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By TAR you cant be telling me Kaysar is going to be on the amazing race! With who? Unless its with Janelle I think I would have no interest!

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If you're talking about Kaysar's Forum.. it was down for a week or 2..

but had the issues fixed and it's back..

You can access it through here:



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Over at a "Heroes" message board I'm a member of, I was introduced to the "acronym" format tag.

Check it out! Just hover your mouse over the "TAR" below, and it pops up.

(Of course, I haven't really had an occasion to use it until now!)


In case anyone's interested, here is the code:

[acronym='The Amazing Race']TAR[/acronym]

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If anyone is interested.. I guess Michael (BB6) is back in town

(was in Dubai) as Howie texted me on Monday to say that he talked to Kaysar on

Sunday and Kaysar and Michael are thinking about joining up with Howie in Vegas,

where the Jedi is at doing promotions for Lipton Tea for now till he goes back east.

Kaysar and Howie both will be at the RealityTVConvention.com on June 30th

and July 1st in Nashville TN and prior to that Howie may be going to Atlanta

and then Maine (where his girlfriend lives) and then back to Chicago for a few

months prior to coming back to Los Angeles in September for the BB8 Finale party..

Kaysar has talked about his new surroundings as he's moved to Hollywood area

and being thoroughly entertained by the street performers to the point of busting

a move.. as Kaysar posted here recently.. just a month ago via his forum..


"I was out in LA this past weekend and I found myself dancing with the street performers.

There was a man banging on drums with the biggest grin on his face.

Not sure what was worse... my dancing or the music."


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