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Announcing The Morty's Tv Big Brother 8 Podcast


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The elves at Morty's TV have been feverishly working a new feature just in time for the Big Brother 8 season. It's the Morty's TV Big Brother 8 Podcast and it has arrived! Each week we will cover that has happened in the house since the last eviction ceremony and HoH competition. Plus there will be Trivia, Ask The ost, Viewer Mail and more surprises!

You don' t need a video iPod to view the podcast; it can also be viewed on your computer. We are still in the process of rolling out the Morty's TV Big Brother 8 Podcast, so if it is not there please check back in a few hours. Right now, the central distribution point is:


or http://www.veoh.com/channels/bb8

Plus, come visit the Big Brother 8 Podcast sub-forum and tell us what you think! All the other Big Brother web sites want one, but only Morty's has one! It's the Morty's TV Big Brother 8 Podcast!


Who hopes you enjoy this new feature which sets Morty's TV above and beyond all other Big Brother web sites...

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