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July 26, Live Feed Updates

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Amber, Dani and Jam in kitchen talking. Amber says she can't take any more and then wants to know if people have to pay to see them on house calls. Dani says no but they do have to pay for the ring tones and stuff. More talk about Amber's ring tones and we get FOTH.

They are back and talking about ice cream and cookies versus ab class.

( I need to go to bed. Promised my hubby I would try to make it to bed before 2 am tonight LOL Can someone take over? Night )

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Dani, Amber, Jameka, Dustin, Mike around the kitchen counter.

Dustin goes to do cardio while Dani taunts him with sweets. Jameka told Dustin, "You're better than that fatty Dustin!" Dustin comes back.

They're laughing, enjoying themselves.

Du: I'm not going to stand for you fat bitches to get up in my grill. (lol)

They're getting cookies from the oven.

(jessica, eric, jen, nick, kail in the HT but not listening to them)

Dani says her mom is as small as she is after five kids.

Amber saying the cookies are so hot, she burned herself.

Amber says she didn't mean to make dinner a WS (weird scene).

Talk of the argument between Amber and Dick between the three ladies.

Kail comes in saying it stinks outside. Dick comes in. Jameka is called to the DR and hums the rocky theme while she is going and then FOTH for about a second.

Dick asks Amber if he'll do his hair or if she is still mad at him. Amber is not looking Dick in the eye (or trying not to) but is talking to him.

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Zach bashing about what Zach does with the door. Dick saying none of those things are personal. Dick commenting he's gotten into arguments with Jameka about religion. Dick is saying he disagrees, big deal.

A: You try to make me look like

D: It was my opinion

A: I already knew that, you said that 2 seconds before. I was just like you know.... it doesn' matter

D: If you odn't know me by now and i say what's on my mind. I'm not going to get upset you're a dumbfuck if you give your dog $10,000 of operations. I would put my dog down before that. Everyone has different opinions. Chocolate milk anybody?

D: And it doesn't mean I love you any less

Amber laughs some and some side comments from Dani.

Jameka comes out, Dani goes into DR. Dani says "MIke, get out of my way" in a joking way. She's been looking at him a lot when he walks by.

Jameka said "mm-hmm" when no one was even talking to her.

4 times in 10 seconds she said it.

Talking about how they love cookies. Jameka and Amber decide to go outside on the hammock after Amber gets a drink. They're asking what they are wearing tomorrow (this is fun stuff).

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Zach saying he can pull off major booty with his moves in clubs. He said he has moves and shit. He's talking about his game with the girls in the club.

The three go outside and Jameka/Amber go to hammock while zach goes to talk to the hot tub people. The HT people were talking about the first HOH questions.

A/J hammock

A: What am I going to do with Dick?

J: Stop responding

A: me? I'm just sick of him thinking he knows it all.

I'm trying to transcribe what Amber is saying but she is jumping all over the place. Talking about HOH sleeping arrangements, the pictures, not really making too much sense or progress with what she is saying because she keeps changing topics. Amber says she told Dick he bothered her the past few days. Talking about Dick slamming the sliding glass door. It's hard to follow her conversation. She's talking about her altercations with Dick in recent days.

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Amber saying Jen was cooler than him when he was HOH in response to his "I'm the coolest HOH" comment. Amber commenting how Dick was letting people sleep in his HOH and saying he was bragging about himself being the most considerate.

A: It's all about him. He's trying to prove himself

J: that's how thinks he's going to get the votes and be able to stay in.

A: He always approaches me after all these situations. We can disagree and I go, "I was stickign up for what is right in that situation and you said you think it's so ridiculous when girls have dogs and love both their daughter and dogs." He said that was just his opinion and I said that it was directed towards me. He also brought up the religion thing

J: that was only one time and that was it because I learned from that. I don't engage him

A: He goes I don't know why you let me get to you so much and I say it's only you!. Yea zach annoys me but not like Dick. I don't know what you're trying to do but you're the only reason I'm tense in this house and he just has to get the last word in and slam the door.

Amber talks about recent events tonight in the house about the argument and the aftermath.

A: I can't take it anymore, he picks on me. Nick and Dani got into a fight in the HOH. Dani pulls me into weight room, 2 minutes later, Nick walks in. I'm like you guys are all over the place and Dani storms out and Nick is like what. (she talks way too fast).

