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As I previously wrote, I'm moving the forums to a more powerful server. There is not definite date yet, I'm thinking they may do it this Friday. As I said, there might be a period of a day or so that you are unable to connect to TVFanForums.net. What I forgot to mention is that when we do return, you could have problems staying logged in, this is due to your old cookies not matching up right. To correct this, you'll need to delete all the cookies from TVFanForums.net, host9.parachat.com and s134005998.onlinehome.us, that should keep you from being booted out of chat and being logged out.

I also forgot to tell you about all the new stuff our gang has thought up. Fuskie and DreamAngel are going to be doing a podcast for us, this is in addition to an IM bot that will update during big events.

Registered users can play the Big Brother prediction challenge, this year hosted by BuxomBlonde.

CeciMom is returning as a moderator (but just for the summer). Angelo Joe said he'd teach Jem and I to write in English this year. Last I heard Jedi is returning help us, and help you with tech questions, and there's more that I can't think of at the moment because there's so much I've got to do...

Thanks to everyone for coming back, thanks for your great ideas..


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I just hope I can keep up, if there are a lot of players in this year's prediction challenge.
And I'm pleased than I can "pay it forward" this way, since I had so much fun taking part in it last year.
It really made my Big Brother season that much more enjoyable.

Angelo Joe said he'd teach Jem and I to write in English this year.
LOL, that proves the need for it right there, because it's supposed to be "... teach Jem and me ..."

Thanks for being so good to all of us here, Morty!
I certainly appreciate it, and I'm sure everyone else does too!
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LOL Buxom - I saw that, but something told me Morty wanted that sentence to read like that! :lol:

I will mainly be helping Jem and Morty write/edit the main BB page, but will also jump in when and where I am needed as we go. You are already doing a fantastic job with the prediction challenge, Buxom! I did not play, last year, but am looking forward to joining in, this year. :)

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Thanks Morty (and all your minions) for going that 'extra mile' again this year :excl:

I've watched Morty's grow and grow and grow.....

To safeguard some of the possible problems ahead.... I copied and pasted

Morty's 1st paragraph in an e-mail Draft for safe keeping.... just in case I can't re-connect and have to

have someone step in and do that 'cookie thing', etc.

Most of you know my computer expertise is limited to turning it on, bookmarking sites and copy and pasting....

beyond that..... I just sit here - - read, laugh, occasionally get aggravated, try to keep up and sometimes type a thought or two.

and.... while I'm at it.... thanks to almost everyone Morty mentioned .... who.... at one point or another has

stepped in and helped me out.

wooooo hooooo...... Big Brother fever is here :2thumbsup:

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Thanks Morty!!! I also want to take this time to say thank you to everyone of the members that post here... If not for you we wouldn't have the fun we do in the forums...

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Hi Everybody!

We are back after some really trying glitches. When they told me it would be a two hour process they'd do at night, and most people wouldn't notice the downtime, I knew it would never happen that way. We are back, and they just sort of patched us back together. Don't bookmark anything, as you can see by looking at your location bar, our domain name isn't showing up right, this might be causing you to have cookie or security notices pop up, we'll have these gliyches fixed by Tuesday (I'm hoping) and in the mean time you can still keep up-to-date with things.



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