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Nick Week 3


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Kimball, Minn.


Former Pro Football Player



Legends of the Fall, Braveheart, Last of the Mohicans

TV Shows

SportsCenter, Colbert Report, BIG BROTHER


Mel Gibson, Russell Crowe, Leonardo DiCaprio


Rachel McAdams, Julia Ormond


Fishing, weight lifting, croquet

Sports to Play

Football, basketball

Sports Teams

Minnesota Vikings, Minnesota Timberwolves

Outdoor Activities

Croquet, horseshoes, Swedish golf


Journey, Boston, Rage Against the Machine, Disturbed


More Than A Feeling by Boston, Don't Stop Believing by Journey


Tacos, Peking chicken, beer-battered walleye


Blueberry Morning, Captain Crunch


Chocolate chip

Candy Bars


Alcoholic Drinks

Leinenkugel's Honeyweiss, Captain & Coke


Protein shakes, milk, water

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a free week :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

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lol @ first base :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

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Despite my dislike for Kail, I think trying to get Dick out was a good idea. We've learned that couples (father/daughter) have strength in the past, so it was smart! Of course I liked Dick more and am glad he stayed, just stating...

With that said, I feel Kail had a really good alliance.

...until Nick couldn't handle jUST PLAYING THE GAME but had to put his heart into it and make Danielle his 1st (true/strongest) alliance. At least this is how it comes off to me.

This could be a good thing for him, but I always think people would go further in the game if they just stick to their alliance to begin with. There IS a time and a place to fight for yourself, and in this instance, it doesn't look like Nick became a target due to his actions... just think he reminds me of James.

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I'm absolutely sick of Nick.. His preening, arrogant attitude. Not to mention his constant ramblings about being set for life because of his family this, his sister that..

Ohh and someone please tell me what team he played for.. I'm quite the football fan and if he actually played in other than the CFL or Arena League..

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i dunno why i keep defending nick but something about him i just like, he seems like a pretty good guy and i do believe he "fell" for daniele and that he has a great life outside of the show and just wants to be there to be on tv because he knows he's a pretty face and thinks he maybe could make it in hollywood

i don't think he's playing both sides i think he's just trying to save face now with zach and mike i think he's fully on board with the dick/daniele alliance

i also think he's a smarter player than most people give him credit for he makes it to sequester with out a problem i bet

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There's something about Nick that just isn't right. Maybe it's the Canadian accent that pop up every once in a while. Now, he's flipping out or maybe Danile is reading too much into it. I think he's trying to put some distance between him and Dani for his own safety, because Dick's reign cannot last forever.

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" There's something about Nick that just isn't right. "

1. Helmet hair.. nuff said.

2. Mustache created by gathering butthairs located in and around the toilet bowl.

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Honestly, I think Im' getting tired of Dick control.

He's been running on replay - and an intimidating one at that.

I'll take game [playing Nick over show-stompin' Dick] any day.

Nick is playing every single angle, but he's not showboating anyone.

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If he got paid it's considered "professional". It may not be the NFL but it's still a professional sport.

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If it was a sport it would

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