A: I don't need him (Dick). I have many more votes than he does. He said he's been the most steady. But he got HOH and went on a fucking power trip. Whenever our little group is together. He keeps trying to call me out.

More talk about Dick, different situations, why she doesn't like him.

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Amber tells Jam that /dick said he'd been the coolest HOH. amber does not agree, she thinks Jen has been the coolest HOH. Amber says Dick just keeps picking on her and she can't take it anymore. Jam says Dick only tried that with her once and she parked him.

Amber says Dick keeps telling her he needs her, that he trusts her. Amber doesn't think she needs Dick. Not because she has a big head but she thinks that if she's put up with Dick, she has more votes to stay.

Amber says Dick told her he had told the others that she (Amber) is an emotional wreck to throw them off so that they wouldn't know how close they are. amber says she told him "but, we're not even that close" and that dick said that he meant that she knew he has her back and he knows she has his.

Amber thinks Dick may think she's weak player because she cries, but he also knows that she's the only one not afraid to stand up to him because everybody else is intimidated by him, jameka intejects "not me" she says she's also not afraid to stand up to Dick and has done so.

Amber asks Jam if she notices how ED is with her, Jam says she has.

Amber says that Dick will have no problem taking all the credit infront of Kail if she (Kail) stays to use it to his advantage. Jam...hmmmhmmmm...Amber tells Jam that Dick had said when he was on the block that it was funny how Jam had said she was 100% behind him but when he tried to get from her how she would vote she would not give him an answer.

Amber and Jameka tell each other they trust and love one another. Amber thinks God is in there with her in the form of Jameka, Jameka tells Amber she thinks of her as an angel and that's why she (Jam) was crying when Amber was massaging her back cuz she could feel it (?).

Amber says she thinks there are only 4 solid people in the house Eric, Jam, dustin and her. but she feels closer to Jam and dustin. The only problem with Justin is that he's not into god like her and Jam are then asks Jam to explain what does it mean to be Jew. Jameka explains that the Jewish people believe in god but not in Jesus. Ambers asks about the Mormons, Jam doesn't know much about them. They talk about other religions that believe in Jesus.

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10:42 BBT Just turned my feeds on so I'm coming mid convos.

Dustina nd Kail talking in the bathroom and Dustin and her are laughing. Jess saying nothing and Eric walks in. Kail seems really upbeat.

Jess lost her mic and Eric jokes $4000 down the drain. Jess thinks Eric took it.

Zach comes in and says she put it in her pillow..Jess says "thank you Zachary" Jess blaming her for hiding it

Dani says she doesn't care who to vote out. Dani waiting because some people are 49%-51% on their vote.

whispering to each other can't hear. Dani says he should say something and says "I know what you mean"

Eric whislting and still teasing Jess about her mic

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10:50 BBT

Jameka Dustin and Amber

Talking about Kail and the reasons she pput her up. Amber says shewas their target because none of that alliance wanted her in the final two because she was a single mom.

Dustin trying to put the blame Nick and Zach.

dustin says maybe Kail was the ring leader and wanted to be the only mom with a sob story. Someone says that would be vicious.

Jameka can't believe Dustin would say something like that. Amber lamenting that she told her that they were both moms.

Amber says her sister is screaming at the TV.

10:54 BBT

ERic talking about Dustin saying Kail would be "puty in my hand" and his argument was all "ME ME ME" And Kail would be a vote for him.

Jen walks up convo comes to halt. Talking about ice cream.

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10:58 BBT

Eric and Jen talking about the time difference and and sleep patterns

Jen says convos are never really private as they get spread around in no time flat.

Jen tells Eric "I love our talks we had in the HOH" ERic says "those were the days when we were young and innocent"

Eric smells something terrible and hopes it not Jen jokingly. Kail sitting there telling Eric she wants to get flipped.

Not talking anything with substance.

Back at the hammock and Dustin Amber and Jameka still talking about Kail. Jameka says that since Evel is a bartender and people open up to him and when she doesn't talk to him he gets mad because it's an Ego thing.

They are worried that Dick wanted to tell Kail she's safe and she will spill a everything to him.

Amber says she wants to keep Kail because she will put Nick and Evel up.

Jameka hmm mmm hmm mmmm

Amber thinks Jen and Kail are no longer together. Saying Jen is so hung up on Nick that she even knows how many beers he drinks.

