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August 26, Live Feed Updates


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A little while ago... Everyone was sitting around eating dinner. Amber was in the DR for the longest time. Dick was telling a story about going snorkeling and putting food for the fish down his shorts in a biodegradable bag and it started to dissolve. He ended up getting bitten by fish and his wife thought it was hysterical.

(off to bed)

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Not much happening.. chit chat really

Jameka saying everyone had a special friend in the house, and excuse her for wanting a cuddle, a smile or something (I think from the camera man) (she;s kidding and everyones laughing)

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All HGs sit at the table, just going over todays veto.

Eric saying that nobody has been in less vetos than 5, except he has one.

They debate how many Jameka hasn't played, she says all but 1, but they go over it and it was all but 2. They calculate all together that Dick and Amber have actually only played 4.

Dani saying that if people are rude to her [as a waitress], she's rude back.

Dani: aren't you rude back too Amber?!

Amber: No.

Dani: oh. well I am.

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Dick cooked for them all tonight, then he did the dishes. He got to the oil pods and said it's all someone else. Jameka volunteers

D: I think I did more than my fair share tonight

E thanks him for cooking and cleaning

E: well tomorrow is a sleep in day.

Jess: tomorrow is THE sleep in day.

E: you think you're gonna make it up before 5 or 6

Jess: dunno, unless they wake me up like last week.

E: what at 3:30

J: no, it was like 5 or 6.

Jess to the Diary Room

Dani joins Dick outside

Dani: im sick of these people again

Dick: i know

Dani: all the butt kissing is making me sick

Dick: Jameka is making me ill

Dani: it's ALL 3 of them!

Dick: so we got a 50.50 chance of me or you getting it.

Dani: no.. eric.

Dick: oh. 75 /25.. but I meant you or me getting it.

Dani: no, he could very well get it.

Dick: i know.

Dani: I know, I already said this. I said it's a 25% chance, more like a 35% chance.

Dani: maybe this wk will be dates and things about the house.. for eric to win

Dick: or zach.. i have no clue about that shit.

Dani: yeah but eric KNOWS them.. zach has to think about them. Eric just knows them.

Dick: the thought of 2.5 more weeks with Zach is killing me though, if we can get Jameka out next week.

Dani: she has to go.. theyre in better with everyone in this house than we are. ugh. ambers so weird. she was in the bedroom and you know the rats? she was holding it like this (baby) and going like this. and she was like 'ahaha, they look like babies!' I kid you not, she was like burping it.

Zach joins them.

Z says tonight was the best meal he's had since being here.

Dick: I was just telling dani i was gonna join you in the pool and hot tub. I'm going to go put on my swim stuff.

Jameka inside doing dishes.

Zach talking to Dani about various topics, she's being very yes/no with him.

Z: Apprently your dad and eric are getting bb8 tattoos.

D: I know eric is, he;s been saying that since day 1.

Z: I told him he should get will's head tattoos on his back.

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11:02 BBT

"cheers" in the kitchen Amber is serving Jess some white wine ..Amber goes and change for the hot tub.."are you going to wear your new suit" Amber "no hell no I'm so fat right now Jessica ..I can't"

Outside in the hot Zach Dick and Eric and Zach says that he thinks Eric's dad looks like the dad from American Pie and Eric says no that he looks like him but older..

Amber joins the guys and we had a very unflatering rear shot as she got in with Jess.

In the bedroom I'm not sure what Dani's looking for but she's found it and is heading to the kitchen..oh it's her nail polish..she's gonna do her nails...

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11:12 BBT

Dani heads outside to join everyone except Jameka......just a lot of small talk and Dick is smoking..Jess talking about her bro as Zach asks what he does in the marines.....

Dani "dustin your brother is just a year younger than you" Jess who didn't answer telling Zach that he's a "Lance Corporal"

After a quick dunk in the pool Dick heads back to hot tub..

a little talk about sequester..... and talk turns to Jen.. Dick "royal bitch" .......Dani says Jameka is in the DR[that explains why she's not attached to Jess]...

Jameka out of Dr and heads outside "house guests...shame on you Daniele" Daniele "shut up" jokingly...

Eric joking with jaemka about her face and clothes....Thaey want her to come in but says she would need to take a shower and jess demands her with her HOH powers and Jameka jokingly says you wouldn't pull you HOH powers on me..[so lame]

Jameka inside talking to herself and changing...

Dani works on her nails and and talking or joking about Carol...

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11:23 BBT

Jameka has joined the rest in the hot tub...Jess telling story about 6th grade when a guys named Jason ask why she wears a headband in her hair.


Zach's *th grade "capture the flag" and "the skinny legged" ran the flag for the victory and "tooth pick legs" had people sign his yearbook with nice things and "felt like the king of the world ..The End"

Zach doing it again..this time a 11th grade bro getting the stereo ripped off and his bro got an "ass reaming" from his parents...

