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July 15, Live Feed Updates

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Jess & Dani in the kitchen. Dani says she is not going to be fake-nice to Jen because she hates Jen & Jen hates her & she doesn't want to be her friend. Dani says she has met conceited & self-centered people before but she has never ever met anybody like Jen. Talk turns to boobs. Dani says if one of your boobs is bigger than your head... what were you thinking.

Dick, Eric, Kail, Amber, Dustin in tinyroom. Dick saying everyone choked at some point in the POV except Dani. Something about the wheels underneath that thing (in the POV) weren't real consistent. Dick says he would given up the TV & more to stay in the game. He says he came to play & this is a once in a lifetime chance. Dick going over his convo with Jen. How he told her that no one in the house likes her but Mike & Kail & that Zach is just kissing her ass because she is HOH. He told her that after her HOH ends things will go back to normal with everyone ignoring her & that it will be even worse because she has alienated herself with the shot she has pulled. Dick says he told Jen that she needs to make an effort & that he is going to make an effort & not go off on her.

Dick keeps hoping that he & Dani will have some sort of recognition. He says they are cordial but anytime he tries to bring up something personal she just walks away. He says "Oh well" (in a choked-up voice). They head towards the kitchen & Kail/Amber stop walking & start whispering. Kail really wants Dick gone. She doesn't like how he finds something wrong with every single person. Kail says they need to tell everyone that they need to vote Dick out this week because no one will want to be HOH & put him up again after they way he has acted with flipping Jen off during the nom ceremony. Kail says if Jen wants evel gone she has to put up a pawn that everyone likes. Amber says if Jen puts her up then they have to get evel out of here.

10:25PM BBT

In the kitchen lotsa of HG chit-chatting about which movie/TV stars each HG looks like.

Kail & Amber talking while brushing their teeth (they look like to rabid dogs foaming at the mouth :kwasny: ). Kail wants Dick gone (duh). Amber really likes Dick a lot but he is just too much. Kail says he drains her emotionally. Now Amber says MBE Jen should let Jen put her up as a pawn. Kail says never be used as a pawn.

Dick & Joe in the BY :smoke: Dick says Amber loses her shit too easily. Talk of everyone choking in the POV & how Joe has lived his life for the last 2 years like he was playing BB blah blah blah. They really think that they can get Jen to nom Zach.

In the tinyroom Nick/Zach talking about somebody (missed who) needs to be put up & they he will go. As Nick is leaving Zach says "they (Dani etc...) don't know about us do they?". Nick says no. Now that he is alone Zach digs a booger out of his nose & looks at it sick009.gif (but I dunno what he did with it after that)

Meanwhile in the BY Dick is rehashing the Jen alienation talk yet again with Nick. (I don't wanna hear it again so I am off to bed. Good Night)

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Dick and Joe in an in depth convo outside... mostly talk over noms and such

Dustin and Zach asks Dustin if Joe is going up

Zach says he asked and the response he got was "everyone should feel threatend"

Z: the thing she wants is confirmation from red and white is a solid vote for green.

Dick mainly trash talking Jen, about how insecure she must be and how Dick sees people like her at his bars all the time. Going on and on about how one demensional she is. How everyone in there "fucking hates her."

J: yeah you saw how fucking excited I got.. you knew how excited I was. There's always a way.

D: I never ever get yelled at... *FOTH*

D: she has to go one point or another if i'm gonna win. I'd like to have a little more time with her. I'm trying to do somrthing to heal this relationship. If we spend maybe 2 minutes a day talking..MAYBE..and even then she's just like all sketched out... doesn't wanna talk to me.. half the things i say she's pissed off about but atleast we're talking and that's the bottom line. And atleast the lines of communication will be open. I'm not going to make a move AGAINST her....

J: that's why I worry about dustin.. if i go against you.. I wonder where he'll vote. All i ask from him is honesty.

D: I've been pretty much the same since i've been on the block.

Nick Joins.

D and J think jen needs to salvage the house since nobody likes her anyway. They explain they want Z up

Joe leaves.

Nick says how great it would be if Z went up.

Nick wants to break "that up right now"

D & N agree Joe can't be trusted.

D and N wanna "flip this bitch" and "switch it around."

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lots of loud chat in the kitchen over movie stars, tv shows, and other topics I have no interest in hearing about.