Amber "he's a smart cookie and pays attention to shit" Jameka says she knows everything about the house and Dustin says he knows all that stuff too.

Dustin the reason Kails here is pity beacuse of three seasons of applying. Jameka doesn't buy it and "something is up" Dustin wondering if her body looks like she's had three kids. Jameka says it does.

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11:10 BBT

Eric talking to Jess with Jen sitting there Eric said he decided not to talk religion or politics with anyone.

Jen called to DR. Eric aplogizing for joking around with her religious beliefs and Jess says it's ok Talking about Jews being ok people Jess ""I like Jews"

Dick up in the HOH saying that the info he gave out was benficial and appreciated by the entier house he tells Kail. Telling her why should he keep her in since he's her target. Telling her why should he trust her since she lied to him.

Kail doesn't understand why he's asking since he's sure she's going home. Dick says with his "clout" and the respect from the other HG he could change things.


Dick lecturing Kail about opinions." Knocking you out in the thrid week would be a mother fucker" Kail talking how she handles dissapointment well and talking about God shaping her life. She says she 100% fine if she's gone and God has plans for her and it's not for her "to know why"

Kail is hoping she'll be here and doesn't give up like she hasn't since season 5. Evel telling her how can anyone can trust her. Evel saying he has a better pulse on the house then her. kail says everything changes on a dime in the BB house.

Telling her he may be a target but he's been upfront and HG respect him for it.

Kail asking if he wants a bargain or deal. Kail say she never wants HOH again. She says she'll keep all her opinions to herself. Dick says there is no guarantee she won't put him up.

Kail says "i'm not saying anything again,,I just want to coast and have fun..I don't want HOH or have an opinion on anything" going on about fun and all she wants the responsiblity to vote "that's all"

Dick skeptical telling her his HOH was Hard and Kail agrees and says doesn't want it again.

Talking about the perks wasn't "worth the bullshit"

dick says no matter what.. the people you put up will never forget you put them up. Dick telling the story he expected to go up 3-4 times.

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11:25 BBT

Kail says "I'm done being agressive" and just wants to just float. Dick says he hope she is.

Dick says between her and Mike hasn't lied bullshitted may have lied but heard if he got HOH he would have put him and Dani up.

Tells her tomorrow he expects her to go but you never know....Kails says I guess we'll just havr to wait til tomorrow.

11:29 BBT

On the outside couch Jess Eric Jen and now Mike joined them

They want to play a game Mike says "Let's play pack my bags" All say that doesn't sound like fun.

Eric says that BB tries to make him "make mean goddbye messages" prodding him "come on don't you have more than that" FOTH

dustin and Amber whispering into each other's ears

Amber keeps getting warnings to not obsrtuct her microphone.....

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Dick (knowing that he has already told the house to vote out Mike) has now decided that he wants to get something out of "saving" Kail, even though he isn't really saving her--he's taking out Mike, whom he deems the bigger threat.

Earlier in the evening, Amber and Jameka were in the hammock and Amber was saying she feels so angry because Dick came to her and said that he might go and tell Kail that he was able to get everyone to keep her. Amber said that he didn't need to take credit for her (Amber's) vote! She was voting that way without him telling her to do so.

So, now Dick is talking to Kail, and he is acting very nervous, talking fast, and acting very confrontive toward her. "Why should I do" this or that, on and on. He has been talking for a while now. Kail hasn't asked him to do anything for her, so she is very confused by the purpose of this conversation that he wanted to have with her. (Kail has already gone to several of the houseguests, and they have told her they will probably vote for her, so she feels pretty confident about the vote, regardless of what Dick has told her--ed).

Kail keeps asking Dick why he is saying all of this to her. Is he looking for her to offer him a deal, or make him a promise? She hasn't made him a promise, and yet he says things like "Why should I even believe a promise from you, after you lied to me and campaigned to get me out??" He is acting as though Kail came to him and offered him a deal or promise, and yet she hasn't done that. (I understand why Dick is doing this, as he wants something out of not voting Kail out. But he is not doing a good job of this at all--ed)

Dick is saying that Mike has never lied to him, has been pleasant to be around, etc. He's griping about how he has had a hard HOH stint, and he has done what the house wanted and they have thanked him for doing this work for them, basically. He says that houseguests have come up to him and thanked him for taking out Kail.