Zach now talking his sophomore "fraternity prank" and had a brother pose as 5 different people in differenr grades...

[please someone else]

Zach again "junior year" transfered to Florida St. and joined his fraternity and at a Sorority mixer and completely got naked and was introduced to the IFC and wasn't able to affiliate.

Zach "LAX" at the ripr age of 29 spent 2.5 hrs looking for a car that his roommate picked up...

Jess talking about finals for the show..at the airport.cut the line she didn't see and was sent to the end....

Group just having fun with stories...

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11:40 BBT

Eric smells the crabs that Jameka smeled earlier..they can hear people talking over the wall Zach yelling "HELLOOOOOO" mtwice and Jess saying "Hola Puerto Rico" as Dick had said "I think they're talking in spanish"

Zach heads in to take a shower.......

Back outside everyone in hot tub still ecept Dani who's doing her nails on the patio and Dick taking a smoking break..

Jameka .."I feel a Jess splashing coming on" Jess "it's fun"

Jess worrying about getting her hair wet and Eric says "you've been hanging out with Jameka too long"..Eric saying he's gained 2 lbs and asks if anyone notices...Eric saying he needs to sun and asks if the bags under his eyes have gotten better...Jess says they have...

Jameka asking for Jameka to "walk my back" and Jameka "''kay"

Dani talking to Zach on the patio about filing and cuticles..... zach "wow a little oreo sandwich going on there" about them in the pool ..Eric tickling jameka pulling at each others bathing suits Jameka asking for help and Zach "what can I do"

All the girls have ganged up on Eric trying to take his shorts off.....comes to an end.."pathetic the tree of you couldn't do it" says Eric.

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11:55 BBT

Boring times in the BB house..with Jameka and Amber talking about her back walk later...

Dick flashes Eric who was laying down and bends over him and gives him a look up his robe ...pretty disgusting..for Eric.

Dani still working on her nails but has moved to the bathroom

we get FOTH as someone at BB fell asleep from boredom and accidentally hit the FOTH button[i'm guessing but probably a HG singing]

Zach has announced it's midnight.........

Jess heads up to HOH to shower.....while Eric and Jameka downstairs changing

[sorry folks buy that's all what's happening]

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12:05 BBT

Dick lamenting BB should get "the Maytag repair man" and we get FOTH.......

Zach talking about the "2:00 lazies' at work after lunch and Dick saying big meals are "no bvueno" in the middle of the day..

Zach saying he's going to see what's up inside and if nothing he'll head to bed......talking about tomorrow being a lazy nothing day..

Dick asks for a nail polish job and Dani replies with a "no"

Both sitting there in silence............

Inside Jameka and Amber showering while Zach says he and Eric "are working out tomorrow" Eric saying "I worked out once"

Back outside D&D talking about being "a long rest of the week" and Dani says "yep" Dick "something wrong" Dani tired bored "sick of everyone" and a lot on her mind..Dick "want to share" and Dani says "no"

Dani saying can you imagine being the 5th in there with "dustin Jen Amber and Zach" Dani "I'd cry" Dick "I'd kill myself"..Dick "i hate them all"

Dani "i'm sick of hanging around with fake people" Zach saying people are "so rude" saying Zach just cut her off and "does it to me all the time" Dani "I'm going crazy"

Dick "jameka's fakeness makes me ill" Dick did you catch the thing Eric said to Jess about having another baby and Dick wonders in her God daughter is really her baby" Dani "who cares" telling Dick he reads to much into it and saying its not true because Eric wouldn't say anything like that if it was..

Dani "you're smoking me out" and Dick puts it out "sorry" Dick says he wasn't called into DR. Dani POV isn't til tuesday "the show" Dani says the "food comp" and the "luxury" when Dick asks what tomorrow's "show will be"

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12:20 BBT

Dani saying they didn't get a fan question last show and must have been a one week thing..Dani saying it will be a boring week unless "zach masterminds everyone"

Dani "I hate Sunday's" in the house...Dick saying you can sleep all day..Dani "i don't like sleeping all day"

[long silence]

Inside Eric in HOH with Jess saying that they are on "better terms" with D&D than "the other two" talking about what to do with POV and keep it the same until wednesday and if they decide to use it and present it as "this is the way its going to be" 1. go home 2. or you "flat out you won't put us up"

Eric saying the first POV he won and that argument that he hasn't won anything is dead and hopes to follow up with an HOH win.

"which ever one of them stays" saying "you can be in the final six" or go spend the rest of the time with dustin..Eric talking the vote could go "either way"......saying "we needs some appreciation or otherwise hit the road"

Eric saying he would put up if he won HOH "Zach or Jameka" or "zach and Daniele" with a gurantee that Zach will go home in both cases...


