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OK So I was looking around the web for any little tidbit I could find on BB8 (I knew better), and I went to James' site, just as a guest, and found a thread about jokersupdates.com... Well, I won't get into that, but within that thread he talked about him and Sarah breaking up (only that they had), and he also said he WAS NOT going to the reality tv convention this year... Just thought you all might like to hear that James just won't be there, especially if you were going to attend and wanted to see him...

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I just think it's strange that before his "fight" with Jokers he was all up for going to the convention and now that this has happened he's not willing to go at all...

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I have 2 sons that work in a stone's throw from the Nashville Place where they are holding that this weekend. I am only a couple hours away. But, I would not do this because I never saw a complete lineup of folks .. just threw a few names around.

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Here is a lineup from the website for the convention, although they do say it isn't complete... ETA: A few that they added in another section...

American Idol:

Scott Savol

Dani McCulloch

Lindsey Cardinale

The Maynard Triplets

Perla Meneses

Jon Peter Lewis

Heather Cox

Will Makar

Amazing Race:

Ray Housteau

Deana Shane

Dennis Hyde

Alex Boylan

American Inventor:

Mark Martinez

Average Joe:

Dennis Luciani

The Apprentice:

Tana Goertz

Jenn Hoffman

Bad Girls Club:

Andrea Laing

Big Brother:

Howie Gordon

George Boswell

Krista Stegall

Rachel Plencner

Kent Blackwelder

Kaysar Ridha

Biggest Loser:

Dana DeSilvio

Maurice "Moe" Walker

Ryan Kelley

Andrea Overstreet

Andrea Baptiste

Matthew Kamont

Kelly MacFarland

Fear Factor:

Jennifer Candler Oldham

Joe Millionaire:

Melissa "MoJo" Hunter


Jon "The Blazer" Benarroch


Winter Foxx

Outback Jack:

Vadim "Outback Jack" Dale

Real Gilligan's Island:

Ken Callen

Randi Silvers

Zac Turney

Mark "Gooner" Grosbeck

Jim Murray

Real World:

M.J. Garrett

Tonya Cooley

Starting Over:

Teresa Crone

Susan Santa-Cruz


Jonny Fairplay

Billy Garcia

Flica Flame

Cecilia Mansilla

Rupert Boneham

Burton Roberts

Trading Spouses

Marguerite Perrin (God Warrior)

Ultimate Coyote Ugly Search:

Kassie Miller

Kristin Hilliard

Bri Hatchett

Sally Snyder

Sandra Butler

Trick My Truck:

Richard Crowder



Wanted Ted Or Alive:

Big Jim Lawson

Joey Gaytan

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Real Gilligan's Island:

Ken Callen

Randi Silvers

Zac Turney

Mark "Gooner" Grosbeck

Jim Murray

If anyone, mostly those from my generation has any memories of the old Nickoledeon show Legends of the Hidden Temple then you gotta meet this dude. He went on it as a young kid and was a complete pimp. He abosolutely tore through the temple to give his team the win. Most kids acted like complete morons stumbling around through the obstacles but this kid just sprinted his way through to get out just in time (his partner was inept). Total BAMF.

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My son used to make me watch that show with him... I don't remember him, but glad he's appeared on other shows as well...

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here's the story of the legend himself

I awoke one morning to the sound of my mother calling "Zac. Levi. Time to get up boys." As my younger brother climbed down off the top bunk I gave him a playful shove. He took a swing, but continued out to the bathroom. I climbed out of bed and walked to the kitchen to great my parents.

This morning, something was different. My dad was holding a newspaper and grinning at me. I looked over and mom had mirrored his grin. I wondered what was going on. "How would you like to be on TV?" my father asked.

In my typical, cautious, 13 year old manner I answered, "Why?" There was a hesitation.

"Wait for your brother to get out of the bathroom and we'll tell you." I waited and started into my bowl of Lucky Charms. "The newspaper says that tomorrow they will be holding auditions at Nickelodeon Studios to be on a game show."

"I want to be on GUTS!" my brother shouted.

"This one is for Legends of the Hidden Temple, do you know which one that is?"

Cocky as always, I answered, "Of course, it's the one with the big talking rock and the maze." When I visualized Omec, the talking rock, the idea began to grow in my mind. "Do you think we can get on?"

"You boys are both smart and athletic, it should be a sure thing." Dad began to pat my back, and at that moment I knew we would definitely be attending the auditions tomorrow.

We had just moved down from Kennett Square, Pennsylvania to Casselberry Florida in the summer of 93. My father was a civilian dentist who signed a contract to work on the Orlando Navy Base. By the fall, my brother and I had become adjusted to our new town and made our friends at South Seminole Middle School. In the back of my mind I thought about how cool I would be if my class mates saw me on TV. On Saturday morning, my father roused us, cooked us a good breakfast and drove us to the Universal Studios back lot. We followed the signs and came to the warehouse where the auditions were held. It was a cool October morning, but still muggy because of the FL humidity.

When we arrived, the handlers gave my brother and I numbers and sent us from station to station. Our first station was the history test. We sat down at a table with 10 or so other children and a proctor came and delivered the 50 question test. We had both been exceptional students, so when the tests were graded at the end of the half hour, both Levi and I had passed the 80% correct requirement. Half of us children tested were moved on while the others were sent back toward the door.

The next section was the physical tests. First we had to do pull-ups. The bald man in a black shirt simply told us, "Do as many as you can." Most of the girls did about 5. Levi did 12. There was a jock-bully looking kid there who did 20. Myself being a bit of a show off did 24. Take that larger bully! Next was a shuttle run, but instead of just touching the ground, we raced from one end of the path to the other and picked up a rubber chicken. Once we got it back to the start we turned and ran down again. I don't remember my exact time, but the producers seemed excited about my speed. My brother was a few seconds shy of my score.

From there we went on to try one of the show challenges. There sat before us was two circles of the Legends of the Hidden Temple Insignia both turned from the ground at funny angles. The object was to run on them for as long as possible and see how many rotations you could get in 2 minutes without falling off. At this point the audition seemed to turn more to a game than a competition. All of us kids laughed as we tried to stay on and run.

With the physical activities done, we were ushered to a line, waiting for interviews with the producers. I remember watching some of the kids sitting there being quiet. I told my brother, "Levi, they want to make sure we are fun people 'cause they only want fun people on the show, so smile and talk back." Levi was always the shy child of the family. When it came our turn, the producers asked us typical child questions. What do you want to be when you grow up? What is your favorite cartoon? What do you do for fun? When we finished, I shook the man

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haha i was in the audience on that show mannnny years ago when i was in 4th grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it sucks though b/c theres 3 segments in the show i think...so its a new audience everytime...we didn't know that we thought we would get to see the whole show but we only saw when they "crossed the moat"

i still watch the show lol its on digital cable!! gotta love the 80's & 90's

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Got this from My Space Bulliton from James


Why is it this time of year I'm always asking people to vote for something?

Instead of putting me on AllStars like last summer, which I hate you all for, I'm asking you to help Rachel win "Spike TV's Sexiest Bartender"!

Funny thing is, it's actually going to be a reality show... So vote for Rachel all day, every day!!!

oh yeah, please and thank you.


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