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Week Five

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:animated_wave:Day 31 - Tuesday - A Day of Farewells and Hellos

At 09:00 Thomas and Hayley head out to the farm for the morning feeding. Hayley is sad and tells the babies that she will be leaving soon and that they won't be seeing her again and she hugs the little lamb.

09:25 and Hayley and Thomas are back. The lights are still out and they sneak around and quietly wake all the HMs but Aleisha. They crowd around her bed and begin shouting 'Happy Birthday'. She sits up and stretches with a big smile on her face. The HMs all break out in a loud rendition of the birthday song and they congratulate her on her day. BB pipes up and also wishes her a happy.

At 10:45 Emma and Aleisha are lying on their bed in the bedroom. Emma says that there are too many boys in the house and with Hayley going that it will be worse. They both think that soon BB will be sending in a few girls to even it out. (TONIGHT!!!)

In the yard Hayley and Andrew take a moment to wish each other well and check up on how they are doing. Hayley tells him that he will do ok in the house and she wishes him well. He says the same.

The boys are up to their old tricks again. Thomas has turned all of his thinks in to BB for the weekly task. Joel, Nick and Travis are hiding the 12 things that he has left. They put a pair of shorts into a pillowcase in the lounge and another in an empty suitcase. Billy comes out and says there is nothing left in Thomas's drawer.

At noon, Rebecca and Jamie are lying on the lounge talking. Rebecca says she is tired of being ignored by the other HMs. Jamie says he is trying to think if he has said or done anything in the house that might have upset his family or friends on the outside.

Hayley and Andrew are at it again in the yard. She is lying on top of him and giving him kisses. She is happy with her time in the house and says that she was 100% herself. If she rubbed some the worong way then so be it. But she is not sure how the outside world will greet her when she leaves.

As they site down to lunch at 13:00 the boys bring out the special bread loaf they baked this morning that is covered in Nutella just for Aleisha. They sing Happy Birthday again and she is all smiles saying it is just like a cake.

Rebecca tries to get the HMs interested in games in the afternoon but most ignore her. She starts venting her frustrations at being ignored and that she has learned that she has as much right to espress her feelings in the house and anyone else and that she is tired of them ignoring them. She decides to go back outside and join Jamie and the others just watch her leave.

Later the guys tease Jamie about his bond with Rebecca and Jamie says jokingly that, "no, I like Zoran and would not break his trust."

At 2:30pm, Travis is talking to Aleisha about their ninja food adventures. He says that Jamie's reaction the other day when he discovered that people had been sneaking food scared him a bit. Jamie took it as a personal attack on his responsibilities as shopper/chef to ration the food for the week. Travis said that he went to BB to talk about it and BB said he should talk with the other ninja's. They both agree it is just for fun but Travis thinks that the others don't see it like that at all.

At 3pm, Susannah goes for a swim and most of the others are surprised that she actually got her hair wet. Aleisha is surprised at how good she looks with her hair slicked back. Susannah doesn't leave it like that for long as she goes into the house to fix the damage to her look.

Billy has problems getting someone to join him in his daily task of working out with someone. Finally he is able to convince Hayley to go to the gym. Andrew decides to get Aleisha into the chill-out room for his task. They talk about her bugging 'relationship' in the house with Billy. She says it is just friends and nothing will come of it. Their talk moves to Hayley's impending exit. Aleisha asks how he feels and he is said that she has to go but knows that she will be ok outside. He is more concerned for her than for himself. He doesn't care how people view him but he wants everyone to like her.

At 17:00 everyone is dressing up for Aleisha's birthday bash tonight. Everyone that is but Emma who says that she doesn't even own a dress. The guys are at least trying to look good.

At 17:40 BB tells them to turn off all electrical appliances in the kitchen as well as the oven and go to the bedroom. Everyone thinks it is BB getting ready for Aleisha's birthday.

At 18:20, BB tells them that they can now enter the bathroom where they will find costumes for tonight's party. Everyone has a country costume. But at 19:40 the bedroom door to the rest of the house is still locked so they just sit and talk.

At 20:00 BB finally releases them and tells them to go to the backyard. There they find lots of food and a dance floor for the night's party. There is also a big Birthday Cake for the Birthday Girl!! And on the table, she finds BB has a gift of a digital camera for the evening for her.