Dick seems to almost be taunting Kail at one point, saying that she has tried for three years to get on the show, has been to the semi=finals and then found that they didn't want her, and she has tried and persevered. He says that she must really, really want this--he's not a fool! And it must really suck, it is horrible for her that Dick has taken this chance away from her in only the third week! (I'm not sure if he wants her to cry, or applaud, or fall at his feet--it's getting ridiculous--Cat) Kail just says that she feels that God has had a reason for not putting her into the other seasons, and she understands that, and she has been at peace this week with whatever happens.

Dick says that he could make several comments about her "God" comments, but he won't. Then he starts griping about how awful being HOH is. Kail agrees and says she doesn't want to be HOH again. She just wants to go with "what the house wants." She doesn't want an opinion any more. He pounces on that and says, "You don't want an OPINION??" She says she means she doesn't want a side, or to campaign for anything any longer. She just wants to have fun and be there and enjoy it. She says she has had the most fun in the past few days that she has had the whole time she's been there, and she would just continue on that way. Dick says that you can't just have fun--even if you aren't HOH, you have to perform in the comps. He says people wouldn't appreciate it if she stopped performing in those! He keeps saying that with the way she has lied to him, why should he even bother to help her, or to believe anything she tells him??? Again, she is confused, as she hasn't asked him to do so, and she says she doesn't know what he wants.

(Dick's really made a mess of this--ed)

I forgot to mention this, but earlier Amber and Dustin and Jameka were in the hammock, and Jen came up to them, and Amber basically told her that they were talking and she should leave. She sing-songed "Sor-ry!"

Then Eric came by, and she told him the same thing, but then said she was joking, and told him to come back. He was offended, though. So then Amber was offended that Eric seemed offended.

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11:37 BBT

Amber telling Dustin if Dick ever goes up with Dani she's voting him off and she's not throwing the POV like she did last time.

Jen comes over Amber apologizing for shooing her away earlier because she was with Zach.

On the Patio

Eric says the he's "100% certain" Zach's streaking made it to the show.

Eric is wondering where the chess pieces went. He said he went upstairs to play chess and they weren't there.

No real game talk since Mike and Kail are sticking to everyone like glue.

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11:49 BBT

Amber is going to dye Dicks hair up in the hOH.

Outdoor HG sitting around the patio just talking....

Dick telling Amber his opinion is only his opinion and not to take it personal because it's only his opinion. Telling her she can call him an "asshole and a jerk off" and he'll know it's just her opinion. Dick says it's coming into her relationship and he doesn't want to . He says he wanted to seperate himself from her and Dustin to squash rumor the three of them are an Alliance. Amber says "we're not" Dick telling her perception is everything.

Amber telling Dick that she was the target since she was a single mom. Daniele told her that. Their strategy was to target her and use Carol as the pawn and worried she would be unbeatable in final two.

Dick says it proves "Kail is full of shit" Amber saying "i know"

Kail and Jemakeeka come and Dick sends them away.

Amber saying Nick "is obsessed with Daniel" he's done a complete 180 and she doesn't trust him. Dick tells her Dani is trusting him less.

Amber saying "i like him as a person" but saying she doesn't trust him.

calling him a psycho "he has issues" and he's in "love with daniele.


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The HOH Beauty Salon is still going.

Talking about how Nick "the Golden Boy" has fallen from graces. Dick still trying to bring Amber back into the fold by reassuring his that opinions are not personal and he doesn't yell at her that's how he talks.

Dick going over his convo with kail {see previous posts} earlier. Amber seems to have picked up hmm mmm from Jameka.

Amber says she can't believe she was teir target.....Dick saying Dustin telling him what agreat job he did as HOH and how it meant a lot to him.

Dick "irks my nuts" raging who hid his clicker for the spy screen. "whoever took it can explain to BB who took it"

Dick full of self gratification for bringing everything into the open and "fucked them even harder"

Dick says he was upset people thought he was the mustard bandit. Amber who was it then" Dick says if he thought it was him she said a little.

Amber says do you think it was Nick? Dick says it might have been Nick or Zach.

Dick talking how Nick and Zach will never trust Kail for selling them out.

Amber didn't know what a sub alliance is. Dick explains.

Amber talking about Nick and Zachs fights are staged. Dick says "they're so staged" Dick says they are going out of their way to hide their alliance.

Dick tells her it's better for her that she's hanging out with Eric more and Dustin less. Making her less of a target.

