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August 12, Live Feed Updates

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Dick says he keeps thinking that "It's not over until it's over" and "weirder things have happened in the history of the show." (For him to stay)

Dani says she keeps thinking, but the only possibility would be if it could be Dani versus Jen, but even then Dani was the one who "turned against them." Dick agrees. He says there is no way.

Zach tells them beer pong is beginning. She thanks him.

Dani: I got verbally attacked by everyone in that room for "secluding myself all of the time," so I have to "reach out" and get to know these people that I want to be my best friends after the show. (sarcastic voice)

Dick laughs

Dani: I'm serious. That's all they kept talking about, how like I "secluded myself with Nick." I'm like, Nick's been gone for two weeks, so let it go. Get over it. I don't care. I don't want to be your friend. I don't like any of you. I'm like, I have nothing against you people personally. I just hate you! Do these people seriously think they are all gonna be best friends after the show or something? Am I the only one confused about that? Yuck! Whatever.

Dick: Coming into this, there was always, I have enough friends for very long periods of time. I meet people on a daily basis in the job that I do. If I wanted 13 more friends, I could have them any time I want.

Dani: Ooh!

Dick: Seriously!

Dani: Yeah, but not people like Jen who could change your life!

Dick laughs

Dani: Just by being her friend!

Dani says her back hurts from the "guitar thing"

Dani: How sad! How sad!

Dick: Stop!

Dani goes inside. (To be FAKE! --Cat)

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Jameka is doing Amber's hair in HOH as Eric is in the HOH bed. Jen is also there, but they are far apart. Eric comments there is "enough bed for everyone." Jen appears to be asleep (although it happened awfully fast--Cat).

Jameka and Amber talk about how Jameka's friend and Amber's baby's daddy would be mad at Dick and they couldn't bring them to the wrap party as they would probably want to hit him.

Jameka occasionally looks at the Bible for verses as she does Amber's hair.

Jameka talks about a song called "Before you lock my love away."

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(I can't see Eric now in the bed)

Jameka says Amber is "guarded," like "This is the face I'm gonna give, but it's not you."

Amber says yeah.

Jameka: You did it today. I was like, whoa. Not scary bad, but you were ready to go. And I'm not saying 100 percent ready. But if he kept it up and you kept it up, it would have been a bad situation.

Amber: No, it wouldn't. I was ready to hear what he had to say.

Jameka; Oh. You were ready.

Amber says she just wanted him (Dick) to say whatever he had to say. Jameka says it's like "bring it." Amber says she was at the point where nothing he says will hurt her, and she just wanted to hear it all.

Jameka talks about how at one time she "exalted herself" for having a bad mouth, and she enjoyed it.

9 pm. Jess comes in. They ask how it went. Jess says she is "getting massacred at her own game."

Jameka: Was it quiet?

Jess asks if Dustin talked to them?

Jameka: That he's done.

Jess: He was like, Dick wants to talk to you. I was like, I don't care!

Amber: Jess, you better not! Or are you gonna?

Jess says she doesn't know.

Jameka: Does he mean us as collectively, or what?

Jess: He said, he got what he wants.

Amber: You know what that was!

JEss: To win?

Amber says no, to get in their heads, so that the others wouldn't win.

Jess: Oh, really? Whatever.

Jess says she doesn't know if Dick wants to talk game or not. She says she will talk to him, but if he starts belittling her, she won't. She says she will not make any deals with Dick.

Jameka: He just could not NOT say anything about you. Like, even as minimal as it was.

Jess says that is what Dick wanted, she was like the last straw for him and he had to get Jess riled.

Jess says she has to admit, she came at Dick first, though.

Jameka: What did you say?

Jess: I was like, looks like somebody is getting scared! He wouldn't get off Dustin. I was mad at what he was doing to you.

Jess: I was like, I can't take it anymore!

Jess: But, I didn't even get asked about it at all, whatsoever!

Jameka: Oh!

Jess: So, they are done with him! (DR, I think--they didn't ask Jess about what she said to Dick)

Immediate FOTH!

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Jess leaves. They look at Eric on the screen setting up beer pong.

Amber whispers to Jameka (Have they forgotten about Jen? I think she is stil in the bed--Cat)

It sounds like Amber whispers "Jameka! I'm still thinking about how we can get rid of Eric. You have no idea, girl!"

Jameka: Oh, yeah. Yeah, I do!

