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August 29, Live Feed Updates

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4:50 BBT

(I had problems with my internet, so I've just signed back on.)

Eric has now joined Daniele in the kitchen. Don't see Jess anywhere. Three feeds on kitchen, one on Amber sleeping. Daniele and Eric whispering by the kitchen sink, talking about Amber They're talking about the lies Amber has told. Eric says Amber can't keep her story straight with anyone. Daniele says But she's a good person. (Says with a big smile on her face.) Dani tells Eric that Amber was totally ripping on him. Dani is laughing that Amber really believes that no one wants to be sitting next to her in the final two and that Amber says she's sorry that everyone likes her. Dani is mixing something in a big green bowl while they chat.

Seems like Dani is totally on board with voting Amber out. They're still trashing her, bringing up past converations with her. Eric says that she (Amber) is dead to him, and that she's gone. Dani says she (Amber) is killing her. Dani still laughing, saying she told Amber that everyone just likes her too much. Eric says that Amber won't talk shit about Jess b/c Jess will break the tie. Sounds like they're thinking about telling Zach he's out, and then saving him. Dani says she's sick of people attacking persoanl things. She asks if that's every season or just them.

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Dani is making snicker-doodles (?) in the kitchen. Eric went downstairs for something and has stopped to talk to Dani about Amber. He promotes the 'Amber must go' concept and Dani adds her own reasons.

(ah, lala - you're back. hurray!)

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Eric says that Amber is just embarassing herself. Still talking about deals Amber is trying to make with D/D.

Eric is now back in the HOH with Jess telling her what he just talked to Daniele about. Jess says that D/D don't talk to her, which worries her, but she's happy that they talk to Eric.

Eric's telling Jess what Amber has said about making deals. Eric keeps repeating good people. Two feeds on Amber sleeping and two feeds on HOH room. Don't see Dani anymore. Eric rehashing to Jess what Amber has said, such as getting rid of Eric.

Amber is now up but still in bed. Eric says the best thing to do is to stay with D/D and if D/D come after them first, they'll group up with everyone else to get rid of them. Eric also keeps saying blah blah blah blah blah in between his stories (kind of like yada yada yada..leaving out the good stuff!-lala) Eric telling Jess Dani was dying of laughter that Amber thinks she'll win against anyone. Eric says that he thinks he'd totally win over Eric because he can say he's played a better game. Amber is now out of bed going towards the bathroom. Eric and Jess see that Amber's up in the kitchen by Daniele. Eric thinks Amber's going to try to come upstairs, so he locks the door. Watching the spy screen, Jess asks Eric if the table gets smaller than that, and he says yes, one more time, and that it looks like a card table.

Eric still talking about Amber and his conversation with Daniele. Amber joins Dani in the kitchen, who is making something. Looks like cookies. Dani says she can't sleep at all. Now they're talking about the Power of 10. Dani asking if Amber had won a lot of money, would they have shown that to the HGs.

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Amber talking about Dani and Nick seeing eachother and Dani is excited that he was there to see her, even though she didn't get to see him. Dani says that she can't wait to go some place without ants. Dani telling Amber that there were fleas in their apartment when they moved in and before they got pets.

Upstairs, Jess is laying under the covers and Eric's sitting on the bed cross legged talking to her.

FOTH for some reason....

Feeds back. Amber goes back to bed, Dani still in kitchen and Eric and Jess upstairs. Wait, Amber went to get her robe and is back in the kitchen. Jess commenting that Amber's back with her robe and they have a show going on here as they watch them on the spy screen. Jess now quizzing Eric on colors of things in the house. Amber's now getting something to eat.

Dani talking about working out in the gym. Amber says Dani doesn't need to work out. Dani says everyone needs to work out to stay physically fit. Dani talking about Dick to Amber. Eric and Jess now cuddling.

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Eric talking about BB6 and how James, Kaysar, Howie and Janelle used to stay up really late together. Especially Howie and Janelle, eating ice cream. Eric says that his brother used to follow the live feed updates and read about what was happening in the house. Eric talks about past seasons of BB. They're still watching the girls on the spy screen. Jess tells Eric he's going to have a fat baby and Eric says that mean she will. She says no, and he asks how will he have a fat child and not her. She says she doesn't know. He says o you think I'm going to have a child with another woman, and Jess says you better not. Eric says then she'll have a fat baby.

Eric just turned off the lights and Jess asks if he's done watching this show, the spy screen, and he says he's totally done watching the show, and she turns it off.

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Daniele, jokingly said that her and Nick will be on the next season of The Amazing Race.

Amber said that BB will be planning their (Daniele & Nick's) wedding.

Now all feeds are on the HoH room. Jessica & Eric are talking and joking around in bed.

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Jessica and Eric are not off to bed. (She said she sux at drinking game)They played a drinking game last night and girls got trashed(video thread)

Amber and Danielle in the kitchen talking, Dani talks about her dad, dissing him again...and says I hate that, God..its just weird..

They talk about Ambers boyfriend and how she knows he is going to propose to her when she gets out and Dani tells her yeah she keeps saying it so he will see the show and ask her.

She (Amber) then tells how she shit her pants and her boyfriend loves her so much that he changed her.

She has also say thats so annoying about 100 times...(really Amber)

Dani is going somewhere after the show for 6 weeks and Amber told her she will watch her dog,

They are talking in circles..now Amber is talking about airport gates.....

