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August 29, Live Feed Updates

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amber : Psycho bable

after listening to amber go on and on about what she knows and how she is such a great manipulator Isnt that exactly what she is doing now At this point i have come to the conclusion that she is also very evil

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10:51 BBT

New rule "there she blows" guys laugh

In HOH Jameka's and Amber's trying to figure out what will happen if there is a tie..Amber calling him "a master manipulator like I use to be"......Amber says "they say the exact opposite" of what they want.."that's how it works"

Amber saying her parents are saying "what is this fucking jerk doing to my daughter"

Amber says Danile wants "to vote to keep me" and Dick "wants to keep Zach"..Dick told her he's going to talk to see who threw him under the bus about the POV..

Jameka saying the whorcomment again..

Zacch "there's nothing fishy going on here"

Amber saying the "fucking whore " comment again......the "piece of shit" was when he was leaning back in the chair [both having probs getting story straight]

"Thar she Blows" Dick [with jack off hand movement] girls really annoyed bythat one..

Amber "we have the numbers" if she stays... Eric says his and Jameka annoyed "ride what"

Eric 'we have already consumed 10"

Jess leaves and Amber and Jameka "I'm going to go home" and Jameka says that she needs to "play your game baby" with Daniele and get 'your one" [vote]..Amber looks worried [and should be]

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11:05 BBT

Amber outside folding clothes doing her laundry [getting her bags packed for her eviction]

Inside everyone else minus Danile are getting ready to play Chandilier [speed quaters]

Amber comes in "I'm playing I have a good rule "

Amber "you boys are rowdy tonight"

Talking abou who made which rule Eric "i made Zach's rule"

Dick "are we ready" "chop chop" as Jameka went to go stuff her face with Ice cream....

Zach proceeds to explain the rule..."first sex to drink 3" the opposite sex makes the rule ..Eric"the rules are by geneder" Dick is confused [guess his beer has kicked in quicker]

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11:22 BBT

It's all tied up 2-2 whoever gets the next one makes the rule..It's the girls

Jess 'what should the rule be"

Talk about the rules..........eric says "they can make a rule for each of us" Zach says "one rule"

Eric called to DR [not his AP choice as it's too early"

In the work out room and Jamek and Amber continue about Eric.....talking about bringing "daniele in" because they need the vote..

Amber says "I know how sick people work because I used to be a sick individual" Jameka "i know" saying thank God she's not like that anymore [or is she?]

Amber tells Jess she is going to get Eric "out of here " if she's HOH Jess "that's fine".."i gotta get him otta her he's gotta go he's fucked up"

guys yelling to hurry up..

Amber saying "we'll talk"

the rule "streak to the pool" says Jameka plus some little one..."heads or tails" head severe tails not so severe...

heads it is "you will be in pool with "boxers on" "come save me boys" Zach says "i can't get naked sorry"

now they have to kiss each other "on the lips" and Dick says they have to be willing to do the same...

girls change to "cheek"

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11:35 BBT

Eric got his Kiss from Dick....

Zach gets his planted by Eric and wipes if off.

Game continues....

Women are victorious again and the kisses are a comin''''"give me the cheek" Dick says and everyone is laughing hysterically

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11:44 BBT

"damn it Eric" Zach says as the women are victorious again......

"to the gym" as the girls go talk about their new rule....

Talking about the guys and Amber saying she wanted to tell "jess so bad" in the DR......gets BB warning....abouEric using her...

Now they start talking about the rule....

"the kiss thing was funny" Jameka says and Jess says the have to "grab their butts" but Jameka says 'they have to stroke their hair" and agree to it..

Eric apologizes to Jess for "dick making me call you a bad name" and Jess says she knows it was "part of the game"

Game goes on...

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11:57 BBT

Women are victorious again and get to go make another rule.........

in the work out room Talking about Zach being pissed and the girls are trying to read too much into their behavior

Rule talk about going to a picture of their choice walk like in "tippy toes" and hands on hips...but Jess says when they walk to each other to kiss from different areas of the house...

"we're ready" Jess says and out they head to the game..

Zach saying "you suck" to Eric about his poor quaters skill

Amber's proud of herself saying "I have real bad anxiety" and is doing good "under pressure" [let's see if she can keep that anxiety in check when she's evicted Thurs]

12:18 BBt Game gets heated and glasses fly [for fun] and Dick saying "no more breaking glasses" and Jess says nothing broke

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12:26 BBT

Women win again and head "to the gym"

Talking about the comment Dick making the "put her away like you did Dustin" but they are saying "send he packing like Dustin"

Talking about dick calling he the worst HOH and Amber wonders if they should get Eric to vote to keep her [lol] to make it a tie.....

