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Kail Week 2


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Kail Harbick



Business Owner

McKenzie Bridge, Ore.



Grease, Dirty Dancing

TV Shows

Big Brother, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives


Tom Cruise


Julia Roberts, Sandra Bullock



Sports to Play

Weight-lifting, running, basketball, golf

Sports Teams

Portland Trailblazers, University of Oregon, Dallas Cowboys

Outdoor Activities

Golf, running




Gospel music, country music


Teriyaki chicken over rice


Lucky Charms marshmallows


Chocolate chip

Candy Bars

Nestle Crunch

Alcoholic Drinks

No favorite


Mocha iced tea

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Her favorite TV Shows are Grey's Anatomy and Desperate Housewives. I hope she knows those both have gay characters on them. RUN KAIL! RUN FROM YOUR UNREASONABLE FEARS! AHHH...

Uh, anyways, I think Kail is pretty much safe with Jen in power this week. I guess it just goes to show you that not being mean to someone everyone else in the house hates can come back to help you.

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I dunno... if America picks Kail, it will be interesting to see what Eric can do to sway Jen's nominations. I like him a lot more after tonight's episode-- he seems like the ultimate "Big Brother Nerd".

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It'll be interesting to see how Queen Kail copes as she has to live among the common folk downstairs.

My guess is she is going to be ucomfortable.

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Kail is sleeping upstairs with Jen she said but keeping a drawer downstairs. Kail is just really sucking up to everyone right now. What a bi+ch.

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Yah, we all knew that Kail wouldn't sleep downstairs. She's gonna be holed up in the HOH with Jen. There is NO way she is being nominated this week. We need to vote for members of her alliance and Joe to be put up on the block this week.

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What the HELL??!!! Kail is sleeping in the HOH room with Jen?

I seriously believe there should be a house rule against that. Once you're no longer HOH, get your ass downstairs with the rest of the crowd.

Come to think, though, this could e a good thing. She could alienate some of the others with her "Look at me - I'm still sleeping in the HOH room 'cause I'm Queen Kail and you're not" atitude.

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I can see it now - Week #2 with Queen Kail as HOH. Her boys will be knocking on HER door for permission to enter and talk strategy.

Meanwhile, Jen will just sit there. She may eventually ask "May I say something?" Queen Kail will say "Yes, in a moment - I'll tell you when.

Why don't you wait outside now until the boys and I are finished?"

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While I dislike Kail for some of the things she has said, I honestly hope that she stays in the house for awhile if only so that maybe her mind might be opened a bit and exposed to other experiences.

While I disagree with her beliefs, I have to say, she doesn't seem like a "hateful" person like Eric from Season 6. I think she has been smart in aligning herself with the hot boys in the house regardless of whether they will actually be her bitches. She is at least trying to stay afloat as one of the oldest players, who got HoH first, who isn't necessaily around people who are in her normal comfort zone.

As much as I take personal offense at her gay statement, I also have to say that she doesn't seem like a bad person and she is at least making an effort to play the game. Hell, if staying in the HoH room helps her stay safe another week, why shouldn't she at least try?

I don't want her to win, but i hope that she stays long enough to maybe change her feelings about certain things.


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and she keeps suggesting pairs other than Dick and Danielle, who Jen is leaning towards.

but a few minutes before that, I had to get up off the floor. Kail told Jen she's never heard of one of Jen's music selections; a lil band called U2! LOL- Oregon can't be that secluded.....

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Dick, Jameka, Jessica, and Daniele are talking about Kail sleeping in the HoH room and how she said earlier today that she was excited about migling with all of them and Daniele says yeah right...

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There is no way this woman is ever going to have her mind opened or expanded to anything other than what is in her world. She is way, way too self-righteous and narrow in her views already. A woman her age -- and with her convictions -- does not grow -- no matter what kind of life experience she has.

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Kail is in control of the nominations ~ Jen is going to be her little puppet.

And to keep that control, the poor woman had to stay up until 4 this morning while Jen rambled on. :animated_rotfl:

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when i left the scene, an hour later, Nick and Jen were having a heart to heart talk, and making up. I think Jen's still thinking of putting up Dick and Dani.

Not sure on the nom's, I think the HG's were guessing Sat.

spelling edit

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