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July 20, Live Feed Updates

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FOTH on the feeds a.t.m. and commercial on SHOTOO After Dark...

Kail just went to Dustin and Amber telling them that Zach and Nick were in an alliance with her and Mike, and asking who should she tell? Daniele, Dick? (Not knowing that most of the people already know this, Daniele included).

Dustin and Amber whispering...(it sounds like they don't know about Nick) and they are assuming that Daniele is being played by Nick (not knowing that she knows about Nick's alliance already). [i know it's part of the game but I really wish BB would outlaw whispering! LOL]

Dustin and Amber are still whispering on the bed. They're using the color thing for names and I'm totally confused at this point as to what they are doing between the whispering and the colors.

I think PURPLE must be Mike because Amber just said "Purple is in LOVE with me, it must have been Red" (based on what I saw during their date, I assume this because she thinks he's ga-ga over her)

Mike and Kail talking in the round bed room now. Kail is telling Mike what she told Dustin and Amber. Kail:

"Dustin said to me why would you get in an alliance that quick?"

Mike say's he's baffled at this point, he'll wait to see what they say and use the information from that point. Mike says that in the perspective of the game Nick might have something personal against Kail. Now he's talking about how disappointed he is in himself over tonights HOH comp. Saying he was great in math, and he can't believe he missed that. Dick should be gone, not HOH. Our alliance is in great danger, their cards played out perfectly.

Mike is saying Dick is scared because he knows the only person he really has is Nick (I don't see it that way, but whatever). Kail just got up to spy on Dustin and Amber....she reported to Mike that they're still there talking.

Kail says she feels Jen has done more work for *them* than Nick or Zach. Mike is trying to explain why he voted for Joe to get evicted. He says they kept flip flopping back and forth this morning (meaning the rest of the alliance I think), and he didn't want to be odd man out.

BB: Zach, please go to the diary room.

Dustin joins Mike and Kail.

Dustin says the two of you have been loyal since day 1, I don't know who the other two are...

Kail: The unloyal ones

Kail is explaining how the alliance came to be. Instead of saying Zach and Nick she says "this guy"

Kail tells Dustin that is why she was campaigning so hard for Joe, because Evel was known to be coming after her and Mike.

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Oh No 9:56 Kail and Mike are strategizing whether to let the cat out of the bag about Nick and Zach being a branch of their alliance.

Kail decided to go to Amber and Dustin about it.

Kail ask what a definition of an alliance?

Dustin says it's an agreement between two people friends or not.

Kailsays Jen and her are best friends and she tells them that she's in an alliance with 3 other people who have betrayed. She's asking what to do. Dustin asks how shw knows. Kail says by their actions by their avoidance of her and them being chummy with evel.

She tells them there are 4 of us she names Mike. Explaining that the reason she went campaigning because she "take it for the team". Evel tells her shewas going after Mike and since she said she had 4 all she needed was one more. Kail says her and Mike couldn't convince them[Nick and Zach] no matter what. She says she shook hands and they betrayed. kail says she wants to tell Danile[she doesn't say her by name] but says she wouldn't care. Should she tell Evel?

"what I do now?" She doesn't know whether Dick is a stategic player or playing personally.

Kail called them whisshy washy and kept flip flopping on the vote to evict Evel.

"My alliance wouldn't support Mike and I"

Dustin- that's why Mike change his mind. She said she voted for Evel because he cussed her out in the kitchen

Going on telling them how "this guy"{zach} really wanted a two person alliance.

Amber shows her away to discuss.

Amber tells dustin that it's Nick {because Nick told her} FOTH

Amber telling Dustin Nick is Two faced and planning since Day 1 to fuck them over. Telling Dustin Nick told her you couldn't trust anyone from Day 1

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10:10 BBT Amber and Dustin talking intheir color coded bullshit so I'll skip it.

Dustin says Dick is planning to talk to Nick about all the stuff Jen brought up.

Amber "its fucked up" "I fucken hate Kail" telling orange {Nick} really was trusting in her saying he was doing it for them .

Whatever Jen told Dick half of it is true and half of it is bullshit.

What are we going to tell her to do?-Dustin

Dustin says tell her to go in HOH and talk to Dick.

Amber will talk To Nick and Dustin will talk to Dick. ASmber says let Nick talk to Dick. Dustin adament he talks to Dick.

