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Fuskie's Play-By-Play

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July 19th Live Eviction by Fuskie :

Previously on Big Brother 8:

At the Head of Household competition , the diva Jen surprised everyone

Joe in the diary room : What? Seriously?

And the Queen bee stung her biggest threats. Danielle found comfort in her budding relationship wtih Nick And he trusted her with a secret, bretraying his alliance with Kail, Zach and Mike.

Moments before the Power of Veto competition , Jen threatened Amber And the house errupted in a firestorm of controversy. At the Cutthroat Christmas comp, Dick and Danielle fought for survival , And Jen got a holiday goodie of her own.

At the Power of Veto meeting, Danielle chose to save herself instead of her father , And Jen chose to nom Joe in her place.

Who will be evicted, Dick or Joe? Find out tonight when the House guest cast their votes live tonight on Big Brother

Roll open :

Cue Julie, And we're live in 5 ,4, 3, 2, and 1

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen welcome to Big Brother 8. It's day 20 and play time is over as the self-proclaimed fun nanny has unleashed a reign of terror on the house. First she nominated Danielle and her father, Dick because of their negative energy. But when Danni won the Golden Power of Veto and took herself off the block, Jen took the opportunity to put up someone else she thought was negative, Joe.

Will Joe be evicted before his ex boyfriend Dustin or will Dick be forced to leave before reconciling with his daughter Danni , In just a few minutes, the House guest will cast their votes live and either Dick or Joe will walk out the door.

But first, the explosions of the week are far from over. Just as things appeared to be going one way, another battle erupted in the house .

Replay of Power of Veto meeting :

Jen in Diary room: Joe is predictable, a big liar, a lot of reasons to go home .

Dustin in Diary room: When it hits me Joe could go home, a wave of ecstasy flushed me from head to toe .

Danni in Diary room: I don't want my dad to go home but happy I am off the block.

Dick in Diary room : Absolutely I do not think I am going anywhere because I have formed better personal relationships than Joe

Joe in Diary room : I'm screwed

In bathroom, Danni apologizes to Joe.

Joe in Diary room : Not going to drag people down, but this is not going to break me. I won't break down like the weepy women last week. Hopefully that will save me.

Joe to Danni: you had to save your own ass .

Joe talks to Kail: I do know I am a pot stirrer from time to time

Kail : You have never bothered me.

Joe : I want to stay so freaking bad.

Joe pitches to Mike, Jess,

Jess in Diary room : Joe will do anything to save himself including take me out and I can't have that in the house, I think I will vote for Evil Dick to stay

Clip of Joe hugging Jessica in bed:

Morning and time for America's Player ,Which of the two nominations do you want Eric to evict from the Big Brother house? Ok, America, let's see what you got.

Eric : { Laughs} All right, Joe. Thank you America, this will be a slam dunk

In the Back yard , Dick talks to Kail says she is a target because she is in an alliance with Mike. They are always talking game


Kail in Diary room : Evil will go after my alliance.

Kail suggests to Mike that Danni can only really play the game without her dad. She might do that. Kail sits down with Danni and Jameka in the Living Room. She flatters her and puts down Dick - you have come through so much. Kail tells Danni she told Dick he did something right by leaving Danni with his parents.

Danni in Diary room : says Kail is paranoid, campaigning against her dad and trying to play on her emotions

Danni goes to Dick and tells him Kail is campaigning against him, but don't confront her now, they will know it was me Kail sees them and goes to the kitchen, telling Mike and Zach that Evil Dick and Danni are together 100%. Kail says they have to vote Evil Dick out. Nick says Kail is freaked out that Evil Dick might stay, Later, Dick asks if everyone knows Kail is campaigning against him,

Dick says to Kail told him she would tell him if he changed her mind. She says its not Thursday yet. Dick says how could you misrepresent partial conversations and lie about it? Dick says she comes off selfish and transparent. Kail replies , Then why are you having this conversation?

