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Dick Week 1


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Los Angeles


Bar Manager



Star Wars, Indiana Jones Trilogy, V for Vendetta, The Matrix

TV Shows

South Park, Discovery channel, History channel


Johnny Depp, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro


Angelina Jolie, Julia Roberts


Surfing, skiing, gardening

Sports to Play

Surfing, skiing, football

Sports Teams

NY Jets

Outdoor Activities

Hiking in rainforests, jumping off waterfalls


Guns N' Roses, Motley Crue, Marilyn Manson, Paul McCartney, Rolling Stones, Rob Zombie, The Ramones, Korn


Appetite for Destruction, Red, White & Crue, Marilyn Manson's Greatest Hits, Rob Zombie's Greatest Hits


Lobster, king crab legs


Cocoa Pebbles, Golden Grahams


Tollhouse (no nuts), white chocolate macadamia nut

Candy Bars

Snickers, Almond Roca

Alcoholic Drinks

Guinness, Jagermeister bomb


Diet Sprite, Diet 7 Up

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I have a feeling Dick is going to feel out of his league. He commented on his myspace that being around people in their 20's makes him realize how old he is. Also, he's got a colorful vocabulary that I'm sure will get old fast. I can see the other 20 year olds banding together with the daughter.

Looking forward to the drama though!

Pam aka RustyGirl

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He's my choice....I'm rooting for him!

again ginger.... we agree...

of course this is just first impressions. we could change our minds on thursday.

Sidenote: at first glance i thought thread name said "Dick Weed 1" hahahahaaa

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Big Brother producers saw Survivor's Shane and thought...okay, I'll take that and raise you a psycho...

I'm all in on this dude...which means he'll be boot one, unless there is a crazy chick to match.

Wait, he said his daughter won't speak to him...maybe she's in the house. (BTW, I haven't read anything, I'm just going on looks for now).

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Sorry folks, buut I actually won a halloween contest witha very similar "priest" costume a few years back so I think Dick and I might get along well........now just shut up, I know I know :)

He will definately make tings colorful. Dunno if he will make it, but am willing to give him a chance just for entertainment purposes.


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Welcome to Our Nightmare!


(I loved Alice Cooper and that was a FANTASTIC album, by the way, but this guy...ugh.)

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Maybe you should read Francis...

Nope, won't do it. I'm going into this round completely clueless about their real persoanlities. I'm going on looks alone. I really shouldn't even read their occupations or age. I would hate for my comments to be seen as ageist or shallow. :lipsrsealed2:

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He'll be the most annoying and colorful....I hope he's in the house for a long time! :naughty:

I immediately thought of Tommy Lee....but yeah, more like Shane from Survivor...or combo of both. (Lord help us all!)

Won't it suck for the producers though if he is one of the 1st evicted...the whole daddy/daughter story wouldn't play out.

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