Amber wants to Kail she doesn't want be involved.

[These idiots have their own color codes mixed up.]

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Dustin tells Kail that Mike and Kail were obviously an alliance from day 2. He's saying he doesn't have an alliance, and doesn't know who the other two in their alliance are. Kail says they're staying away from us and hanging around Evel.

Dustin is suggesting talking to Evel tomorrow morning, instead of tonight.

Switch to Nick and Amber in gym. Amber asked what she should tell Kail then...(feed cut midway thru their convo, so I'm thinking Nick must have told Amber the truth)

Dick and Dani in HOH room talking about the HOH comp.

[i'll let you take over Stephen =) I enjoy reading your posts in the AM to catch up when I pass out halfway through After Dark, it's 1:30 am for me....g'nite all!]

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10:16 BBT Kail and Mike talking telling Mike anout what he told Amber and Mike looks worried.

Mike says wait to see what they say. Mike asks if he let them know if she told them they were going up. Telling Mike Dick has an agreement with Evel.

"In Evel's eyes he thinks I'm the biggest threat to them" If it's a more of a power struggle it's him. Mike says he could kick his self in the ass for screwing up his best subjest "Math" and should have won HOH. If he gets evicted he says he'd deserve it.

kail "Nick and Zach don't care" mike says Zach tolding him that he's flying under the radar and Mike said he told him he's hated and he goes up to girls.

Mike says he's {Zach} acting different since HOH because he doesn't have anyone else except their alliance.

Checks on Amber and they're still talking..

Going over yesterday's vote failure.

Kail "I feel like jen has been doing more work for you and I than Nick and Zach" [lightbulb goes on over her head]

Mike talking that he's not too happy. He says he wouldn't worry about until HOH and thatw as the worst case scenario.

Talking about calling them out.

Dustin says that the two of you are strong and the two others "Dick is most likely going to put you up this week" Dustin says since I don't know who they are he suggest they go talk to them

Kail "they'll lie" "we've been played" going over her committment from them again

Kail repeating herself about the yesterday's vote failure against Evel.

Talking about her agreement.

Dustin laughing about the "day one alliance"

Dustin says watch these two...Kail we ahve they're avoiding us and hanging around Evel.

Kail saying"what can two people do..its two of us against ten"

she wants to know will it matter to Evel

dustin say talk to evel tomorrow. Kail worried with food comp there may be no time.

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10:32 BBt Amber talking to a giddy Nick saying 'This is fucking awesome" abot HOH he tells her "don't worry" when she says she just wanted to warn him.

Kail still repeating herself about her vote failure.

Mike says he isn't one to hide anything in the house saying he knew Evel "was coming after me" and if the votes were there he would of try to get him out.

Mike leaves.

Dustin talking about the disinegartion of "the handshake'" alliance. Kail says you would be shocked if you knew who the 4th guy is.[almost evryone know]

Kail says why are they not campaigning to Evel not to put them up. "they're almost happy it's us"

Kail says between her and Jen it best friends and not a spoken alliance.

Dustin goin over the Kail and Evel agreement. Kail saying she knew she didn't have the votes and would have told told him once she got the votes she change her mind about their agreement. She never got the chance because she got cuss out by Evel and was obligated to vote him out.

[she's really just talking in circles going over the same thing]

Dustin says since Dick is on such a high horse he wouldn't care about her situation.

Evel comes in chit chats about nothing

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10:44 BBt Amber Danile and Nick talking about Kail and her alliance mess. Danile laughing because they didn't use their names.

Amber saying she told her "i took one for the team" and they all laugh.

Danile says Kail wanted to talk to her probably about making a deal.

Since they are whispering and Amber has the water going I can't hear.

10:47 BBT Dick and Kail in the kichen talking about tomorrow's comp.

Kail looks nervous.

Kail runs to Amber telling her she can't talk to Evel now. Amber say talk to him tomorrow about it. Kail wonders if she'll have enough time. Amber says he's up til 6:00 AM. Says Evel is staying in the same room as her and will wake up at 4am to talk to him. Kail says she doesn't expect him to change his mind but she wants him to know.

Kail says whoever her traitors are joining with they "are getting played". Again Kail goes over her vote failure.

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8:49 BBT: Dick offically says he is putting Jen and Kail up and Mike if one of them comes off the block...

