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July 10, Live Feed Updates

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Kail and Jen in weight room working out. On cam's 3 and 4, just chit chat no talk of any substance, talking about work out stuff.

Jen talking about working on for 3 hours on the treadmill and that should be 20 miles. Personally I dont think she will last.

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Joe in kitchen with Amber, Jameka and Danielle, having some ice cream. Joe just told Jameka that chocolate ice cream reminds him of her.

Jameka now sharing her 6th grade mint chocolate chip story.

Danielle shared that she got strep throat from pineapple juice. Amber asking who still has their tonsils and finds out that she is the only one who does not still have them.

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Jen just told Kail that she is going to go for three hours, that should be twenty miles. Kail just said Yeah. (I am thinking if Jen is wanting the mothering touch Kail isn't the one for the job as Kail told the group days ago that she played mom for the first ten years, now it is her husband's job to be parent till the kids are 18).

(sorry posted it on the last thread before I realized it was closed. )

Mod note - it's not a problem. we can move them for you.

Thank you for your posts


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From the Showtime Feed about 10, 15 minutes ago (took me that long to find my password):

Kail stopped Mike (or maybe it was Zach I think), and told him they had to change things up and get rid of Amber because of some alliance scheme she was trying to pull...she stated we don't have much time....Mike (or Zach) agreed, walked into the bathroom and told Nick who immediately shook his head yes and agreed saying Ok.......

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During Showtime 2 for the last half hour:

Outside, Jessica, Jen, Dick and Eric are around the hottub and pool. Jen is wearing a hot pink bikini and bent over with her rear end right in the camera while she put on wet shorts, and a little top. She lifted her legs straight in the air while sticking her arms straight out at her sides and did little circles with them. At times, she made lots of moaning sounds, and Eric commented on the sounds she was making. While this was going on, Eric, Dick and Jessica had a cannonball contest, with Jen alternately worrying that they would hit the far side of the pool and commenting on how high the water went. When they all went back into the hot tub, Dick and Eric asked the girls if water from the hot tub or a water slide ever shoots up their vagina. Jen says no, but it has done that with her butt before. She says you'd have to be "trying" to get it to do that with your vagina, as it is the wrong angle.

Meanwhile, in the house, Amber sits on a chair with Dustin sitting behind her at the table. Nick and others are sitting around the table and they get up and do various things. Mike starts cleaning. He cleans the bathroom, including the mirrors and the floor, on his hands and knees. (He does a lot of the cleaning in the house.--ed) Amber comes in and brushes her teeth and offers to help, but he says he is just about finished. He only has the toilet to go, and she says she will do that, then. (Earlier, Dustin went into the toilet with a huge bottle of lotion. Nick said, "AGAIN??"---ed)

At one point (before Dustin went into the bathroom) Kail talked to Mike in a hurry and said they had to get Amber out--NOW. They have to change things up because of an alliance they think Amber has going. Mike agreed Kail told him to talk to the others. (She actually pointed at him like a dog she was training--ed) Nick walked in the room and Mike told him they are switching up and voting out Amber. Nick said no--he saw something else going on with an alliance. Mike said, "Oh, that changes things, then." He said he'd have to talk to her (Kail) again, then.

Back in the hot tub, Jen seems to be trying to make conversation with Dick. Jessica seems to be trying to be one of the "guys." They talk about how Amber did a "repair job" on Dick's fingernails, and now they are black with red tips. Jen says that is cool--it's like a blaze, like his hair. They talk about how only 4 of the 14 don't have tattoos. They talk about Eric's nipple rings. They talk about their cars. Nick says that his biggest worry was leaving his car with his son, as he will sail over speed bumps and bottom out. Eric says his biggest worry is that his brother will move his girlfriend into their apartment, and he does not want that. Jen tells a story about when she had a Miata convertible, and someone cut out the top and stole her laptop and credit cards and a bunch of other stuff and it cost a lot to fix the car's top, and she was afraid to leave anything in the car after that. She also says she owned a Mercedes SL. Dick says she should stick with hard top convertibles.

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Mike is in the kitchen with Zach. He says that he will speak with Kail again and calm her down. Zach says she gets easily paranoid. They talk about how Kail wanted to get Amber out. They are counting votes. Unfortunately, Eric is screaming and laughing so loudly with Dick in the shower, it is impossible to hear what Mike and Zach are saying in the kitchen, and they are not even whispering. Zach has toilet paper up to his face, as he has picked it until it is bleeding.

