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Week 10


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Day 70 - Saturday - Task is finally over

The lights don't even come on until 10:30 today.

Daniela and Zach get their breakfast in the rewards room at 10:45. It is a continental with fresh muffins and pastries with hot coffee.

Outside the HMs are sunning themselves this morning. Jamie has been trying to figure out if there is a system to this week's numbers task. But he can't find any connection between the parts.

At noon, Daniela is called to assign this week's chores.

Shopper-Chef - Zoran

Baker - Billy

Kitchenhand - Daniela

Farmhand - Travis

Housekeeper - Michelle

Environmental Watchdog - Jamie

Janitor - Aleisha

Laundry Attendant - Zach

Everyone is happy with their assignment this week.

Zoran has never been shopper before and he is quizzing Daniela about how the shop was laid out last week. Cheese is high on his list.

At 13:40 he gets the shopping letter and they find that there are $16 in fines this week so there is $152 in the shopping budget.

At 13:50 the shop is open and Zoran races in. But he is slow in getting things in his basket. With 1 minute left he still has $79 to spend. At the end, he still has $57 unspent and they forfeit it. He thinks that the HMs will crucify him but no one is really upset.

At 14:30 BB calls the farmhand to an afternoon check on the animals. Travis takes Michelle with him. They are surprise that today there are 17 eggs. Maybe BB is going soft on them because of the $57 left in the shop. Zoran did forget to get the mince so maybe the eggs make up for it.

Daniela and Zach get a big platter of meats and cheese to eat for lunch in the rewards room. It is nominations talk time but they are both reluctant to discuss who they nominated last week. They finally fess up but not about why they nominated them.

The bells toll at 17:30 and everyone races to the dining room. Zach is called to read a red letter to the HMs. This week was all about chances and luck of the draw. So BB is leaving the prize to chance as well. It will be up to the HMs to choose one last time. In each of the nine boxes there is a card. On the card is a dollar amount. They range from minus $10,000 to $100,000. It is up to them to choose and they have just 5 minutes. Whatever card they draw is what will be added to the prize pool. There is a lot of discussion. The most popular numbers are one, five and nine. Finally they decide to choose number nine. Zach pulls the card and it says $100,000 so that is added to the prize pool. The prize now stands at $370,000.

Zoran starts cooking dinner at 18:45. Jamie is his assistant tonight.

At 20:00 BB sends the HMs a letter. Inside is a list of topics that everyone has to address individually to the entire group. Then each must evaluate the answer as truth or not. The topics are:

1. What's one good thing that's changed about you since entering the House? What's one bad thing?

2. If you could create your ideal partner, what one physical feature or characteristic would you include from each of your Housemates?

4. Are any Housemates not being true to the person you believe they really are? Is anyone in particular holding back their true character?

5. Constructive criticism helps others live and learn. Take it in turns to give at least three of your Housemates some constructive criticism.

6. Which current Housemates would make a lovely couple?

7. Which Housemate is playing the game to win the most? What do you think their strategy is and will it work?

8. Is there something you wish you'd done differently since entering the House?

9. If you could do anything in the future what would it be? Why?

10. Finish this sentence, "I deserve to win Big Brother because

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