At 20:10 BB calls Andrew to the diary room where BB tells him that Hayley must leave the house in 5 minutes. She will have to go as she is as they will not be time to pack. He goes out and tells everyone and Hayley starts crying. Everyone rushes to have their picture taken with Hayley. They all assemble for one last group shoot before Hayley and Andrew hug and kiss one last time and she heads out of the eviction doors.

Everyone return to the yard so that they can continue Aleisha's party but they all console Andrew who doesn't feel like partying anymore. BB tells them that in celebration of tonight's party, that they will have ninjas to serve them but they can't speak with them. Two ninjas come in and start serving them drinks. Soon BB tells them to go to the gym where a slide show has been set up. Aleshia's family comes on and sings her happy birthday. Every slide is about Aleisha.

BB comes on and tells them that one has left tonight but now they are to meet two that are coming in meet Laura and Daniela. The two ninjas take off their masks and they all great the two new girls. Aleisha says that this is the best party ever.

Travis gets the two new girls aside and explains that some of the HMs are a bit down tonight because of Hayley's departure and it is not them and they should not feel put off by how some may react to them tonight. Give them time to adjust and they will be ok. The girls go to the bathroom to change and they talk together about all of the changes in the house. In the dinning room, Zoran is asking if they will get to keep any leftovers from the large dinner BB has provided and suggests hiding things.

Daniela is a fashionista just like Susannah and Susannah is very happy to have a kindred soul in the house. Daniela tells everyone that she has to say no to mirrors because she is always looking at herself. But she is looking for faults not primping. Zoran tells Susannah that she (Daniela) just put it way better than you did. Susannah is not at all impressed by Zoran's comment.

Everyone spends time with the new kids. Emma and Aleisha are just glad that they are still in the house for baby sis's big night.

At 21:50 BB tells Andrew it is time for them to pack Hayley's bags and they all head into the bedroom.

At 22:20 they are told to go to the lounge where they watch Hayley's goodbye video that she recorded outside.

"I've left the house so I hope you are still enjoying Aleisha's birthday and having a good time," she begins. "Okay, I'm going to go around the bedroom, so here goes.

Travis. You are an absolute legend and you've got a little boy waiting for you.

Billy hope to see you on the outside, keep laughing. Speaking of laughs, Joel.

I have one word for you: Kantong.

Rebecca, you need to stay strong. Look after you, stay true to everything you know you are, and you know it.

Emma, you've been brilliant helping me these last few days and I'm glad I got to know you.

Aleisha, keep giggling girl and having fun like I know you do.

Thomas, you have been a great friend. Keep your shirt off, look after the little guy for me.

Susannah, you've been a brilliant friend and I know I can always come to for advice from fashion to problems. Don't miss the boy too much he will be waiting for you.

Nick, you need to just get in there and have fun and have a ball. Don't take any crap.

Jamie, I know that you are a wonderful person with a genuine heart.

Zoran, keep that foghorn voice of yours going. I love your enthusiasm and Latin dancing.

Andrew: you are the love of my life. You know that. Just remember you need to be true to you, you've given so much to me in there, now it's time for you. I will be right here waiting for you I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Rock on out I will see you when you come out!"

When the video is finished, they all head outside to continue with Aleisha's party. BB puts on the dance music and they start to party.

Daniela gets Rebecca aside and they talk. Daniela asks her about how much she has fought for herself in the house. Rebecca explains as she has many times. Daniela says that maybe she needs to look at it in a little different way.

Daniela thinks the question of 'being yourself' is pointless in the BB House.

"The thing is you're always being yourself, because yourself is changing in different situations," Daniela explains: "I'm not in my environment and I'll see parts of me I'm not used to."

"It's difficult because I'm not used to being in such an unsupported group environment," Rebecca says. Daniela asks: "Do you think it's because they've put people who have similar roles in here and they're competing for that role?"

"It's really hard everyday fighting for who I am," Rebecca admits.

"I want you to realize you are you and if you weren't who you are you wouldn't be here," Daniela replies: "I do know a good person when I see one and I see someone who wouldn't harm anyone else."

"I can tell you right now at this moment I see a really, really good person that I want to see happy," Daniela tells her.

Everyone is still at it at 01:30 in the morning, but Aleisha is tired and she heads to bed. As she gets in bed she yells out, "Thank you Big Brother."

Hank :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

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