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July 17, Live Feed Updates

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All feeds still showing sleeping, snoring, stretching, scratching (Dustin) hampsters........

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Kail and Jen are awake but still in HOH bed.

They are talking about who would put up who if they were HOH.

Nick is up, taking a shower.

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10:15AM BBT Nick is up. Grabbed a towel from somewhere and now is taking a shower. he gets out and goes outside. that was a quick one. like 2 minutes. and right into the HT he goes.

10:18AM BBT Zach is up. Back to nick in the HT. Zach goes over by the HT. Nick went underwater. and is now pushing all of his back. Zach walking through the big beds room and then back to Nick in the HT.

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Jenn and Kail are talking about taking out Danielle. If one of them win HOH (not Jenn) they would thi nk about putting her up, or using her as the altrnate that way winning pov means nothing if she isnt up. They want her gone. I am not sure if Kail is playing Jenn....

Most are starting the restle around. Will keep my fae pressed against the glass..just incase something dishy happens.

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Zach and Nick in the spa.

Zach blew a snot rocket. :shocking:

Now they are in the kitchen talking about nipple clamps.

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Jen and Jameka in the spa. Jen is still in the unitard. She tied it all around her to make a very exposed bikini. Kail is laying out.

Zach and Dustin and Nick are in the kitchen having coffee and breakfast. :food-smiley-005:

Zach said that Dani lost 9lbs. She is up getting what looks like iced coffee.

Zach apologizing to everyone for snoring.

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Dani, Eric (? maybe it's Zach), Kail, Jameka and Dustin are laying out in the sun between the pool and hot tub.

Dick and Nick are on the porch/couch. They were talking about Jen wanting to be a supermodel and are now talking about music. Joe has rejoined them after changing his battery in the storage room.

Nothing too interesting going on. Amber and Jessica are still asleep (I think as I haven't seen them up at all yet).

Mike was working out in the gym a while ago. (After his 20 hour slumber)

Joe is talking to Nick, asking him if he's going to vote for him (where's a smiley playing a violin when you need one?). Joe wants to know if Danielle will vote for him if Nick does. Talk turns to the hot tub temperature.

Dick and Eric in the bedroom talking as Eric is cleaning up his clothes and they are talking about their hilarious attempt last night to bring the Deer into the house.

Jameka has joined Joe and Nick on the couch. Mike and Jen working out. Jen is still wearing her unitard/bathing suit creation while on the eliptical.

Joe is now campaigning with Jameka and counting his votes.

Jessica is up now and in the kitchen with Dustin, Mike, and Nick. Dustin was saying he loves girls with naturally curly hair. He said he's always telling his friend to let her curly hair loose and to stop straightening it. Jessica is saying her hair is more wavy than curly. (She has this frizzy do' going on).

Dick and Jameka are discussing hair and past things on BB something about when Kaysar shaved his head I believe.

Jen has leeched onto Mike in the kitchen. Talking about vitamins, working out and (go figure) her unitard/swimsuit.

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[i return from almost a week of vacation, will help with some random updates today as I got lots to do around my house]

[11:51 BBT]

Jameka asks how long they continue SLOP through the season. She wonders if by Top 4 or Top 3 it will be removed.

Jess walks outside and Jameka says "oooh pretty" (perhaps at the new curled hair?)

Joe, Jameka, Dick on the outdoor couch.

Mike is in the kitchen with Jen. He is reading a package. He is commenting on how women's vitamins have more Iron than men's. Mike jokes to Jen that he is ready for a nap and she says "Oh, really?" Mike is discussing that he does want to nap more and more. Jen discussing herself and her workout.

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Joe/Dani/Nick on patio.. Nick half joking about growing mohawk/fohawk, if he gets voted out continuing to grow it until reuninon show

Dani: would you like me to move over?

Nick: why?

Dani: to make room for your ego! lol

Nick: am I that into myself?

Dani: no, then your name would be Jen lol

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12:49 bbt Nick asks Dani about working at Hooters, which leads to talk about wings/sauces, and a bar/restaurant in Minnesota that had all you can eat wings for $3... Nick tells a story about his family being there, and his brother flipping out over a table of 8 guys changing the channel from basketball to a hockey game... Joe is amazed by the story, Dani doesn't respond... he starts to tell about his grandmother, and we get FOTH

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12:54pm bbt

Dani: my best road story... we were going to my friend David's house, I was with David, Chuck was behind us... we are waiting to turn left, and FOTH...

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1:18pm bbt

back from FOTH, we find Nick sharing still about his family to Joe and Kail

(the updates may appear boring, but it's because the house today so far is boring)

Kail: ok, 15 more minutes of sun (and she walks from the patio to the yard, where we now see Dani/Amber and another laying

Kail says this is a nice Sunday... not like Sunday Monday, but like...

and she is interrupted by a bug flying around, Nick/Amber start swatting at it

HG: good job, but you are just making it mad!

Dani starts a story about going to the fair and seeing a butterfly cage with lots of butterflies

silence for a minute, then Amber asks Daniele about only having one 'L' in her name... when she started working, a manager had her name wrong(on a name badge?) and he wouldn't change it, and it bugged her, because it's not her name

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1:26pm bbt

Amber/Kail/Dani/Jen laying outside

Amber wants to go to nursing school in Ohio

Kail: are you book smart? do you like to read?

Amber: yes

Kail: good, I couldn't do college... I'm surprised I got my real estate license

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1:28pm bbt

my feeds are jumpy, so it's hard to tell what happened, but all 4 cams switched to the bathroom... Joe/someone else(Zach?) are in the two showers, Jessica is at the sink... Eric/Dick are in the area... Eric I believe is talking loudly/shocked about something that happened

I believe it was a prank, someone put something small/brown on the floor of the shower, I believe on Joes side... but he may have been in on it, playing the joke on Zach

(too many details being added after the fact now by Joe)

Joe: holding up 'the prank'... I got the shape and texture really well... and the smelllll

others have left Joe in the shower and Zach at the sink

BB: Dustin, please go to the DR

Joe: the girls would have lost it...

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