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August 12, Live Feed Updates

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helicopter flying over the BB house... ed still in BY... ed still smoking and staring up at circling helicopter... switching to all 4 feeds... zach still running on treadmill... cams show all other HG's still sleeping... jess up in HOH stirring in bed... zach takes off shirt and resumes rumming... dick heads inside... dick goes into round room and turns on light... jen pops out of nowhere and they don't show where she is going... ed in round room rustling with some LOUD plastic bags... gets out a clean shirt.. zach in gym yells "aaargh! and then makes the treadmill go faster!... ed in gym... whats up shrek! I saw _ and figured it was you... zach: I'll be done in a minute ed: how much longer do you have to go? zach: about 6 minutes... ed back in kitchen getting pots and pans... clangs them together and then mumbles something... gets out the slop bucket... measures out some shop and throws the bucket on the fridge... ed: good morning! jen: good morning! is anyone in there? amber? zach? ed: just zach... jen: I am gonna go work out... ed sontinues making slop... switching to all 4 cams... zach starts talking to self and running full speed again... ed in kitchen burping... zach in gym... argh... slows down treadmill... ed maiing a protien shake... zach walking slow on treadmill and sopping up his sweat with his shirt... zach grunting... ed mumbles something in kitchen (hard to hear between the treadmill and zach grunting)... ed back out to BY... ed: I can't understand why they say it is horrible... it ain't horrible, it ain't sh&&... ed sits back down on BY couches and lights up yet another cig... zach starts running full speed on the treadmill again... changing to cam 3 dick in BY... he was saying something... missed what he said... (anyone catch it?)... this is ed's 6th cigs in less than 1 1/2 hours...

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Dick goes to round room and realizes Zach is awake so when he leaves the room he goes to the work out room and asks Zach how much longer he has to work out. Zach said about 10 minutes.

Dick goes back into the kitchen and it looks like he's preparing some slop. Jen comes in the kitchen and asked who is in the work out room and Dick says Zach. She said ok she didn't know if he was in there alone or not as she wants to work out now too.

Dick makes a protein shake. Drinks it down then heads back outside to the couches for another smoke.

Jen has just joined zach in the Work out room. She said she can't believe how late it is.

She said she went to the bathroom and realized it was 1:30 so she said oh it's time to get up.

Just chit chatting between the two of them.

now we get FOTH

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BAck from FOTH, it lasted about 30 seconds.Zach and Jen in work out room. Zach said he wants hoh so bad this week. he wants a letter. he said his odds of winning it are getting better.he said because if we don't win it's we're going up between us 3. she said well of course.zach said dick told him he may use the pov on himself (don't know when dick said this to zach, or if it's true)jen said she would die becaus she can't see herself working with himshe said she even told daniele that too.she said she can work with dani but she'll have a hard time working with him (dick)now just chit chat about what the comp will bezach said he hopes it's not questions, he's not good at that.zach leaves the work out room and asked jen if she wants the door shut, she said yeahzach went outside and asked dick if he left the slop on the oven.he said oh yeah, is it everywherehe goes inside to check itdick laughing at himself in the kitchen, saying "yes I am that idiot"

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... Ed in by being silent... changing back to all 4 feeds... jen in gym with zach... jen: OMG it is so late... z: what time is it? j: oh yeah you didn't wake up with me... j: I went to the bathroom again and I woke up and I was like 1:30 omg!