10:06 BBT: Kail is telling Dustin & Amber how Zach & Nick have defected... desperately asks for advice of what they'd do if they were her... Amber asks why Kail got in an alliance so soon... Kail says she was approached... Kail is telling them how she pushed for Dick to go and says it was for her alliances benefit, but they didn't back her... They changed their votes and she was left to vote by herself and she's screwed... She wonders if she should call them out... Kail also emphasizes than Jen is just her best friend but they aren't in an alliance...

Dustin says whatever Kail does, she needs to do it soon... Amber asks Kail to leave so she can think it over, speak to Mike and get back to her... Kail leaves... Amber tells Dustin it's Nick & Zach...

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10:55 BBT

Kail "One has been playing us for a long time and the other has just joined him a few days ago"

Amber agains says have you talked to them . Kail says "they run from us"

Outside Dick and Jameka talking about his outing of Kail in the kitchen. Jess is there. "one of them is going this week"

Back in the bathroom

Kail saying how she took it for her Alliance and Mike and Jen talked to them over and over. "Mike and I were slow to figure it out"

"i had a free pass"-Kail Amber "sorry ..that sucks"

Jen walks in and BB calls her to DR.

Kail says they are playing both sides moving with the powershift.

Amber asks about her alliance on "day two" Kail goes over it again.

Mike comes in to brush his teeth.

They move to the kitchen area.

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11:05 Amber questions why she tried to get evel out when Dick told her he wasn't going after her. Kail is doing the full alliance martyr routine with Amber saying she did it to save Zach and Mike and one didn't even vote with her.

Kail says one of the guys is too well like to anyone to care. he's like '"walking on water"

Kail still hasn't mentioned to Amber that Nick is the other as she slipped up and told amber it is Zach.

Amber lying to Kail saying Dick id undersatnding.

Kail now has Dustin in her clutches and starts the whole story over[see previous posts]

Dick has started a bowling game and Amber joins in.

Dustin makes his exit to the backyard where the whole house is.

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11:14 BBT Everyone outside Amber giving Danile snipets of what's going down.

Kail looking worried glancing over at Amber sitting and whispering to Daniele.

Bowling game continues.

Amber says where is Eric? {called to DR}

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11:22 BBT

The bowling game is being played using the nerf ball as the bowling ball and empty coke/soda 2 liter bottles as the pins. The golf clubs are used as the gutter/lanes.

A lot of food talk and nothing startegic so not much to post. probably will get busy again after the game.

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11:39 BBT

In the kichen

Danile and Eric making a slop pie for Jameka's Bday. Jamekas supposed to wait until midnight to come in but came in early and a ver grateful Jameka was happy.

Jameka makes a bday wish and blows out the candle.

Eric says it looks festive and Jameka agrees.

Jameka very happy about her bday party.

Can't sing "happy birthday" as Eric said it would cost $10K in royalties. Jen says they will wait til Showtime is over to dor it.

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11:48 BBT

Nick Jameka Jess and Nick Eric sitting at the table just talking and doing her bday countdown..12mins.

Outside bowling game continues

11 mins to Jamekka's B-day

Jen and Mike talking about the live show the whole Magnus and Cragnus. Jen still gloating about all the airtime and talking about her in tonight's episode.

Talking about it would have been a punishment (Unitard) for certain girls like Jameka. Mike said "for the guys" and Jen said they would have had fun with it and could wear it as pants.

Back to the Kitchen talk about tomorrows comp. Eric offers to spin around naked on the lazy susan for the misnight countdown. A lot of kidding around.

Talking about the bed situations.

Eric is being dared licking off" Jameka" written on the table in one lick and swallow it. If he does it Jes will lick it off his nipple. She agrees.

Eric getting ready set gp he's doing it with everyone cheering him on he's got Jameka done...mission accomplished.

Eric on the lazy susan and Jameka putting the writing on his nipples Jameka "this is the way to Eric's heart"

Nick now drawing "weiners" on his nipples. Nicks's penis pic isn't too successful Jameka glad she's never come across one looking like that.

"Happy Bday"

Jameka speech thanking everyone and telling them she loves them.

One nipple has a heart the other a weiner.