Jess got the quote correct and Jameka says "I thought they said send her packing"

Rule is they go up to the picture wall and say...."God you make my dick so hard" and let them pick and Amber says she just wants to see who they pick...

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12:46 BBT

Guys finally won.."to the gym" Dick "outside so I can smoke"

girls telling Eric to remember "we're good girls"

"all three must go to the bathroom and wear the panties on their head" women says they'll do it if they are "clean pair"

DR has not called Eric for AC

Zach "we have to end this insanity soon"

Dani comes in and out..Zach apologizes for being loud tells her she kissed her dad Dani "that's disgusting"

Zach asks "do I have a potential chance to keep your vote here" [i think that was said]..EWric "absolutely..absolutely" well talk later ot tomorrow Zach "thank you..thank you"

girls come out with their panties on their head...

game goes on

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1:04 BBT

Girls won and are talking about how Jess should go about talking to Eric tonight and talking about getting Dani's vote [lol]..Amber still saying she can't go [she will]

their delusional convo ends and now they are trying to figure out their new rule..guys wear bikini tops..

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1:18am Dick/Zack outside Zack tries to gets Dick vote saying i want u,me, & Dani 2 final 3 i want to backdoor Eric next weeek. Dick says i will vote to keep you unless i hear that u tryed to get me or Dani backdoored. Zack lies to him no never. And Dick conts with convo but knows know Zack just lied to his face. Dick bashes Jam & Amber then Dick heads inside 4 BR but inside laughs to self abour Zack "liar" and laughs. Eric & Jess whisper but to hard to hear(i think Amber/Jameka are busted)

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1;18 BBT

Zach saying to Dick outside that he wants Eric gone and basically says whether hr goes to the end with him or Dani he's going to "win some money" Zach it still "guarantees me money" Zach is cementing his deal with Zach..

Dick says "you are going to stay" and Dick says he will stay and only way he won't he "i find out you fipped on me" and then he's gone ....

Talking about Amber blowing the 10k and Dick says he needs Amber to go to break up Amber and Jameka..

Zach talking about needed money for his scuba diving equipment "underwater photgraphy" Dick says he didn't know that and Zach says "I told Daniele"

Dick telling him the "Dolphin Crash" clothing line could be more lucrative....and Dick says "I'm done playing for 2 people and I need to play for myself" 'i'm doing Vincent a disservice" and says "I'm over it"

Zach saying "my vote is valubale" and tells him "i'm here for you and Daniele"

Zach says if I'm HOH I'm putting up "jess and Jameka" with Eric as a backdoor..

Zach says it "bother's me" that Eric knows a lot and doesn't have endurance and strength...

"daniele is afraid of Jameka" says Dick......."Jameka and Jessica" are the two outta of the six left "anybody in the last two" against the "is fucked"

Zach says that would be good noms and "make the nominations stick" zach says "aren't you afraid of Eric" and Dick says the backdoor is the option....

Dick thinks he'll be greeted with signs "Christians kill Dick" when he leaves....

They play golf......first Dick goes to bathroom..

Zach to himself "big brother this is getting good"

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1:31 BBT

Eric and Jess sitting on the floor with jameka working out audio

Eric called to DR to get his AP assignment [bet it's Amber]

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1:35 BBT

Zach telling Jess Eric told him he got the "ax" and Jess is wondering how and why that came up in discussion..Jess keeps asking him.

Now Jess says "a kiss takes a couple months" when Zach and Dick quiz her about having a Kiss with Eric ..she says they haven't......

Jess heads upstairs to HOH..and sings so that means FOTH

Dick and Zach outside sitting on the patio...."you better not be bullshitting me you better not be lying to me" saying "I think I can get Eric's vote" for him to stay..talking about Amber's near misses with both HOH and POV...

Dick calling J&J bigger threats than Eric

talking "dustin wil never" vote for Eric and Jen probably will not.....Dick saying if it were Eric and Dick Dustin would vote for him....

In bedroom Amber pleading to Daniele for a vote.."i swear" she will have her best interest.....saying "i have your best interest at heart" and would take her off the block ":depending who was next to you" swearing "on my daughter's life"

Amber saying she never talked bad about you..........saying she was always on her side when everyone wanted her out instead of Dick..."you will see" "i can't prove it now" but when "you see the tapes"

Amber talking about being close to Zach and him being their little puppet and :willdo what " they want him to do...

Amber talking about "this person" needing to go can't be trusted and is Fake saying that's her goal for next week.

Amber's campaigning has practically turning to begging...

