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July 25, Live Feed Updates

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Zach and Kail are on the couch. He is complaining that the time spent there is wasted. Eric is washing dishes and there is still exercising going on in the backyard.

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Most are trying to find something to eat, while ED is making a fool of himself in the HOH room listening to music and acting like he is on stage or something. :animated_rotfl:

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Yep, he's going crazy dancing and banging his leg. [And Im paying for shotoo for this!! :disgust: ]

Back to the kitchen and Dusting and Amber are sitting at the table. Really nothing much going on...

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Well ED is finished with his music (Thank God and the only way to describe what we were forced to watch is in terms that I just can't even force myself to write, it was that bad.) He is now reading what looks like the letter from his mom. He throws it on the table and sits there and looks like he might be thinking about it. then he wants beer and leaves to go down stairs.

Everyone else appears to be in the kitchen either talking, eating or cooking.

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Well, there is REALLY nothing to report, everyone eating and goofing around. ED "flirting" with nasty sexual comments to Jess. Jess wants beer. That is about it so far.

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ED has went outside by himself and is now talking to the "voices in his head." So far he has told them that he is so thankful for this glorious day, no one caused a bunch of drama in the house today. He told them he was weak and something about a bleeding hemorroid. He wants to get a volley ball game going soon.

Jess comes out with ED and he calls her "love" and "pretty girl." He tells Jess if he hears one more of Ambers medical story he is going to lose it. Jess says "for sure." He wants to know how Jess gets out of hearing it and she says she gives her the impression she doesn't care. Now more Amber bashing about how she is emotional, tells sob stories and Jess says "feel sorry for me blah blah blah, whatever."

Jess is telling about how Dustin got onto her for eating some chicken that was suppose to be MIke's and BB says to check the SR so they all ran to get the beer.

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Amber just told Nick he can only have one beer because of reasons he already knows about. She keeps repeating ONLY ONE NICK. ED goes outside again with his beer alone and he says "stop singing, sorry I forget." (no one is outside with him and BB didn't say anything about singing for a while now.) Now we have the one man burp show on the patio.

Nick joins him now. Nick wants to know if ED's day has been better. ED says yeah, then goes straight into his talk yesterday with Dani. All they are concern about is HOH, but Nick thinks they only have to worry about a couple. ED is repeating his conversation about Jen and sex, but Nick stops it by talking about Zach flipping out and how the same thing they have been making fun of him for a week about is not here today. Nick is talking AGAIN about his fight with Zach today. Zach, I guess, told Nick today that Zach was going to start rumors about everyone in the house because Nick keeps talking about him. Now Zach bashing on how small his penis is AGAIN. Now talk of how many times people have been called into the DR.

Really they are just randomly talking about different topics, none make sense, none are interesting so I will just spare you of the details till something good comes.Amber bashing now about how many times she tells her medical stories. ED says he doesn't want to hear the story about her pooping her pants in the hospital and her boyfriend had to wipe her a@@ with his underwear. Nick and ED think that Amber makes up these medial issues for attention.

Dustin joins them and Nick instantly tells him about Zach and him fighting. Nick repeats the fight again for Dustin. (Dustin is engaging this time. )

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Nick is talking about how he lied on his sheet he filled out for this show. When it asked if he had a history of violence he said no but he has been to so many pysch evaluations for things it is crazy. Dustin says that Joe beat up every one of his boyfriends but him and now they are rehashing fights Joe had with people in the house. Nick says he head butted his father and punched a hole in his wall once.

ED is surprised how people thought he was going to hit Mike (I am sure we have heard that story before). Nick said something about ED stepping on the neck of something and ED wants to know how he heard BB scolded ED for that. Dustin says what was it about and ED said when he told Jen he would like to step on her neck and break it. ED says it wasn't a threat, it was a term of endearment, but he wants to know how Nick knew he got in trouble for that and Nick says Dani.

Now ED is repeating the story of Jen's personal sex life. ED says he couldn't get her to admit that she had a boob job, but he could get her to admit she is a cold fish. Dustin thinks Kail has had her belly button redone because it was so tight. Now talk of how small Joe's penis is and that he is watching showtime and is obsessed with the show and is really bitter. Dustin is repeating what Joe said to him about Dustin being bitter. Nick wonders who is watching him.

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Nick has been cheated on by every girl friend he has had, Dustin says he was cheated on by BOTH of his boyfriends (I thought he has been telling everyone he has only dated Joe, oh well.)

Now talk of smoking. Jess, Zach, and Mike are doing the drinking game with a quarter. Seems like Zach and MIke are doing most of the drinking.

