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Week One


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Due to the problems on the Offical Site, all entries for the first two days come from the dairy on the site since I could not access the feeds. Sorry!! But I do put my slant to it.

Day 0

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Day 2 - And the Surprises Keep Coming


The girls are up and at it early after 09:00 AM. Emma is coaching Hayley, Aleshia and TJ in the gym. Guess these women don't want to fall to the "my clothes don't fit anymore" syndrome of most of the past female housemates. Rebecca and Kate are doing farmhand duty this morning.

Travis, Andrew, Thomas, Joel and Bodie are also in the gym. Maybe they are trying to impress the girls, or maybe it's the other way around. Who knows.

Rebecca has joined the gym crowd. She ribs Brodie saying that 'Objects in the mirror may appear larger than they really are'. I was a bit disappointed when I turned around to give you the towel this morning!" she laughs.

At 09:30 BB announces that the hot water is now on for 15 minutes and that showers will be limited to 4 minutes each. Well that emptied the gym real fast. Guess they just got sweaty so they had a better reason to get wet. TJ may be the OCD person. As she cleans around the kitchen she tells Jamie that she hates clutter. Jamie says that he feels different in the house. Outside he is a lot louder and more up-front in group situations. But inside here he has become more reserved. Meanwhile, Thomas is taking breakfast orders from everyone. Seems he loves to cook.

TJ, Brodie and Jamie go out to the backyard containers to pick some of the fresh mushrooms so they can be cooked as part of breakfast. There is some discussion of the proper way to gather mushrooms.

Hayley, Rebecca and Kate are having a morning swim.

Talk turns to the fact that several HM have accidentally broken the house rules but BB has not said anything. The consensus is that he is saving them up for later use when they have earned something of value. DUH, $5 off the weekly shopping budget for each incident!!!

Kate, Hayley and Rebecca are now in the sauna talking about their travels and where they would like to return to. Joel gets the first 'punishment task' of cleaning the mirrors. It seems he was a little too same in the diary room.

At 11:15 breakfast is served courtesy of Thomas and Andrew. Thomas talks to Rebecca about Mormon religion. Seems he made friends with several Mormons while he was in Texas attending university and playing basketball. She corrects him on several misconceptions. Especially the one about polygamy which is no longer officially tolerated or sanctioned in the Mormon church since the late 1800's. Brodie joins in the conversation and they talk about various religious beliefs.

Oh well, I guess you never get the little boy out of any man. Joel, Thomas, TJ and Brodie are running and jumping around the bedroom playing catch with a 'ball'. TJ must be part tomboy.

The afternoon turns into backyard laziness with conversations. Joel and Brodie are trying to make the mandatory 4 loaves of bread but even advice from TJ can't help them avoid a giant mess. But they seem to enjoy themselves a lot.

Rebecca, Travis and Jamie all agree that they don't like fake people. Everyone should just be themselves. Take what they have been given and make the best of it.

The 'Getting To Know You' task takes up a lot of time as they all try to learn as much as possible from each other in various parts of the house, mostly in the backyard.

As talk continues in the backyard, Andrew decides to wash a load of laundry in the pedal-powered washing machine. But it doesn't seem to work right. Everyone gathers around to see if they can figure it out.

At 15:00 it starts to rain and everyone goes inside. The rainwater tanks may actually fill up completely if the daily rains continue.

It seems that there is some tension between TJ and Hayley. Hayley was cleaning up this morning and when TJ came in help Hayley told her to 'bugger off' in a good natured way since she had already done a job buy helping cook breakfast, But TJ apparently didn't take it in the light-hearted way it was meant. Travis tells Hayley that he thinks that TJ sees her as competition for Brodie. Brodie and TJ have been flirting since they came into the house. Last night they had an alone session in the 'chill-out' room!! Travis says he thinks that Hayley would go well with Thomas. Hayley says that she "wouldn't rule it out".

Thomas invites TJ and Rebecca into the 'chill-out' room for a talk. Andrew tries to join them but BB tells them that ONLY THREE are allowed in the room at one time. TJ's feelings about Hayley come out a bit.

"We're all over-analyzing" says TJ. "Are things really that bad that we're over-analyzing harmless stuff? I'm getting a headache personally", she says, explaining that it's tough to consider everyone's feelings. She then proceeds to explain how Hayley annoyed her by making her stop cleaning that morning, when she wanted to clean. "It didn't p*** me off," she says, after explaining how upset and irritated she got by the moment. "But I'm close."