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1:56 BBT

Eric and Jess talking basoically apologizing for his actions during the drinking games..and denying he told Zach he told him he "got the ax" [he did]

Eric telling her she "was the first girl he's kissed in 5 years" saying it took a long time because "it's a big deal for me" saying 4.5-5 years [umm ok] and how it means "a lot to him" saying "i didn't make the decision lightly"

talking about "changes a lot of things for me"

Jess "thanks for telling me that" "I believe you"

Eric says he "has no idea" what she's thinking about "me"

Jess saying "really not at all"..Eric says he needs "people to beat him over the head" as he is slow on the uptake...

they are cuddling on the bed and Eric's worship talk continues saying he doesn't want to "upset or dissappoint you"

Eric say why didn't you say something the other night ..she says "i forgot about it"

Eric saying his friends will be shocked saying he's usually guarded about things like this..

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2:04 BBT

Eric and Jess still talking about what he's said and "never in a million years" did he mean what he said and was just trying to be funny and "failed miserably"

Eric asking what she talks about saying when they talk bad about you "I defend you"

Eric says Amber "will be here for two days" [guess Amber is AC}

Jess saying she doesn't like Zach but likes Amber and Eric says he will tell him "my vote is deciding your fate" telling him that they want his support

Jess telling Eric about Amber saying that Dick told her about "the deals off" and Eric says "he's lying to her" and Eric says "your reading into it" and they are misdirecting what he said.....Eric laughing at what Amber said....

Jess worried "they'll bury us" and Eric laughing about what Amber tells people...Eric says "one thing at a time"

Eric says "i believe they are pumping them full of shit" and Eric says "why would they te;; Amber and not us"...Eric saying "you give Dick and Daniele too much credit" saying they played the game wrong and Eric says they told people bad things about people and they did not.....

Eric telling Jess that Amber "doesn't like you" and is just trying to save her ass "why is she being nice to you" and Eric says she's already spoke to everyone...

Jameka comes in.."what are you guys doing"

[Amber is defintely AC][i'm out til tomorrow ..night all]

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Jess, Amber, and Eric in HoH talking about the Power of 10 and speculating why Dani was so upset watching it.

Zach comes up and tells them that Dick fell in the pool while they were playing golf. Dick had his jeans and a shirt on and ruined his $4000 microphone. Zach leaves.

BB voice comes over the speaker asking Dick to change his mic.

Dick comes up and says the rumor in confirmed and he fell in the pool.

They start wondering whether BB will give them beer anymore.

Zach comes in and Jameka leaves a few minutes later stating that she's going to bed.

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3:19 BBT

Dick is in the BY smoking, talking to himself. Eric and Jess are in the HOH room talking about who to send home.

Eric is trying to sell Jess the idea of sending Amber home. Jess is having big doubts about that. She thinks Dick wants Amber out, and Eric wants Amber out. Eric tells her that he doesn't trust Amber and Jess says she doesn't trust Zach. Eric asks why she likes Amber now, and Jess says she's off and on with her. Eric asks Jess is he makes some sort of deal with Zach, if Jess would feel better. She says yes, but still seems weary. Eric keeps joking that if he got Zach to tell Jess that he still likes her, will that make her feel better. Jess thinks Zach doesn't like her anymore since she nominated him.

Eric still tells Jess that Amber is going home. Jess thinks that it will be her and Jameka on the block next week regardless of who gets HOH. They're both laying on Jess' bed with the lights on. Jess keeps questioning Eric about what he said to someone (Amber?) and Jess sin't getting anywhere. She thinks Eric is not telling her for some reason. He says he remembers the situation, but doesn't remember what he said. It seems like Eric's talking about the comment Jen made to Amber on her way out, and the conversation that followed that night between Eric and Amber about all the supposed comments he made to Jen.

Eric telling Jess that Jen's comment was totally untrue and totally out of line. He says that Amber agreed with him that Jen was lying. Eric is defending himself to Jess about the whole thing.

Jess says that's not what Amber told her. She then tells Eric what Amber told her, that in the last 8-9 days, Eric came to Amber and told her that he didn't want HOH because of the pictures that he might receive. Amber also said that Jess' family at home might think she's being played by this guy. Amber says Eric came to her twice in the last 8 or 9 days saying this. Eric replies that he doesn't have a girlfriend. Jess says she believes him.

They're still having an 'agruement' about this. Eric asks if this is why she likes Amber. Jess thinks Eric is getting mad and doesn't understand why.

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3:30 BBT

Eric says he had a conversation with Amber talking about his feelings for Jess. She asks why would he have this convo with Amber if he doesn't trust her. Eric tells Jess that Amber played Dick and Dani against eachother. Then she talks with Eric, smiling, then uses it against him by talking to other people about him.

