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Kail Week 2


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What drives me bunkers about Jameka is that her responses are mostly "mhhmhh" or "yeah" to not just Kail, but anyone who approaches her, then she wonders why people don't tell her stuff. She plays it too darn safe and it drives me crazy
eventually that will catch up to her :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

are all the hg this year delusional add kail to the list :flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates::flags_unitedstates:

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As the sole vote for Joe, I find her very 'careful' words interesting.

"I vote to evict evil."

Well, the house voted to keep evil, at least for now.

I agreed.

I would vote to keep a solid balance in the house.

Evil, however grating, does provide that.


ETA: And now he's going to have his day in court. It will be fascinating to see how he does. Begging the question, I will be curious to learn the result: Can one ever have simply too much dick?

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