Jess licks the heart off his nipple and the penis too. Everyone pounding on the table and clapping.{too funny}

Jess" I hope my dad wasn't watching"

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all four cams now on kail and mike in their beds, in the dark, still verbally obsessing about how screwed they are

kail: if i get put up against zach i think i could win

mike: silence

mike: daniele really thinks he likes her and nick really thinks she likes him....there are so many contradicting statements from nick that it doesnt add up

(mike is really a chatterbox tonight, but let me sum it up by saying that he's aware that he's REALLY aware that he is screwed)

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12:30 BBT:

Kail and Mike alone in beds having a conversation. Kail still talking about how they had a four person alliance and couldn't get Evel out. Saying she was played. She assumes she is being nominated and hope she is up next to Zach, because she feels she can win if the vote is between them two.

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12:09 BBT

Nick and Dustin outside Nick explaining what happened and "how he flipped it" he hopes he wasn't offended to told Amber and not him saying he has a good rapore with her. Told him he told Danile right away.

Nick says he'll tell dick but dick knows.

Dick comes out and says he knows a little from Jen. Nick starts telling him about it when Amber then Zach come out.

Zach now over with them folding clothes.

All talk stops and talk of tomorrow's wake up time ensues.

Dustin and Dick talking on the couch talking about a relaxing week for everyone except Kail and he say "fuck her" "you made your bed now you have to lie in it" "that alliance is dust"

Dustin asks for his 3 noms and zach walks up and sits down.

dustin says "I've never been arrested" but...his brother had a record because of using his brothers id

Mike and Kail talking about whether Dustin will keep it to himself. Kail hopes he doesn't. Mike says him and Amber and Eric were jumping up and down. The two think it's agood thing it will get to him to make him think.

Mike says He'll be able to figure it out.

Mike thinks Dick will put "2 and 2 together" since Joe and Zach talked right before the live show.

Kail is worried if Dustin will let evel know. mike is sure it will spread. "Our stickin alliance just...that makes me so mad" whinning about they just needed four. Mike say "for every action there is a reaction" Mike thinks there will be an uproar in the house. Kail worried they will care less since its not them.

Kail thinks if she could go up against Zach she can win. Kail wonders if he will listen. Mike says "rumor has it Danile is playing him" and vice versa.

Mike saying so many conficting things said especially when Nick said who he was going to vote for. Mike said he got an idea about it when he started acting shady. Mike now realizes that he was in there for two weeks an not bringing back info. Mike says he's "been on thin ice" with those two..talking about "the line of truth" and he's "apprehensive about believing them"

Mike telling about at first he was confused about what to do about it. Kail said "what would you've done" Mike telling her she was going up so it didn't matter and he was "guilty by association". Mike says "if it's my time to go the I won't cry about it" Kail says she will be happy to see her family and Mike says even though he won't get to see them since they live far away he wants to stay so his family can see him 3 times a week and "it's really really cool for me"

Mike says "he's not upset or mad" Kail mad for being played. Mike says Karma.

Mike says "it will catch up with them" if their ultimate game is deceit maybe it will give them a victory but in life it's not about the money.

Mike "for my family's sake I'll try to stay"

kail says Jen has fought harder for them then Zach and Nick.

Kails talking to Dick Dick telling her he's putting her up. Promises not to rip her to shreads.

dick saying he's not out to fuck people around and telling her that when she left her talk she broke it in minutes.

Dick said just sitting back and letting it go on they would dig their own holes.

Dick tells her he was going to honor her agreement. Kail explaining her betrayal..Telling him the four person alliance

Dick say he knows he's in alliance she's in an alliance Nick and zach. Dick says "What happened to your alliance today"

Kails goes throught the alliance beginning talk{see previous posts}

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12:40 BBt

Dick wants to know why she's telling him this "to save your own ass" "you're totally betraying your alliance"

Kail says "i took their agreement serious"

dick says "you should have talikng our agreement serious"

her explanation contiues...Martyr part..how she took it for the alliance.

Tells Dick only mike was loyal and dick says "Mike says mike wasn't loyal it was 9-1"

Dick says the big alliance never work in the beginning.

Dick said Zach is "running scared" "nick is already done" telling her what you get is what you deserve. Dick say he wasn't going after zach because he supports him and all the gilrs get freaked out by him and why would he want them gone.

Dick "if I didn't do this it would be a total breach to my integrity to the house" She goes home or wins POV and if she does one of those guys will go up.

Dick "why would I give Jen advice She's the biggest bitch in the house" he said he told her to run run run from her.

dick basically says he trusts zero and its a game.