Basically, Eric is trashing Amber and trying to defend himself to Jess, who seems to be very irratated by the whole conversation. Jess for the second time says, Fine, then vote her out. But she doesn't look happy. Eric asks her whats wrong and Jess goes off saying that she just told Eric something about Amber she wasn't supposed to and he got made at her telling him the truth. Then, she says that Eric basically called her a liar for what she was saying when she was just being honest. Jess is mad, and says that when they vote Amber out this week, conversations like this won't happen anymore. Eric continues to bash Amber, telling Jess as nice as he can why he doesn't like her and why all those comments bother him.

Eric says that she knows how he feels about her. Jess says that what Amber says doesn't matter. Eric says still, what Amber said makes him mad. Eric asks Jess to reverse the situation, and Jess said she'd be mad too. Jess still thinks Eric thinks she's lying, but he says no. Jess feels bad that she swore to both Jameka and Amber's faces that she didn't have a deal with ick and Daniele and that shw wouldn't tell Eric, and now she's telling Eric. Eric says that Amber thinks it's the three girls, not the four of them, that it's girlpower.

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338 BBT: Can't do a whole recap of this convo as I have to leave for work, but Eric and Jess in HOH; Jess again freaking out about everything Amber's been saying and how Jess feels she made a huge mistake this week. Eric goes through how Amber's played everyone and has gone back and forth in her loyalties and is preying on Jess's biggest weakness (fearing that someone-- specifically Eric-- is playing her in the game) to further Amber's own interests. Eric getting angry, which upsets Jess. Eric points out that he's mad on a personal level b/c Amber is attacking him, and especially because he cares so much about Jess. Eric seems genuinely upset that Jess doesn't appreciate this and that he keeps having to remind her. He then presents the situation to Jess that what if the others were saying the exact same things to her about Eric. Eric is pretty upset, he doesn't even care if he wins anymore; "It's driving me beserk; I can't stand these people" It's bothering him that people keep saying s### about him; especially things that are really important to him. He's sick of being the butt of everyone's rude remarks all week. He feels closer to Dick and Danielle; they're not trying to sell him out this week; Amber is. Jess has calmed down. She acknowledges that it would make her furious if someone did that to her. She then asks him not to say that to anyone else, and he asks her if there's EVER been a word she's said to her that has gotten back to anyone else. Eric then asks Jess if it's okay if he tells Amber he's keeping her then votes her out; Jess says fine, but Jess will claim no knowledge of Eric's planned actions. [sorry I can't do more; have to go to work]

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Eric: You want Amber here.

Jess: Of course I want Amber here. She's on my side!

Eric: She's not on your side.

Eric: It's getting to the point where he don't even care if I win anymore.

Jess: Whatever.

Eric says it's true and he's ready for it to be 30 days from now and he's at home watching DVDs.

Eric says the reason why he trust D/D more than Jameka and Amber is because D/D aren't trying to get him out. Jess says fine, she'll go this week (Amber). Jess says she's not mad, she's over it. Jess tells him not to say anything to Amber, and Eric says he won't, he promises.

Eric asks if he can lie to Amber and tell her she's save and then vote her out. Jess says fine, but she's going to act like she doesn't know what he's doing. Eric then says he'll tell Amber to her face that he's voting her out and she's going home 3-1.

In other news, it looks like everyone else is sleeping. Just Jess and Eric up in the HOH room. Even Dick is in bed sleeping.

In the HOH room, Eric keeps asking Jess to stand in his shoes and if someone was lying about her to Eric if she'd be pissed. She agrees with Eric.

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Eric thinks Jess kind of agrees with Amber about sticking with her because ever since their conversation, she likes Amber. (And as I was typing that, Eric repeats himself fully.-lala) Eric truely believes that Jess finds some truth in what Amber said and wants to go with her. Jess says that just because she listens to other people, doesn't mean she believes them. Eric says there's one thing that can get to him at this point. He says that when people bring in personally things, especially when they say things about his feeling for her.

They've been having the same conversation for the past 30 mins. Eric telling Jess how much he likes her.

Looks like Dani is up and eating in the kitchen.

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Jess and Eric talking about final 4. Jess asks Eric is he really sees them and D/D in the final four and he says yeah. They also talked about the senerio if Jameka is in the final 4, is HOH and that Jess would need to get the veto.

Daniele is still in the kitchen moving around. Eric and Jess are cuddling in the HOH room bed. They're talking about what they showed on tv tonight, with Eric winning the veto.

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