z: gotta burn off the beers before you eat today... j: I haven't worked out since before the bunny suits... z: yeah... I will be running again tonight... j: yeah... FOTH... back to only cam 3 - ed talking in BY- ed: eric manipulator liar, dustin, self absorbed, user loser, jen narssasit (sp) zach ogre... ya know... (yawn)... cough... ed just laying on BY couch... silent... (c'mon ed talk!)... ed keeps doing some weird breathing thing in patterns of three breaths each... ed looking very uncomfortable, restless and on edge... burps... ed messes with his mic... keeps yawning... ed just staring into the camera doing that 3X fast breathing thing randomly... changing to all 4 cam feed... jen in gym working out on cross-trainer (?)... z to ed: are u gonna eat this slop on the oven.. ed: oh yeah! I am... both laughing... ed: is it all over the place... laughing oh well ed: yes I am that idiot... ed still laughing... how'd u ever figure that one out? z: laughs ed: are u columbo... z: that was a JENious move... ed: yeah without a doubt... z: however jen has never had slop explode on the oven...ed: yes actually she has... z: dick please come to the dr... we were sitting in the gym and we were like what was that smell, we though that it was one of the machines burning rubber... ed: who is we? z: jen is in there working out... ed: oh... z: we were like it smells like shit!... ed: yeah it does smell like hell doesn't it! z: now the ants have a smorgasborg behind the oven... ed: f***** PU! GOD!... ed opens back door and spits... z: time to grill up some fish... ed burps... z: no one is gonna eat it... ed: only you...z: true... jen still huffin and puffin working out in gym... ed squirting (409) cleaner on the hot stove and it starts sizzling... ed: putrid smell... ed doing dishes from his burnt slop... je working out very fast paced... z: it still smells like shit in here...ed: huh? z: it still smells like shit n case you didn't know...ed: u get used to it... how far did you run? z: 4... I figure a mile a beer... ed: wow you are losing that belly...z: you should have seen it before I cam in... ed: you are losing it... your titties were starting to sag...z: anything else!!! thanx america! z: there is like 8 lbs of fish in there...ed; it is 2 everyone needs to wake up...z: this is gonna take forever to thaw... ed: put it in a zip lock and run it under the sink...z: both sides of the sink are contaminated... ed does something to zach and zach yells you bitch! mother F*****! ed and z laughing! z: That was a good one, I've been had... ed; u should have seen the look on your face... z: that was awesome! ed: u just stood there and looked at it, u didn't move till like a minute later... jen: what did u burn? slop obviously...z: that f**** smells... j: u can smell it all the over here... ed: what? jen: u can smell it all over here, something is burning...z: that is the slop...ed: the slop burned all over the stove... zach recants how he asked ed if he was the idiot cooking the slop... general chit chat...

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jen left the work out room

she is now going into one of the bedrooms, drinking water

she walks back into the kitchen and asked dick if he burnt the slop, he said yeah, she said she can smell it from over here. (by the livingroom)

dick said yeah because it spilled over and it burned on the burner a little bit

jen is laying on the couch in the living room playing with her hair

zach and dick laughing about something that they spilled on the kitchen counter

dustin just walked int he kitchen and said morning all

dick said good morning

now they are talking about how many beers were dranked last night

17 beers were dranked last night between like 3 of them

dustin asking about the burnt smell

so dick and zach explaining what happened

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... dustin up... good morning all.. dust to ed: I grabbed this for you so they don't yell at you...ed; thank you...z: ed got me this morning... he got me bad... well not bad... I just had my top off... jen and dust talking about working out... talking about how many beers they had... seems they had 17...z says that I guess they each drank 4 or 5...ed: man it does stink in here...jen: yeah it does... jen: it smells like farts... dust: what did we have a slop mistake in here... zach recants the story again...

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ed, jen and dust in kitchen... jen: uhhhhh... ed: no bueno? jen: uh hu... ed: if it smells bad, don't eat it... everything is bad here... don't even throw it away in here... jen: I just froze it yesterday... ed: can u smell it? jen: yes... ed: me and my buddy were buying some blow and my buddy was let me see that... and he drops it and it went in the drain and I was like I have nothing to do with that... z: so what did u do? ed: we made a deal... then one time we were playing pool and with these guys that that I can only describe as vikings... and they were like here you have to try this shit and it was like blew the top off my head...z: u have red light distric in san diego? ed: no we have strip clubs... ed starts telling about the red light district in amsterdam... dustin talks about how his mom and dad went to amsterdam and his dad put his mom to bed...z: oh that is real nice... ed starts telling stories of drugs and such in amsterdam and then in germany... saying that u can buy good weed in amsterdam and they were listening to european mtv and they were rolling a joint the size of his arm z: I just drink I don't care about the other stuff... ed: it shouldn't be illegal...... ed talking about medical maryjane... and how everyone has med maryjane cards and the cops don't even care because they have bigger crimes... and they are trying to bust all the dr.s for handing out the cards... jen: I don't smoke maryjane but I have a lot of friends that have maryjane cards... jen saying he doesn't like the taste... dustin talking about his uncle who has MS and he would go buy him an ounce or stuff...z: your uncle is a midget??? dust: no he has MS... ed: was that a real question...z: I thought you said midget syndrome... ed talking about getting high and watchng football on sunday... jen talks about how pot makes her friend sleep better... dust talking about smoking pot before he goes to bed... it helped him too...

