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July 17, Live Feed Updates

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1:40pm bbt

the excitement has died down... we have 2 feeds on Kail sunning... and 2 feeds of... THE SUN!

Jen notices:the clouds are more exciting than us!

Nick/Dick/Zach/Dani on the patio laughing/retelling the details of the prank Joe played on Zach in the shower

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Nick, Dick, Zacn, and Eric are on the patio talking.. Dani is sitting there quite. They talk about the nasty stuff on the fake grass, Zach blowing his nose... others "hocking xxxxxxx" and spitting. Dani leaves on that convo. Said they all have to stop doing that it is getting disgusting. Just chit chat passing time.

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two cams on Jen and Jess by the pool. Two on Kail and Daniele in the Bathroom. FOTH on all 4 cams now. Nobody talking game. Jen and Jess are talking about their families. Jens's dad was the oldest and so is Jen. Jen's grandmom was really young when she had Jen's dad. All of Jen's dad's siblings are close in age. Nick jumps in the pool and Jen tells him it was a lame dive but not a belly flop (boring stuff) Eric is called to the diary room. We see Eric going into DR and hear someone asking him if he's awake. All 4 cams are now on Jen and Jess at the pool, chit chatting off and on. BB tells Amber to go exchange her microphone with one from the storage room.

Joe is now campaigning to Kail in the storage room. He tells her he wants to play with her, that she is someone he feels close to and someone that is honest. He doesn't want to punish good players in the house, he wants to go after those who don't play. He tells Kail that he has four votes but he doesn't want to out them. Kail asks him how can he be sure they're not lying to him. He says Dan said she would vote for him, Kail says she doesn't believe that, Joe says okay he has three cuz Dan goes back and forth.

Joe is 1000,000000% sure that he has Jessica's vote to stay. He doesn't have Dustin or Amber. He wants Kail to work on Mike and Eric, and if it's a tie to work on Jen to pick Dick to go. Kail says he (Joe) has to guarantee her 4 people and she will do her best to help him. Joe is happy and thanks her. Kail tells him to tell people she's on the fence if they ask him because if he (Joe) leaves, she (Kail) still has to live there .

Joe tells Kail he feels uncomfortable with Mike because he (Joe) is gay and Mike is straight. Back to telling her how he wants to play the game with good players. Kail repeats that he (Joe) has to guarantee her 4 players for her to go to bat for him.

Jen, Joe and eric talking in the BY. Eric is saying he gets asked like 4 times a day

How does it feel to be the most handsome guy in the house?" Jen laughs and Eric asks her if she doesn't agree, she says she finds him very funny. Talk turns to smokers and Jen says she's not the only one bothered by the smokers, she's just the one who would say it out loud. She asks Joe to leave. Joe leaves and Jen talks to Eric about voting Dick out. Eric is not commiting, he tells Jen to keep in mind this is week 2.

Now Kail and Jen talking to Eric. They ask him if Joe has Jess's vote, Eric says he thinks that Jess is undecided. He reminds them that Carol told him she had all the votes too and she was wrong. Kail says Dick is also saying he has the votes and there's no one they can put against him. Eric says Dick is wrong. Kail responds he's not. Eric is saying that Dick is not a personal threat to him. Eric wants to talk to Jess and Jam and tells Kail and Jen to do the same with the others. Kail says that's a good idea. When Eric leaves Kail tells Jen Eric sounds like he's for Evil

Now all cams on Joe and Eric in HOH. Eric is doing all the talking. Telling Joe he has a problem with the people he can't read (I don't know if he's talking about Jess or Jen).

Eric asks Joe if he is on the same side of the house as Dick is so if either of them leaves the house will cont to go in the same course and not be affected. Joe says yes, if either him or Dick leaves the spirit of one will carry on in the other...He calls Jess Eric's little robot. Eric asks Joe if he's discussing a group of nine or 4. Joe says right in the middle, 5. Eric laughs.

Eric asks Joe who's votes does he (Joe) knows Dick has for sure. Joe says Amber's and Justin's. Joe thinks Danielle in on the fence.

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2:21pm bbt

feeds switch to Kail/Jen in HOH...

