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August 25, Live Feed Updates

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Zach is up & in the bathroom.

(sidenote, I found it funny/interesting how both he and eric woke up, went to the bathroom, and each of them knocked before going in... even though everyone else is sound asleep. Must be habit.)

Zach outside.

Z: still? it's been like 5 days. 4 days? 3 days?

there's trivia with audio, but I'm assuming he means the washer

Now Z is folding laundry.

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Zach trying to get into the DR, presses the button like 5 times, says "ugh..come on!".. presses it twice more, then walks to his bedroom

Eric JUST got out of the DR.

Z: you're JUST getting out?

E: yeeep. Did you lay down?

Z: No, I can't sleep during the day. I was just trying to get in there to ask when they were fixing the washer.

BB: Jessica, please go to the diary room.

Z: guess i'll have her ask.

BB: JEssica, please go to the diary room.

E: is everyone else sleeping?

Z: yeah. I can't believe you were in there that whole time.

E: [hesitation] yeeeeeeeeeah. I can't either.

Z: that's a lot to say!

they both are shocked BB got the backyard clean so quickly. Eric goes to the bathroom, Z goes outside

Z now lifting weights alone.

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Zach and Jameka in HOH talking. He is explaining to her that he still feels he has a lot of game left in him and hopes he isn't going home this week. Jameka responds with mmmm hmmmm and yeah.

sounds like one of the questions/comments about Zach during POV was Joe saying Zach needed to lose some weight. He was hurt by this since he has recently lost quite a bit of weight and knows what he has done to continue losing weight.

Someone made a comment that Jameka didn't give her all in the comp where they had to drink all the stuff. She felt she really did give her all.

Both agree they are not as quick to assess situations. They need more time to process info.

Jess and Dick in BY talking about the competition. Dani is there also

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7:00BBT Amber has joined Jameka in HOH. Zach left. Amber is trying to think of a reason why Eric should use POV.

Amber: When did Jess say "that's not going to happen" (putting up Dick)

Jameka: in the last couple of days

Amber: are you sure it wasn't her last HOH

Jameka: no. Her whole point was that if she put one of them up they HAD to go home.

Amber: Yeah but she didn't put them up and now she feels safe with them. I mean she's out there talking with them now.

Jameka: That don't mean nothing though. That could be to save face, meaning if things don't shake down that way she'll be okay

Amber asking what she should say to Eric. She wants to convince him to use POV to take her off. Jameka is giving advice but hoping they wouldn't put her up as a replacement. (They still seem to think Jessica would be loyal to them.)

Amber: They'd be so stupid to get rid of me. Oh my God! I could see them getting rid of Zach and keeping safe on both sides.

Jameka: but at the same time you gotta look at Eric. If Eric does that he's not what I thought he is. Eric loves the drama, the intensity he loves the record settings all of that. And the only way to be remembered is sending Daniele home? The girl that had the bomb week last week and has won 2 HOH's and 3 POV's.

They think taking that approach - him being remembered for that - is the way to go to him

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ED, Zac & dani in BY talking. ED & Zac talking about survivor type shows, the real ones, man vs. wild. Dani reading the rules again, what has brought this on tonight?

Amber, Jess & jam in hoh small talking.

camera show close up of rules, the header says "sequester" then we get FOTH


Jess is wearing a hot pink wig, says she found it in Jens draw.

Dani still reading rules. Dani says there are 50 cameras in the house (so why can't they give us better feeds sometimes? -opjones). Dani reading more rules outloud, and we get FOTH. It was something about during comps. that there may be over head crane cameras, and not to look at them.


dani reads more rules and FOTH.


all 4 feeds outside, dick smoking, zac playing with something, dani reading rules. Zac asking what ED is making for dinner. Chicken cutlet he says. Now they are discussing cooking potatoes on the grill.

Dani reading more rules - "There is no sleeping on bedroom floors or couches"

Zac says inside temp is getting better.

Dani starts readin another rule, FOTH

Another rule "There is a swimming pool in the backyard. Swim at your own risk, there is no lifeguard on duty"

ED talking about Man vs. Wild some more with zac, while they start cooking dinner. (I love that show, check it out if you haven't, discovery channel.)

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Ok this is my first update but it was soooo funny. Jess put on some outlandish reddish pink wig she found in one of Jens's drawers. She then put a smock over her T shirt, them made a baby bump, then put a small animal in with the head poppin out. She then picks up a wine bottle and walks around the house calling for Eric, and askin why he left her, no child support etc... it was hilarious.

I think she will do anything to get away from Jameka and Amber who have laid siege to her HOH room.

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