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12:23 BBT

IN HOH feeds back Jess saying she would have put up Danile to send her home......Eric saying we have til Monday..If he keeps it the same he going to say he' hated backdorring its "a scummy" way to play and "there are big surprises in the BB house" "you think you may know where I stand" "surpise all of of with my actions" and not use it...Eric says he's trying not to overthink it and is leaning to "keep the nominations the same"

Talking about how happy he won POV "you're face when your competeing..solid as a rock" Eric asking Jess "did it seem like I was quick" and Eric saying he didn't need it and the "other two"did and he still won it..

Eric "i got to win next week" talking if noms stay we need to have a 15 min discussion about just going over what they need to do.

Jess saying Jameka asked "why is Dick so relaxed" and ERic sats that to tell her they called a "cease fire"

Talking about everything they said them and D&D would do and they have........

Ereic talking about how they don't miss Jen and Dustin...

"what should we do for the rest of the night" Eric asks and Jess ask what does he want and Eric says just chill.

talking about POV....saying he was "nervous' and "nauseous"

Eric says its better to be in the "final four" than pick each other off "going after each other"..saying they are a little nervous but "they are smart" and they should them last week and they will show them "this week"

Eric talking about his POV speech and says maybe he should do "jibberish" and Jess says "no show them how really smart you are"

Eric saying it was good he didn't play in the early POV and people felt "uh oh" and glad they feel that way.....Eric full of self glorification.

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12:46 BBT

outside D&D

Dani says Amber didn't stop about "I can't believe Nick didn't "say anything about me in that letter...Dick "she's an idiot" Dani says she kept going on and on about it.

Dick "do you think Zach is just assuming he has our vote" Dani say no one hasn't talked to them and Dani wonders if they are talking to Eric......Dick says that if he thinks he has "our vote wrapped" we need to make him feel a little insecure.."I'm going to tell him I don't trust him"

Dick hopes Jen is a home and hope Vanna fired her......talking about what Vanna thinks of Jen...Dani "who knows"

Dani says she probably told Vanna that she had "to be a whore to win" "destroy other people's cigareetes" and lie and not for vanna not "take it the wrong way"

Talking about Jen...[same ol.... same ol]

Dick saying 'can you imagine the brown nose fest going on in the HOH" wondering if Zach is in bed or the HOH......Dani asking if he though she would do better and before Dick could answer "I did" Dick saying the POV was a lot of luck..Dani "i thought I would have done better" Dick 'Eric hauled ass" and "ERic kicked it" and cut Zach off and Zach "pushed him a little bit" and said "both of my feet are on" Dani says from where she was "it was obvious Eric had won"

Dick "jameka was so lost" loking through the sand over and over...Dani says she was and taalking about the "rats" and brief FOTH

Dick "i think i want some ice cream" "i'll be back"

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1:00 BBT

Dick in bedroom with Jamek and Amber asking Jam if he can borrow black nail polish and a relectant Jameka says yes..

Dick saying Showtime audienec was bummed tonight from the boredom......

Dick thanking Jameka and jam saying " no problem"

Dick has changed and outside he goes..talking to the cam"i'm not nominated ..or am I"

Zach is up and is talking to D&D "can you think of anything fun to do right now"..Dani "nope"

Dani "what's wrong with you" Zach "you" and Dick asks that he thought he was sleeping and Zach says he's up..

Zach goes in and Dani says she's "i want to kill him"

Dick saying "amber offered to paint my nails" Dani "I can't do tjhis" "will you wipe my butt after I poop....[mockingly says] well of course"

Dani saying both Amber and Zach will try and cop a deal and says "they are high" and Eric would never "put Jessica in that position" Dick saying that she's nervouse and Dan says no and tells her to go upstairs....Dani "the orange county Fair is over" Dick says "it sucks" Dani "your so annoying..you hate everything"

D&D bickerfest..blah blah blah

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1:110 BBT

Dick tells Dani that Zach called her "Captain Complainer" and Dani says she's been complaining a lot and Dick says "why" and Dani says "i don't want to talk about it"........Dick "sometimes I hate you I swear" [joking I think]

"I'm ready to experience life after the BB house that's all" saying she allowed to complain as Amber cried in the DR after the trip saying "i hate these people" and didn't want to go back in the house..Dick says setting the "bar low" comparing herself to Amber.

laughing at Amber "burping" her rat...

Dick asks to use her nail kit and Dani very reluctantly says yes "wait til I get back" [from getting ice cream]

Dani back asking when Zach "called me a complainer" saying "he should talk" he complains a lot.