Kail: I'm going to Joe, asking if he has 4 votes... but you don't have much time... everyone thinks Joe is going, so we have to get to everyone... I'll tell Mike to get to Nick... we can't tell Daniele

Jen: I think we can do it

Kail: I'm totally confident you can

Jen: I said WE

Kail: we, yes, we, I hope we can!

Kail returns downstairs...

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2:24pm bbt

Kail gets Joe to go with her to the SR

Joe: things are lining up really nice.. let me start by saying I don't want to punish people by playing the game well... I feel you have, and I give my word I wouldn't put you up... no reason to punish those playing the game well... I have a vested interest in keeping you here, I feel close to you, not the closest, but you've played the game well... if I can't get two votes... I've got 4..

Kail: you need me to be 5? if it's a tie, I can go to Jen... how do you know they aren't lying to you though? because I don't trust, believe that you have 4

Joe: well, one is Daniele, and she is going back and forth

Kail: Daniele?!?!? I don't believe that...

Joe: then I've only got 3

Kail: you need Eric? I can work on Eric... where does Jessica stand?

Joe: she's going to vote for me to stay

Kail: you need 5 for a tie

Joe: Dustin and Amber won't.. I've got Jessica, she's like I'm your bed mate

Kail: you need Eric... who else?

Joe: Nick will vote for me

Kail: if Nick will, Zach and Mike?

Joe: they don't have annimosity towards me... everyone but Amber and Dustin... the thing is, like...

Kail: I'll talk to Jen, if it's a tie

Joe: but I know she wants to keep Evil here, he wants to go after certain targets, you need to get him out

Kail: I know that! Why do you think I'm here! I want you to guarantee me 4

Joe: I know I've got 3 for sure, 2 of the 3, I've talked with and said, if I don't get the other 2, I told them don't vote for me

Kail: right now, you can tell them I'm on the fence, but if you have 4, them boom!

Joe: I want to focus on people who haven't made decisions yet.. I'm not going to attack strong players when I get HOH... it makes people take a stand

Kail: but if you are talking to others, and they are like me, saying if you have 4.. but don't tell them, because I have to live here if you are gone... you've GOT to get me 4... you need help on who?

Joe: Eric, but more so Mike.. just to be realistic, because I'm gay.. it's a me issue not him... Nick goes over the line to let me know he's comfortable with me, but because of my insecurities, I don't know that he likes me, so I'm going to go to him.. if you are going to win it, you want to win against the best, even though it makes it more challenging

(and back out to join the others... now this should be an interesting evening of strategizing... but will Nick really turn on Dick/Daniele?)

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2:39pm bbt

Joe with Eric/Jen at patio... Jen says for Joe to go upstairs for a minute and they can meet... Joe leaves and Jen starts to explain why it's best for Dick to leave... Kail joins them

Eric: I'm willing to listen to them both, I see the pros/cons and it might be worthwhile to listen... I've been up late with both of them.. I think I have a decent sense of... a good scheme of the house... Dick says he doesn't care who is in sequester because he's going to win (I just remembered Eric has to vote based on Amercia's decision lol) Keep in mind we are in week 2 and he can't get everyone out in one week

Jen: Evil/Dustin/Jessica have a pre agreement from the start

Eric: no way, 100% I can guarantee it's not the case

Kail: jessica is voting for Evil to leave... it's her bed mate(Joe) to stay

Eric: that's what Joe is saying, I think she's undecided... let me remind you, Carol told me that she had 5 guaranteed votes and if I would vote for her... I'm going to hear them out

Kail: what you'll hear from Evil is there is not one person he will go up against that he will lose to, and he is wrong... I would beat him

Jen: I would lose to hiim, I don't want to go against him

Kail: I wouldn't want to go against him

Eric: just because they think they have the balance of power and think they have the strength, doesn't mean they do.. as players they are similar, but Dick tells it like it is, Joe hasn't told a word of truth

Jen: has his daughter here

Eric: so every week you have the option of putting them both up

Jen: and have Dick upset with you... go talk to Joe

Kail: and I'm fine either way...