The camera people are excited and focus two cameras in on the steamed-up shower door in the HOH bathroom, as Jen and Jess shower together. They have their suits on, by the way.

Jen says she loves that shower so much more than the other one. Jen agrees and says that Kail always says, "Come on up!" She says that the guys shower in the HOH shower all of the time.

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The camera switches to the storage room, where Mike is informing Kail that they have to keep things as they are and not vote out Amber. (I didn't catch all of the conversation--ed) He says something about Joe and Dustin, and that alliance. Kail says that they have to do everything they can to keep their alliance strong. Mike asks if she is okay with this, and she says yes. Then she says that they have to protect her, because she "doesn't have a deal wtih anybody!" Mike says he will talk to Amber for her.

Eric is loudly telling everyone that he was just exposed in the shower, full frontal. He says that there was a good 10 seconds of full frontal nudity on Showtime. (Nobody really cares, Eric --ed)

It's story time again in the silhouette room, and Joe is putting on his scarf. Kail is loudly eating an apple, which is right in our ears. Thanks, Kail.

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Joe has on the whole storytelling ensemble, and he sighs as he becomes a little irritated because Jen and Jess walked in the room and got some attention, when he is getting ready for his usual dramatic beginning.

Joe: Are we ready to begin now??

Joe begins his story, and Carol rudely gets up and walks over and picks something up, right in front of him. Then, the girls start talking about chips and giggling, and Joe is obviously a little peeved. Kail then asks if they are waiting for the Eric, and he says yes. He asks for chips, and one of the girls says he is "all that and a bag of chips."

Joe is going to tell 3 stories, and there is "no common denominator" in the stories.

Jen goes to yell for Eric.

Joe: A plus for all of the people who are here and ready to go. I think it's nice and polite of us to be willing to wait....

After a few more minutes, Joe says, "It's a good thing that we have this extra time, because to be quite frank....I have no stories to tell."

They laugh and say he's doing some quick thinking on his feet, then.

Jameka thanks Mike for the bathroom, and says she will do it next.

Carol is lying in one of the beds in the silhouette room with Zach. They are wrestling and she is giggling.

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10:55 BBT

Still all 4 feeds on Dick

Wandering around the BY cleaning up, straightening the chess board, starting a load of towels.

Dustin joins Dick in the BY and asks "Are you the only one not doing story time?"

They then discuss how lame that is that everyone is doing story time.

Turns out story time is over because Joe was telling stories from books.

Mike and Eric run out of the room as soon as they hear.

11:03 BBT

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Dick just said that BB is putting an end to copyrighted stories. Looks like no more storytime

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Joe is now bragging on himself. He says that nothing can compare with that first storytime with the lights off. It was the atmosphere. He says "That's what I'm good at." He says he is good at creating the atmosphere with his voice and the setting. He says he can "draw each person in" and he makes eye contact with each person. After bragging for a while, he says, "I guess that's not very modest...." (Um, no. It's not. --ed)

There's a big mystery going on about Jameka's waffles. They have disappeared in the space of an hour. Mike told her that they were there an hour ago. Someone (sounds like Dani) tells her that she remembers seeing someone eating waffles, but it wasn't Jameka. Jameka wants to know who she saw, but she claims she can't remember. Then, she says she thinks it was Eric. However, Zach says no, it wasn't Eric. (It wasn't because he was in the pool/hot tub).

Dani has been lying down all evening. I haven't seen her move from the bed. (Probably weak from lack of food. --ed)

Amber, Dani and Jameka are hanging out in the silhouette room. Dustin comes in and asks if he can talk to Jameka about something. He is nearly whispering. She asks if they need to go to another room. He says no. He says that he was in another room and he heard someone talking, and he realized she was looking for something.

Jameka: You ate them?

Dustin: YES!

Jameka asks if they were at least good--she wants to know he enjoyed them. She is happy as long as he enjoyed them.

Dustin says he didn't realize they were "Jameka-specific" waffles, and he thought they were leftovers.

Jameka is completely nice about it. He is genuinely sorry.

Jameka says that is okay. "As long as it was you, I don't mind."

Dustin thanks her and says that they were really good, and then "there was talk of, someone's looking for those."

Dustin says he was in the middle of chewing and then froze.

Jameka says that is funny, and totally okay.

Joe is outside talking music with Dick. They are smoking together and talking.