Ice cream talk Ben and jerry's..."peach cobbler" "creme brule" saying that was "disgusting" Dani my favorite is "fish food" "and I really like turtle soup too" thaey ahve the best "sherbert too..mango lime"

"do you realize its $44 a scoop" of Ben and Jerry's and in the grocery store its 2 pints for $6 saying she only goes to the shop on "free scoop day" talking about "Cold Stone" saying they don't like it [ i love it]

Talking about Vincent never has money and has a good job at "the DMV' and will get caught up.

Amber comes out asking if he's painted his nails......Dani asked what everyone's doing and Dick says Zach is "ass kissing"

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1:23 BBT

Zach upstairs in HOH talking about his exgirlfriend's grand father did all, the accordian music in the "God father" and in "Ratatouille"

Jess says her ex's grandfather has a "peg leg"

a lot of small talk nothing game wise and we get foth......

Outside Amber id now doing Dick's nails talking about skydiving and how expensive it is.....Dani saying "i couldn't afford it"

talking about Jameka being protective of her nail polish saying he nver sees her using black amber says" me either" Dick "selfish"

Talking about Eric running "before go" during POV being called back and Michael saying "no one please leave your logs"

Dick says there is no "james and Janelle incident" talking about his DR cring like "a little bitch"

talking abot Icons at websites...saying Jen will have one with iced tea and getting burned...

Dick asking "do you think Jen is in sequester" Amber says she's in and Dani says she thinking of a mean question to ask....

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1:36 BBT

Amber still working on Dick's nails

while in HOH Zack Jess Eric continue talking about who else ...Jen....

[with that I'm out for the night till tomorrow..night all]

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Jess and Eric in HoH by themselves after Zach left. Eric lost last nights bet about not being able to talk about Jen or Kail so he doesn't get his 10 minute massage.

He asked Jess if he could get a 5 minute back scratch instead and she told him she would rub his back because he won PoV.

They are both sitting on the bed, Eric is topless, and Jess is massaging his back with Love Spell.

They are getting close, but interrupt personal talk with game talk during the massage.

I can't keep my eyes open and need some sleep.. Thanks to Stephen for a wonderful night of updates.

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Just as I was shutting down...

Dick and Dani interrupt the back massage and come into HoH. Dick says they haven't gotten a chance for the 4 of them to sit down and talk for about 2 weeks.

Dick says the main thing is that they wanted to reassure Eric and Jess that D&D don't have any side deals with Zach and are hoping that Eric/Jess don't have a side deal with Jameka.

Dick says that trust is the biggest commodity in the game and they are laying it all out there and that the 4 in the room WILL BE the final 4.

Short FOTH.

All 4 patting themselves on the back for winning every single competition since they have made the alliance. The group can't believe that the rest of the people in the house haven't picked up on the fact that they're working together.

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The big 4 are discussing that the biggest concern is when they get down to 5 people (probably Jameka). If Jameka wins PoV that week than one of them will be going home. Eric stating that it will fall on them to win PoV that week and since the 4 of them are stronger than the rest, that they should be able to win.

Talk turns to the PoV comp today that Eric won. Dick clapping saying that Eric really came through today and they were all worried that he was the only one left playing against Amber and Zach.

Talk turns to Zach and Eric says that last night was the first time he got to set in on one of Zach's "presentations". He says that it was all planned out and Zach could have been using Powerpoint and a laser pointer. Telling D&D that Zach said Jess should have nominated those 2 and Zach was trying to throw them under the bus.

They all agree that Zach is trying to get the 2 couples to attack each other.

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Talk turns to Amber. They are discussing that Amber has been stepping up and has finished 2nd or 3rd in the last few HoH and PoV comps.

Dani says that she is not allowed to talk about her trip with Amber, but that she is a whole new Amber. She says that is not in a joking way, but in a serious way.

Talking about the fact that Amber hasn't talked to anyone since Dustin left, but today she changed. Dick interrupted and said that she had just painted Dick's nails.

Now talking about her "Psychic Visions". Eric calls her Miss Cleo and Dick knows the reference and laughs it up. Now talking about all the different visions she has had and laughing it up.

Eric saying that he is going to tell Amber that he had a vision of her leaving this week and talking about alienating everyone in the jury. Eric and Dick saying that if they are in the final 2, they will just tell everyone in the jury to "shut the f*** up" when they ask their questions. Dick said he will say "I agree 100%". They will give the jury the finger and say that they have to vote for one of them so "good luck".

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General Amber and Zach bashing.

They are all saying that they're going to make the 2 of them sweat all week and won't decide who will go home until Wednesday night.

They come up with a fun plan that they should make it a tie and Jess will make Zach and Amber play one round of rock, paper, scissors to see which one stays.

Seriously this time... it's now 5:30am, my time, and I'm outta here.

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