Joe: and let me talk to Joe/Jameka, the perifery people, you talk with Mike Zach, and we can compare/contrast

Eric leaves to meet Joe upstairs

Kail: it sounds like he wants Evil to stay

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Kail talks to Nick and Zach about voting EV out. Kail tells Zach he has to win HOH or he'll be put up. Kail tells Nick that ED has no idea Nick is with them.

Zach says he does not trust Joe and won't make a deal with him (Joe) or vote against Dick. Kail tells Zach Dick is coming after him (Zach) and that she knows Joe will come after her, but she'd rather deal with joe than with ED ... Zach says he can't be seen with them and splits. Nick says "It is what it is".

Kail had a talk with Mike in the BY. She tells mike that ED thinks there's an alliance among Zach, Jen, Kail and Mike and he (ED) is coming after them. Kail tells Mike that Zach won't vote against ED. Kail thinks she's safe because ED owes her one. She says that if Zach is put up he's a gonner and they (Mike, Kail) need zach there and in the jury. Mike agrees, says he doesn't trust either Joe or ED but sees ED as a bigger threat to him (Mike). Kail aks Mike if nick is still part of their alliance. Mike says yes.

Eric, Jess and Jen by the pool...Eric talking about making deals...Eric tells them that "there are people you may think that are playing with you but they are not".

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2:40pm bbt

Eric joins Joe in HOH... initial talk of Jen(Eric mentions her name once) being wishy washy and willing to go with public opinion

Joe: so... people listen to what I say, not that Dick doesn't have that, but Dick doesn't have that

Eric: do you feel Dick and you are on the same side of the house?

Joe: yes

Eric: it's not like one group is stronger if one stays... what were you saying earlier about gaining favor

Joe: I rally people... Dustin hates me, but he was (sitting with hands on his chin listening)

(sorry, work interrupted me :( I didn't catch the rest of their conversation)

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Erik talks to Jam and Jess. Tells them he doesn't think they (E, Jam, Jess) would be targeted by Dick for the time being but that they need to talk cuz "they" are going to start targeting floaters. Jam is leaving, says she's got a lot to talk about. Jess says she's tired of thinking. Jam says she thinks mainly not to fall asleep. Jam leaves.

Jess tells Eric that he and Jam are the only people in the house she trusts. Eric says he's been told not to trust her (Jess) but he does, he just wants Jess to let him know if she doesn't want him to hang out with her or talk game. Jess says first of all she has not said anything bad about him (Erik) to anyone in the house, she likes him (Erik). Eric asks her if she's not Bsing him. She says no and that makes her mad. She wants to know who's told Eric this cuz those are the people who she'd put up. Eric says it's a group of people she (Jess) thinks are working with her. Jess asks...Nick? Daniele?Jameka? Joe?

Eric tells Jess "they" are telling him she only talks to him for strategy cuz she really doesn't like him. He wants her to let him know if this is true. Jess says no, she likes him.

Eric tells Jess that Jen told him Jess was suggested by most HGs to be put up. Eric also says Nick told Jen to put him (Eric). Jess says those are the people she would after. They're trying to figure out who were the people that went to Jen wanting Jess nom. Eric thinks obvioulsy not Kail and Mike...not Amber and Dustin

Eric tells jess he just wants her to be aware that there are people she thinks are with her that are not. She says "point taken".

Zach is talking to Dustin. He's telling Dustin he's going to vote against Joe. Dustin tells Zach he's told Joe to his face he's not voting for him. Zach says he will do the same. Zach says he thinks Eric is voting for Joe to stay. Dustin says he'll talk to Eric. Zach says he also approached Jam, and Jess but they got defensive and wouldn't give him an answer. the others, he (Zach) has no clue as to how they will vote.

Dustin asks who does Zach thinks Kail will vote for, Zach says she came and asked him, and that Kail told him (zach) that she wanted Dick to go but he (Zach) told her (Kail) she had a better chance with Dick than Joe to stay. they trade stories of how Joe has been deceitful.

Dustin tells Zach they still have today and tomorrow (to convince people to vote Joe out) because this time it's a live vote on Thursday night.

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Danielle is painting Nick's nails with clear nail polish. They are talking About HOH next week. Danielle was supposed to go back and talk to Joe. Nick told her , 'just tell him you got caught up talking to me, we all know your feeling for me.'

