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Big Brother Uk: Updates

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Big Brother 8 is here!

One hurdle to get over first. Property Ladder comes to an end and we get a shot of Davina outside the house telling us to tune in to watch people getting out of cars and walking into a house - "that's what telly was made for."

And then C4 broadcast the OFCOM report - but interestingly there is no apology, just a report of OFCOM's findings.

With that out of the way, C4 introduce us to Big Brother 8.

The titles role - no pre-titles tease from Davina. Titles are very BB6-esque with lots of colour and lots of shapes. The colour wheel is the main theme of the titles.

Davina welcomes us with a simple hello and dismisses the rumours of gay marriage, no missing housemates and no chance of the beloved house being blown up on finale night.

Davina then makes her way straight to the house with her own camcorder to give us a "HMs view" of how they'd enter - but Davina is crap at filming so thankgod she's took a camera crew with her.

Now the housemates must go up the stairs, and along a balcony the width of the house before meeting the famous doors. We go down the stairs and get our first surprise - HMs will first enter a black and white lobby. There is a door to the left, but HMs will go through the door straight ahead. Davina points out the "PUSH" signs...

We enter the main house - and Davina begins her tour. We've seen the pics of the main house so not alot new there - Davina reveals the sofas are quite comfy and says she likes chatting when having a bath, but not in front of everyone.

On to the bedroom which has the big beds - with one long pillow on each. Davina then points out the nightmare which is the oven.

We then get our first look at the toilet, and then a guided tour of the bathroom which is the most luxurious yet, complete with double shower, river taps, sofa, hairdryers and those steam things you zip yourself in.

Back outside and a tour of the garden - which offers absolutely nowhere to hide. Davina then returns inside and heads for the diary room - the lights are blue most the time, red when you press the button and green when you can go in.

The diary room is black with a futuristic looking (aka hideous) see-through plastic chair - which contains lights!

House tour done - time for the housemates...

Sam and Amanda - 18, twins... Very pink, very girls, very dippy. Chavs make them mad and they don't understand people on their university course.

The girls go in together - and there is no swapping going on here. Both are in and hop straight in the bath. They love the "pinkness" of the bath.

Lesley - 60 - a former WI leader and head hunter who says she has tantrums and sees no reason why she can't win. Lesley enters the house and is met the terrible twosome.

Charley - 21 -Unemployed South London IT girl, always gets fired but still parties four nights a week. Cousin of footballer Keiron Richardson.

She gets ridiculously booed into the house and by the time she enters is virtually on the point of tears. The twins perk her up immediately by saying don't worry, they all got booed.

Davina asks why, with chants of get a job being the general concencous.

The next four...

Tracey, 36 - so you heard it's all girls then. Wrong! Oh, hang on - it's a woman! Think BB7's Pete with a sex change! A cleaner who dislikes fights and liars, but loves 'avin it!

Tracey gets the best reception so far as Davina reveals that her eviction outfit is nothing but a smile! I think I'll miss that one!

Chanelle - 19 Victoria Beckham lookalike - and she goes to lengths to make sure she does. Fun loving Yorkshire lass - wants to give Yorkshire a good name.

Shabnam - 22 Loves reading and listening to her Ipod on the toilet - and make up, ensuring it clashes with her clothes. Changes her job every week.

Gets a pretty good reception as Davina christens her "Shabs"

Emily - 19 Intelligent, according to her, Indie rocker who would like a Pete Doherty style bad boy in the house.

Pretty good reception and for Lesley the penny is beginning to drop. No chance of a toyboy yet!

The final batch...

Laura - 23 - WELSH From Rhondda, hates smoking, drinks squash except when alcohol is cheaper, loves food, wanted to be an embalmer and gives up her freetime clearing up grave yards.

She gets the best reception so far - and I think like Helen and Glyn before her, she should do Wales proud! Chanelle greats her by announcing she loves the Welsh.

Nicky - 27 - Adopted from a Mother Teresa orphanage in Bombay at the age of 1 and is catholic. Wants people to see the real her as people are confused about her identity. Hates men!

Swears like a trooper as she enters the house - and the housemates are now beginning to realise it's all women.

and the final, 11th, housemate

Carole - 53 Political protestor, mainly against the War in Iraq and been arrested a few times. Would hate HMs who don't put any effort in. A "divorced bisexual unemployed sexual health worker"

Carole gets the biggest cheers of the night as she moves in and milks it for all it's worth.

Big Brother then announces the front door is locked and it's confirmed it's all women in the house - though the general concencous amongst the housemates is that there are 11 men in a neighbouring house.

Davina confirms the just one man will move in on Friday - and it'll either be a dream come true or his worst nightmare!

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Ziggy, 26, entered on Friday and as the sole man has the responsibility of choosing two nominees for eviction, opting for Shabnam and Emily.

The eviction takes place on Friday, with at least one more man expected to enter the house.

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This week's eviction has been cancelled after one of the nominees were thrown out by Big Brother.

Emily used a racist word which could potentially cause offense to viewers, and following the race row which erupted over Celebrity Big Brother, a zero tolerance approach has been taken and Emily has been kicked out.

