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August 28, Live Feed Updates

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9:20PM BBT: Everyone's getting ready for dinner. Amber came in from laying in the hammock and they teased her by telling her she missed dinner. She goes back out to the patio, Jessica joins her. Amber says she's so nervous. Jessica tells her, "You know you have Jameka's vote, and Eric.." Amber tells her she talked to Eric, and she's not so sure, "He said some things, like he wouldn't vote for me."

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9:49 BBT

Everyone is gathered at the table, stuffing their faces, chewing with their mouths open (as usual).

Talking about how there was only that one viewer question, about Dustins gray shirt. They think there hasn't been one since because they are awful at answering Julies questions.

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These people eat fast. After dinner clean up going on. Eric and Zach doing dishes while Jam, Jess and Amber clear the table. Dick outside smoking. He doesn't have to clean because he cooked. Don't know where Dani is.

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In HOH, Jess Dick and Eric. Almost mention Power of Ten again. Dick says he thinks Dani is depressed and Jess says "Why, because she didnt get to" and mumbles the rest while Eric is clearing his throat to warn her. Dick quickly says Yeah and the FOTH.

Come back to them talking about chores and making the nominees do the dishes.

Jam finishing her shower while Amber talks to her from Bathroom couch. Dani and Zach have gone to bed.

Eric telling Dick that both Amber and Zach came them (Jess and Eric) with the same advice, to backdoor Dick or Dani.

Jams teethbrushing is really loud switching to HOH on Feed 1.

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(just popping in to add)

Dick joins Jess & Eric in the HOH. Dick says Dani is depressed. Jess says "Why? Because she didn't get to see Nick or whatever?" Eric starts making funny noises mmmmt mmmmt mmmt. Jess makes a face (like an oops I wasn't supposed to say that face) & says oh, purses her lips & says thanks with a grin (to Eric for hushing her)

(so MBE tonight when we were on FOTH they found out about the Power of 10 & Dani was beat by Amber which means she did not get to see Nick???-DB)

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Not much going on. Zach bashing turned into Dustin bashing turned into Carol bashing. Now Amber bashing.

ED, Jess and Eric talking about Ambers obsession with her necklace. How last week on picture day after spending the whole time not wanting her picture taken she comes running out as Dani is about to turn in the camera and demands to have all sorts of pictures of her necklace taken. Dani took a few and then went into SR to turn in the camera and deleted them (lol). Jess says "And its just a stupid flip flop."

E: I'm sure I'm a major topic of conversation at the jury house.

J: No, Jen is.

D: Talking about herself.

Dick wants the four of them to go into DR and do goodbye message to Amber together and cry fake tears.

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1052 pm BBT. Eric, Jameka, and Jess in BY; Jess in HT. Eric asking for advice from girls on laundry. Jess asks Eric his brothers' names; Joshua, Adam, and Alex. Jess's brother is Alan. Zach just came out and told them all not to go to sleep because everyone's being called to DR.

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In the HOH three members of the LJC alliance[is this name official?] minus Daniele talking about Julie Chen and Dick is certain she doesn't like him

Amber is brushing her teeth in the bathrrom..

The group moved from the hOH to the hot tub.....Jameka says she's gonna watch as she is going to bed saying Tuesday "is a big day" and Eric asks what happens on tuesdays and Jameka says "nothing" Eric getting some laundering tips from jameka "cold warm is better"

Jameka's nickname by her God daughter is "jamacian fudgy"......Jess is undecided about drinking saying she "felt hungover today"

Jess "can't believe your going to bed" Jameka saying "it's almost eleven" Eric says they should drink tomorrow and not tonight....Alex Carl and Joshua Adam are ERic's bro's middle Names.....

Zach says "I'm spreading the word" not to go to bed early as BB is calling "everyone to the DR tonight" Zach says "don't shhoot the messenger" as Jameka is not happy about having to stay up...she asks to go but Zach says Dani was next.

In the bathrrom Zach says "if you go home you'll look like an idiot" [not sure what that was about]

back outhdoors Jameka and Jess talking.....Jameka says "why can't we go in collectively" to Dr and everyone get it out of the way...