Nick can't believe he is growing his nails long. He said 'only for you'

Nick is really pouring on the charm. He just told Danielle that a magic leprechaun told hem about a special girl, and its her.

Feeds just switched to HOH. Jen and Joe figuring out who is going up next week. Jen sounds like she is keeping Joe, (but that could switch in 5 minutes.) Jen said 'you dont have to worry about me, mike and kail. But don't tell them I told you.' JOe is so happy. Joe says he wants to get out weak players, not punish strong players.

Joe wishes he didnt vote out carol. Joe asked 'are you trusting me more'

Jen'yea, but it is hard to trust you.'

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Joe : I appreciate dustin and Amber telling me they are going to vote me out. I am glad they are honest.

Jen: Danielle will not vote out her dad. And he said he will never vote her out. I catch them talking all the time. People dont think they are together , I know they are. Evil is worried about how he looks if he votes out his daughter. As long as he is here , he is always a vote for danielle.

Kail just entered

Jen: is tomorrow a live vote?

Kail; ya

Jen: i dont live the live vote. I like the not live vote. (her words not mine)

As Kail leaves she asked her to grab a couple of towels off the floor. Kail says oh sure.

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Kail and Dustin outside in BY. Dustin is having a protein shake.

Kail:Evil said he doesnt need to come to talk to me and make a deal because he doesnt need my vote. I am unimportant.

Dustin:wow that is ballsie.

Kail:yea he is very confident.

Dustin :what about Joe, did he approach you.

Kail: yea, he said he hopes he has my vote.

Dustin: we talked last night I told him I wont vote for him. He took it to a personal level. (dustin replays the convo from last night)

Joe comes out to smoke. Subject changes immediately to smoking.

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Joe is telling Jen Nick is voting for him to stay. Joe says he also has Jess, Jameka, Kail and Mike. Joe tells her he totally has nick and Jess. Joe says Zach is voting for Evil but he always changes his mind at the last min so there's hope. Jen tells Joe to keep it all in. Joe says he wants another chance. Jen says he has to stop stirring the pot.

Jen loves her live, it's the most unbelievable live she's ever lived (her words). Even she can't believe how unbelievable her live is. She understands how other people may think she lies when she talks about her life because she wouldn't believe it too, because it's so fun and unbelievable...Jen tears up and apologizes for getting emotional at the thought of how unbelievable her life is (ed. I'm dizzy). Joe says his life is fun and full of adventure too.

Jen tells Joe to not approach Dustin and Amber anymore. not necessary.

cam switches to Nick and Dan whispering and giggling in the gym room (can't tell what they're saying)

Dustin talking to Zach now, telling him Kail told him (Dustin) that ED had told her her vote was not important and she could do whatever shewanted. Zach does a raspberry then asks Dustin "you did not tell her you had talked to me, right?" Dustin says he didn't.

BB calls Mike to DR. Dustin leaves.

Nick and Danielle arrive. Dan: Don't look so happy to be here...Zach: Ah! Mr. and mrs Smith...Nick: What did you call us?...Zach: chuckles and says he doesn't know...talk turns to being bored and how the group "Oasis". Dan loves them. Nick is thinking of getting a mowhawk (sp?) do.

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Danielle is telling Nick Zach and Jameka about her bunnies.

Her first bunny Oreo, cause he was black and white was starved to death by the house sitter.

Her second bunny riccocet because he bounces off the walls, died when it was cornered by a dog, it froze and died.

Her third bunny was killed by a dog shaking it and snapping its neck.

"So no more bunnies for me"

Feeds switch to Dick and eric in the hammock.

Dick:"joe is such a BS'er. I will be surprise if the vote isn't 9-0"

ERic: "I will be happy with that, but more people are easily influenced. I dont care what he says to me. I dont care if he treatens me. I told he not to threaten me because the next four people you implicate are the next ones out. Joe said'that is not what I meant. I told him I dont respond to threats."