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Not much going on.

The only ones up are Jen Zach Dustin and Dick

Dustin is laying out in the sun

Zach grilled fish

Dick in kitchen cooking slop

Jen just went into the SR, it's looks like she may have brought out ice cream

Dick going back outside now

All other hg's STILL SLEEPING at 2:44 BBT

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Jen just went into the bathroom to put on her bikini

now she's digging for something in one of the drawers in the bathroom

Zach is sitting outside with dick. zach eating his fish he just grilled

dick just asked dustin if he thinks kail really lives in rainbo oregon

dustin said yes he thinks so

now they are talking about what rainbo is close to

dick said that kail said her husband was an assistant manager at a grocery store

they are trying to figure out what kind of businesses kail could own

jen is outside now too

jen and dustin are laying on chase lounges and are close enough to zach and dick to where they are all in the covo

everyone is playing nice

dick saying he wished kail would have opened up more, sooneer than what she did

dustin said yeah she was different at different times with different people

all just discussing kail

talk switches to jen saying she has noticed some of her things missing. shirts with her jensa print on them. then dick asked how she knew about getting writing on her shirts if she never saw the shows until sequester (before they entered)

she said she had seen season 7 about a week before and zach said yeah but you said you knew boogie, she said yeah i know boogie, dick said he doesn't understand how they were made so fast.

he said he doesn't know about how it was for anybody else but "they" always seemed like they wanting him to ask lost of questions then it cut to FOTH

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feeds back and now all is quiet

jen went inside for a minute and when she went back out zach asked if they are all still sleeping and she said yep

zach said 'unbelievable"

saying it's 3 and they're still asleep

zach and dick now chatting about his travels

nothing else happening but if something good does i'll be here to post

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I left the feeds to go watch the show.

Came back and jess, amber and jam have come down (finally) from the hoh room

Just general things going on right now. Nothing major at all

eric jen dustin in kitchen, eric i think is fixing something to eat

dustin eating a bowl of slop

zach and dick outside on couches

amber in the kitchen now too

eric just mentioned tomorrow's pov ceremony

saying something about him (dick) using it to save dani

dustin says yeah, it's pretty safe to say it'll go that way

feeds keep going to FOTH because dustin is singing

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(ed note came in on middle of convo so bare with me)

shes saying how dustin said one night that if carol dosnt think that the guys in the house are hot there must be some awfull guys in kansas and shes saying how Eric said you really dont think that between me you and Nick that there a good looking group of guys. Then she told Dick how Dustin went i never said anything are you crazy?. Shes saying how she assumes he thinks they are ugly.

Danielle says Dustin thinks very highly of himself. Dani thinks Mike was extremly good looking and that obulisly that she thinks Nick was good looking. Zack saying he only gets the bronze medal in here. Zack saying then why did BB cast him (ed note I agree buddy i agree) Danielle says as the roger. Danielle says that makes no sense that rogers are like carrots that peel the skin away that its more orange.

Zack says he cant believe its all shady now saying its so weird. Zack saying hes kind of stoked about it being 6:00. Danielle says she is and she isnt she said she wished she would of woked up earlier. Zack saying he was suposed to run for 4 miles. Zack saying he is going to jump back on the tradmill soon. Zack goes to check on his laundry. Dick comes back from getting a drink.

Danielle says Zack barbecues like evrey day. Dick says he likes to barbecue in the summer. He wishes BB would of given them fresh corn. Its his favorite. Danielle asks if he likes white corn. Dick says yeah he does he likes to mix the regular corn. He likes to mix white and yellow corn together.

Zack saying Danielle is a used and abused person. Dick ask who is. Zack says his daughter. Zack saying shes using him because hes hot. Zack says shes only using him because hes the only attractive guy left in the house. Dick saying she has Eric to pick from. Danielle saying Eric thinks hes the only hot guy left. Dick saying Erics playing the oger in him. Danielle saying shes scared of him. Danielle saying she dosnt know if she can be left alone with him.

Danielle saying the next HOH better not a knock out game like last week and the Eliminator because she will be the first one out. Danielle saying it better not be because it was like that last week. Dick says it was like that because your pairing people up against each other and one of them is going.

