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Ew. I'm not sure I like this idea...I guess I'll give it a chance though. It just sounds too American Idolish, with the "voting for your favorite" plan.
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:animated_rotfl: You're right! And that's exactly why I said I'd give it a chance because hey, you just never know...
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Airs Next: NBC at Monday 9:00 PM (60 min.)

Status: New Series Premieres: January 1, 2008

Show Categories: Drama, Action/Adventure

NBC has added a new Heroes spin-off to its roster, Heroes: Origins. The new show will introduce a new character each week and the TV audience has the opportunity to choose their favorite character by voting at the Heroes website on NBC.com. The chosen character will become a new cast regular the following season. The new series will air on Mondays in the Heroes timeslot with only six episodes, most likely during the spring hiatus, or following the completion of season 2 looking to add the new character as a regular on season 3.

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Mythology Grows with Origins

Courtesy of Heroes-TV.com

Don't assume Heroes Origins was born out of pure inspiration. The motivation for the six episode spin-off--slated to air in 2008--was panic and necessity. "During the first season of Heroes we had such long breaks between some of our episodes that we lost viewers," says creator Tim Kring. "That's why we came up with Origins to help keep those viewers around."

Here's the plan: NBC will air 24 episodes of Heroes next season wiht only two brief periods (December and March), ending with a big-bang finale in April. Then comes Origins running through May sweeps.

Each hour of the anthology will profile a new hero. "in the first blush of discovery," Kring says. "I'm fascinated by how these special abilities start to show themselves and the idea of catching these character when the experience is still new."

None of the Heroes regulars will be seen int he spin-off, but each off the new protagonists will somehow link up with the mothership. "There will be little Easter Eggs for the hard-core fans of Heroes, things that tie these episodes in fun ways to the characters and situations we already know," Kring adds. "For example, we might do a story about a mailman who has abilities and we'll see him delivering a letter to the Bennet home." If some of these characters really click, they may be added to Heroes.

Kring hopes to snag top stars, directors and writers who don't want long-term TV commitments. He also cautions that plans are still "very utopian", since Orgins won't began production unitl January. "Right now we're in a sky's-the-limit mode, so let's talk when reality sets in," he says. "Then I'll know what kind of fool I am!"

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Courtesy of: ZAP2IT

NBC Shelves 'Heroes: Origins'

Strike fears lead to project's demise, at least for now

November 1, 2007


'Heroes' creator Tim Kring

The not-yet-official Hollywood writers' strike has already claimed its first casualty: "Heroes: Origins," the planned anthology spun from NBC's "Heroes."

The network has put the six-episode series, which was slated to air in the spring, on the shelf -- at least partly in anticipation of a strike, the showbiz trade papers say. The Writers Guild of America's latest contract expired at midnight Wednesday (Oct. 31), and the guild and producers remain at loggerheads over several issues, most notably residuals for DVD sales.

The guild has a membership meeting planned for Thursday night, and its members could walk out as soon as Friday.

"Origins" attracted considerable buzz following its announcement last May. The show would have introduced six new characters into the "Heroes" universe and let the audience decide which one would stick around for the following season. Several big names were attached to the project -- Kevin Smith ("Clerks," "Dogma") and Eli Roth ("Hostel") were set to write and direct episodes, and "Superman Returns" co-writer Michael Dougherty was writing a third.

In addition to strike fears, NBC is also staring at fan dissatisfaction and a slight ratings slump for "Heroes." Critics and others have attacked the show's somewhat sluggish pace to start the season, and overall ratings are down a bit from last year, even with DVR usage factored in.

For all that, though, "Origins" isn't completely dead. The project could be revived for next season, but NBC didn't want to commit to it financially while facing the possibility of writers not working, the trades report.

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:( when I heard about the writer's strike I had a hunch this project would be doomed...
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