(sorry this doesnt make much sense, joined mid convo)

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Jen Kail Mike in HOH

Jen: Zach is messing up our little voting thing. He won't vote out Dick

Kail: I can't get Zach to vote out Evil

jen: Does anyone else see that DAnielle and Evil are together. Oh I know how to get Zach to vote with us. I cant show him he is not ever going to be in with Danielle. Do we want all of them against us. That is always 3. Nick dani and dick. So he needs to get out....never mind its to hard to explain. Nick is voting for joe to stay.

Kail: how do we know that

Jen: Jameka said she would vote for Joe if it is a 4 to 5 vote. At 4:45 she is going to do this so dick doesnt hear about it and get mad at her.

Kail: no one wants to vote against evil and get him mad.

mike:Jessica erica and dick have something.

Jen: eric laughed at me when i said that. He said it is completely false.

Kail: Evil is lying to me about keeping me. He said he doesnt care about having a relationship with me outside the house.

Jen: evil said why would I want to take you out? You are the bullseye. Which is right.

Kail: evil said I don't need your vote kail.

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Mike to Kail" I am not 100% on Nick anymore. I trust him to a degree beause we need him but I am not sure.Zach is attached to us.

Kail: Dick says Zach is our sidekick. Cause no one else has him.

Mike: Yea , He (Zach) knows he isnt with Danielle or Jameka. If I stop hanging out with him........


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Jameka and Jess are talking about what Eric's told Jess. They're not happy that people may have been lying to them. Jameka asks Jess that if it's them 2 for HOH if she wants it, Jess says she does unless Jam wants it more. Jam says she doesn't. They are not voting for Joe to stay. Jam says it's wrong to lie to him, but if you tell him the truth it's not good either.

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It was just announced at the end of the show tonight: Eric will vote as America see's fit! (Go cast those votes ppl!)

Dick and Jessica chatting on couch in BY.

Joe in SR talking to Jameka and they head back to kitchen. I just turned sound back up after tonight's show ended, so I'm not caught up on the conversation topics as of yet.

Jen is in the big bed BR - walking around in her towel, glancing up at the camera following her.

Jameka making slop in the kitchen. Dick checking on his dinner that he's cooking.

Zach on BY couch with Jessica, asked Jameka if she had any luck. (I think with making salsa and slop)

Jameka goes and sits by HT to talk to Eric ...Jameka: So is Jessica with Joe or against Joe? (Not able to hear Eric reply as he is in the HT)

Joe whistles FOTH....back and Joe asked Eric if he watches Weeds...FOTH Back and Jessica mentions to Joe that she "had a good DR session" BB overhead "Houseguests you are not allowed to discuss your DR sessions with other HG's"...Jessica says to the sky: "I just said it was a good session *she makes cat screech sound*"

General chit-chat amongst all that are seen on quad feeds.....nothing major to report.

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Joe and Jessica spinning really fast in the teacup and Nick started throwing cushions at them while they were spinning. BB said, "Stop that." They've been spinning for awhile and Zach jumps in and everyone asked Jessica if she is going to throw up, but she says no. Nick and Eric said they can't do that and would hurl.

Nick said when they get out they have to immediately walk to the camera and touch it. Eric says he feels nauseous just watching his laundry spin.

Nick wonders what it would be like to have sex in a spinning teacup and Eric says it would be worth a try.

Everyone eating dinner now and they came up with a pretty good slop recipe using olives and tomatoes - they are saying it tastes like meatless chili.

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Amber & Jess in the bathroom talking about the vote. Amber is putting on full make up. Amber says her & Dustin are voting for Dick to say. I can't hear Jess very well because Eric is showering. Jess says she doesn't know how Eric is going to vote because he won't tell anybody. Jess says he more than likely is going to vote Joe out but she hasn't been telling people because she doesn't want it to get back to Joe.

Dani, Jameka, & Kail on the BY sofa. Jameka is dropping hints to BB about what she wants for her B'day on Friday. Dick joins them :smoke:

Eric now brushing his teeth. Amber tells Eric he is cute & she loves his name. She says the only way it would be better is if it was Eric with a "k'. Eric says are you F'in kidding me, Eric with a "k" is a big douchebag, Eric with a "c" F'in rocks.

