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Daniele Week 4


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OK, All that aside. I do think she's done in this game. She blew it when she allowed Nick to snuggle up to her and spend all their time in bed.

In this game you have to mingle with the other Hg's as much as possible. I think there are still even Hg's she's never really talked to at all.

That alone makes her a target.

Dumb move.

Oh I dunno,...Janelle did it two seasons in a row and did NO housework,..except baked a few times,.and made it to 3rd BOTH times. B)

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I feel that Dani has done very well given all that has been running against her.

She has found some good glue with her father.

She has found some good glue with Nick.

<i personally liked his saying, "The word of an Irishman." GOOD glue>

A man to compare with Kris?

OK, maybe a man in a boy's head-set.

Who cares? Can change that in a day.

When you're as young as she, comparison is a good thing.

Where you gonnna run to, 'sweet child o' mine?'

Where do your feelings go?

Where do your roots go?

Yeah -- I think she's a kinda guns n roses girl.

Let that filly loose.

I'd like to see what she can do.

Note: I'll be disappointed if it's only to that 3-penny boyfriends soap opera.

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People may not be the biggest Daniele fans but I thought the fact she was there holding and consoling Amber when she was clearly the one with the most to lose and hurting the worst shows what a good person she is

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She whispered something into Amber's ear....the seeds are sown!

Does Nick go to sequester...if so Dani will keep Jen in the house. She wouldn't want them to be shacking up together, especially since Nick now knows it wasn't Jen who cast the vote for Kail.

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