Rebecca suggests creating a 'Talking Ball', so that when someone wants to talk or are upset about something, they can ask to hold the Talking Ball and express their feelings. Thomas thinks it's a good idea.

TJ tells Thomas and Rebecca that she was annoyed when Hayley asked her later on in the day if everything was alright, because that meant that other HMs had told her that TJ was upset with her. TJ said that she assured Hayley everything was fine. "If I am upset with someone, I will just tell them," she claims.

Remember TJ (I think) is the one who is OCD about cleaning!

It seems that the high-fiber content of the vegan diet in the house has already adversely affected Brodie. Just as he and Hayley sat in the lounge talking about this, his bowels sent out the first pressure released perfume bomb. Hayley runs away from him yelling "that's disgusting".

17:30 Over dinner, discussions continue. Afterwards, most move to the lounge. Thomas sits with Hayley's legs across his lap. He starts to massage her feet and she says that she 'Has Found the Love of Her Life!' They continue to talk about the things that they like in common.

Brodie and TJ continue their flirting ways in the bathroom. She is sitting on the round seat with Brodie's head in her lap, talking sweet nothings in his ear while plucking her eyebrows. Jamie comes in a talks oblivious to the fact that they are totally ignoring him. Kate dome in a sees what is going on and says Jamie needs to have his brows plucked next. Then Thomas arrives and sees what is going on and just leaves them to it. Finally Jamie decides to "Leave them to it," TJ tells Brodie "Oh, I think we're excluding people". But they stay right where they are and continue what they were doing. Didn't her friends on the outside tell her that she needed to "Stay Away from BOYS!"

It seems that the earlier 'dinner' at 17:30 was just a snack. Emma, Kate and Rebecca are preparing another 'dinner'. Kate complains that it is like being on a campout where you have all of these 'military rations' and you have to work out what you can fix from the totally random things that you have to cook with. They end up making a soup from beans, tomatoes and fresh spinach. The HMs eat it with some fresh bread and everyone thinks it is rather good.

The topic of the excess bodily gasses that will be caused by their diet comes up. Rebecca says that they should bottle it and use it to generate their own energy.

At 20:15 the SMS vote sends in the two winning final housemates. The housemates have been separated (apparently by BB) into two groups to facilitate 'girl' talk and 'boy' talk. The girls are all in the lounge and the guys in the bedroom.

Zoran enters via the diary room and the girls all jump up to greet him squealing. The guys hear the commotion and are sure that another guy has entered. Just as they get up Susannah enters from the bathroom. BB announces that everyone can now rejoin and the excitement grows as another round of 'Getting to Know You' breaks out.

At 21:00, another guy enters the house. Unbeknown to the others, this guy named Billy and he is 'Mr. X'. He is also Hayley's ex. When he comes in Hayley is really taken aback and immediately goes for a drink, a stiff one. Sussanah thinks he is cute but Hayley does not agree with her. Haley is NOT a happy camper!!


Here is Billy talking with Travis.


Everyone moves to the back yard to continue their conversations. Susannah gets into the hot tub and Hayley and Kate join her to find out more about her. Rebecca gets in too. Later they move to the sauna to complete their Nordic health treatment.


Note: From the OS I have found out that the two relationships are, Hayley and Andrew are boyfriend and girlfriend. And now Billy, her ex is now in the house. Apparently Andrew does not know of her prior relationship with Billy!!! Billy did not know that Hayley was in the house. He has been flown from Canada to be on a TV program. BB has told him that he is in the house to put pressure on Hayley's current relationship. Not to break it up but just turn up the heat a few degrees.

Now for another twist from the OS: While Susannah and Zoran have entered the house, the other 4 from the separate list, Cruz, Harrison, Demet and Kara were secretly dressed in white and blindfolded and delivered to the stage. Gretel tells them that they have not been selected to enter the house. Before the shock can fade, she says that BB has another surprise for them and should re-don their blindfolds. They are taken secretly and placed in the 'White Room' inside the BB compound. Here BB tells them that this is their abode. They have only what they see in the room. They can leave anytime they want too by just pushing the big red button. But if they do, their BB experience is over!! The last one in the room will gain entrance to the house as a 'wildcard' HM with full rights and privileges just like any other housemate. According to BBBA, this idea was first used in Norway's BB with 6 people, but after 30 days and still 4 people in the room they had to use a competition to break the tie.


