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5. kiki

6. chris r[ the worst by far]


predictions to go: chris r & kiki

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I'm reading at votefortheworst.com that this week's show is pretaped... Here are some spoilers of tonight's episode.

1st to sing- Chris Richardson - "Change the World" by Eric Clapton

2nd- Melinda Doolittle - "There Will Come a Day" by Faith Hill

3rd- Blake Lewis - "Imagine" by John Lennon

4th- LaKisha Jones - "I Believe" by Fantasia

5th- Phil Stacey - "The Change" by Garth Brooks

Pimp spot- Jordin Sparks - "You'll Never Walk Alone" by various artists

The judges apparently praise everyone except LaKisha. All reviews for Melinds were really good, Jordin was told she had the best vocal ever in the history of Idol by Randy, the judges all slam LaKisha for screaming (she's been doing it the whole time, apparently they weren't listening), Simon tells Phil to stick to country, the judges all seem to love nasally (which is a form of singing) tunes from Chris, and Randy didn't like Blake though Simon and Paula loved his emotion.

All that is from VFTW, I hope Lakisha isn't sent home. Nasally-singing Chris needs to leave!

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the hell show pretape

i am pissed

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Tonight, News Corp. will donate a dime for every vote you call in as part of Idol Gives Back. Tomorrow's results show will be a two hour extravaganzah. And this week, Bono joins us as this week's mentor. This is not just American Idol, it's American Idol: Idol Gives Back!

We say hello to the judges and get ready for a great show that will help children in America and in Africa. But first, a video of Simon and Ryan's visit to Africa.

But tonight, each Idol has two numbers and an additional 2 hours to call to make it easier to get through and to rack up the 50,000,000 calls needed to meet News Corp's pledge of $5,000,000.

Singing Change The World, Chris Richardson up first with an accoustic performance. It felt a little flat, and is there a reason he couldn't stand up? Oh, there he goes. That was awkward. Now I have to pick on his sports coat which was too small to be buttoned. The guitarist was great but the performance was left wanting. Randy said for the first time in a long time, he was in it to win it. Apparently Randy was watching a different performance and looked fly in his jacket. Paula said it was a great song choice and it is exciting to see his journey. Simon said it seems like the competition starts tonight; a good vocal, more soul, sexy, he did really well.

This is not a good sign for me. Or maybe the judges are just so happy Sanjaya is gone a frog will win their praise. We'll see if we go up or down hill next. After the break.

We next get a video showing how the money generated by Idol Gives Back will be spent in the US of A, joining Randy in New Orleans, children in Kentucky, the Navaho reservation in Idaho, Ryan's hometown of Atlanta, and a mobile health facility that crosses the nation. Tonight's votes will not only affect the competition but the lives of children all over the nation.

Next up is Melinda Doolittle, singing There Will Come a Day. Accompanies by soft brass, Melinda continues her list nuanced perforamnce with a passionate gospel vocal that should keep her fans happy. Randy said every week he says she is their resident pro; every performance is just great. Paula said it must feel great getting the praise and support because there is no one like her; she is magical. Simon loved that it wasn't a copycat performance, he made her believe she recorded it; the second half of the song was incredible and she put on a master class performance.

Blake Lewis takes the stage, singing Imagine. No beat boxing, no running around the stage, just a piano and serious and soft affected vocal from center stage. This was a performance to honor John Lennon and not try to upstage him, and it worked. Randy said it was a great choice of song, but the performance was just all right. Paula said she was reminded how beautiful and simple the song is, and it was his first emotional and sensitive performance. Simon said it is tricky, because it is one of the big songs of all time and he seemed sincere and that is the important thing.

Next we get a video of some of the simple things you can do to make a difference as we follow Ryan back into Africa on an exploration of real hunger at a food center.

LaKisha Jones' inpirational song choice is I Believe. Starting softly, the performance seems a little down as she makes her way to the front of the stage before the gospel flavor kicks in. As her juices get pumping, her vocals becaome as big as her stage presence. But it didn't give me the introspective emotional response I had expected. Randy said it had some pitch problems and was not her favorite performance. Paula said she is a powerhouse vocalist, but it is hard to tackle Fantasia and not be compared. Simon (who is missing a button and showing just a bit of chest hair) said it was very emotional but he is having again an issue with the shouting.

