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All Stars


Would you want to see an amazing race allstar?  

  1. 1. Would you want to see an amazing race allstar?

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Guest conniejoe

Gill - I would love to see an All-Stars as long as 1st place TAR finishers could not participate.

I know I posted this before but since it went POOF, I'll say it again. I'd love to see a race where all the 1st bootee couples from each season got to try again. They got such a small taste of the race their first time around.

Also, it might be interesting to see all 2nd place finishers compete. Oh....there are so many possibilities!!! :D

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Guest cappy

I do want to see it but then again I dont. Survivor: All-Stars turned out to be a bust and Im worried about what The Amazing Race is. I do want to see some favorites there. If I could pick the teams, they would be

Tara/Wil (TAR2)

Blake/Paige (TAR2)

Derek/Drew (TAR3)

John Vito/Jill (TAR3)

Jon/Al (TAR4)

Charla/Mirna (TAR5)

Kami/Karli (TAR5)

Colin/Christie (TAR5)

Lena/Kristy (TAR6)

Kris/Jon (TAR6)

Rob/Amber (TAR7)

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see TAR all-stars would be different then survivor cause there isnt elimination, maybe alliances but they dont help, i would like to see winners because it just makes it more competitive










jon vito/jill














those are some teams i would be interested in seeing on an all-star season

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i can beleive i am saying this but

I like rob and amber. they arent my favorite team right now but they arent as bad as i though tthey were. but guess what i have found my new blonde this season......Deana i dont know if she is blond or not but it is the closest. if they get eliminated then i will like amber.lol

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Guest cappy

Deana?... Ok... moving on lol.

Who doesnt like Rob/Amber besides Lynn/Alex? Theyre playing a very good game and luck is a part of the game and its working for them. Next week, I hope karma hits Lynn/Alex big time.

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Guest Anonymous

Personally I don't really care for the all-star idea. Someone else said that its time we saw a whole new group of people on reality tv and I'm all for that. Half the fun is getting to know these people.

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Instead of All Star AR, I'd like to see an International AR -- with teams from around the globe -- it would be nice if they could all speak English so I could understand what they're saying (obviously wouldn't have to be their first language).

(plus maybe it would give some of us Canadians a shot at getting on AR)

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Guest Summer

All manipulating is not all Rob's idea... he got talked into doing it. Here is a piece of the interview, if you want to to read more click on the link below.

TVG: Looking back, do you regret quitting the meat challenge?

Ray: No, we knew the rules. We decided ahead of time that I'd do everything with running, jumping and lifting and Deana would do everything else. Then we found out she had to eat four lbs. of meat and we knew we had made a huge mistake. So, at that point, we knew we might be going home because she's not going to eat it. And even if she did eat it, I wouldn't have made her do it because she would have been worthless the rest of the race. All Rob did was let us know how difficult a time everyone was having. We knew the penalty and that we were going to take that; we just thought we'd be eliminated with it. When he told us, "We're not finishing and you guys shouldn't either," we realized that the teams behind us were going to have a difficult time, too. It's not like he discovered the magic solution. He did a favor for us.

TVG: It sounds like you and Rob thought a lot alike.

Ray: Rob is a guy I know I could hang out with in real life. But there's a big difference between us: He doesn't care that people know that he's done this or that, and I did because I didn't want to put a target on our backs. Locking the bus doors in Chile was my idea. Rob spoke Spanish and he talked to the driver and he took the credit

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