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July 17, Live Feed Updates

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10:49 BBT

For the past 10 mins Dustin and Joe finally having their heart to heart talk on the Hammock. A lot of talk about indirect and direct lies.

Both on the brink of tears as Joe pleads for his vote to stay.

Dustin talking about the last 16 days that Joe has not proven to him that he is not worthy of his vote. talking about slander and manipulation and setting him up in traps.

Dustin said"Joe I will not be voting to keep you in this house"

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Dustin to Joe: "I'm going to be voting to evict you."

Long silence

J: That's f**kin sh*tty


Joe is ripping into Dustin saying that his speech is rehearsed. Joe is saying why did you come over here and tell me you are voting to evict me? Dustin said because you told me you wanted to talk to me. (YOU GO DUSTIN!)

Joe is now telling to Dustin's face, F*ck you. FOTH. (damn, it was getting good)


D: the way you played your game in this house reflects the way you play the game of life.

Joe and Dustin are going back and forth.

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10:53 BBT

Dustin to Joe "I will be voting to evict you"

Joe "that's fucking shitty" tells him it would have been a totally different game had he not been there.

Dustin reminding him that he always stirred the pot in the house. Dustin appreciates his openness and honesty is appreciated at the moment but doesn't believe because of their past. Even though he isn't taking what happened in their past it's his manipulations lying and pot stirring in the BB house is what he based his vote on.

Dustin reminds him about Carol and the Jen trap that makes his trustworthy.

Joe pissed because his talk sounds rehearsed and is upset Joe opened up and Dustin had his mind up already.

Joe upset that he's worked hard and he basically "piggybacked" on the show.

Joe says he's very proud that he was open and honest with Dustin in the house and that Dustin decesions are just personal.

Dustin to Joe "The way you play the game in this house is the way you play outside of the house"

Dustin saying he put himself on the block because of his behavior.

Accusing each other of lying.

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Joe-" is there any realistic way to change your vote?"

Dustin "NO" [emphatically]

"In this house Joe I don't like you as a person" Dustin tells him and Joe says that sounds personal and not strategy.

Joe tells him that its smater to keep him here.

Joe "there is now way I can change your vote" Dustin nods no.

Joe says no if he stays and he gets HOH he doesn't know what he'll do and if he goes he will only have Amber.

Dustin saying he never cleared his vote with Carol and bold face lie to her and accuses his flip floping with Zach and the vote.

Joe to Dustin "I fucked you over in life and you fucked me over in a game" tells Dustin your a sad little boy

Dustin "sorry I couldn't perform"

Telling Dustin the last year that he's had sad negative thoughts and telling him that even a year later those things still hurt him really bad.

Dustin telling him he could never trust him.

Drugs stealing friends and "the whole Nate thing" telling Dustin he will be "two old hags sitting in rocking chairs hating me"

Dustin "I'm happy for you" Joe -"i'm sad for you" telling him he'll regret.

Dustin telling him when he left a year ago he never looked back. joe disagrees

Joe- "Without me you'll never win this game"

Joe telling Dustin him that Amber Is border line crazy and that they will be targeted.

11:14 BBT ""You've become everything you despised" Joe says to Dustin Convo ends

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11:17 joe playing around with his box of cigarettes in his hand.

Outside Dick Nick Jen Dustin Eric Amber and now Joe sitting on the patio talking about nothing much

Zach playing his strategy chess upstairs by himself.

Jess came out telling her "to flash your boobs"

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11: 29 BBT

All feeds and Showtime on the outdoor patio with the above mentioned group just talking.

A lot of kidding around and picking on Amber.

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11:38 BBT

Joe rehashing his talk with Dustin to Nick in the bathroom. Nick just listening going "ya"

Nick and Dani in the storage room. talking about both having headaches.

Dani asking what he's doing outside and tells her he's thinking about going to bed because Jen is outside. Tells her Jen kept asking "is the hammock open" thinking he was going to be ask by her to join her.

Dani says she's been sleeping for 6 hours. Nick tells her to go mingle and she says no "I hate these people" Nick says just some and Mike says "one"

He asks her something and then whispers something in her ear.

Dani heads back to bed and Nick changes and gets ready for bed. Takes his spot on the floor. Puts his hand under Dani's comforter and snuggles close to her bed.

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11:46 Joe in the hot tub telling Jessica about his talk with Dustin trying so desparately to become the victim. Telling her that his whole intention was just to say sorry.

hard to hear because they are not wearing mics and the water jets drown them out.