Dani about how her dad thinks he is cool but isnt, that mothers hate him and love her...etc...

My god they should go to bed.....

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Eric has confessed to being the votes, to doing a lot of the things that other people were blamed for, he takes credit for Nick taking a fall, and Jessica says a few times "you're good."

Eric says that he was a major part of most people going home and that he had a hand in the major strategic moves, which of course is all true.

Jessica jokes that she can't believe she believed him and defended him, and adds 'you're really good.'

He also adds that he's been lying about thinking he's not featured on the show. He's pretty sure that's far from the truth. (Hint, hint.)

She thinks its funny that he did the mustard because she didn't like Jen anyway.

Jess asks (rhetorically) if Eric is the mastermind of the house.

He suggests that he's telling her all of this because of their relationship and where it's potentially going. She asks if he will confess in final two (if he makes it) to the things he did (votes, mustard, etc.), and he says yes.

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6:41am BBT

Jess and Eric in HOH talking and Eric just told Jess that HE was the one who did the mustard to Jen's shirt! Jess is saying "OMG Eric,..OMG! I asked you 20 times about this!" and Eric tells her THAT is why he wanted her to know now and that he had always planned on telling her before he left anyway.She asked him not to tell Dick And Danielle and he said "I am nto gonna tell them,.are you nuts?"

He is now filling her in on how he has had a hand in almost ALL of the evictions,..but hasn't told her about AP,..but just that he is in fact a mastermind behind this.

He is explaining his relationship to Jen,..Jessica is just saying,."Is there anything else? Tell me everything!",..he says he is,.and tries to think if there is anything else.

He just said Nick and Dustin were completely at HIS hands for going.

Jessica is just saying,."Omgsh,.." Now she is drilling him and asking him about past scenarios.

She can't wait to see Eric's DR's!(I bet!)

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Jessica is asking him if in the end,..if he is final two,.is he going to admit that he was the one who did those votes?

Eric says "yes"

He is making sure Jessica knows that he did those things,..but that he is truly the genuine person he is telling her he is.

Jessica asks if he would do it again?

He says no.

Eric says the best part of the "Nick" vote was that NO ONE could dispute it because he had been VERY vocal about how he wanted him out

Jessica calls him an F'er because he had even said that to HER at teh time.

He is cuddling her and trying to make sure she isn't mad about it but Jess seems to be really letting the wheels spin now and is finally really digesting this info.

He is talking up a blue streak and really smoothing it over,..and Jess is just saying "Oh errrric!"

You are good.

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Jess asks him if he has set up anything else in the house

He says no,..basically after he was put up,.he stopped.

He admits that what he did to Dustin wasn't the fairest in the world.

Jess says "So Jameka and Amber were right when they said "It's a good thing you have Eric on your side!"

And he said "well I was always on your side anyway even if you didn't know it!"

Eric says " I am really nervous now about having told you,.."

Jess says" No I am GLAD you told me,.."

She only wants to knwo why he had to lie to her as well.

He is telling her that well he had to say the same thign to everyone to protect her and him.

Jess seems pretty okay with it all.

She said she IS mad about the mustard though!She had asked him SEVERAL times,..really drilled him about it.

She is asking him HOW did he DO the mustard,.he wasn't around,..

Eric explains how fast he did it,..and Jess is laughing saying,."Oh man,..that is funny"

Jess said she always thought Dick had done it!

Jess and him laughing about it now!

Eric said he thinks Danielle thinks NICK did it.

Lots of laughter between the two.

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Jess just said the thing about the banner,."Eric is a liar" WAS true then,,,

Eric says "No not entirely,."

Jess says "Yes,..you ARE a liar,.ha ha"

Eric says he is nervous,..very nervous,..not sure he should have told her!

Jess says no,.she is glad he told her,..she's obviously fine with it so what's the big deal,.

Eric says he doesn't regret telling her he just regrets not telling her sooner.

She says she isn't mad at him

Then she says jokingly,.."I hate you!" ha ha

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Jess says,."Didn't that just EAT at you that you KNEW it was you and couldn't tell?"

Eric said "no,..just the part about not telling Jess"

Jess says,."So you have been lying since week 2 then!" very sarcastically

She just keeps laughing and saying "ohhhhh,..ha ha ha"

Jess says she isn't mad,.just thinks it's funny.

Now asking Eric why he is suddenyl so quiet

Eric,."I am just thinking,.if we can actually survive this crazy environment,.then what coudl really ever get in our way?"

"I mean if we can make it through THIS stuff,.then everything else should be easy!"

Jess tells him he is really smart,.doesn't think SHE could have done it!

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Eric: "Trust me,.I am the GAME PLAYER this season,.I think BB had a FEELING I woudl be the one to "mix things up" this season,.but I don't feel so good about it

Jess: "Why??"

Eric: "Because it;s hard to believe and it's hard to understand that the time I spend with you is COMPLETELY different with YOU and has nothing to do with the game,..and NOW,..that i have told you,..it may not seem that way"

Eric: "I didn't expect to feel this way about YOU so I didn't think any of the stuff woudl matter in the end,.it woudl be funny,.and now I worry that it WILL effect OUR relationship,."

He is now just making sure she knows that even through all of it,.he never wnats her to doubt that what they have is REAL and NOT game,..

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