"be smart" and Dick says he doesn't "bull shit you or lie to you" He tells her he trust her "I love you honey" "don't let little bullshit turn into big bullshit"

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Amber is in the HOH bathroom with Dick, doing his hair (coloring it).

Dick is now again telling Amber his "opinion is just his opinion" and it is "nothing personal" against Amber.

(Earlier, Dick told Amber that he couldn't stand these women who have dogs and talk to them like babies, and they treat them like their kids. Amber said she "was that girl!" She felt that Dick was talking about her, even if he didn't realize he was talking about her. So, she got really upset earlier. He kept coming back, berating her for getting upset, then coming back and hugging her and telling her he loved her, and then coming back and berating her again and arguing his point. He did that several times earlier, at around Midnight).

Dick says again that he talks to Jameka about religion, and they completely disagree, but Jameka doesn't take it personally. (Earlier, Jameka told Amber that they only talked ONCE about religion, and she refuses to talk to him about it again. She gets up and walks away when he starts with it, so Jameka told Amber that Amber shouldn't be fooled into thinking that she talks with Dick all of the time abour religion, as he told her).

Dick says that he told Amber that he wanted to "separate himself from her and Dustin" because it would squash the rumors that the three of them were an alliance. Amber says they aren't in one, though, so why doesn't it matter? He says it matters because "perception is everything."

Amber tells Dick that Amber was the target for the first person voted out. Dick asks who told her that? She says Dani did. Amber then says that Nick told her last week and Amber had been the target. She says that he (Nick) didn't want thanks or anything, but he did sway a lot of votes to keep Amber. Dick asks if she wants to hear the truth about the votes? Amber says that Dick probably swayed the votes. Dick says that he just called out the fact that Carol wanted to go home.

Amber: Well, Nick said that he'--

Dick: Do you trust him?

Amber: No. Fuck no. I don't trust him. Period.

Dick: You don't.

Amber: No.

Dick: For sure?

Amber: No, I do not. I will not.

Dick: Well, Dani has changed her opinion, as well. I don't know if she has told you that or not, and I don't know if I should be telling you that or not.

Amber: About him (Nick)?

Dick: Yeah.

Amber says Dani has talked to her about it: "Kinda yeah. KINDA."

Dick: She has told me, I'm over him.

Amber: I don't trust him. I refuse, I don't care.

Dick: He has changed 180 degrees since he has walked in this house.

Amber: He's psycho. Have you seen him with the tetherball?

Dick: Have you seen him with Jameka?

Amber: Yeah.

Dick: Have you seen the bullshit with Zach? I don't know if that was talked about when you were here.

Amber: Let me finish real quick. So, then Dani goes, I don't think she meant to say it, but I don't think she would care because me and her are pretty close, for the most part. She just goes, Amber, you were their target.

Amber talks about how Amber is a single mom, and who would want to be next to her in the finals?

Dick: And the whole thing of "Oh, I'm just doing this as blah blah blah"

Amber: Yeah, 'In fairness' (said in sarcasm)

Dick: And it just shows how full of shit Kail is.

Amber: I know!

Dick: From fucking start to finish, Kail is full of fucking shit. I've been saying it and saying it and saying it. And not only is she full of shit, and not only has she been lying to me, but --who the fuck is that? (Doorbell)

Jameka and Kail come to the HOH door and ring the bell, to watch the hair dying, and Dick tells them he wants to be alone with Amber to talk. They leave. Amber asks what they said, and he says they claimed they wanted to watch and he told them he didn't need an audience--he needed to talk to Amber more.

Dick says Nick is freaking out today. Amber says Nick is "obsessed" with Dani. Dick says that Nick came up to him and said, "Dude, your daughter is impossible!" Dick was like, "No fucking shit! Look who he is talking to! Dumbass! She hasn't talked to me in two years, and you're gonna come to me and talk about her? I know more about her than anybody! Are you drunk?"

Dick says that Dani came to him and said that Nick feels everybody is excluding him, and everyone needs to act like they trust him.

Amber: That's why I keep it going. That's why I'm so fake with him!

Dick says he told Nick that he knew where Nick stood and they talked yesterday and today, and everything is exactly the same.

Nick told him he just wanted to make sure.

Nick: He's a fucking psycho!

DicK: He's got issues.

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12:31 BBT

On the patio

Doing tongue twisters. Dick hopes they spell check his blog..Jen says spell check was on there and Dick says he couldn't find it.