"Mike Jen you and zach" are the targets Kails says "not zach" Dick says it doesn''t matter. They will get picked off.

Kail says Nick and Zach turned on me

Dick "you turned on me and I got HOH"

Dick says he put himself out so the girls could have their way in the vote.

kail talking about loyalty and Dick said lying this early in the game is retarted and making alliance this early with people you don't know is retarded.

tells Kail everyone in the house "wants her out"

dick said jen putting Joe up was retarded and when Jen realized the vote was going she gave up al ot to him.

Dick saying he's not a ring leader and saying he barely talks to daniele. being in this situation "is a god Damn Nightmare"

Talk moves to HOH

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Dick: Am I going to tell lies this early in the game? No I'm no f***** idiot. I don't like lying. Making alliances with people you don't even know is retarded and if you were any kind of smart player...

Kail: If you want to go after me b/c of a personal vendetta

Dick: Everyone wants you out.

Kail: Who?

Dick: I'm not going to say

Kail: Jameka?

Dick: Yes

Kail: Jessica?

Dick: I'm not going to say this. You know, I'm going to go talk to Jameka and say I mistakenly used her name after this is over


Dick: I'm not stupid


(I am up way too late, but this is too interesting)

Kail: I said, "Zach, I did this because I'm a loyal person."

Dick: I'm not the ringleader or anything else. Daniele barely speaks to me. Her hugging me and saying congratulations almost gave me a heart attack. We wanted one minute to talk in the SR and she broke down in tears in the hammock. I'm here by myself. It's weirder than I thought and Daniele here is more f'ed up. And she has this to deal with and I have to deal with this. If you want to carry this on, then let's go onto the HOH.

(Ladies and Gentlemen, this is interesting. No fighting, no yelling, just talking and both are being pretty civil I must say).s

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dick came and got kail to talk now

dick: when i saw how freaked out you were, i never expected to win so now that im here i wanted to tell you straight up that im not a bad person...i felt really good when we got off that hammock and then you turned right around and fucked it up...joe spread so many lies...i knew that just by sitting back and letting it go on....i felt like you and joe would dig your own holes.....youre going up because you lied

kail: im not asking you to take me (off the block) but i want to let you know the reason why i did what i did

dick: i dont know why anything you couldnt come to me to talk to me about, ive been very open and honest with you

kail: that's what i want to tell you...jen is not in my alliance, there's a different person

dick: yes i know , youre in an alliance with nick

kail: well...yes, but its an alliance of four, not jen..jen's my best friend, we dont talk strategy

kail: zach came after me for an alliance when i was hoh, he kept hounding me and hounding me

dick: nobody feels comfortable around zach

kail: yeah...so he kept hounding me so i went to mike...then zach approached me again and wanted a two person alliance and i said no

dick: why the hell are you telling me all this now, to save your own ass...you're going to betray youre own allinace?

kail: no, i just want to tell you.....i took the alliance we had very very serious

dick: well you should have taken the agreement we had very serious too

kail: well yes i realize that....im very loyal, i shook hands, i gave them my word, i was testing the waters around the house because i had to protect my alliance....zach and nick betrayed me

dick: you took the wrong deal, im putting you up, you came after me, unless you get the pov you're going home this week..you were a semifinalist in season 5 and 6 and im sure you have all the dvd's....you should know these early alliances always get broken up.....zach is going to run scared, mike is obviously out because he voted for me to stay, nick's already out

kail: im not asking you to take me off , im not

dick: youre not coming off, i promise you....youre going home, you may think you have power over me but you dont, i wasnt going after zach, im a straight shooter (he gets up and shuts the door)...every girl in here freaks out around zach, why do i want him gone?

kail: well im by myself now, i dont have anybody

dick: if i didnt do this it would be a breach of my integrity, you are going up

kail: i know im going up

dick: you win the pov or you are going home....from that point on every single one of those guys is going home

kail: im not asking for you to not put me up,,uhhh uhh

dick: ive given jen advice, why would i ...she's the biggest bitch in the house...i told you to get away from her

kail: jen's done more to help me than the guys i shook hands with

dick: i have zero people in this house i can trust, everyone has to play the game for themselves, after people get picked off the house has to cannibalize itself

kail: what im saying is...ummmm...

dick: does zach,nick, mike know youre talking to me?