At 00:20 BB decides to throw another twist into the already boiling soup pot. He turns the plasma screen on!!! The HM can now see that there are three people in the 'White Room' but have not been told anything about them or why they are in the room. Travis thinks they have been in there ever since they entered the house on Saturday night. WRONG!!!

As they watch, the fact that Harrison may be bigger than Thomas who is 6'6". Soon they begin chanting 'PUSH THE RED BUTTON'!


Susannah talks in the bedroom with some HM about how she is in a relationship with a guy who she thinks is 'Really Worth It!' So she will not be starting anything in the house. "If you think you're on a good thing, don't wreck it," Travis tells her.

It's 01:00 and Hayley, Rebecca and Kate talk about the fact that Susannah has breast implants and how it is a bad influence on teenage girls. Rebecca talks about how she has to overcome an eating disorder as a girl. She was in it for quite a while before she had to break out of it. "I realized how destructive it was," Rebecca says, before explaining: "When you speak about it you realize it's really not worth it."

At 01:30 everyone moves to the bedroom planning to go to bed. But this doesn't go to well, everyone is too excited to go to sleep. While they are in the bathroom, TJ asks Billy how he is doing in the house. He responds, "It's like being in school."

Back in the bedroom, Billy says that there are six hours until sunup and they are going to sit here talking the whole time. Kate agees saying, "If I was tired I would go to sleep, But I am not so I can't."

At 01:50, BB turns out the lights to I guess that settles that. Billy says, "Goodnight Haley, sweet dreams". She waves back and goes to bed. Joel, Brodie and Billy remain awake, in the dark, talking.

Hank :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

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Day 3 - And the Saga Continues....

USING the FREE FEEDS since the Premium ones are not up yet.

Jamie is the only one up just after dawn. He may exit the house slimmer than he entered. At 06:30 he is up and at it in the gym. First he rode the stationary bike for 15 minutes. Next he put on the gloves and worked out on the big bag for a bit over 5 minutes. Then he ran on the stationary running machine for about 10 min. Lastly he ran around the yard until 07:05. That is over 30 minutes of intense workout. Now he is walking around the yard drinking a big glass of water.

Oops, now the gloves are back on and he is at the big bag for another 5 min. Now back on the running machine for 5 min. Running around the yard now.

Travis gets up at 07:20 and joins him in the backyard and the workout session ends as Jamie cools down.

Apparently, the plasma screen was on in the bedroom all night showing the White Room. Travis mentions that while they were asleep, the people in the room all had on white masks to match their outfits. The lights stayed on in the White Room all night. Travis said that thru the night when he woke up the lights were always on. One the white feed, the lights are still on while the 4 are all still asleep.

Travis is talking about the new HM: Zoran and Billy. He likes both but thinks Billy is more on pair with him. They both like Susannah.

Now they are talking about the all-time favorite HM topic. Food that they don't have. Some potatoes and onions and dome meat for the Barbie!!

07:40 and the feed went to intro video so I switched to the white room. Cruz is now sitting on his bed. Harrison, Kara and Demet are still asleep.

Back in the yard, Billy has joined Travis and Jamie. Jamie says that he woke up this morning so full of energy his hands were shaking. He had to exercise to calm himself down to normal. Travis and Billy normally survive on about 6 hours of sleep per night. Jamie takes off his shirt and shorts and jumps into the pool to rinse off. The water is not too cold.

Travis is talking about how he hurt his right shoulder the other day. Almost dislocated it. He has had a dislocation previously and knows that he almost did it again. He says he is going to limit himself for a while to give it time to heal. He will not lay out of the games like Krystal did last year. But he will be taking is a little easier.

Back to the White Room where everyone is now awake and moving about.

08:00 back in the yard, Andrew is now up and on the bike in the gym along with Billy. Travis is on the running machine. Zoran is sitting watching them.

In the bedroom, the lights are still out but most are up and talking. What a big difference from last year where no one but David got up before 08:30.

Hayley, Rebecca, Emma and Aleshia have joined the boys in the yard. Only Hayley is working out, right in front of Billy and Andrew who are still on the bikes. She is wearing short shorts and a tight tank top and both guys are really checking her out.