Zack saying he cant beleive he gets the bronze medal for looks in here again. Zack saying what a self centered woman she is. Danielle saying that out of evreybody in this house your gonna say im self centered. Dick saying Ambers still to pick from. Danielle saying Jameka. Shes saying theres nobody else like that. Zack saying theres nobody in here like you. Dick saying that its hillarious that Jameka talks about her husband. He says what kind of a wacko is Jameka. Dick saying that Jameka was talking about licking her husbands a hole clean. Danielle saying why would she do that. Zack saying if she was talking about the dirty talco. Dick saying they were talking about diffrent sexual things. Danielle saying unfortanetly she missed it too. Dick saying she was probally with Nick and you werent part of the LNC. Danielle saying she dosnt care. Danielle says if anybody says that again she will kill them. Zack asking if thats apart of the FSA the DDA. There making up a bunch of alliance names for the LNC. Zack saying thats hes in 8 alliances and hes the only member. Danielle saying the best part is that you dont even know about them. Dick talking about when he realized who as all in the Mrs Robbinson aliance. Zack saying Nick and him had a fake alliance and he forgot what it was called. Danielle says the GAY alliance. Dick saying Dustin was a member by default but never knew about it. Danielle saying that they should of kept Kail longer just to bug the crap out of the LNC alliance. Zack saying that his favorite quote of the year was they evictied the wrong gay guy. Dick saying Joe fucked himself way too early. Dick saying he had too much going on and way too short of a period of time. Danielle saying she thinks that Joe was so excited to be there that he just wanted to play play play. Danielle saying Joe was like obssed with the show. Zack saying Joe lied so much. Dick saying why lie in the beggining when you have to keep track of all that bullshit. Dick saying Jameka was in a alliance with Joe. Danielle saying the fake Little room alliance is her zack and jessica. Danielle called the alliance the mafia. Danielle saying Joe always called the mafia aka little room alliance the SSS the Super Sexy Six. Danielle saying these people are too much. Danielle says that it was a alliance that nobody really cared about because nobody trusted Joe anyway. Zack asking whos red flip flops those are. Zack asks who was on the hammock today. Dick says Dustin and Jen. Zack saying he thinks those are Dustins flip flops. Zack tells Dick that he should take Dustins flip flops and stick them under the deck. Zack saying he finds that funny because Dustin made it public knowledge that he brought 15-20 total articles of clothing. Dick says hes missing 2. Zack says he has betwee 15 and 18 articles of clothing now. Danielle saying remember when Dick asked her to pay attention too see if Amber and Eric were talking. Danielle saying there in there having a gay ol time. Danielle saying thats her observation of the day. Dick saying that Dustin and Jen were out there and Dustin said something about missing stuff and Jen said she was missing stuff too and how Jen said her chin stuff was gone and about how she knows they took alot of it like out of my drawrs and stuff and hes like really and shes saying how she had a gym shirt and she had this and that and its all just dissapered and she knows the producers took it.

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Zach Dani and dick in BY on couches. Trying to play games. They start with state capitals. Dick misses the 2nd one - captial of Texas. They switch to countries. Dani can't think of an E and finally says England. Zach gets stuck on G - finally says Guam. Now they debate if Mongolia is a country. Now Dick is stuck again on O. Dani says Omaha (I think that is a city Dani not a country). No one can think of a country with O so they pass it.

Game continues.

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Still a whole lot of nothing going on. Amber and Zach are working out in the gym (Zach is telling his legs to "come on"). I can hear Dustin and Jameka in the kitchen talking (im on quad) and Eric is sitting on the kitchen counter... General chit chatting.

Before, Dick and Daniele were outside playing with the huge golf clubs.

Jess comes out of the HoH and yells down to kitchen crew.. "Hello pesants!"


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Back to Amber and Zach in the gym

Zach: Sunday is day 44.

He is going over who did what on what day. Food comps, HoH, Veto. Amber is very quiet but says, "That's good Zach." Zach tells Amber that Jen is very good with that too. Amber speeds up the t/m.

Back to the kitchen crew. Eric giggling about something. They're talking about families and h/school. Dustin had 168 Detentions in his graduating year and was told if he didn't complete them he wouldn’t graduate.

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