Dick going to go to the DR and ask for the golf stuff back.

Zach just had a nosebleed... he's never had one in his life. Z joins jen in the hammock.

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Zach and Jen talking who she is going to put up. Jen says she definitely is going to put up a boy. Zach is trying hard to push for Joe but Jen also says that everyone hates him. If Dick and Joe are up, one person who would not win in the end would go home so she would rather keep Joe because everyone hates him. She also said that she would like to put up Nick because he is close with Daniele.

Jen is mentioning that Nick avoids certain conversations with her.

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10:55 BBT

In bedroom Nick and Dani talking says if he does what he offers[just logged in and missed it] he gets one kiss on the lips anywhere in the house. He says it might be in the room but she has to be aware the cameras might catch it.

Talking about wet clothes while folding them.

I guesss Nick said he looks like John Ritter The guy from Subway and Mandy Moore.

Kail is getting on Daniele's nerves. Dani says she feels bad for Amber cause she's handcuffed to Kail. Nick said "if I was handsuffed to anybody to eternity it would be you." to Daniele

Dani says he's not allowed to run the dyer because all the clothes are wet

She calls a Nick a freak and in walks Dick/ Says the he going to talk Jen and try to get the house consesus to try to get Zach Nominated. Dustin is spending the night with Kail and Jen since Amber is cuffed to her. "speak of the devil" in walks Dustin.

Dustin says he pushing for Joe as the replacement nom.

Talking about Zach pushing Deals with Jen and Dustin says he will find out tonight

Dick says he will tell Jen to restore her standing in the house she's going to have to do something drastic.

Dick says they will have to break up that foursome, Dani says Jen is pretty honest with everybody except her reasons for nominating to her.

Dustin says he will push for Zach and if that doesn't work he will push for Joe.

Dick tell Daniele "this looks like it's been a very good week for us"

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11:09 BBT

Telling Danile about all his greatest collegiate football accomplishments. She tell him he's so conceited.

Danile says I'm Hungry and Zach says "could you eat a taco out of a dead mexican?" Danile says "that's racist" he says it he's both latino and croatian so it's not racist.

Danile tells him about what Dustin is going to do. Nick says that they might want to try to break up him and Amber. Nick says he will be outed when he's told to vote out Danile if Zach wins HOH next week when he tells them "fuck you"

Danile takes the kissing deal. [missed it from earlier]

Nick and Joe talking about Dick telling him to watch over Danile if he gets evicted. whispering so it was hard to hear.

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11: 17 BBt

At the table Jameka Eric and Amber and a very miserable Kail just sitting around talking. Jameka is talking about her gas..again

Jen and Mike up in the HOH spying on people seeing what their doing. Mike asked if anyone who's approached her about noms and she sais Joe or Amber. Mike ask who she's thinking Jen says "joe or Nick" Jen says if she puts up Nick dick will go and if she puts up Joe joe will go. tells Mike she had no prefernce who goes. Jen says she is definitely putting up a boy so no more girls leave.

Jen says maybe if Danilele knew she was putting up Nick if she would use the POV.

Talking about tonight's sleeping arrangements .

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11:25 BBT Outside Dick says the religious people have an unfair entertainment advantage because they get to bring their bibles in to read.

Nick says he's going to bed. Zach and Dick talking says he's not been nervous telling him that it will be Joe as a replacement. Zach says he's talked to her and she's not giving up anything.

Dick says Dustin is sleeping up there tonight to save his ass.

Zach says the only prob he has with Joe is when people have wounds he comes out and picks the scabs.

In the BR Nick Jameeka ans Dani talking. Nick says he trust them and he also trust Amber a lot. Nick says eventually he's going to have to "fuck them over". He says they don't know about me "Turn coat Nick". So I guess Jamekka is now in on the secret. He says he trust her several times. Nick says he's going for HOH this week because he doesn't want the to get it. He said he would put up Kail and Zach. Telling how stupid it was the first day hen they asked him to join them.

Nick says to keep "the secret" between the three of them. They will throw him the HOH if it's them three. Nick really wants Zack gone. Nick says Mike or Kail are the smart ones. He says their "fucking it up" because they don't talk to anyone. "their digging their own graves"

Nick says they his alliance are shady and would rat him out in a second. He say they are iffy with them and Zach follows him everywhere and said he would have been outed because they told him to vote out Dani and he would not.

