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August 25, Live Feed Updates

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Zach up in HoH talking to Jess. He thinks he's figured out why Jess nominated him and it's because she's planning on backdooring Dick or Dani. He told her that he understands why she wouldn't want to nominate Jameka or Eric because they're her 2 friends and he's disappointed because he thought that he was her friend.

He asked her if there was a chance to stay if the vote was tied and she told him "yes". He is going to ask Dick and Dani for their votes.

He says that he hopes that Jess doesn't have an agreement with Dick and Dani and that they have all been playing him.

He's still trying to stress to her that Jess and Eric don't want to be in the end with Dick and Dani because they are strong together.

(Poor Zach has no clue what's going on in the house - V).

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Zach is saying that Jessica will still have his vote if he is saved.

Z: If I would've established a better relationship, things would be different. Now I have to win POV or hopes that those two (D/D) won't win.

Continues pleading his case. It would piss him off if Amber stayed over him because he thought he established better relationships. He was blindsided. He knows she's not pissing off her friends or the evil pair.

He says if either of them win, they won't use it because Jessica would put one of them up.

J: So they're going to throw it? That's a benefit to you.

Z: No, they wouldn't throw it because they need noms to stay the same. If one of us win, it would guarantee one of them to go home

J: oooooh


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Zach hoping Jessica would break the tie to keep him because keeping him would make her stronger. He wouldn't hold anything against her.

Continues campaigning against D/D. Saying try backdoor, maybe it'll work because it didn't work when they were put up twice. Jessica says that's worked all season. Jessica says no one wants to sit next to Amber.

Z: Yea that's true, you're right.


J: She plays personal

Z: She would have Dustin and Jen for sure.

Talk of Dick being excited about the meal. Laughing.

Zach says they have a great chance to upset D/D because they think they have so much power.

Z: It's so unfair. Sure everyone is their individual person. I would love to have my Dad or Frank or Joel.

Talk of veto. Zach hopes it's a bench press thing. Jessica thinks it will be a puzzle. Zach thinks it'll be like a survivor plate smash and now campaigns for her to go after those two. Zach says if it is dates, he and Eric have that wrapped up. Zach goes off what happened on certain dates. Just listening, but some areas of awkward silence and Jessica voice sounds kind of (leave already please, I'm not going to be rude).

Trigger happy FOTH

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Beer pong going on downstairs with Eric, Jessica, Jameka, Amber, Daniele, and Dick. Zach listening to music in HOH. Thought it sounded like Martina McBride's "Independence Day." I don't know what CD she got though. Jessica is called to the DR. No, it wasn't Martina McBride, it was Carrie Underwood. She sung "Independece day" too. Beer pong going on, Daniele/Dick vs. Jameka/Amber. D/D in the lead by 3 cups.

Mods, are we going to get a new thread?

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Amber talking to Eric... Amber saying "If its time for me to go I go.... I m not holding any grudges" "its just in a strategic point there are bigger threats... I dont see me as a threat" Eric" Im sure the people whos making the choices has there reasons" "well if I dont go this week... maybe next week... the only thing is good is after this week there wont be anymore backdooring next week" Amber saying"if im going up put me up.... cuz I wanna have a chance to win the POV"

Amber stays in the BY, Eric goes back to the Dinning table for Beer Pong.

EDIT: any mods around,,, we need new topic.

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11:12 BBT

In HOH Jess is telling Jameka she doesn't who plays POV but Zach told her that he wants Eric to play

Jess asking "Do you wanna play?" and Jameka "I wanna play all the time" Now Jameka trying to remember last time she didn't want to play...

Downstairs Zach Eric and red eye Dick talking......talking about when Dick worked in a clothing store many years agao a peek under a girls dree under metal grate floor...

Back in HOH asking Jess if she's going to bed and she says now talking they need some entertainment.."like games"

Jess talking that her 1st HOH they had a party and this HOH they had a luxury comp...