He is asking Jessica "I wonder if they can get Eric's vote?"

Dustin yelling at him to quit talking a behind his back. Joe yelling back "I have no problem talking to you in front of your face"

Eric trying to tickle Amber [looked weird]

Joe asking Jen to join them in the hot tub the unitard. "we can wash it" Jen declines

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12:00 midnight BBT

A lot of playing around with Eric, Dustin and Amber grabbing at him he says "they're sexually harassing me"

Joe and Jessica in the hot tub..still

I'm really having a hard time hearing. Talking about HOH. All four feeds on them

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12: 10 BBT Danilele and Nick in bed together. What could those kids possibly be doing?

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12:16 BBt

All feeds back on Joe and Jessica. Talking about sequester like in season 6 when a player voted back in.

Talking about when you leave if you can watch all the schemeing on TV.

12:22 BBT Joe wondering what is going on that the HG don't know about....both saying "there has to be more"

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12:24 BBT Danile comes out and joins the group.

Joe asks maybe the twist is Dick and Kail are actually married. Joe asks Dick and says right,

Jess thinks everyone is in pairs and is working her little bird brain trying to figure it out.

One is Amber and Zach. Mike and Kail. Jess says it's not fair because when theirs comes out half of theirs will be gone.

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12:36 BBT Still no much going on Mike is finally awake after sleeping all day.

Jess and Joe showering on all four feeds.

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12:41 BBT In the Kitchen Mike eating telling Dustin they'll work out tomorrow because of his several hour nap.

Amber making some slope and says she's going to bed afterwards.

Dustin says they have nothing to do for two days but just to lay out. Mike I need to "darken up this white boy"

Mike asked Amber how her day was when all the feeds went back to Joe and Jess showering.

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12: 54 BBT

All four feeds on Jess Joe and Jen brushing their teeth/washing up . Talking about they are probably gonna stay up for awhile.

Outside Dick Dani Eric Dustin and Amber talking outside. Mike went back to bed agian talking about Jameka is sleeping a lot tonight.

Danile is eating pickles and Amber is really tired and says she's heading to bed..but just sits there.

Dustin says gays won't let him back to his apt because he's said so many terrible things. Someone asks if he lives in a gay community and says no.

Talking about PB&J would be so much beter than the slop. Dick says the sugar high and then low was causing people to crash and that's why they changed it.

Danile says when she puts a lot of salsa and pepper into the slop it taste like "bad mexican rice" She says she's so hungry.

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1:14 BBt Outside crew jus shooting the breeze.

Danile tasting slop prepared different ways. The parmasean cheese and oregano was bad. She is eating.

Amber says Jess always take the lotion and never puts it back. Eric says Jess puts in under his bed and then blames him. Masterbation talk and Dick says he can't talk about it with Danile there.

Danile still trying to ckoke down the slop. Danile opts for the shake.

Talk turns to sleep.

Amber and Dustin in bathroom getting ready for bed.

Amber ask what him and Joe talked about? Dustin tells her we'll get there

They head into the DR I think when feeds switched to outside. Dick eating chips from Jess's toes. Jess says they probably taste lotiony.

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1:31 BBT

Joe says they better be nice to him in his goodbye messages.

Talking about when the three walked down from the HOH on day one.

Dick telling about the time he went to Danile's work and they asked who was she dating.

Joe ask Jess to say "panty crickets" Dicks asks what panty crickets were and Joe and Jess answer together "crabs"

Dick was born in 1963 and Joe talks about him being young in the heights of the 80's.

Joe talking about the days before cell phones.

Joe- "not to be crass Amber has cried enough for the next three evictees"

Joe talking about ripping off Jens mic pack and throwing her in the pool on Thursday.

Joe being nostalgic telling Erin he likes him even his flaws.

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1:45 BBT Joe tells Dick that they are actually talking about the postive and not the negative. Dick says "I'm not campaigning"

Talks about how Carol became negative and that's why he switched.

Dick tells Joe that he handled his nomination better than he thought.

Eric says their eviction is a loss to the house and the game. Their exit is well earlier than it has to be.

Joe wonder who is going to make it. Eric ask who has a viable chance to win. Joe say only 4-6 have a chance to make it to in. Joe can clearly see who will not make to the end. Only certain people will get there.

Eric says it would have certainly be diffrent if he was HOH. Jokingly says Jess would have been up.

Joe says if he stays he will never be able to do anything with Dustin. He says his "heart breaks for you" about him and Danile. Dick says that these last 17 days has been a lot more than the last few years.