At 08:20 BB announces that the hot water is on for 15 minutes. Hayley has just started working out and groans. She decides to wait and take a cold shower. When Billy gets off the bike, Hayley gets on next to Andrew. All of the guys are now exercising in one way or another. Hayley is the only girl and she has now been on the bike for over 20 minutes.

Feed times out so back to the White Room where they are just sitting their beds talking abut nothing.

Now that they have all had hot showers, Emma and Aleshia are working out with weights. Susannah is now on the running machine.

Jamie, TJ, Rebecca, Kate and Billy are fixing breakfast.

09:15 and everyone is in the kitchen getting ready to eat. Hayley does not seem to be having any problems at all with both Andrew and Billy. Everyone is treating each other just as before.

"I'm going mental in this House. I'm losing it." says Kate. "Would you escape if you had the chance?" Hayley asks her. "I'd seriously think about it," Kate replies. There's a lot that I'm missing from my life."

09:20 and it is time for Emma to feed the animals. She is told to pick one helper - Brodie. They have to feed them, pick the eggs and milk the cow. While they are at the farm, all of the others eat breakfast. Hope they leave some for these two.

Brodie finally starts trying to milk Rosie the cow. He is extremely embarrassed as Emma stands there watching him try to get milk out of her utter. He gets the hang of it but when Emma takes over and starts doing it with both hands he realizes he has met the master. When BB announces that the milked is now over, Emma takes the bucket over, puts it in it's place and picks up a bottle of Soy Milk to take back to the house along with the eggs.

Everyone pitched in to clean up after breakfast. Emma and Brodie come back and eat what little is left. Aleshia and Hayley make the daily bread ration.

Everyone else is in the back yard.

Backyard games are the rule for about 2 hours.

At 12:45 they all sit down to lunch. When they finish they get really involved in learning about each other. One at a time, each tells their life story starting with Billy, Susannah and Zoran.

In the White Room they are still taking since they have nothing else to do. Earlier, Cruz and Harrison played a short game of tossing a thong at a line in the floor across the room. Don't know who won but they went back to talking.

There table talk continues after lunch. One topic is relationships, trying to feel each other out about how they feel about others in the house. Looks like they are each trying to find that secret relationship in the house without actually coming out and asking.

Kate is talking about how most of her friends being gay. Rebecca tells Jamie that she is unsure about coming in the house. She is afraid that she has hurt her family by admitting that during her missionary year away she lost her virginity. She and Jamie agree that the house is not what everyone outside thinks. They are going to just have fun.

Hayley tells everyone about her work as a Big Sister. She was really sorry that she could not tell her Little Sister, who is only 8 years old that she was coming into the house. This little girl has taught Hayley just as much as she has taught her. Since she couldn't tell her, she wrote her a letter for her to open while she is in the house to explain.

At 14:00 the table talk finally breaks up and they move off. Some of the girls start to sunbake. TJ starts to clean again.

Outside, Hayley tells everyone about her body sculpting days. She lost 38 Kilos to get in shape but it was all worth it when she got on stage before the judges and the audience. She finally quit the competition circuit because she found that constant workouts and getting ready for another competition was totally taking over her life. She needed to find a fuller life so she went back to uni and look at her now.

Everyone keeps saying how much they love the little chill-out room. Only 3 at a time in there and the talk gets real intense since there are no distraction other than the people you are in there with so you learn more.

More discussion in the back yard. Billy was in the diary room. When he comes out, her goes and picks some flowers from the herb garden. He then gives them to Hayley. She looks totally surprised and blushes. She says that she is going to put them is a vase and sit them beside her bed. Everyone yells and says there is a new relationship in the house!

Later Hayley, Jamie and Susannah are in the kitchen getting a snack. They get a piece of fresh baked bread. Hayley tells Susannah that she feels like she should get some for Billy, but she won't.

Hayley had a quick chat with Billy as they picked herbs and wonder how BB decided to put them together in the house. Billy and Andrew start cooking dinner and decide to cook some rice. Everyone also wants some more of the kidney bean soup from last night.

Whenever a conversation draws down, everyone looks at the TV and watches the White Room. Every once and a while someone yells "PUSH THE BUTTON". They say that it look so boring in there.

In the kitchen, Travis tells Billy that he thinks Thomas got real jealous when Billy gave Hayley the flowers. Andrew is listening avidly.