Nothing interesting

12:57 BBT A lot of FOTH. All feeds on patio. Just a lot of uninteresting talk still going on.

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1:07 BBT

Dick and Amber in the kitchen talking basically repeating what what said earlier.

Says he doesn't care who goes. Saying she has no one and if they do go with Mike everyone should avoid her to "f##k with her" to rattle her.

Amber says Kail told her that Dick has "evel put down all my confidence" of staying Amber sais she asked "where did all this confidence come from"

Amber says she didn't finish her convo with her.

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1:22 BBT

Dustin is going to start his Abs class ..Jameka working out..Mike walking around and Eric Jess trying their best to stay up on the patio couches but they look like they are asleep.

1:32 BBT Abs class in full swing..Kail on the Patio with Dick Jess and Eric and Mike finishing up eating.

I'm out til tomorrow,,,night all!

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2:46am BBT Jameka and Jessica playing a variation of golf and dedications while Amber watches and Dick provides commentary. Amber eating chips and complaining that she is fat.

3am BBT Dick tells Amber about a disagreement he had with Kail earlier when Kail made a snide remark about his son Vincent. Dick had asked Jess to look at the camera to say hello to Vincent and Kail said what if he is a cheater like his Dad. Dick shot back that's like me calling your daughter a liar like her mother. Dick was very offended.

Jameka goes to wake up Dustin and Eric to round out the LNC (Eric's in DR and Mike is still up).

Talk turns to Nick and Zach; Amber is surprised to hear Jessica talking game. Then Jess and Dick have a conversation about when he and his son took a college class together. Vincent was quiet and Dick was very talkative in class. Dick wants to be a writer eventually. He hit it off with his hot English teacher and hopes to get a chance with her when the season is over.

Non-game conversation continues between Dick and Jess while waiting for the LNC to convene.

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3:10 BBT

Dick and Jessica sitting on couches in BY. Dick talking about this woman he tried to get a date with. Now talking about how he never drank alcohol with his kids until they turned 21. He said obviously he's never drank with Daniele (I think to mean because he hasn't seen her in two years, not because she's only 20, because most if the house doesn't know that. I think they plan on talking about Mike? when he goes to the DR when Eric comes out?

Feeds just switched to Jen and Kail talking in bed. Kail says she's hoping for Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jessica, Jameka and Jen's vote. Jen thinks she'll have Nick's vote, and possibly's Daniele's vote. This boggles Kail. Jen said Nick woke her up to talk to her about Kail. Kail thinks that's great. They think Zach is a solid NO. Kail again says worse case senerio is she doesn't have Daniele. She says Dani came to her to talk, and Kail told her she didn't want to campaige to her b/c of her father. Kail says Dani got offended by this, saying she's her own person.

Kail says if she's her tomorrow night, Evel should be very worried.

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3:15 am BBT Dick explains the reason he and Daniele stopped talking the last time.

Feeds switch to Kail and Jen in bed talking. Kail talking about Jess?, and how she is timid and walks away from uncomfortable situations.

Kail thinks she has the votes from Dustin, Amber, Eric, Jess, Jameka and Jen. Jen thinks Nick will vote for Kail to stay even though Kail outed their alliance. Jen says Nick talked to her earlier about it.

Kail doesn't think people would hug her if they were going to evict her.

They think Zach is a solid no because he doesn't know how Evel and the others talk about him.

Kail doesn't think she has Daniele, she said she couldn't ask Daniele to go against her Dad. Daniele got offended by that remark and they think its possible Daniele will vote for Kail to stay to show her Dad.

Kail says if she is here tomorrow night Evel should be very worried.

Jen says if they ever go against each other again, Jen wouldn't give out secrets or give up alliances. Kail agrees they shouldn't do that.

Kail says she hasn't been badmouthing Mike or visa versa. Jen feels if one of them had done that they would be the one to look bad.

Kail reiterates what happened on the last vote, changing the story slightly. Jen lets her know that the vote switch didn't occur until 3:30 or 4. Kail says he said he knew in the morning.

Kail asks should she trust Amber and Dustin. Kail says there is a leak to Evel since her conversation about being a pawn against Zach got back to him. Eric, Jen, Dustin and Amber were present. Jen says it really wasn't a secret and its not a big deal.

Kail asks if being more outgoing is working, do people like that. Jen says its not whether they like it, but people want to have fun and be entertained.

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