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Nick is spilling the beans to Daniele and Jameka. Basically Nick is telling Daniele and Jameka that he was part of the Mrs. Robinson alliance (Kail, Mike, Zach, Nick) and that he is planning on screwing them over. Nick is saying that Kail and Mike are the brains behind the operations.

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Dustin/Amber/Kail/Jen in HOh with mike sleeping in HOH. talking about replacement noms. Amber has mentioned she would volunteer to go up because she think she would be safe. Jen has said that if Joe goes up that she would want Joe to go home. Jen also said that she likes Dick but she doesn't like his rudeness. Dustin and Amber seem like they're being open and honest with Kail and Jen... but earlier, Dustin has told everyone that he is trying to feel Jen out and bring back info.

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11: 40 BBTInthe HOH Jen Amber and Kail talking about possibilties of who would go.

Back in the bedroom Jameka Nick and Dani talking and thinking. Danile says "the hamster wheels are turning" Saying that Kails a mess on slop. Saying they're used to it.

Back in HOH Kail says they need to get Evil out and Jen says the best person would be Nick. Joe is worst than evil according to Jen and Amber. Dustin says that they're are people out there to get Amber to go. They are trying to get a repalcement. Dustin says he would be hysterical if she went up. Amber seems to think she's soo safe if she's up as a pawn.

Joe comes in. Asking how spicy they like their slop. Dustin says evil is a pain in the ass but Joes is maniacal.

Talking about Dicks positive attributes. Kail wonders who would ever put him up. Dustin says he could even though he couldn't put a time frame on it.

Dustin tells he presence in the house has changed since she's been HOH. Jen says she would rather see Joe go rather than Evil .Kail says she'll vote foe Evil to stay if that's what Jen wants. They tell her that she could put him up if she wins HOH. Kail seems scared to.

Jen says that Zach told her that Dani and Joe were close. Jen says she doesn't want to put up Amber just in case she might lose.

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11:56 BBT Joe and Nick talking in the storage room telling Joe that they need a lot of people to sell her the idea of putting up Zach as the replacement nomination. Joe says Jen told her that if she won and used the pOV she would put up dustin.

Nick tells him again the whole house is in agreeance that Zach has to go

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12:00 Midnight BBT

Eric talking to Dani and Jameka telling them the whole Zach thing isn't going to happen since Zach has been kissing her ass.

Eric says he will try to sell the idea but is very scpetical when we get FOTH

12:02 BBT FOTH

12:03 BBT Feeds are back and talk is about Amber maybe throwing the veto. Eric says did anyone get the scoop about Amber calling him out about the spying from Joe[did not happen see last nights update]

Eric says what it will be like if the whole house tells her to put up the wonly person in the house that is nice to her. Eric says that it will backfire and put the rest of them in danger.

Eric says that they should call her out on negativity of people when she considers her replacement nom and says that the majority who's elgible to vote are not.

Jameka says that Eric is safe.

laughing about the mics and how daniles' is always rubbing and jokingly says BB is going to give her a headset..FOTH

Congrats Dani again on her POV win and her Jamekka say "those of you that are scared...You should be"

in audible whispering from Nick and Dani..I think she's telling him wahat Eric sais about the possibility of getting Zach nominated from Eric's point of view.

Dani gets called to DR and says "she looks like caca" she says she's going to get yelled out.

Joe on top of Mike again.

Talking about what they're gonna wear for Thursday.

Outside 12:16 BBT Zach and Dick Talking about Jen's HOH. Wondering if Nick would have moved back her way id Danile would have left. Dick telling Zach Dustin was up there pushing for Joe as replacement.

Zach says what he would do. Dick tells him there is a clear alliance in the house and that's all he's saying. Zach says that Nick and Dani, Kail and MIke and the most evident is Dustin and Amber. Zach says there are lots of floaters.

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12: 21 BBT Nick sings "dude looks like a lady" to Dani and then says" Lady looks like a dude" and no FOTH

Jen comes in talking about her unitard. Eric asking about all her visitors. She says everyone not in here are up there. Nick pretending to be asleep.