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1056: Danielle called to DR. Jameka groans; "they're gonna ask us the same stuff!" She says she's glad it happened, it's over, let's move on. (Presumbly about power of 10.) Jameka wants them all to go in there collectively and get it all out of the way.

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10:59 BBT

amber still in bathroom "I want to talk to you tomorrow at some point" and Dick agrees anytime..

after several calls to go to DR Dani never went and BB called Jameka "so I'm the replacement" but first she's going to "get this wig in check"

Amber working on her hair...

Outside Eric has joined Jess in the hot tub..Dick asking "what's bigger teacup or the hot tub"...

Just small talk....no bashing [so far]

Dick says "this thursday" he and Eric are going to play "patty cakes" during the shots.....

Jess and Dick says they say Amber naked Dick saying "I saw one floppy tit" Jess saying "just one" asking how he only saw one..and Dick says "i don't know I'm trying to burn it out of my memory"

talking about being short Dick says "it must suck to be eye level to everyone farting" Jess saying the "midget" was a taller one from the house events from earlier ...Jess also thinks "a midget" is someone under 4'11' in height

Amber still primping in the bathroom...

Jes thought NYC and Manhattan are two different cities and Eric says they are the "same thing" Jessica surprised "you live on an island"

Eric talking about sirens and car alarms are constant where he lives. and "you get use to it"

Jess says "i like sunflowers" when Eric asks if she's a "flower type of girl" Jess saying "i don't like carnations" Eric laughing who would give a girl carnations and Dick saying a guy who did "that's weak" Eric says "i like tulips" because they are "vibrant" Dick likes orchids..saying that is the flower with most species..Eric says he doesn't know since he likes to call 1-800-FLOWERS saying "they are very helpful"

Eric saying why the other seasons didn't use the hot tub..what else was there to do...Dick says there "was a pool table" and Eric says he doesn't remember....."i have no iidea" when Dick says "it was outside"

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Back outdoors talking about if there is anybody has cried as much as Amber on "reality TV' Eric says no "not even the obese Chinese cowboy" from "Hell's Kitchen" didn't cry as much..

Jameka is out of DR saying that it wasn't as "cut and dry" to get out like she thought..

Amber is still primping and we have two camera feeds dedicated to he blow drying her hair

Eric talking about a "high pitched" voice friend.....Jess "how do you know him" Eric "some douchebag" he grew up with..

Jameka asking if anyone is having sweets..seems collectively its ice cream....

teasing Jess she has "bedroom eyes" for Eric saying that she's looking at "his booty" Jess saying "shut up"...

Dick talking about his "hayfever" and his dad "having no mercy" and had to "mow the lawn" and had watery eyes and swollen face..."that's why I moved out at 16" saying him and 3 friends rented a house "worked two jobs" and uses to show up late to schooland the teacher would be oh saying that "were still friends to this day" "29 years" "I've known that guy"

DR tells Amber to put on her mic Dick "who in the hell is Amber talking to?"

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11:32 BBT

talking about Popcicles as Jameka would like to have some for the SO CAKL "hot summer days" Jess saying she loves those "flavor ice" saying Pink is her fav and purple or grape is the "worst" she was about to say how many shecan eat at a time when Showtoo signal was lost..[my feed was on the other cam]

Dick in storage room "what the fuck" at the ice cream "private selection" [which is a foul tasting Ralph's generic brand]

Dick hiding something saying "my stash mother fucker"..heads back out

talking about private school uniforms...Dick said he could only handle it for "3 months" "before I was kicked out" Jess talking abou strict the Catholic schools was and had to keep their hair trimmed and neat..

Dick talking about his school suspensions..very proudly...Jess "wow" [like she doesn't care] and talking about a book "Satan Seller" from school and how graphic "very very grapic" for a Christian school for reading..

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Dick, Jameka, and Jess are talking about school uniforms, and how strict Dick and Jess' schools were about uniforms and haircuts.

Dick is talking about a book that he read in school called "The Satan Seller." (I found it on Amazon.com, by Warnke: http://www.amazon.com/Satan-Seller-Mike-Wa...251&sr=8-1)

This book is about a college student who was a Satanist and converted to Christianity, and Dick says it has very graphic sex scenes and he couldn't believe his Christian school had the book in the library. He was expelled from this school because he had a package of surfing wax called "Sex wax" and he put the sticker from that up in his desk area and was expelled.

