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Cleaning Up Threads This Evening


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I just wanted to give everyone a heads up that I'm going to be cleaning up threads this evening. We've been receiving numerous complaints of stalking, ganging up on new posters and threads going waaaay off-topic.

I let the off-topic stuff go for a while as it was the first week and I thought it would calm down after the initial excitement of a new BB season. Unfortunately, that was taken advantage of and threads have become pages and pages of off-topic and role playing, clubs, etc. All of which are against Morty's guidelines.

There is an Off-Topic Forum at the bottom of the page where posters are free to post to their hearts content any subject that is not addressed in one of Morty's primary forums.

Please be aware that if a mod come's into a thread and gives a warning that a thread is off-topic, posters should stop. And, if that warning is ignored... posters WILL receive warning level increases.

Please understand that these actions are so that all members of Morty's can enjoy these forums and not just long-standing members.

Thank you,


P.S. If a thread disappears for a bit... it will be back... I'm just cleaning. :)

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