ED is sure his son and friends were going nuts when he stayed and won HOH. He is telling Dustin and Nick that Dani isn't close to her brother and it is Dani's fault. He is talking about his mothers letter again and how BB must be showing a ton of the emotional BS on tv due to what his mother says.

Dustin says his family thinks Dustin looks weird.

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10:46 BBT

Nick Amber Dustin and Nick talking about "america's Choice" and who would win the phone call....Amber wonder's who is going to be "America's Favorite" Amber thinks it's going to be her. Dani says you find out at the end when it's over. Dani thinks it's her dad.

The three just sitting there Nick went to the bathroom...Dani brings up about Kail's deep convo with Kail. Amber says she knew she was going to bring it up. Dustin saying about Kail "she's so non discreet" Dustin wants to know what they talked about

In the bathroom Jameka in here usual spot on the couch talking to Jen about playing volleyball.

Back outside everyone wants to know what Kail talked about. Amber says Kail told her she's "in awe with you". Because she can tell people things and they don't get upset at her. Kail telling Amber during their talk she loves Dustin and also told her"that stupid alliance I was in".

Amber says Zach told her something and she said "yeah I do" rudely and told Kail she's upfront with Zach. [stupid story that made no sense]

Dani says that Jess says when she went upstairs to take a bath Zach told her "can I watch" and Zach told her he's already seen it all when she adjusted herself in the pool. Dani say she makes all the girls uncomfortable and Nick says "he makes me uncomfortable"

Nick says he made a pact "Pinky swore" that he was giving Dani a promise ring when they get out. Nick says he's "Cool Hand Luke"

girls picking on Nick calling him "Mandy Moore"

Nick and Dustin whispering behind a pillow..Dani declares "they're making out"

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11:00 BBT

The whole house at the table with about half playing quaters. Mike and Kail are there too Mike playing Kail watching..

Back outside Dani brings up the beer taking away incident and says "oops we're not suppose to talk about it"

Nick throwing ice and someone tells them not to throw ice at the windows......Amber gets a warning about talking about her diary room session because she was talking about the voices in the DR. Talking about the wrap party trying to put the faces to the voice and Nick says watch her voice be a 300lb Asian guy. nick say there are only two women..he sais "Rebecca"

Get another warning about DR

Zach Bashing.......

Dustin whispering to Amber and Dani says "talking about us..making an alliance against us"

Amber talking about her dream that Dani and Nick are in an alliance and were trying to get her out [here's to dreams coming true]

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11:11 BBT

Dustin trying to explain to Amber the Jensa and Mensa connection with the shirt.

Jen bashing

Jen came out ,,Dani's fun has come to a screeching halt.

Inside the quater came continues..ED complaing Zach picking his nose and touching the quater "there's a bogger on the quater"

Eric's quater toss was pathetic and dicks saying "what the hell was that"

Jess obviously has played a quaters game a time or two.

Looks like they are having a good time... Jameka doing the "Foopa" to the song I think she said "the hustle"?? "do the foopa"

Back outdoors... Talking about nothing interesting...

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11:23 BBT

Outdoors talking about their pets name Dani says her dog's name is Mufasa "he has a big burly name for a small weiner dog"

Kail came out and they make her to the intoxication test to see if she was drunk.

Dustin saying the alphabet backwards and says he's a "mensa member and not a Jensa Member" Obvioulsy production told all of them they scored high on IQ tests except Dani and Nick. Kail claims they told her she had the highest scoring right befoe genious. Miss high IQ can't remeber her score and Dustin says his was "between 115-120" with 120 being genious. [oh brother]

Foth and Weeds commercial

Showtimw showing the quarter game in a break for bathroom breaks.."there are three left" Zach says about the beers

Dustin talking about childhood days....... He mentions Josh and FOTH

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11:41 BBT

Gymnastics class is going on in the backyard. Nick talking about his dance lessons and is dancing with kail. Dustin trying his ballroom skills with her. Kail trying the "eggbeater" but it looks more like let's tie ourselves in knots.

Dustin seems to almost figured it out.

Kail really seems to be enjoying this a lot.

Mike drinking having fun... Kail dancing having fun...maybe an earthquake will happen.

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11:49 BBT

Up in the HOH and Dani is complaning to Nick that when Jen eneters the room all talks turns to her and she "can't stand it"

Dustin comes up to use the bathroom and let's them know that volleyball is starting soon. Nick asks if she's staying up in the HOH or coming down.

Jameka and Kail doing a stomp routine and a rythmless Kail enjoys it Dick comments on her whitness when she does it.

Kail wants Eric to flip her and Eric says no and Kail says both Nick and Dustin flipped her earlier.

Kail and Jameka do it again "for Zach".

