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Michael's Blog - HOAX


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Guest crazyksgd
well julie said no internet access..there were rumors the HOH would have a blog but he wasn't HOH

I still say it is a hoax

Maybe he just goes into the diary room and speaks while someone else types for him behind the scenes.

Who knows...

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I bet if you did a search for Michael Donnellan's their are tons of them. This guy just happends to be same name but they are not the same person.



Here is the link to Michaels Bio, it has pictures of him as a child. You can see it's not the same guy as listed......... Michael was a model when he was younger.


Also his site is back up and working, He has a Message board also. Go check it out. I am not to sure who is running his site while he is in. Might want to ask on the board.

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Guest sls025

Supposedly he is suppose to say this tomorrow on the live show to prove that his site is real. Do you think he will do it? It should confirm to us that this is fake or not.

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