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Now Jess/Jam/Eric/Dick talking about what animal they would like to be

Dick wants to be a monkey so that he has thumbs

Jam wants to be a Dog so she can give doggy kisses

Jess says at first she wants to be penguin, then panda bear, then koala bear, then kangaroo, then crocodile without really giving a reason.

Eric says Iguana(sp?) because they are territorial.

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11:43 BBT

Amber tells Eric she'll help him with the laundry as she has "nothing better to do"

Jameka and Dick talking about history from Adam and Eve to slavery and the "History Channel"

Dick again telling everyone he doesn't wear underwear....

Ice cream talk "mint cocolate chip" and no "straberrY and "neopolitan" who both Dick and Jameka thought it was "Napoleon" when they were kids

Talking about great cartoons from the past..Jameka says "this generation missed out" on great cartoons..."bugs bunny" "yosemite Sam" Jess saying she doesn't like "looney Tunes" as she isn't a "cartoon" person...

Jess says she would like to be a "penguin" and Jameka says "a dog" and Dick would like to have thumbs and says "a money" wouldn't be bad and a "sea otter" would be fun too.."they're cool"

Jess says she's "thinking about it a little more" so it may not be a penguin...saying" I would like a animal that is really fat..like a pig" but not a hippo as "they are vegetarians".. then changes her mind to "panda Bear" "koala bear"

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12:00 BBT

Zach comes out "figure I come out for 30 mins" and figure a way to go to asleep....Dick suggest the croquet mallet over the head and Z says "a couple of beers would do the trick" but Dani would complain with his snoring..

Zach says he misses seing stars and so does Jameka and Dick says he's sees only two...[reflections from the city lights prevents most So Cal residents from seeing stars..it's not smog]

Zach compliment Dick's cooking skills and may be doing for girls he meets after BB.

Zach talking about going to DC to see Jameka when he does his "Dolphin Crash" fasion show and Jameka "cool"

Dick pissed that BB doesn't let "us do canon balls" in the pool...

Jameka says "delectible" and Jess asks what it means jameka and Zach explains saying "my vocabulary has increased since being here" Jameka says so has hers..like "dutch ovening" and "caca"

Zach asking what the "pathagoras theorum" is ...Jameka is closer in explaining with "a2 + B2 = c2" and Jess says "i hate math" and jameka and zach continue math talk........Zach saying he hated "algebra one" and did well in Calculus....Jess "science and math..no thank you"

Dick smells a fart asking everyone who did it "jess "i would be laughing if I farted" Jess now sells the fart...

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12:16 BBT

Dick and Zach talking about resaturants..Zach saying the resaturant at LAX [The Encounter..I think] is supposed to be really good and Dick says "who;s going to battle traffic to eat there" [i agree]

Dani is awake..

Zach talking about "Ribs USA" [so good it's in Burbank] and Zack says "Omaha Steaks" Jess "those are the best steaks in the world"

Zach asks Dani if she wants to work out and Dani says tomorrow...

Dick Talking about Oprah nameswas spelled wrong by her mother and Jameka says its suppose to be "Orpah" from the bible...

Jess wished they called her to DR before Eric as he will be "in there for 5 hours"

Whole group outside just talking while Eric is in DR and have no idea wher Amber is...

[calling it early tonight..night all]

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Looks like Dick is the only one still up. He's outside tending to laundry and muttering about nobody cleaning the lint filter. He takes in a load of towels for the bathroom.

The other feeds show that Eric is sleeping in his own bed tonight.

Dick goes back outside, spins the teacup, grumbles "Yeah, nine gallons in the teacup, f*ck you," and sits down on the couch.


He finishes a brief and sporadic monologue, checks the clothes washer (may be stuck on a 'suds cycle' again), and returns inside saying that he's going to try going to bed. He makes his bed, puts on his robe to change into his sleeping shorts, and turns out the lights.

4:00 a.m. - all critters tucked away for the night.

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