(I am not positive she said "Eric." It sounded like two syllables, but it could have been Dick, and she could have said she is so glad they are getting rid of Dick, or something. But to me, it sounded like Eric.---Cat)

(I'm taking a break--Cat)

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*(I am going to do my best, but my feeds keep cutting out tonight)2 cams on dick 2 on the beer pong game

dick is sitting in the BY it seems by himselk

Dani is actually playing the beer poing with jess, eric, and zack

ED is smoking and keeps laughing periodically and mumbling to himself

The gang inside are still playing beerpong and having fun with it

Amber is still up in the HOH room undoing her hair, seems to be by herself, with what looks like Jen is in bed sleeping behind her

Dick has now joined in to watch after walking by them and is watching them play the last one of the game. they are all laughing and joking, dicks even laughing

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Eric called into DR

Jess: How much does he miss carol(eric)

Zack: How much does he miss the touch of a man(eric)

just acting up and laughing waiting for Eric's DR is over to restart beer pong

Jameka came into the kitch and is making something to eat but not talking to anyone at all

now shes washing up some dishes

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10:02PM BBT - Dick goes outside to smoke, Jameka is sitting on the couch, she is eating something and humming, dick just somking his cigarette and not saying a work, it looks like he keeps glancing at Jameka whe a cheshire cat grin... Jameka never looks up

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Dick talked a little smack to Jameeka and when Dani came out he stopped...then followed Dani back in

Dustin came over and asked wht Dick said ...

Jameeka told him *some comments*

Dick came back out and sat and stared at Jameeka

Then said *didnt think you would have anything to say. Nothing you say is important anyway. No more hoh for foru weeks. You arent going anywhere in this game*

I didnt hear any booya today but I heard a lot of hallehula

Jameeka says nothing. Continues to eat her bowl of something

You got nothing. You are gonna be the first one they turn on. You got nothing *and he spits*

***more spitting and coughing*

Dustin lifting weights across the yard so guess that is why dick is doing this very quietly

Jameeka has left the back yard

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12:12PM BBT Dick is back outside again, smoking, spitting, and just staring at Dustin who is working out and just keep spitting, and grinning at Dustin, he tells Dustin, "youll be the first to go out of the 5, you know it and they know it, you have no where to go, your not running the show, your not running nothing"... Dustin just keeps lifting weights, he tells him "the first move of your group is to break up you and amber, and your first"... then he just stares again and grins... he finally gets up to go in the house and as he does he hollars "weeeeeeeeeeeeee"

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Dick now tells Dustin the same thing from across the yard.

You will be the first one to go out of the five.

Dustin says nothing. COntinues to lift weights

Dick: first move in your own group is to break up you and amber. And you are first.

Dustin is silent

Dick :spits more ***Dick did his nails earlier and they are pretty and shiney*

Silence in the back yard

Dick::weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! and goes in the house

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Jameka & Amber in HOH.

Amber relaying story of how Nick told her she could go on Top Model. Dick was saying to her earlier you really think you could go on Top Model, you're uglier than a transvestite. She said back to Dick that actually Nick was the one who said it.

Jameka asks her if she would want to go on Top Model. Amber says yes. Then says if she was skinnier because she has the face, hair and personality for it. (ed - OMG)

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10:30PM BBT: Dustin arrives in the HoH room and relates that story of Dick's remarks in the BY. "Dick says, 'You think you're the leader of that group, well you're not.' and I told him, 'Our group doesn't have leader!' I told him. He's so jealous because he sees me as an active member of a group and he isn't." Dustin goes on to explain that the reason Dick requires so much attention is because he didn't get any love at home as a child." Dustin also tells about how he reprimanded Zach for defending Daniele.

10:45PM BBT: Amber and Jameka are in the HoH. Amber's afraid that her secret might have gotten out and Jameka assures her that they wouldn't let something like that go over the internet. [Wait until she finds out it was on CBS during prime-time.] Amber also discusses her vision, in which she wins HoH, but, Dick was there. Dustin says that maybe Dick will use the PoV to save himself because "Why be the father you never were at the very end?" Amber says when she wins HoH she'll put up Daniele and Jen and if one comes down, she'll put up Zach, she goes on about how much she hates Zach. They go on and with more RUTT.

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12:30 BBT

Zach and Dani in BY talking about POV comp...Zach says if he was on the block, he could have won it...

Zach says 'I didn't so I could get in with that crowd...'

Zach and Dani talk about Nick, and how him leaving screwed Jam's game.

Zach says, 'Jam won't get my vote' 'she gets heated, and won't apologize'

More talk about the POV.

Zach says he told Jen they need to stick together.

Dani says, 'You know, it has to be me over her...you know that...'

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12:50 BBT

Zach, Dani, ED still in BY talking strategy.

Dani says 'I'll say we came in the house seperately', regarding plan to 'plant seed' that ED will use the POV on himself.

Zach leaves, ED says, 'see, he does what he's told'.

