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Big Brother Ratings For Season 8


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The odd thing is, it was Sundays episode that did the best and the live show did the worst.

Only odd to us internet users.

Those TV-only folks just HAD to tune in, since they didn't know who won HoH until they watched Sunday's show!

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Only 2 episodes in the top 20 this past week.

Here are the weekly TV ratings, by number of viewers.

1. America's Got Talent (NBC)

2. 60 Minutes (CBS)

3. CSI (CBS)

4. Power of 10 - Premiere (CBS)

5. Without A Trace (CBS)

6. Singing Bee (NBC)

7. Two and a Half Men (CBS)

8. Hell's Kitchen (FOX)

9. Criminal Minds (CBS)

10. Don't Forget The Lyrics (FOX)

11. CSI: NY (CBS)

12. Dateline (NBC)

13. Singing Bee - Mon (NBC)

14. So You Think You Can Dance - Weds (FOX)

15. Cold Case (CBS)

16. Big Brother - Thurs (CBS)

17. Power of 10 (CBS)

18. Shark (CBS)

19. CSI: Miami (CBS)

20. Big Brother - Sun (CBS)

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The ratings news is actually much better than you might think, because what's most important to the networks is how a program does in the "demo" -- among 18 to 49-year-olds. More viewers in the demo means the network can sell commercial time for more money.

So here are the ratings that CBS considers most important:

(As you can see, BB8 held down the #5, #8 and #9 spots .. outrating even an NFL preseason game, which costs MUCH more to produce.)

Top 10 Broadcast Programs among A18-49 ratings/share and (000) for the week of 8/6-8/12/07

FOX Hell's Kitchen 4.3/12 5,573

NBC America's Got Talent 3.2/10 4,230

FOX Don't Forget the Lyrics WED 3.2/10 4,190

FOX Family Guy SUN 930p 3.1/9 4,040

CBS Big Brother 8 TUE 3.0/8 3,877

NBC Singing Bee 2.9/8 3,812

FOX So You Think You Can Dance WED 2.9/10 3,771

CBS Big Brother 8 THURS 2.9/10 3,796

CBS Big Brother 8 SUN 2.8/9 3,627

FOX NFL on FOX Preseason 1 2.8/10 3,722

FOX Family Guy SUN 9p 2.8/8 3,611

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Considering how bad Singing Bee and Don't Forget the Lyrics are.... I think Big Brother is still doing very bad. Out of all the shows I know that are on ....on major networks, BB is at the very bottom. Not a single show I can think of that comes on did worse than BB. Even an old show like Two and a Half Men beat it. Sad to me.

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For me this week has finally started to get interesting! I can't wait

for Thursday night's show! I have Showtime and BBAD bored me to

sleep. Too much beer pong!!! Hopefully the ratings on Thursday

will be higher!!!! I'm going to stay away from Morty's on Thursday

night until after the show! :animated_bouncy:

I want Dustin gone so bad!!!

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not me I ALWAYS have to come here first because I have to work thrus nite, and when I get home the show is dvr'd, but I come here first to see who was voted out, if Dustin is voted out there will be a lot of hoorays on here, then I will watch then drama of the show without bein all nervous, I know I am crazy,lol

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All the past Thursdays I have logged on to find out who got evicted...but

I want to keep the excitement going for me. As there really hasn't been

any for me until now!!!! :animated_bouncy:

I hope I have self control!!!!!

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I know it has been pretty boring, last thur I came home, and went straight ot Morty's and then the damn computer decided to lock up and it took 15 min to fix the problem, frustrating, I will be soo anxious to get home tomorrow.

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I really like Morty's. I'm new to all this forum stuff. I tried the CBS

forums and those posters are plain ol mean!!!! So I went hunting and

here I am. I don't have the live feeds, Morty's is a great help.

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Those ratings are bound to be higher for Aug. 6-13 since Dick went mental after his nomination. Don't know how long they'll last since so little of that two hour tirade was shown - must've been a bitch to edit out all the vulgarities. So little was left that Dick's actions didn't even look close to how over the top they were.

I remember during the tirade Saturday morning wondering why they all didn't just go into the HOH like the Nerd Herd used to. They sat there and took it for a LONG time - of course what the TV audience saw made it look like they ran for cover immediately because he said boo! :ghost:

If people watched more this week because of all the buzz over his meltdown, I expect the ratings to drop again since they didn't see anything near what we saw on the feeds.

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I think watching, and getting deep into, BB, is an acquired taste, and only suffers from having been around so long. When I talk to some of my friends about BB, and getting the feeds, and jawing here about it, their eye's start to glaze over! I think this is the reason for ED being in the house this year, to create buzz. Even negative buzz, is better than no buzz at all.

I got pulled in deeper, because of the Sho2 After Dark thing. Being a fly-on-the wall, for free as it were(I am a Showtime subscriber anyway), made me want more.

Oh, and then there was Nick...hottest guy since Dr. Will!

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Anyone with legitimate ratings info should post it here

First of all

Subtle, please feel free to post the wikipedia ratings in this thread each week as they are updated. I actually considered posting those as well, but since they can be edited by anyone and everyone (that is what makes Wiki what it is ), I decided to go with just the Nielsons. Not perfect by any means, but the trusted source for ratings in the "Biz". But I like to see what the difference is so please look for this post each week (Tues or Wed ) and post your link to the wiki site. will be interesting to see if they stay the same or differ.

Also, TyroneTanic. EXCELLENT post. The 18 - 49 demo is definately the one they are looking at. I tyried posting that info a couple years back and wound up with hate mail for age discrimination (even though I didn;t create the ratings). So I just started posting the basic top 20 Nielsons. But since you have a finger on that one, please, please PLEASE post how that changes each week as well. If we all contribute our individual rankings, no one can say we are in a secret alliance :)

If you do not see the post on the front page, try looking at page 2 as it drops off as the week goes on. If all els fails, start a new topic with same headline and the fabulous mods willl move it where it needs to be.

Thanks mods

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Sorry Dep....I'm new to all this forum stuff....I thought this thread was for


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Ummmm, just to clarify, the show is NOT getting GREAT ratings. It is doing ok, but not really better than any other season at this point. It has has never been a huge ratings hit, but it does ok and is consistent. You can see that reruns, or really lame reality shows like Americas got Talent and So you Think You Can Dance rank among the top week after week. BB flounders in the 15 - 20 range until the last couple weeks when nothing else is on and then it usually cracks the top 10 a few times. It is predictable and stable, but not a huge hit. That could change if the current folks in charge were booted. Even after 8 seasons, the show could be bigger than ever if done right, unfortunately, that is not gonna happen with the current crew involved.


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I know people who watch every reality show on tv, yet when you ask them about BB they get this glazed over look--not many know about it.

On the other hand, I basically just watch this one, I've tried a few others but never keep up...

So, my point is how can it be a huge ratings show if most don't know about it.

How come they don't run it in the Fall - because it would probably be gone by now?

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