Jameka is still in the bed with Dustin, talking. She says that it is around 2 a.m. at home, and the best thing about going to bed in the house is that it makes another day end, and a new one come.

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11:08 in the BR Jameka still trying to figure oyt who ate her waffle. Danile says that it might of been Eric and Jameka says it wasn't. Jameka just said she's over it

Jameka alerts BB that the speakers are still on and says she'll keep saying it til they get irritaed [or us]

She wonders what tomorrow will consist of

Jameka asks Amber if she's going to sleep and Amber says soon.

Danile alerts Jameka to say "thank you" to BB for turning off the speaker.

Dustin comes in to talk to Jameka and someone informed him she was looking for something and admits to eating her waffle. Jameka not upset as long as he enjoyed it. He did. Dustin said "I'm so sorry"

Amber says "at least you owned up to it ...good boy"

Dustin felt the need to confess and continues how good they were.

Jameka asking how Dustin ripped his jeans

"is bedtime coming around for you Dustin" he says it 11:00...Jameka says the good thing about bedtime is it gets you to the next day.

Dustin ask Nick if he's more comfortable on the flloor where he has room to stretch out. Nick's reply "yea"

Jameka and Dustin talking about the time change and how it has affected them . Jameka says since she's been in the house she's adapted.

Jenn came in and asks "chillin" Jameka says she can't believe 20 miles and jen says she can't believe it..Dustin says the most she ever worked out was 60 minutes but today she couldn't stop ..and was pissed when the machine shut off.

Dustin.."God that's insane" Jameka agrees Even without eating dinner.

Dustin jokingly says he did some cocain before he came in the house... Jen says she's never did that..she's already hyperactive and that's why she doesn't drink anything caffeine.

Dustin says time for goldf and Jen says she needs to pluck her eyebrows but can't find her tweezers


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11:23 BBT Close up of Jenns cosmetics .Jameka offers the use of her tweezers. Jenn says she should do face masks but Jameka says she just peroxides her face

In comes Jess and says what's going on and clearly sees nothing and says "this house sucks" someone calls her "miss liquor box"

News alert Jen found her tweezers.

Seems Joes big mouth has woken up everyone in the room

Talking about teeth whitening spit cups.

Somebody asks why Jen has so many gloves..Jenn tells her it was for hair dye. Jameka chimes in that they come in handy for enemas. Jess said she found out today what an enema was.

Talks to dye and roots..and we get FOTH

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Jess talking about her flips into the pool and how Eric almost bust his skull. Jessica admits that she was a pool rat. Jameka surprised how much water came out of the pool and Jess said the speakers got wet.

Talk turns to dressing up on Thursday not realizing that Ambers still in the room and amber sarcastically says "I can't wait"

Jessica said she's a bar girl. Jameka asks if she is a Coyote Ugly bar girl and Jess says she's never been there that she goes to bars in Kansas and Oklahoma.

Talking about LA bar scene and how fun it will be after BB. Jessica doesn't want to do laundry and Jameka says that she doesn'y have to since Eric does it for her.

Jen goes back to face mask talk.

Jameka starts singing again and FOTH

They talk about Amy someone singing and the MTV Awards. Jameka says she fought one of her fans but Jameka says Pink says it wasn't her..They all love Pink[singer not color]

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11:38 BBT In the kitchen Zach confronting Dustin about his relationship with Amber and where he stands...He says it sounds that the vote is split down the middle.

Starts talking about Joe. DR BB warning

Dustin Zach talking about Joe's over the top at dinner and all it gains is negativity.

Dustin says Joe is a brick and he is drowning slowly. Zach says it's a given that they will come after each other. Zach says at this point that he's not very friendly to him and doesn't like him. It could change and Zach says "a tiger never loses its stripes"

Mike just eating not saying anything.

Zach talks about making up a drinking game while laying on the couch with Nick. If you say I or you or something like that you drink.

Uneasy quiet.

Dustin brings up someone "(ens I think) fake breasts and Zack says they were not done very well and Dustin says where they A's as they are not that effen big.

Uneasy silence again. Dustin looks like he wants to get the hell out of the kichen.

Ask Dustin if he wants in on the I or you drinking game

Dustin is You and Mike and Zach are I's.

You can clearly hear Jen and Zach says "she's so fucked up"

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11:51 BBT Jenn comes in ask that they can't sleep.