Amber in the big bedroom reading her bible with the mics from the other room on talking about tums Dick saying "it taste like a sweettart"

Zach telling Dick to "put a blinfold on" "looks like you got popcorn eye" "makes me wanna cry looking at it"

Zach and Dick complaing "there's no clean towels" because "they gotta fix that washer"....talking about the "terry cloth robes" even thogh both says they are not big "robe guys"

Zach and Dick talking about croquet POV saying "it shouldn't have been close" complaining he should have scored a "45" instead of a "33"

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11:28 BBT

Dani and Dick on Patio

Talking about POV and Dani says they can't have jameka play but Dick says he'll tell her that it will be in her best terms not "to use it" saying he isn't going to deal with it right now...

Dani wonderin wher Amber is saying "she's acting really wierd" Dick saying she's sad because she's going home and Dick saying Zach thinks he has our votes wrapped up and "kissing Jessica's ass" because of a tie...

Dick says he told Zach not to worry about it until the POV is played and even if it is played he doesn't have anything to worry about.

Dani asking if he thinks Jess Eric and Jameka "have a side deal" Dick says no and Dani says if it does get to the final 4 she would like to see Jess go because she plays "nice" with everyone..Talking about Jess never been nominated and Dick says he would rather "stick to the agreement" then try to get her out and Danio agrees but brings up the final 5 and may have to..

Dani says that the POV will be a puzzle or a time game...

In HOH Jameka talking about Daniele saying "Did he annoy you a lot too..Dustin" and Jess saying not a first and gaot to know him and "like him" but starting seeing his side deals like with Kail and not so much..

Talking about Dustin and........ Jameka says she liked Zach the last couple of weeks ....."he opened up"

Jameka tralking about Zach saying "i feel bad for himwhen high schoolwas hell for me" Jess says saying being mean scars people for life..."poor kid " "poor man" saying even 12 years latter he's still scarred

Back downstairs Dick and Dani try to guess what tomorrow's POV will be Dani doesn't think it will be questions...

Dani worried they won't fix the washer tomorrow because they have pov saying she has a lot of clothes to wash....Dick "there's no towels"

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11:40 PM BBT

Dani And Dick outside thinking about tomorrow veto and why it should stay the same. Dick saying "lets make a name for are alliance the kanjewdonatos" Dani says "no thats dumb me and jess have already an alliance the aba Anti Brunette Alliance... taking out all the brunettes" also complaining about the washer to be fix tonight... when everyone is sleeping.

EDIT: while heading inside to the dining table Dick says " I prefer Amber going home this week" Dani agrees.

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11:42 BBT

Jameka talking to Jess in HOH...Jameka talking about Kail spending 3 weeks in HOH at first and talking how they never went to Jen's HOH because it wasn't comfortable..

Talking about old stuff from previous weeks...

Inside Dick and Dani at table talking about getting a deal from Zach that "if we save him this weeK"....Dick saying "jameka's hasn't left Jessica side" Dani saying Jessica's speech didn't make "any sense"

Dani cleaning up the food from the ants........

dick saying "i'm am so glad that bitch is outta here" Dick saying he's going to bed early because of his eye and Dani going to bed "because I'm bored"

Amber in the kitchen so dani and Dick are whispering......Amber goes upstairs to HOH to "say goodnight" and Jameka offers to leave so they cab talk and Amber says whenevers most convinient for you...and decide to latter....

Back at table Dick and Dani talking Amber "good night" and Dani says it back while Dicks says "have a lovely evening"

Dani says "so boring" and Dick says it reminds him of the time everyone was avoiding him in HOH...Dani says "not really" just boring because of the few people..

Dani talking about getting excitement at the expense of Zach ...jokingly...