Next up is Phil Stacey, singing a song that had a profound impact on his life, The Change. Another performance from the heart, I can not help but focus more on his forehead than his vocals. It was a little, strained during the chorus but otherwise not bad. But compared to Melinda, Blake and what I expect to come from Jordin, not bad is not nearly good enough. Randy since Country week, he is back again this week. Paula said he found his comfort zone; this was his best. Simon really likes him and is glad he came back from a good week with a spring in his step, but we need to hear more of a country tone in his vocal.

A final video shows Simon at a foodbank in LA, one of 50,000 around the country which distributes food to the starving.

And then, Jordin Sparks closes the show, singing You'll Never Walk Alone. Singing humble but proud, the vocals border on cracking and have the pitchy feel of someone trying to hold it together and fight back the tears. And then inspiration kicks in with a strong, life affirming climax that expresses all the emotion and good will of the evening. Randy said it is so true this week, one of the best vocals ever on this show of any season. Paula said it was an amazing song choice, a haunting song that swells and she did an amazing job. Simon thought she was fantastic, amazing for someone 17 years old.


Who places Melinda, Blake and Jordin in his top three and would not mind saying goodbye to either Chris, LaKisha or Phil...

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Prediction: Lakisha

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Best to worst







who will go home? Phil or Lakisha

I also noticed that scruffy looking Ryan didnt once mention the word LIVE.

I thought all the contestants did a pretty good job last night.

I was surprised at Randys comments to Blake. I thought Blake did a great job on a song

that is so identified with John Lennon.

Melinda of course was great as usual

I understand completly what the judges mean about Lakisha "shouting" instead of singing.

If you notice Melinda gets to very louds parts in songs but sings and doesnt shout the lyrics.

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wow.........good songs for all except mankisha. she picks fantasia while the others are choosing john lennon, eric clapton, faith hill.....wtf? and she wasnt' very good. i'm predicting bottom three for her. she might even go home! wouldn't be upset, although i'd rather see phil go home!
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I swear the judges do not hear the show the way we hear it at home. I thought Phil was horrible.

When I heard the theme was "songs that inspire", I mentally said to myself that whoever choose to sing "Give Peace A Chance" (because I knew it was gonna be in there somewhere) was not going to get my vote. It was just such a cliche.

Jordin, Chris, Melinda, Lekisha, Blake, Phil. . . top to bottom in that order for me.

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I don't think Phil is going home tonight. VFTW is supporting him so he'll probably stick around for 2 more shows... however, the voting last night was for four hours so anything can happen. anything think there will be over 50 million votes cast?

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What is it that matters?

Our entertainment? I don't think so. Not tonight.

Using this platform to grab some awareness anywhere and everywhere THEY can?

Yeah, I think so.

I think the point of tonight is that nobody is judging anybody.

We are all in a swim of feeling the hurt of others.

The real question of the night is:


Whoever they are, it all flows to 1-877-IDOL AID

(And all I will want to know next week is just how much money found its way to the destitute.)

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Hey Jack Black ...

I hesitated to put in writing that I really liked your sound. But I did.

It rang true, and it was about that rose.

You gotta a whole lot of criticism.

We heard it.

Then came Seal.

Hey -- Jack Black, you showed some real feelings. We like that.

It was about arose.

I for one understand that.

and I really, really love LIVE shows

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why was idol so classless to turn carrie underwood tour to africa into a music video shoot. even in africa they trying to promote her lowlife self back in the states. 5 million thats the best fox can do

. this whole idol give back is a friggin scam

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After all -- right now, LIVE, it was about that rose. I'm feeling we got the green light on the arose

We're stayin' alive, and we're going to help.

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so by shock they mean they fixin for jordin to go home

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she the only one remaining that i would be shock by if they left tonight

why was idol so classless to turn carrie underwood tour to africa into a music video shoot. even in africa they trying to promote her lowlife self back in the states. 5 million thats the best fox can do

. this whole idol give back is a friggin scam

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No Limits --

You make fun of that Josh Groban appearance and I may never understand you again. Love you, yes. Understand you, no.

It's all about reaching out (praying) and receiving.


So you're dissing on the treatment of

carrie underwood tour to africa

From everything I, and every other daily woman at Morty's TV Forum knows --

Carrie and Africa are not kindred. No essential truth. Drop it; find another.

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who is josh?

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