kail: well mike might, he's the only one i trust

dick: everyone knew it was so obvious

kail: i didnt turn on the people i shook hands with they turned on me

dick: you turned on me

kail: i hadnt turned on you...i was testing the waters

dick: you campaigned so hard against me....everyone in this house knows what i say is the truth....i outed your mrs robinson alliance and from that point on mike never spent another minute in the hoh room, it was so obvious

kail: nick shook my hand

dick: i dont know how far into it he was

kail: but he shook my hand

dick: you've watched the show...you know people are going to lie, i took notes, would i lie this early in the game? no because i would never be able to keep up with it, if you were any kind of smart player to make alliances this early

kail: well that shows im a stupid player, so i have no one

dick: i want you out because everyone in this house wants you out...i cant believe what you say, i was honest with you, i went out of my way to get to know you, even when i knew you were in this alliance....i had a feeling about nick, im not stupid

kail: i know im going home, but i just want you to know....

dick: you can win pov

kail: im very loyal, i would look fake if i had changed my vote, i voted for you to go because i did it for my team

dick: i cant come after you one at a time...daniele barely speaks to me, her giving me a hug and saying congratulations i nearly had a heart attack...jen saying 'oh they're in an alliance' i just wanted a few minutes to talk to her....im here all alone by myself plus i have this thing that is so ridiculously personal

dick asks to move this talk up to the hoh (they were in the little downstairs bedroom)

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Dick: Zach started swinging from Jen's tit the moment she won HOH.


Dick: that conversation we had in the hammock was confidential and you run around telling bits and pieces of the convos and that is lying and that is what I hate about my mother and she is an ordained minister. (Dick is kind of winning me over now).

Dick: You win POV or you're going home

Kail: I'm not planning on winning, I plan on going home.

Dick: You know damn well that I would've gone after Jen instead you f***** up.


Kail: I told my alliance, "I have a free pass, what do I care? He's going after you. We have to get him out."


Dick: What was the difference if I went up against Joe or zach? It would've been a landslide either way. I put myself out for the girls in this house and it could've cost me the game and it didn't.

Kail: Protecting my alliance cost me the game.


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Dick: If I was you, I would've done the same thing. I was more true to you than anyone else in the alliance and none of the other people in your alliance were true to you. You were played because they wanted to save their own asses.


Dick: Has there ever been a player like me in this game? There's been more bullshit and "fuck yous" in this game more than ever this early in the house. I knew who Jen was going to put up. She gave me so much attitude that I didn't even care. I told you in the beginning and again, I want more time with my daughter b/c she is forced to have to deal with me on a daily basis and if that is the only attention or communication from her after one of us go home to open the lines of communications, that's all I want. (personal talk about him and his daughter and their rocky relationship in the house and telling there is no gameplay with each other in the house).

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Dick: everyone has to go home if I want to be in the end.


Kail has been stumbling and mentioning that she was loyal

Dick: I don't understand the deal with the 6 (rivals) when you have people, YOU in particular, these are people that don't like each other, did you see dustin or jessica cry a tear when they went?


Dick: Amber/Dustin and Nick/Daniele are probably closer than anyone else in this house.


Dick: Who has been the most honest and forefront of anyone in this house? I have. Jen winning HOH was my nightmare and I survived it and karma is a bitch. Jen is going to be out of here before sequester and so are you and most likely Zach. Mike, he can twist on a rope and be here all by himself. Those people need to win HOH or they will be picked off 1 by 1. I told them, all we need to do is win the next one and the alliance will shatter.

Kail: The alliance was shattered before that

Dick: Yes, and now it's done.


talk of Zach and how Dick wanted him gone for the girls in the house.


Kail: I wanted you to know where I was coming from.

Dick: it was personal

Kail: No it wasn't

Dick: You coming after me with a vengeance after the hammock talk was the stupidest move in the game. I told them if I won HOH, don't look at me, look at Kail. You've tried for years to get into this game. You know, I look at Joe and how flipped out you were, I'm glad I don't get freaked out because I just watch and they dig themselves deeper and deeper and deeper. I've talked to Jen a number of times and she gave up bits and pieces last night with me.

Kail: I didn't tell her of the MRA and she didn't tell me that she knew.

Dick: It was stupid to get into a big alliance

Kail: Right

Dick: If there were rules to this game, choose ONE person. and never get into big alliances because they never work.

(taking about a 10 minute break)

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