"I thought you might have been gay," Travis says to Andrew. "You look like you could have pulled it off. No offense at all mate. I don't care who is and who isn't but if I think something I'll just say it. You're a good looking bloke and you don't have a girlfriend. I thought you could have been."

Andrew's not the least bit worried about it but sets Travis straight. He says he's not gay, but is not interested in a relationship, especially in the House. He says it's a relief that everyone in the House is friends on a platonic level.

In the lounge, everyone is watching the White Room where the 4 are playing a game of bowling with water bottles. Everyone is doing voice-overs for the people in there since there is no audio. Giggles abound.

After dinner, Hayley helps Andrew wash the dishes.

Andrew asks her: "How you traveling?"

"Yeah, good," Hayley replies, asking: "How you going?"

"Good," He replies. She tells him: "Haven't had a chance to talk to you."

"We'll have a chat later," Andrew says, Hayley replies: "Sounds like I'm in trouble."

"Meet me in my office in ten minutes," Andrew jokes

Rebecca has a talk with Andrew in the lounge. She tells him that he is really deep and everyone seems to be real comfortable around him. She tells him that at first she had trouble adjusting to life in the house. She didn't want to offend the Mormon community by her actions. Andrew tells her she is the perfect role model for young Mormon girls. "You are just being yourself".

"I would rather say to people it's easy to fall, but you've got to stand up," Rebecca says, adding she doesn't want to: "close myself off from the world, but embrace the good in the world and in other people."

"I'm really blown away sometimes trying to assimilate the information because it's a totally different environment for me," she admits.

"People see you for who you are, and not a lot of people are doing that," Andrew reassures her.

As Haley and Billy talk a cold shower after being in the hot tub he talk with her. He asks her if she is having fun in the house. She replies "yeah". He tells her to take it as it goes.

At 21:00 Hayley and Andrew finally get together alone in the chill-out room.

Hayley says: "I miss you."

"It's really hard," Andrew agrees. Andrew says of Zoran and Thomas: "I think those two guys were thrown in there to show interest in you."

When Hayley discovers Andrew thinks Zoran is interested in her, she says: "I didn't notice it."

"I just keep walking past you," Hayley says, adding: "I've been saying, I really can't warm to Andrew."

She explains how she has been implying that Andrew might be gay. Andrew says Travis approached him earlier in the day and told him: "If you are, it's okay."

"I got a couple of people thinking it," Hayley says before adding: "When TJ was giving you that head massage I was ready to launch."

Andrew says it was all innocent, but isn't sure the boys intentions are the same with Hayley, though Andrew admits: "Thomas is the sort of bloke you'd want to set your sister up with, he's that nice."

"It's so weird," Hayley says about the whole situation. Andrew tells her: "I thought it's going to be suss if we don't talk."

"Keep in mind people might potentially get hurt," Andrew reminds her. Hayley says: "I want to cuddle you and hold your hand, it's driving me insane."

Andrew agrees it's been hard and Hayley tells him: "If it's getting to a point just tell me and we'll throw it in."

"I seriously needed this time," Andrew says of this conversation. Hayley tells him: "I know I love you more than ever."

They decide to end the conversation before things get too suspicious. Andrew says: "Good chat, nice to get to know you a bit better."

"I love you," Hayley says. Andrew leaves the room first and when Hayley follows she exclaims to the other HMs: "It's bloody cold in there."

Andrew apparently doesn't know who Billy is. He tells Billy that "Hayley thinks I am gay. We are going to try to keep it going for a day or two". Travis told Andrew that he thought he was gay earlier.

Several of the girls say that they are having trouble getting to know TJ. Some of them think that TJ may be insecure. Susannah thinks that she has not yet found her level in the house. She says, "It's like telling a kettle, BOIL!" Kate tells Susannah that some find her a bit threatening because she is so confident in her life.

23:30 Out in the yard, Susannah breaks down and starts crying while she is talking with Hayley, Rebecca, Thomas and Travis. Haley tells Travis that she has seen 3 people break down while in his presence He says that he is like a big onion! Hayley tells Susannah that now is the time for her to do SOMETHING GREAT. Susannah says that she doesn't want to go back to THAT LIFE! Hayley replies that now she will be known as Susannah from BIG BROTHER! All Susannah wants is for her family to be proud of her and like her.

As the group breaks up, Travis tells Hayley that "She needed that, it will be bloody good for her!"