Although not personally offended, the housemate Emily referred to (directly) immediately questioned Emily on the use of the word, which Emily defended by saying it was a word she commonly used within her circle of friends.

Emily was called to the diary room during the middle of the night and didn't return.

I know from the past Morty & co. don't like strong language being quoted here, but there is a transcript of the incident over on Being Big Brother:


Personally I think it's an over-reaction which wouldn't have happened if it wasn't for the Celebrity Big Brother race row. I believe a first and final warning would have sufficed - and that the public should have been allowed to judge Emily for themselves in this weeks eviction.

However, the critics who jump on the Big Brother bashing bandwagon at any opportunity have widely praised C4 for acting swiftly and harshly in this circumstance, saying it sends a clear message that the programme and broadcaster will not condone such language - and that it's not acceptable in today's society.

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Two more men have been added to the mix - though they're both gay - though one claims he's fed up of men and turning towards girls.

Gerry, 31 from Greece has three degrees, while Seany, 25 from Ireland, is a huge Michael Jackson fan, even attending his trial.

This week they will both nominate, and also choose two other housemates who can nominate alongside them.

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Gerry and Seany chose the twins as the other two housemates permitted to nominate this week.

As a result of their nominations, Shabnam (3), Carole (2) and Tracey (2) face the public vote for the first eviction.

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Friday night is eviction night...

... and also (probably) the last "Man Friday" for now at least as four men are thrown in.

They are:

Billi, a 25 year old model

Jonathan, a 49 year old millionaire businessman

Liam, a 22 year old tree surgeon

Brian, a 19 year old IT worker

And once they'd settled in, Davina crossed to the house to reveal the result of the first eviction - Carole, Shabnam and Tracey faced the public vote and with 81.4%, Shabnam is evicted.

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Anyone following this year?

The first regular round of nominations took place this week and Carole, Jonathan and Seany face eviction this week.

Also tonight there is a live special in which a twist will be revealed - with speculation that the HMs will face a dilemma which could change one of their lives forever.

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Friday's eviction - Billi gets the boot, with 55%.

The latest weekly task has been set today with 7 HMs identified as having one of the seven deadly details and having to rid themselves of them during the week.

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Well, this week Chanelle and Laura faced eviction, and tonight Laura was evicted.

The house then linked live to Big Brother Australia where a housemate was in the diary room and informed they had been chosen by the viewers to move to the Big Brother UK house.

However, this is "fake week" - and Pauline was infact just a few yards away from the studio. She will move in on Friday and kick off an Australian themed fake week, which will end of the week with a fake eviction.

Next week's evictee will leave the house as usual and be interviewed by Davina - and then be sent back in. The twist is the housemates will be watching everything they say to Davina!

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So far on fake week we've had a fake housemate pretending to be from BB Aus, a series of fake challenges, Big Brother issuing punishments for a fake crime the HMs never committed, a plane flying over with a fake message - "THERE IS ANOTHER HOUSE" - and the housemates becoming involved in the fake worldwide peace movement, Warmth not Waste!

But tonight it was fake eviction, with Charley and Nicky nominated to leave.

They left though - to an absolutely silent crowd, were ushered into the studio where the spirit of the Chenbot took over host Davina as she interviewed Charley in a strange robotic style - all questions began "Big Brother would like to know...", with Charley unaware the other housemates were watching the interview.

And then at the end Davina - or should that be Davinabot - revealed it was Fake Week, this was a Fake Eviction and she was still a housemate and must now return to the house.

So Fake Week is over - and next week we'll be celebrating Big Brother's birthday.

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No sure if this is where it goes, but I saw this article on-line and thought to share it.

British TV network axes Celebrity Big Brother 2008

Fri Aug 24, 9:28 AM ET

Britain's Channel 4 said on Friday it has scrapped next year's "Celebrity Big Brother," one of its most popular shows, in sweeping changes to its primetime schedule after being accused of "dumbing down" its content.

Director of Television Kevin Lygo said all but one of the programs currently shown at 9 p.m. will disappear from the 2008 line-up to clear the decks for new shows.

"It is time to be brutal with some much-loved shows in order, once again, to make way for the new," he said in a statement.

"Our ratings will almost certainly continue to fall, but the alternative is more of the same and that is not what the channel is about."

Channel 4, which has been accused of "dumbing down" its content, has faced intense speculation over its future, with some reports suggesting the government may sell it.


It was forced to apologies after a race row engulfed this year's Celebrity Big Brother and has been caught up in the recent scandal over TV phone-in competitions.

Thousands of viewers complained after Indian actress Shilpa Shetty was repeatedly abused by fellow housemates.

The show has previously given viewers the sight of Vanessa Feltz cracking up, George Galloway pretending to be a cat and Germaine Greer walking out over the producers' "bullying."

Channel 4's Head of Programs Julian Bellamy said the decision to drop Celebrity Big Brother would make room for 29 hours of new programmes.

It will cut its 2008 budget for American television series by 10 million pounds.

"These are the decisions of a public service broadcaster in search of the new and the exciting," Bellamy said.

Earlier this month, Channel 4 dropped all but one of its premium rate phone-in competitions after an internal inquiry uncovered found problems dating back to 2004.

British TV network axes Celebrity Big Brother 2008

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