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Fuskie's Big Brother Play-by-play

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If you want fuskie to continue doing his fantastic play-by-play this year for Big Brother I need 100 members to sign their names to this forum. Telling him why he's great would be a good ego stroke too. :D

PS. This was Fuskie's idea

1. fizzle :P

2. April

3. Marty

4. King123

5. Buderflyfairy16

6. Califcyclone

7. gizzmotor

8. WannaBeBB7

9. Angie1020

10. Mendes56

11. lightplum

12. Big J

13. Yana

14. Dreigha

15. Katydidit

16. erinjs

17. TwinCity

18. uvpnolimits

19. tvrocks17

20. Angelo Joe

21. tazgirl

22. abbaholic

23. deedsy

24. Blackcat3

25. TheStilesClan

26. crs

27. starshine

28. tobikay

29. SueZqueZ

30. Rydethis

31. redtootsiepop

32. Jem

33. Impatient

34. kegbelly

35. crappysucks

36. flickz

37. pcdjsquirrel

38. TheNunOwnedGoat

39. BlondieCat

40. TVwatcher

41. lovefreak69

42. BBlove4ever

43. AngeliaCG

44. Cuda

45. LateNight

46. peggyo

47. annabelle

48. kitten_200

49. wickedclownoj

50. Dade

51. Darkj

52. Allstarfan


54. yath

55. RustyGirl

56. armyafmom

57. ImIn

58. Breakaway

59. Baroness

60. Melissa4167

61. kayo

62. Shabby

63. krazyntexas

64. countrygirl

65. meinva

66. AllieJay

67. Kimbo

68. MissChris

69. georgectv

70. Micahd

71. Stepho

72. TylerMurphy

73. cookies

74. Justin

75. laladoopiedu

76. eyeluvhowie

77. Cajunboiler

78. Snancypants

79. BlazinCajun

80. jenw_72

81. Roxybrown

82. jake

83. jayjay


85. Catniptoy

86. TerVillHe ne

87. tsk

88. SoHoGirl

89. suzie-sunshine

90. BrandyM82

91. Kelegyrl

92. heidihodee

93. Snipa

94. KendallRN

95. Peachie

96. erinjs

97. Neom555

98. tandr2

99. Megan

100. DreamAngel

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Fuskie you are the greatest.

I work too many hours to help out but I have to say to the people that do it I really apprecieate you!

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WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have to sign, I work there.

184 one night...... :faint::faint:

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Sign me up...

As a West Coaster...I live for the Thursday "live" play-by-play updates.

Is there a chance that Fuskie might try to get a life and not do it this year? No, say it ain't possible.

BB would not be the same - I need my Morty's and I need my Fuskie!!!!!

Long live Morty's....Long Live Fuskie!!!!

By the way, Fuskie is a fabulous typist and excellent speller - need I say more :)

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I know I don't have a computer in the room where I watch BB, but I know a lot of people really appreciated the play by play... Please, please, please do it again this year Fuskie...

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I say yes lol I know I dont post much at all but I lurk and read.. I honestly sometimes only have time to peek in here but yes a play by play would be great lol... Ima die hard big brother fan

*waves hiya* nice to meet you all

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i think its tradition for fuskie to do play by play

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sign me

I only get to watch the live show every other Thursday. Without you Fuskie doing the play by play, I have to read the update the next day. It's not as fun as being with you and all the other fans in the chat room.

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