Earlier talk of 'candy bar' strategy, Dani starts to explain, Zach says 'I know!'. Zach says he knows the 'calendar', and knows who should go first.

ED and Dani more Jam bashing.

Dani still talking about her trip to HOH room, and how other HG's said, 'tell us 3 facts', and how she said she wasn't there to make friends.

Dani thinking Eric and Jess are 'hooking up', says 'I called it when they were sitting on the couch'.

ED saying he hasn't ripped on Erics stupid haircut in the DR yet.

ED says, 'Julie better not give anything away with you(Dani) in her questions with you'

Then FOTH.

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0100 BBT

Dani and ED in BY

Dani asked ED if it doesn't feel like a frat or sorority house now.

Dani:'It's just changed a lot'

ED: 'Who doesn't fit? Jam doesn't fit, Amber doesn't fit, Dustin doesn't fit, but Dust is going to be gone before Amber. If Dustin goes, Amber and Jam will cling together'

ED: 'Who in that group could you fit?'

Dani: 'Amber? If I really tried, but what's the point, she has Dust'

Dani: 'I'm a roguer'

Both talking about what the house would be like if Dani won HOH. 'They'd be sooo pissed!'

ED: 'Zach is faithful as a dog, we need him right now'

Dani: 'I just need to knock some sense into him'

ED: 'Just keep the candy bar thing going...all the time...'(meaning strategy markers)

ED: 'You still need to make it into the HOH'

Dani: 'I did'


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0130 BBT

Jam, Jess, Dust, Eric, Jen, Amber, in HOH room.

Amber is laying on Dust. Jam next to them, Jen at foot of bed.

Amber giving Dust plenty of TLC(typical)

Jess, Eric in chairs having their own convo.

All are chit-chatting about house stuff, personal lives, nothing serious.

Lots of talk about their teeth, fillings, and caps.

ED and Dani in round room.

ED doesn't like sleeping on round bed.

ED: 'When I was going off this morning, I was walking a line, it could cost me getting booted, and you getting eliminated this week...not going to happen'

Dani: 'You know how excited they'd be?'

ED: 'None of them will look me in the eye'

Dani: 'You're mean! The whole world hates you!'

ED: 'I'm so mad...you shouldn't be on slop this week...I made a big mistake'

Talk about Jen is Jess's only option for the block. They won't vote out Dust this week. How Eric is trying to pull Zach away from them.

Dani: 'I'm the biggest target, I turned on everyone'

ED: 'If Jen gets HOH, get in her ear with the candy bar thing'

Talk about Amber and Jen being together for hours. Eric with them. Zach notices Eric trying to cling to Jen a lot.

ED: 'I'm pissed there was no way we could have forced Dust to go up this week...no way I could fuck anybody this week'

ED: 'All these people have lied more than me...my lies are minescule...just gotta keep planting seeds...mistrust, paranoia...don't trust Jen, Amber, cause Jen is getting close to Amber..

Dani: 'I can do it thru Zach'

ED: 'Jess and Eric are untouchable for you right now, because of what happened this week'

ED says Eric called him 'richard' during the POV

ED: 'They are grasping at straws, they have nothing on me'

Dani: 'Jess said Eric watches her when she sleeps'

ED: 'They all want to be one big happy family in here'

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0200 BBT

Jess and Eric in KT.

Jess fixing sandwich. Eric being cute.

Talk of whether their parents stay up late to watch Sho2

Talk of Eric's OCD's, his compulsive behaviors. (didn't know about this!)

How he used to wash his hands a ton. How he walks on the street between the sidewalk squares.

Nipple rings are because 'things in two, it would be uneven...all things symetrical'

Jess, 'Wow! Run's in the family?'

Eric: 'No, but that's the least weird thing about me. My brother and I sing all the time, make up songs sitting around the house.'

Jam comes down, interrupts confessional.

Jam: 'I'm feeling aggressive, I don't know if we are talking about the same thing...I'm fed up!'

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0300 BBT

Jen, ED, and Dani in round room talking strategy.

Talking about next HOH competition, and number counting.

How many mirrors.

How many laps in pool.

How obsessed Joe was with everything in the house.

Jen says she talks to herself 'inside my head'.

ED says he talks to himself 'outloud'.

ED asks Jen if she's going to be surprised is Jess puts her up.

Jen thinks Jess will put Zach up.

Talk of POV comp, and how Jess threw up twice.

ED says putting Zach up, but how Jess seems to like Zach, and it will be Jen.

Jen will be the pawn.

Jen says Dustin would be a good choice too.

ED says Jess won't choose from 'the five'.

Ed telling Jen her best bet is to stick to Dani.

ED: 'Dani is very smart. She knows her shit...she's going to bust that shit wide open'

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