Dani "seriously why does Jess get the best HOH baskets" talkling about getting more from home and "way more food" and Dani says "i'm jealous ..I admit it"

Talking about winning HOH next week saying if it's endurance "I'll kick all of your butts"

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11:56 BBT

Dani talking that she may have leeway with Dustin's vote because she used the POV on Amber...Dick saying everyone thinks they have a good chance "against me" Dani "i know how do you think that makes me feel"

Dani talking about before she didn't know when Dick was going to be there she told Chris "she didn't want to be that girl" like Carol that no one knew...

Dick says that there may be a chance "they have a side deal with jameka" saying that Dani would like to see them go "next week" because of the POV and take her chance with Amber who's less of a competitor....

Dani says she doesn't care who "goes home this week"

Dani "we probably will have a double eviction coming up because the show is getting so boring" [Amen]

Dani wondering if every season gets like this.....

Eric out of DR asking if Jameka and Jess still talking and both says "yes"

Dani talking it will be cut throat in the final 4 with them....

Up in HOH Jameka still talking or asking Jess a lot of question about HG....and the order of the evictions......

Eric talking about to D&D talking about Jameka wins POV she may use it on Amber...

a lot of inaudible whispering...

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12:10 BBT

Eric now Zach bashing saying saying that Zach told him D&D would use POV..and Dick saying 'she have to have [his/her] lips removed from her ass" [not sure if Dick was talking about Zach or Jameka but I guess it doesn't really matter]

Eric still going on about Zach...saying "they are only playing themselves" about the floaters...saying 'he thinks he's on the top of his game" Eric saying "the way he was presenting each person was insane" "he has a problem with fantasy and reality"

Eric saying tomorrow will show what Zach "is capable of" Dani saying she wont see "a change"

Eric calling him "a fucking idiot if he thinks he has Jessica's vote in a tie breaker"

Zach bashing ensues..........

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12:19 BBT

Eric has now turnes to Jen bashing "I don't fucking care" about all the info she told Amber saying his answer to her final 2 question "who the fuck cares sit down"and basically tells her to shut the fuck up....[yeah right]

Back in HOH Jameka still sucking butt to Jess talking about HOH and Jess thinking it will be endurance.....

Back downstairs talking about POV ...and winning money

Eric saying next week's HOH is "a 75% chance but its really like a 90% chance"

Zach bashing

Dick talking about they shouldn't recruit people for the show "they should only get" FOTH

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12:29 BBT

downstairs Eric D&D talking about Zach and Jen and using adjectives we've all heard a milion times

upstairs Jameka is doing her best to becaome Jessica's conjoined twin...

[with that I have to take an early exit tonight but will be back tomorrow..night all]

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Eric and Jess are still up in the HOH room. They have been discussing Eric's relationship back home. He asserts that there is no serious twosome and Jess believes him. He wants to tell the story carefully since his ex never signed up to have her life laid out for all to know.

They started dating in 2003, then broke up. She spent time with her ex, then they got back together. She still had issues, they broke up again. She moved out here in 2005. They talked all the time on the phone. Last summer something transpired and we barely spoke for months. (We get FotH while he details what 'transpired'.) He says that he never really got over what she did. So basically it lingered on since last summer, not dating, free to do whatever they wanted to do. They still care about each other and have a long history. He saw her when she returned for her sister's new baby and one other time more recently. Differences in major life isssues keep them from trying to return to a serious coupling. Then this came up (BB8) and they affirmed that they were free to do what they wanted. So he's most comfortable to call her a 'situation' rather than a girlfriend.

The closest he gets to revealing his true feelings for Jess: "I did not think I was going to come here and have my mind on anything but playing the game" ... "Didn't expect to have feelings for someone, but I do." Jess says, "Oh, that's cute."

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Jess says she doesn't really have a situation like that to explain. She says she also had no intention of finding someone, and was certain to never end up like Erika last year. She says she also feels awkward trying to reveal her feelings toward Eric.

She says if she heard that girlfriend story under other circumstances, she wouldn't touch him with a ten foot pole. But she understands now. Eric repeats that there is no cheating and nothing inappropriate going on. She may not be thrilled watching the show.

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