Eric calls it "eye opening" experience.

Dick says "who gives a shit what you assholes think" "I'm kidding"

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2:00 AM BBT

Talk has turned serious.

Talking about Dick and Danile.

Eric being philosphic about not knowing "who the fuck knows" about what goes on the game.

Jess talking about first seeing Carols face....

Dick talking about their pass first week was more than fair.

Dick and Jess say that they were told not to say anything about their casting. Eric said he got them too. Joe said he didn't... Foth because Jess mentioned Allison

Jameeka was postive one of the people was going to be for her.

Joe says Dick take a dive because he'll come back in America's vote. Dick says that'll never happened. Eric says that person would never have chance to win

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2:28 BBT Almost everyone is asleep except for Dick Joe Danile and Jess talking

Jess says her brother was born in Chernobyl which she thought was in Germany. Dick and Joe tell her it was in USSR but now Chernobyl is in Russia [urkraine actually] and she says "No way"

Talk has turned to dreams...

Not too much interesting so I'll take this as my exit..till tomorrow night.

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3:15 am BBT

Joe goes to bed and leaves Dick and Daniele alone in the BY

Jen told them (at the POV ceremony) she was putting Joe on in Daniele's place because then both of the smokers would be on the block.

Dick "Amber and Dustin are definitely voting for me. You and Nick. that's 4. Eric is 5, Zach is 6. Kail is 7, who's left. 3. Jessica's voting for me for zure. Jameka's voting for me I'm almost sure. the only question is Mike. It could be 10-0

Dani: Mike would never vote against the group

Dick: Kail is swearing up and down she had nothing to do with the nominations, they talk strategy but not voting together.

Dani: I feel like Kail wants to get close to me. I've known since day 1 that Jen hates me. My opinion of myself is that I am an ordinary person. I know she hates me.

If you get HOH, who are you putting up?

Dick: I've done so shitty in the comps I don't even want to think about it

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Dick and Dani bonding on cam 3. Talking about the amber/dustin alliance, and the fact that neither trust dustin at all. Dick says that dustin is his target.

Dani thinks that Kail, Mike, or Jen would put me back on the block again. Kail "likes" me and kind of looks up to me about life in general. Kail sees me as a huge threat, she thinks I am an intelligent person.

I dont talk to her about the game at all. Dick says that Kail keeps telling me how much she likes you. Dani says that I like Kail as a person, but as a player, I want her out of here.

Dick says that if he gets HOH, Jen will go up, and everyone expects me to.

Dick says that this week could not have gone any better. You handled the nomination great and I have not even flinched. My biggest worry was that Nick would go up on the block, and Dani says that Jen is so much in love with Nick that she would have never put him up.

Nick tells Dani that he is totally playing Jen, and Jen does not see it at all. Dani had so much on my mind yesterday and everyone was playing each other trying to put doubt into each others' mind.

dani would put up zach and jen and kail would be the replacement if pov was used.

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dick and dani talking about how smart mike is and dani says that she tells everyone that but no one believes me. dick says when Jen caught us in the storage room, i almost had a heart attack. Jen said that with us both on the block and me with pov, they knew that we had to talk at one time. Eric told a lie, that could have exposed our alliance. Eric will implode in on himself if he goes on slop for another week. He is lucky that the slop ended when it did. Dick wants to see Jen gone because she is so full of shit, and is a threat to Danielle. Daniele says that if she gets HOH, she will put up zack and jen and say that the nominations are based on the fakest people in the house

The people upstairs are all against daniele, (kail, jen, mike and zach). They were all egging for me to leave this week. Kail tells Dick that he is the ringleader for his alliance. Dani tells Dick to tone it down a little, you are putting yourself out there. DANI dont understand why you have been so nice to jen lately. Dick says that this is his way to make Jen feel secure. Dani says that Jen hates her and that Dani won't fake it with her. Dani can't stand her.. Dick says that Jen is so simple.

Dani says that even more than kail and mike, most of the house wants zack and jen out. dani says that from day 1, she was so nice to zach, and he is so rude to me.

zach told nick that he was going to vote out dani, no matter what, before the pov. Zach wants Dick here more than he wants Dani out. Dani, even if Zach got hoh, Nick would have a lot of influence on who Zach puts up. Dani feels that he would put up Dani and Jameka, and Dani would go home.

Dick says that Jameka is flying under the radar, and that he know what a "nasty bitch" she can be since the day I walked down the steps. Dani says that she is so hungry and wants real food. She is on slop for 4 more days at least.

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