Talking about if she going sleep in that red uniTARD she's wearing w telling her the cameras will catch if she sleeps naked she must have lost all her clothes.

Eric says that the unitard will make her more popular with the fans polls[ya right].

Jen says she didn't want the slop pass because she has no will power and needs to be on slop. Jameka challenges her to one day on slop and says no.

Joe telling Jen what everyone was doing

Jameka giving sappy speech about being a good group about being accepting of her gas.[gag]

Joe getting bashed up in the hoh by Kail, Ammber and Dustin

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12:43 BBT In the HOH the Joe bashing continues as they have concluded that he needs to go.

In the bedroom alot of kidding around and fun talk even with Jen in there. Talking about gangrene. Jess says she doesn't know why she was thinking about it. Joe says "Eric's breath" joking

Talking about what BB would approve saying Carol was allowed in collegiate and Joe wasn't. Jen says it doesn't matter since she has to wear her unitard all week.

Slop talk. Joe trying to push his fiesta slop he prepared for them.

Joe bashing continues in HOH.

Jen trying to explain what the valley is [wrong I might add] Zach trying to and came closer but still incorrect.

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12:57 BBT

Up in the HOH the Joe bashing has stopped and talk about their frinds and reality shows.

In the bedroom the group is still laughing and talking.

Kail saying she would like the game be more startegic playing like if I nominate you then you nominate me type of game and not all the mean yelling and threatning. Jen goes back to HOH and asks what was going on and Kail says if she wants evil in the hose she wants to know he won't put her up if he's HOH. Dustin asks if he can wear the HOH robe since she can't.

Jen talking about putting up Nick or joe. Dustin telling her that she would create more enemies if she put Nick up and it would be a nuetral point like Joe. Jen says that if she did that and the whole house gets out someone they don't like then she becomes the target because the person the whole house dislikes is gone. Jen thinking of putting up Nick and would be ok if either went.

Jen says "you guys are not happy" Kails says "what ever's best for Jen"

Dustin tells he Joe is more of an immediate threat and Jen says Nick is more the threat in the long run. She says Nick was the best choice for her.

Trying to get Joe to be the replacement nom.

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Goodnight everyone, I'm done for tonight. I'd like to ask everyone to pitch in and do especially good tomorrow as Jem and me are taking the day off and DumbBlonde will be filling in for us.

Thanks everybody, you've all done very well.


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1:15 BBT

At the hammock Jen meets Eric for "her date". Eric thinks they should reschedule with everyone watching. Jen wants to know what's going on. Eric calling people liars. He saying that there are 4-5 viable choices that would work. He tells her that he's a mole and he's been included in many convos now.

He wants to tell her a couple of offbeat ideas. He tells her Joe Nick and Daniele are together and Zach up would be a waste. She says that there a 0% chance she will put up Zach.

He tells her that they all want Joe and Zach. He tells the that he's with Joe but they want to get rid of him. Tells her Danile would never give up her POV because she's selfish.

Eric says that if Nick goes up..he has to go home. Eric says he will go after 100%. Eric says that he needs to get Mike and Kail to vote out Nick.

Eric says that Amber threw POV. He says it would be better to have Dick in the house than Nick.

He warns that if she doesn't get Nick out that would be the worst scenario. He says she's better of that Joe goes rather than Dick losing the vote to Nick.

Eric asks if anyone tried to get him a replacement nom and Jen tells him no. He also asks if Kails cool with him and Jen says yes.

Eric telling the story how he flipped out when they tried to accuse him of being a spy.

Eric tells her Joe would be the best but would love Nick but he prob wouldn't go. Then he says Amber. Eric asks if anyone has mentioned Jess as a possible nom. He says maybe use her as pawn. Jen says no and doesn't want her to go. Jen says they can get Jess to vote out Nick by telling her she couls be closer Dani.

Jen says Amber offred herself as a the nom because she has the votes to stay. Jen says she will try to get Nick out. Again Eric says you need to be 100% sure to get him out.

Eric says go Joe for 100% but Nick is 50-50.

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1:56 BBT

Eric and Jen's date is over. They cinclused that they will try to go after Nick and Jen thinks she has the votes[lol]

Talking about her tard. Wondering what if a guy got it. Dick said he would have put a sock down the front.

idle chit chat

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2:01 BBT telling Mike that she will put up Nick. Telling Mike Nick is spreading himself really thin. Mike telling Jen That Dick is after him and she tells him that he's after Zach. He asks if Eric is with Dick and she tells him yes.