Dick says because I am calling you a liar to your face. And Kail replied Sounds like you're worried.

Dick says Come Thursday, I will be gunning for you where Kail says ,You already were !

Dicks parting remark as he leaves ,You can't expect me to keep my word when you are campaigning against me

Dick leaves and Kail asks the 5 in the room if she has their votes.

Jessica in Diary room : I'm torn because Dick is annoying to live with

Jameka to Kail : I haven't made up my mind.

Julie Chen: Coming up, we talk to the man who got between ex boyfriends Joe and Dustin And the House guest cast their votes for eviction live. But first, let's go to the Diary room.

Kail : I don't like how Evil Dick will take some negative part of your personality and make it your forefront for the whole house

Dustin: I can't trust Joe to fill up a glass of water and not poison it.

Nick: I have a good report with Dick , we get along really well. You can believe him.

Jessica : He is kind of gross.

Nick: When I'm having fun, it often is because of Joe

Jessica : Joe lies to everyone about everything.

Danni: I don't talk to my dad and it is still awkward, but I know he always has my back

Kail : There is just something about Evil Dick that says he needs to go.

Welcome back to Big Brother 8:

Julie : It's time to go to the Living room to talk to the House guest! Hello everyone.

All : Hi Julie

Julie : Danni, you won the Power of Veto for the second time and used it to save yourself. How did it feel to leave him on the block?

Danni: It was a crappy situation, but it was worse being on the block next to him. You got to do what you got to do and it worked out for me.

Julie Chen: Amber, Usually people cry when they are up for eviction. But this week we've seen you cry more than most nominees do. Why?

Amber: I am a from the heart person, very emotional through all this. Always sensitive and won't change. I'm just a crier .

Julie Chen : A question for Magnus and Krognus. Which one has 7 wives?

Mike: that's me.

Nick: I only have one.

Julie Chen : Jen, love the outfit. You've taken the Uni out of unitard. No one could figure out so many ways to wear a unitard. Jessica, could this be a new fashion?

Jessica: No.

Julie Chen : I'll be back later.

Since entering the Big Brother house, Joe and Dustin have accused each other of spreading lies. But what is the real truth behind this volatile relationship?

Clips of Joe and Dustin discussing Nate , Dustin

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July 26th Live show by Fuskie

Previously on Big Brother, When the votes were revealed. Kail realized she was the only one targeting Dick for eviction, and when the rock-n-roll dad took control her worst nightmare came true. Kail confessed everything in the hope of getting on Dick's good side and at the nom ceremony; dick took revenge on the 2 people out to get him. Hoping to deflect dick's wrath onto someone else, Kail sold out someone her alliance. But her plan backfired and At the Power of Veto competition, Dick

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August 9th Live Show by Fuskie

August 9th, 2007 Big Brother Live Show

Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to BB8:

Its day 41 and planes with banners were not the only things flying around the BB house this week.

Rumors and accusations were flying around as well, After Danni won HoH, Kail and Jen were put on the block for a record 3rd week in a row.

But Danni

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Aug 16th Live Eviction by Fuskie

Previously on Bb8, the LNC targeted the Father-daughter alliance. But Ed came up with a plan to ensure his daughter's safety.

Ready to wreak havoc, Ed sent his plan in motion! At the Veto comp, it came down to Dustin vs Ed , When Ed continued to offend Jam, She took it out on Danni And Danni confronted the rest of the house about her feelings.

Knowing that Ed or Danni would becoming off the block, Dust offered himself up as a pawn. But after Jen gave Jess her thoughts on Dustin She began to question Dustin's loyalty.

And Eric's next task for America complicated things even further , At the veto ceremony, Ed sacrificed himself for his daughter. Still confused, Dustin took him up on his offer.

Who will be evicted from the Bb house, Ed or Dustin? And who will become the new HoH? Find out live tonight on Bb8.

Julie : Good evening, I'm Julie Chen and welcome to Bb8. It's day 48 in the Bb house and it's been a week like no other. Never before in Bb history has one nominee gone so far to protect another.