00:15 and the White Room has all gone to bed. Their lights are still on. The house is just watching them and talking about them on the lounge or in the bedroom.

Looks like everyone is getting ready for bed, The girls are all doing their nightly face service. The guys, less Andrew and Jamie who are in the bedroom, are all outside by the pool having a testosterone gab fest.

TJ joins the guys and talk continues on the mattresses around the back of the pool. Aleshia comes out and joins them. After a while, the guys start a chant to Aleshia "WALK ON WATER, YES YOU CAN," until she finally takes her mike off and jumps in fully clothed in her nightclothes. Now she has to go back into the bedroom and explain why she is all wet.

The guys are all talking about whether they would or would not give in to a relationship in the house. Susannah is the first question. Joel says no because she already has a boyfriend on the outside. Billy says that all is fair in love and war. Zoran says he has been cheated on and it "Sucks A**".

Travis says it looks like 'The Comet' is up for grabs. When they ask who the comet is, he replies that he means Hayley. Brodie tells Thomas that he should give her a go.

Now 01:30 and some of the guys are now in bed. Just noticed that Andrew and Billy are sharing the only double bed in the room. Hmm?

Aleshia is called to the diary room. When she got out of the pool and put her mike back on she got the mike wet and BB changed it. Then she was given batteries for a battery change for all of the HM.

Everyone follows her to the bedroom saying they guess it is time for bed.

Haley is lying on her side watching Billy and Andrew across the bedroom secretly.

BB turns the lights out at 01:58.

Hank :ninja::ninja::ninja::ninja:

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Day 5 - Relationships?

08:00 and Jamie is again the first up. Ready to exercise. But the girls aren't far behind today. Susannah and Emma are on the machines working up a glow.

Andrew and Travis are tasked to do the farmhand chore this morning.

Kate sits and talks with the girls and Jamie.

After a breakfast of porridge, Rebecca tells everyone that they are getting really low on toilet paper. After various suggestions, they decide to try to make a deal with BB for some more TP. Hayley and Joel go to the diary room to see if BB will give them more TP if they agree to give up alcohol tonight. BB says that he will give them TP if they wash all the windows in the house. After some moaning and groaning, they get up and start washing the windows.

When they finally finish, Joel, Rebecca and Susannah get in the chill-out room for a talk.

Rebecca is not sure what effect her time in the house will have on her relationship with the church and how it will effect her families relationship with the church. She doesn't think the church elders will approve of her being in here. Susannah tells her that she is being a role model for young people and she should be proud of how she has handled herself so far. You are among people who are drinking and partying but you are staying true to your beliefs, not giving in to peer pressure.

On the lounge, Hayley has been talking with Brodie. When he gets up, Thomas joins her soon followed by Susannah. Thomas tells them about how TJ had him really going last night. He explains about how she was really convincing him that she was interested in him but it was totally a joke on him. He says that they have to watch that little minx!

In the bathroom TJ is telling Kate about the same incident. They both think that Thomas is a bit gullible.

Jamie is making pizzas for lunch.

At 13:15 it is after lunch and time for yet another round of 'Getting To Know You' on the lounge. They all sit on the couch and one has to sit on the little bench across the room and tell everyone everything about themselves. Thomas seems to get a lot of attention from the girls when he says that he wants to spend 6 months OUT of a relationship to find himself. They tell him that time has nothing to do with when you fall in with someone.

TJ tells her story about being a barmaid and a Coyote Dancer. She also tells them about her mixed up family life. She is also a relationship-junkie like Thomas. She has been 'single' now for 5 months and this is the longest in 6 years that she has been outside an attachment.

Rebecca says that she is a 'commitment-phobe' since every guy she has dated ended up wanting to talk about marriage and kids. But when prompted by Susannah if they ever actually showed her a RING she admitted that the answer was no. Susannah says without BLING-BLING there was no proposal however much talk there has been.

Billy wants to travel the world. He applied to be a policeman when he was 20 but was turned down because he was color blind. He had the same discussion yesterday and Andrew suggested being a fireman since the only color he has to see is red. Jamie now tells him to go back to school to study forensic and become a detective. Billy likes this idea. But he says when he leaves the house he will first go back to travel because he wants to go around the world.

Andrew is put on the hotplate. He lives being a fireman and really loves his dog. He says he has never been in love and doesn't really know what love is. The girls sit up at this and the questions start flying. What type of girl he likes

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