Jenn talks about her eyebrows and Dustin ask if she does maintinance and she says only plucks the hair that grows out.

Dustin seems more relaxed that Jen walked in. Talks about if she has a date. Ask about when the contest is and tell her wednesday.

Now the three are laughing about Jen and Zach wants to go to DR to make fun of her. Dustin making fun of Jens eye brow plucking story. that there were so many I's when she talks thst all their drinks were gone becasue that had to drink evertime Jen said I

Nick is in. Zach looking at him reminded him about the I You drinking game. Nick looks confused.

Nick says Jen try to join him in the hammock but left. Talking about Jen's is all about her.

Now Eric and Dick are in the kitchen. Eric wonders where all the ladies are refering this situation like a 10th grade Boys on one side girls on the other.

Jessica wants a beer bong and they are trying to figure out how to make one. Dustin says she's a ragging....{alcholic]

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12:08 BBT Nick and Amber talking in the bedroom. Kail sleeping Dick comes in and asks says she always sleeping and asks if she's sick of Jen too. Tells them to go outside.

Kail wakes up and ask if she snored. Kail wants to know what she missed while she was asleep. Amber tells her she wasn'y asleep that long and Kail tells her that it seems like she was asleep forever.

Joe hops in bed with Amber. Amber tells him he "reeks of alcohol" Amber says it's not bad since her boyfriend smells like that in bed "stay close stay close"

Joe says he can't wait for the game pace to pick up since thaey haven't had a comp in over a week. Joe ask Jameka if her BF smokes.

Jameka aks Danile to come out but says no.

Joe goes over and lays on top of Nick who is laying on the floor. Talk about Jen chasing him off the hammock.

Veto talk[ missed it]

silence..everyone looks really tired.

Amber jokingly asks Joe to tell her about the Shannon Elizabeth story.

Joe said he had a strait friend and use to tell him give him 60 seconds and if he got him hard then he could play with it. Nick laughs and says it's about friction. Joe says that he got down to 10 sec but his friend never took the offer. Nick says what his friend would get out of it if he loses and jokes around and says he would let him drag him with his truck.

Amber talks about the head of her BF's penis Dick says you like balls and cocks

Dick asks are these all one persons shoes and Joe says they are all Danieles.

Joe says he's going to bed and lays on Nick again and talks about a guy who's he been with.

Amber says you have been with lots of guys and he says yes and hopefully 7 more when this is all over.

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12:33 BBT all feeds on dining table everyone(who's up) talking.

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Joe and Dustin in BY in the hammock, having a heart to heart. Joe talking about giving Dustin respect and not getting it back over the past couple of days.

Dustin saying that you asked for this respect, and did not give it back to me, I have not told anyone about our outside of the house life, and you went around and had a lot to say about me.

"You asked for this respect and gave me none" Dustin.

Joe, you can't say that I gave you a deadline, and you want me to make decisions about my life that is on your schedule. You are so closed off to a relationship, until you are 100% fully satisfied with you life.\\

What a bunch of blowing sunshine up someone else's ass. Now FOTH on this.

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12:48 BBT In the bedroom Dustin tries to talk to Amber and both Mike and Zack walked in. Amber explains her BF does this to help her sleep. Joe comes in talks about the food comp.

Now Joe and Dustin are on the hammock outside talking. Talking about Dustin kmows Thursday is the eviction because he asks the right people at the right time.

Joe wants to know why he called the meeting. Joe says don't be mad that he stirred the Jen shit up and Dustin says that he isn't mad.

Joe talks that his behavior will probably save his and Dustin's ass.

Dustin says that there was a level of respect and that he's given him repect and he hasn't received the same in exchange. Joe says it's the opposite and that it's Dustin is being disrespectful talking about him.

Relationship talk. Selfishness, not being open, and Joe says Dustin will never be ready for relationship because there is no magical day comes along and magically you're grown up.

Joe says he will not last a week if he doesn't change his mind set.

Joe says that they are in a game and not real life. The only real life is him and Dustin. Joe says there is no trust with him.

Joe says there are no reason to apologize to each other even though Dustin never does. Joe says to lighten up and don't take jokes so seriously.

Joe ask him he brought out to talk about game and Dustin said no.

Dustin tells him it hard to see him without seeing pain and lies. Joe says when did I lie. Dustin said when you stole all his friends and even admitted he did. Dustin doesn't like how he tells everyone that "spoon fed him a life"

Dustin trying to see him as a new person.


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