Dani alone in HOH as the guys have come downstairs

Looks like the volleyball game is coming soon

Dick wants Dani to come downstairs and play volleyball she said she ma be getting a fever. Dani chastising her dad to quit making fun of her BF nickname...."that's the gayest nickname" and Dani tells him to stop and says he will.

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12:02 BBT

Almost the whole house playing Volleyball so nothing to transcribe.

Dani decided to play.

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I was watching Showtoo earlier, and I wanted to mention an incident with Nick. It was close to the time when he talked about the pinky swear with Dani.

Nick was lying on his stomach, chatting with Dani, Amber and Dustin. At several times during the conversation, Nick tried to bring Dani's boyfriend into the conversation. Nick asked them how many people they will be allowed to bring to the wrap party and said it would be "awkward" if Dani brought her boyfriend (this was when Dani had stepped away for a minute). Then later on Nick said that when America's choice happens, maybe they could get a three-way call and have Dani, Nick and Dani's boyfriend on the line, and they could have a little talk. Another comment he made was when Dustin or Amber said they felt like a 3rd wheel (with Nick and Dani) and Nick said for them to be a 3rd wheel, there have to already be two wheels. He said in the situation they are in, there is one wheel (Nick) ready to "commit to a bicycle" and another wheel that is flat (Dani).

The most telling moment was just after one comment that Nick made about Dani's boyfriend. They were chatting, and suddenly Nick smashed his empty beer can on his face (it seemed to hit him full in the face--it could have been his forehead, but didn't look like it). The other three looked shocked and sat in silence and looked at him. He tried to laugh it off and said he was "country folks...."

Amber mentioned it a little later and said it was a "scary" moment. Nick got a little defensive and said, "Scary??" and she changed it and said no, it was "not scary, but weird."

Several times, Nick told the story of earlier when he told Zach off. Nick said that Nick and Dani have certain words that they say just to see if the camera will zoom in on them. One of the words is "panties." So, they said "panties," and Zach was walking by. He started harrassing Nick and saying that they were talking about Zach and a comment he made about "soiled panties." This upset Zach and Zach was telling them that it was slander, and his company (Nick kept saying "Dolphincrash.com, or Dolphincrash http backslash or whatever" wouldn't like it if he was slandered. Nick told him that he signed a waiver and he can say whatever he wants about it. Plus, they were not talking about him anyway. And, if he was worried about his company, he has bigger fish to fry since he ran naked and let everyone see the "angry inch."

After he described this for the second or third time, Dustin said he had a hard time telling what they had been talking about, as they just kept saying "Dude, fucking, fuck, man, dude, fuck" over and over in the conversation.

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12:33 BBT

Jess and Eric talking in the bedroom. Jess mad because od her VB skills and people getting mad and she looks stupid. Jess calling them all bitches.

Eric talking about putting her ass up to the camera and show that it was swollen.

Jess says "I'm being a baby" because of her fall.

Volleyball game continues

12:45 BBT Jamela and Dick trying to comfort Jess and says she just wants to eat ice cream. They talk Jess says she'll come out later. Jameka says she'll be hot tubing. Jen comes in

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12:49 BBT Eric coming back from the DR so we'll be finding out soon.

Volleyball game is on "intermission"

Dick talking to Kail saying "it was a tough session" talking about Jess' DR?. Telling Kail he's needed to compose himself for 15 mins sometimes before he exits. Gets BB DR warning.

Kail looking distraught.

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12:56 BBT

Eric stiil joking around about Jess' butt with all the girls in the bathroom.

Dick talking about his adventures of dating 3 at a time.

Kails says he shouldn't be dating three girls.

Something happen to the volleyball..... Dick starting to talk about Lourdes and we get foth

1:01 BBT Looks like the ball was lost and Dick is taking down their net so it looks like volleyball is over.

Eric telling stories in the bathroom.

Dick telling Kail tonight was a fun night and that he needed it.

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1:04 BBT

Dick telling Kail how Jameka came upstairs when she was taking a bath and said "are you ok" Dick says he was upset because what did she think a gang bang was going on. Jameka told him that she was "checking on my girls" and Dick said that really bugged him.

Everyone else is inside

Jameka comes out and says everyone is doing hot tub and kail says she'll join.

Dick bitching about all the spilled drinks and how they will smell if it's not cleaned up.

Dick telling Jameka she's so ridiculous about her hair .Jameka singing so we get FOTH

Eric doing tongue twisters with Kail and Jess and Dick "you know you need you need New York"

Eric playslapping with Jen making it look like he's slapping her. Jess saying "I don't like that at all" eric says not to worry because he's a trained stage professional

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