Dani joins Amber in the bath. Dani says her dad is being an idiot & the things he is saying to people are so stupid. I think Dani whispers that Jameka is not voting for Dick to stay because he rubbed her the wrong way (I am not sure though because Dani is such a silent whisperer) Jen comes in & convo switches.

8:40PM BBT

Amber & Eric alone. She asks Eric if he is voting for Dick to stay. Eric says yeah but lets talk about it at length. He asks how she is voting. Amber says for Dick to stay. Eric says he 100% wants him to leave but he just wants to be certain that (the rest is inaudible)

JDustin is showering & he announces that this is his 1st shower in 48 hours. Mike is also in the bathroom.

Meanwhile Kail & Jameka are in the BY being low-talkers. Kail's scowl appears to be back.

Jess & Eric alone in the bigroom. Lotsa whispering. Eric says everybody always thinks his vote is up in the air & that's OK for a few weeks but after awhile it will be a problem for him. (can't get much else out of the convo as the mic rubbing noise is louder than their whispering) Jess say's Joe keeps telling her that he has the votes to stay but he won't tell her who they are so she knows it's BS. Eric is so sick of all the campaigning.

Now Dick is on the sofa with Jameka at the end of a convo. Something about food & for Jameka to tell Dick if he ever does anything like that to please tell him but don't tell anyone what they talked about. Dick leaves.

Jameka (all alone & talking to herself): Mmmm Mmmm Mmmmm, this game is some bullshit & I'm telling you now people just come to me & tell me this shit & I know for a fact that they don't go around telling other people this shit :lookaround:

9:03PM BBT

Dani & Eric in the hammock talking about how loony Jen is. Sarcastically saying that she has been very creative with her unitard. Dani asks who Eric is voting for. He says wants to talk to both noms. He has already talked to Joe & will talk to Dick later tonight. He asks who Dani is voting for but she doesn't answer. Dick joins them. Dick says she Kail got on to him for using the salsa & other condiments that are for the sloppers yet Kail is hording chocolate protein shakes in the HOH. Dick leaves & they laugh that Dick keeps telling everyone that the shake hording is not a big deal yet he has gone around & told everyone in the house the story. Eric again says he hates all the campaigning & fakeness. Dani says she does too & if she doesn't like someone she cannot be fake nice to them. Eric say no matter what he does he can't escape it. He says you can't even have a casual conversation with anyone because people always butt in & interrupt.

Feed jumps to Dick & Amber alone in HOH. Dick says Kail told him she was giving him her vote & if she lied that frees him from the deal he made with her. Amber says Kail is voting with the house. Dick says he has the votes to stay but whoever votes against him he will be able to figure out & if Kail lied their deal is off.

Jessica & Jameka in the tinyroom talking about the vote. Kail comes in, Jameka goes to the DR. Kail asks Jess if this week is a hard decision for her. Jess says it is hard because she sleeps with Joe so she can't really be honest with him. Kail says she can speak honestly with Joe. Jess says but Joe doesn't speak honestly back. Jess doesn't trust Joe. Kail says does she think she can trust ED. Jess says no. Kail says she is waiting to hear how Jameka & Jess are gonna vote so she knows what to do. Kail says if her & Jemaka say yes that there may be 5 votes to keep Joe. Jess is fidgeting & not really giving an answer. Jameka comes back. Silence. Jameka says this is "awk-ward" so she will go to the bathroom. Kail says fi they could get 5 would she vote for Joe to stay. Jess says yes & tries to question who the other 2 would be. Mike? Kail doesn't answer. And the waffling just goes on & on & on.

(Nite all, I'm out)

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8:40 BBT: Jameka and Kail are on the couch outside talking and Jameka just told Kail that Joe doesn't have the votes to stay... She said not with my vote, or yours... He just doesn't have the votes... Kail asks what about Jessica and Jameka said I don't think so, so Kail asked about Nick and Jameka said nope don't think so... Kail looked stricken and Dick walked up... Now Dick is gone and Jameka said Zach don't like Joe so there ya go... Kail is saying I think I can get Eric, and Jameka is saying I doubt it... Kail asks can we get Jessica to talk to Eric and Jameka said I don't think so... You can try, but I don't think so...

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