Julie : When he realized he and his daughter were on the outside after last week's eviction, Ed released his fury on all the other Hg. making himself the bigger target.

Then after winning Pov, he used it to save not himself but his daughter, Jess struggled to choose a replacement nominee but ultimately took Dustin up on offer to go as a pawn.

Julie: Confident that he is safe, Dustin is relishing the opportunity to rub it in Ed's face.

Will Father Daughter once more be torn apart? Or as sometimes happens will the pawn go home.

Julie : In just a few minutes, the Hg will vote live and either Dustin or Ed will be evicted.

But first, with Danni now safe for eviction, Ed has put his energy to save himself , But is it too little too late?

Ed in Dr: Thrilled to be on block against Dustin. I Could go home but this could be a big coup. I Don't think it will happen but haven't given up hope.

Dustin in Dr: It's a shame Danni came off the block because I would have liked to have seen Ed freak out when she was evicted.

Dustin doing Ed: I lost my daughter for the 5th time or is it 6th time in my life...Boo hoo.

Jen in Dr: Either Ed or Dustin could leave and I would be content

Danni in Dr: Being in this house is an opportunity of lifetime. For someone to give that up for you means more than anyone would ever know.

Video Clip : Dustin and Jess in HoH. He hugs Jess

Jess: Sorry I put you up on the block.

Dustin: Oh, come on He is something else .We know it would come down to this. Worse case scenario it is a 3 way split and it comes down to your vote.

Dustin: If dank knows what's good for her she votes out her dad

Dustin in Dr: Week 4 I cut off Danni

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Aug 30th Live Show by Fuskie

Roll Open

Previously on Bb8, at the HoH comp, the alliance of Ed, Danni, Eric and Jess stayed in control,

strategically everything was falling into place for Ed and Danni. But their personal relationship took a step backwards Meanwhile, Eric and Jess's romance finally moved forward.

At the nomination ceremony, Jess stayed true to her alliance with Ed and Danni and at the veto comp, Amber and Zach fought for survival but in the end came up short. Fearing that one of them might get backdoor, Danni and Ed began to question their alliance, with all the power in their hands, Jess and Eric debated what to do, But Eric did have his own agenda.

Who will be evicted from the Bb house, Amber or Zach? And who do you want Eric to target for eviction?

Find out live on Bb8

JC: Good Evening, I

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Thursday, September 6th live show

Roll Open, Ready Title

Previously on Bb8

The alliance of Dick, Daniele, Jessica, and Eric dominated for 2 weeks, but both sides began to doubt each other. At the Hoh comp, the alliance finally lost power. Dick and Daniele made a deal with Zach to stay off the block. At the nomination ceremony, Zach granted half their wish, setting the stage for the most important veto comp yet. Holding the veto and 2 of the 3 eviction votes, all the power was in the Donato's hands. Who will be evicted from the Bb house, Jameka or Jessica? And it's a double eviction night. The Hg will participate in a week's worth of competitions and by the end of the hour, a second houseguest will walk out the door.

Good evening, I

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Tuesday Sept 11th Live PoV and Eviction
play by play by Fuskie

Roll Open

Previously on Bb8 Ed Danni and Zach made a deal to take each other to t he final 3 And on a surprise double eviction night, sent the 2 love birds packing. At the HoH comp, it came down to Danni vs. Zach ,Upset about Danni began to question Zach's loyalty And her instincts were right on , And Zach made a side deal with Jam
When Danni questioned Zach about his nominations She didn't like what she heard . Annoyed, Ed let his thoughts be known as well but at the nominations, Zach didn't back down .Who will win Pov and has the Donato
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Thursday Sept 13th Live HoH andEviction

play by play by Fuskie

Previously on Bb 8, Ed, Danni and Z made a deal for the final 3, but when Zach became HoH, he decided to betray the Donates. The stage was set for the final and most important Veto comp yet And Danni

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