She tells Mike Zach is going home unless he wins HOH.

Kail Dustin and Amber come in.

Jen and Kail and Amber back in HOH Amber tells Jen she will vote for Nick to stay. Kail asks if she had the votes to get Nick out and now Jen realizes that maybe she does.

Jen trying to sell her Nick idea and it's really not working. Amber saying she can't vote him out. Kail tell her that the votes aren't there. Dustim tells her he would vote to keep Nick.

Kail asks what plan B was. Kail tells Dustin to call Mike up. Jen more confused than ever.

Amber says she wouldn't be up her for this if it wasn't for the handcuffs.

Kail is saying Poor Jen and unitard talk.

Dustin asks if she gets a 24hr notice before the veto ceremony. Talk about what the producers asy and FOTH.

Feeds back Jen says she has no alternate plan. Doesn't know but needs to figure it out just in case veto ceremony tomorrow.

Jen says Eric told her he can take her more seriously in her suit. Talking about Jen superhero[so lame]

Jen wonders how genuine NIck is with other people. Kail says if Nick goes up he's stay and that's a good thing. Kail tells her that Joe is her only option. Jen says that she doesn't want Joe or Evil to leave andbecause if they go she's next.

Kail mentions maybe Jessica and Jen gives her the look that basically says no.

Jen says she's fine with Dick going. Talk comes back to Joe

Jen says It will be EVil and Nick with Evil going home. Let them do their campaigning and see what happens.

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4:30AM BBT

Dick the only one up (doesn't this guy sleep)

After cleaning up the kitchen, he walks into one of the bedrooms, grabs the two bunny topiaries and brings them to the kitchen. Then he sets them on the counter making in a position where the one bunny is humping the other!! lol

After he belches loudly, and getting out ice cream, he starts looking around. He's trying to find a better place for the bunnies. He puts them on a shelf over the sink, again in the humping position. (ed. This is hysterical!! I love you Dick, marrry me??)

He stands back and looks at them, then climbs up and gets them down again. He moves them to the plants near the bedroom door, stands back and admires them. He walks back into the kitchen, puts the ice cream away, dances around to music in his head accompanied by this air guitar, then goes outside for a smoke.

talkin to himself

"Who's up this early, 5am, 8am eastern? Cokeheads still partying from the night before? or geeks? I wonder who's watching Dick at night? (lol, I'm not a geek or a cokehead!!)

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Dick still talking to himself

Kail has got to go next week. If you are in Oregon and going to church this moring, expect to see her soon. It can't be this week because she's not on the block, but soon. She has to go.

God Dammnit, but the plasma TV isn't bad. Goddamn man, I was thrown to the lions. I told the girl 10 minutes before she came HOH to fuck herself. Then I told her again 10 minutes later. Then my daughter and I get put on the block.

Then POV and one of us HAS to win. Then, TADA. Daniele wins it. It looks like Amber might have thrown it. Idon't know.

Daniele gets off the block, what we wanted. I get the TV, not too bad.

Then the food competition. I haven't had to eat slop. I haven't had to alter who I am. God Damn. I can't believe I'm on the block and saying this but I doing goooood!! This is a fuckup funny game.

We got to keep them from winning HOH next week. Believe they won't win. Oh, the bat's gone. Dammit!!

If Zach goes up.. Fuck.. all I did was set the wheels in motion, came up with the idea, let other people take the fall. Sounds like a good strategy to me.

Hm. Gotta get Kail outta here. This week. Looking forward to it. I wish time would pass faster. It's all good. No Problems.

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5am BBT Dick still alone in BY

Lies down on the couch and he is now hard to hear.

"We'll make two games with the cups (?)"

Talks about asking for the golf equipment

"Still dark, I'm tired, maybe I'll go to bed. Dick at night is headed out."

Sees the camera following him when he gets up "Ha, I thought you guys quit on me"

Stops in the kitchen and is cleaning again.

5:10 am BBT goes into the BR with the round beds, changes into shorts and gets into bed with one of the guys. (ed. if he's "flying commando, his t-shirt was too long to tell)

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