you fell comfortable" because you're not and Jen says "I know"

Jen says Amber was saying "jen is working with Dick and Daniele" and Jen says if the nknew about the sepeartin of their group and she said she knew and Dick says he knew but took a chance and they wre one vote short.

Jen says she's been telling everyone how Dustin was so hardcore for Eric and Jen says they all have different final fours...

Jen goes to bed and dani tells Dick" I'm seriously going to kill you" as Dani fears she tells them everything and tells him to stop feeding Jen info.

Dani says that they figured out about the noms to every possible relacement and Zach told her "we'll talk tomorrow"

Dick talking about Jameka and told him to stop using the phrase "the magic ping pong ball"

Dani says that if she would have just pput up Dustin and Eric neither would have won POV as both are "too selfish" when it came to POVs and HOHs Dani says "Im done no more talking about the past" [thank you]

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1:40 BBT

Dani says Zach made a deal with Jessica "if he got it he would put her up" and vice versa when dick told her that Jen would be mad if Jess "put her up"

laughing "good jenetics" on her butt and Dick says her headband "is behind the washer"

Dick asks Dani to practice croquet and Dani says later..talking how cold it is and "dewy"

Dick says "they were out here just hitting it around boo ya ..they don't give a shit"

Dani talking about thewill be wohen up at 9:00 and Dani says if Jess gets HG choice she is picking Eric.

Dick asks if Zach got it if he would use it and Dani says no that he sais he wouldn't and she wouldn't expect him too to put himself out there like that. dick says he wouldn't win it anyway.....

Talking about POV stategy

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1:50 BBT

Dani talking that the odds are leaning in the favor of Zach and Amber winning HOH as they haven't won it ..Dick says "Eric hasn't and Dani says oh yeah "that wouldn't be good"

Dick talking about Jessica winning HOH .."fuck " "just stop"

Dani says on a more light hearted note "we need to make a name up for the 5" Dani says "four girls and a gnome" Dick says there id two guys and says Dustin and Eric and Dani says like I said 4 girls and a guy... they laugh

"the royal court alliance" Dick says Amber can be a King because she looks like a man and Dustin is "the queen" and Jameka "the merry maid" Dick says "the servant..that can be misconstrued as racist" s talking about "the starving kids in Africa" comment

Dick says Jen is retarted not to see Jess and Eric..

Dani at least we saw it and tried it and "made a mjor move" but they would have come after us anyway" so what's the difference....

Upsatirs in the HOH they are talking about the other alliance because they control the votes ..

Jameka says that if Dani gets HOH and puts up "me and Jess" and even then they still contoled who stayed [huh]

Eric says he's still the target and Amber says its "amber and I" and Dustin says Dani won't hold it against her as she may want to work with her...

They are talking about who would be better going...Amber and Jamek think that she can be inspired to win HOH like last week saying "she has her own innner strength" and Jameka says that they should just sit on the couch as they get their bag.

Taling about Zach Amber "zach is a smart cookie and has nothing better to do but dwell on things" Eric says they need to go over dates as Zach has figured it out and Dustin says he has all those things down.

Eric says he knows the dates down pat and Jen is doing it also and knows the "number of battires" used.

Jameka "oh wow"

Amber saying Zach is right about his numbers....Eric says that Zach is saying the wrong answer and bring it upstairs to tell them....

They are talking about the BB trivia they get in the morning..

Jameka says it will be "higher and lower" HOH

Dustin asking what they want to do with "jen and Zach..we'll se what happens to HOH..Eric says they need to be careful what they tell Jen and Zach

Aber says "how does game even get brought up to her" and "why are you even having conversations about game with her" and Dustin says he had a talking in the round room and Eric says "i ask questions " but don't tell her anything.

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2:13 BBT

Dustin asks why Jen brought up that she forgave Eric about what her did and Amber says she told he apolgize and Dustin says didn't you tell her "its none of your business"

Talking about Jen "forgiving" about calling Dani a cheat and Eric says she realized it when he called her out and its "ironic" and Jess says "very ironic"

Dustin says to watch if Daniel talks to any of them to fill the group and Eric says what happened with you and Dani and goes into his embellished story...

[wow they're all so nauseating]

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2:24 BBT

In HOH Dani Bashing.....some Dick but mostly Dani bashing

2:28 BBT talking about Dick know he's going home that they should change the vote to Dani

Talking about the key order......

Now they are talking about Dick in the food comp and how he'd says "fuck and just scream" and Dustin says he didn't notice Daniele as jameka asks.

Talking about Zach wasn't going to give up the blue[?] during food comp .

Amber says about the game "geez louise" and talking how close Eric was..

Jameka laughing about when ED snatched the bandanas from him and Dustin said "who's 6th birthday party are we at today" and Dick telling the "give me another blue" Amber "he sntached those fucking things"

Dick bashing

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2:36 BBT

Dani and Dick practicing hard with the croquet set. "dani if you win the veto tomorrow" you have to use somebodies "key phrase" and we get foth

Dani talking about "everyone's getting on my nerves"

up in HOH they are still bashing

Dani and Dick decide to quit and takes showers....

[with that I'm out.... be back Sunday..Catinptoy will be doing the late night updates tomorrow..night all]

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4:24 BBT Most HG are in bed asleep. Jameka and Jess in HOH bed chatting about Jessica's mother and her job. She owns an interior design company and they do mostly restaurants etc.

Jameka talking about her brother is a mechanic and just started a new job. How people on new jobs can't miss work for like 6 months.

Now they discuss Dick. Say he has creepy eyes. How he has no soul. Jameka says Amber asked her "who do you trust" and she told her "you and Jess".

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Jess and Jameka discuss the way they are remembering the order of things that happen in the house. Jameka says KJ DDD. Talking about which HOH put up who and who won POV for each week. Jessica says she just goes thru it in her head.

Talk about when Daniele was HOH. Now Jessica is HOH and Daniele is going home. They think Eric will win the next HOH.

General chit chat about the game. Jameka thanks Jess for letting her sleep in the HOH bed. Says it is so nice to be able to roll over and move around.

They are winding down and long pauses as they are about to go to sleep.

Everyone else appears to be sleeping.

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7:56 BBT

All still sleeping.... someone is grinding their teeth....ouch!

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