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American Idol Top 7 Live Shows Discussion


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1. Jordin

2. Melinda

3. Phil

4. Blake

5. Lakisha

6. Chris

7. Sanjaya


predictions to go: chris, phil

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A solemn Ryan Seacrest expresses on behalf of AI the thoughts and prayers for those suffering from the Virginia Tech tragedy. My thoughts and prayers I am sure join yours as well. This is American Idol.

Country music has been good to many previous Idols and tonight the competition heats up. We say hi to the judges: Randy, Paula and Simon and then introduce this week's Country mentor, Martina McBride. A video introduces her career and bonifides. Country music is about story telling and that is what we should look for in our Idols tonight.

We lead off with Phil Stacy, singing Where The Blacktop Ends which reminds him of home. Dressed in country black, his vocal fits in well with his backup and his performance is decent, above average on the chorus, working the audience from beginning to end. But he was lacking energy, just kind of walking through the song as if it was a requirement to be endured. Randy said he never would have thought he could do Country, but it was really good. Paula said it is a genre in which he seems most comfortable; he sounded good from beginning to end. Simon said it only took 10 weeks, and is the only time he has chosen a good song, the syle of music suited him, and his personality shined through.

Next up is Jordin Sparks, singing Broken Wing, a song about expression. In a dress that was just not right for Country, Jordin sang like a broken spirit which was perfectly within the spirit of the song. It was hypnotic as she left you know choice but to watch and listen, not moving around and wearing expresseions of sadness and hope on her face as she nailed her performance with a blowout ending. Randy said it was one of the most difficult to sing, but at 17 she was the bomb, starting slow and taking her time. Paula said she did a fantastic job and has a future standing there, building the song, and telling her story. Simon said it is the first time where he actually believes she could win American Idol.

After the break it is time for Sanjaya, singing Something To Talk About. Dressed in an 80's style with hair wrapped in a barrio bandanna, he would have Simon sing Shining Happy People so he could show his true personality. It is nothing exciting but it is not as bad as fingers scraping against the chalkboard. It was as if he was trying to sing laid back instead of on edge but it had the effect of being off pitch and put me to sleep. Randy said keeping it real, it was like Kareoke. Paula said it is watching someone who loves adversity, but the vocal was so so. Simon called it utterly horrendous, as bad as anything we have seen during the auditions; it's time for the joke to end.

LaKisha Jones is next, singing Jesus Take The Wheel as an ode to her life. With clear and crisp vocals, she told her story with her vocals and, but it was not until she hit the chorus that she began selling the story, blowing out the performance before reigning it in at the end. Randy said it had some pitch problems at the beginning and she could have done more with it to make it gospel. Paula had to agree with Randy, and thinks that she may have felt she needed to shout to be heard over the band. Simon said it was like eating a hamburger for breakfast - she and the song didn't go well together. Halfway through the song, she gave it the LaKisha treatment and the song could not contain it.

Chris Richardson takes the stage to sing Mayberry, returning to his country roots in Virginia. Showing his versatility, the vocals seem a bit off pitch but it could be the off key violin. The vocals were strong and the performance engaging. It was not his best performance, and he might have done better with a different song or a better key. Randy said he sang it OK but had a couple of pitch things, but he didn't feel the connection, no emotion. Paula said the joy and love he has performing did not come through. Simon said it was a non-descript tinny, nasally vocal which had no impact on him at all, completely and utterly insignificant.

After the break, Melinda Doolittle gets sassy singing Trouble Is A Woman. Singing to her violinest, she hit the stage running and grooved to the traditional country beat with all the elements of story telling and bouncing with the music. With this performance, she has proven there is no style of music she can not tame. Randy said it was another solid performance from our resient pro. Paula said once again a girl who knows how to pick the right song, sing her heart out and perform like there's no tomorrow. Simon asks her not to be surprised when he compliments her, and then says it was fantastic, a great choice of song, a better look, and a little Tina Turner attitude but she has to lose the look of surprise that she is a great singer.

Blake Lewis closes down the show with a departure, singing When The Stars Go Blue. Singing softly in a sweater vest, his vocals were smooth and velvety, the performance lighted like glitter. There may have been a few pitch problems, but it was so different for him that it was engaging. Randy loved his sense of style, he picked the right song and the arrangement suited him; he knows who he is. Paula said he has the whole package, with the song and choreography. Simon wasn't jumping out of his chair; it was OK.


Who places Melinda, Jordin and LaKisha in his top three, with an honorable mention to Blake...

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Best to Worst:








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mankisha did NOT do carrie justice last nite at all. that was probably her worst performance to date, and it was deserving of a bottom three finish.

moglie, also should be bottom three, but we know he won't.

here's my prediction.......bottom three.....phil, chris, mankisha

going home: chris (hope its phil, but i just don't see THAT dream coming true!)

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I read on E Online...

Simon Cowell was shooting down reports that he rolled his eyes after Chris Richardson sent thoughts and prayers out to the victims and families at Virginia Tech on last night's American Idol, telling Ryan Seacrest on his radio show that he had "switched off at that point" and was rolling his eyes over Richardson's defense of his nasally performance, not his call for prayers. "I think Chris was right to have said what he said because he's from that neck of the woods...This is a very, very sensitive thing, and I don't like it when these fake rumors start."

I think he DID roll his eyes. I remember reacting to that. Who's got a recording?

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I noticed it too but, I didn't think he was rolling his eyes about the murders at VT but, rather than Chris was "using" it to account for his bad performance and Simon was thinking (I assumed) that Chris was trying to use this event to get himself votes. That was my impression anyways.

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sorry i responded late. yeah i copy it :outfitted_pirate: because i missed phil performance work made me a few late to watch idol. but overrall i would have the same

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bs chris and phil safe

the fix is in for melinda to win idol

the fix is in

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this late into the season. a weekly bttom three person wouldnt vault up that far. and we all seen phil had good weeks before and he still was bottom three. three of folks with strongest fan base in the bottom three doesnt make sense while two weekly bottom three folks go into top four i call total bs

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bull crap

idol rattings will plummel

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Last night the Idols went Country and the Country came back with your response. Is your favorite safe? This is American Idol!

Let's start by saying if all you want is to know who is going home, scroll down to the end of this post because we have about 55 minutes of suspense to work through, starting with the introduction of the judges and an explanation of last night's live show that he was rolling his eyes at Paula and not at Chris Richardson's call out to Virgina Tech. We get to see the video of Simon talking to Paula which will hopefully put this non-controversy to rest.

With that out of the way, we have performances by Fergie and Martina McBride and a sneak at Shrek III. But first, a recap of last night's performances. In front of the Kodak Theater, Idol fans weighed in on last night's performances. Who will be singing on this stage tonight for the last time? We'll find out soon enough. But first, it is the Magnificent Seven singing I'm All Right in the Results Show Group Song.

Since it wasn't the Caddyshack version and it was Country, I really did not pay attention.

Now we turn our attention to the Idols and a look at what they listen to in their spare time. And then it is time to welcome to the Idol stage, Fergie. A young girl apparently walked up on stage to shake her hand (and what was with that Rubik's Cube bracelent?). After the performance, the tension is building, which means it is time for another break.

It's time for your results! But first, the Results Show Ford Commercial. And then, next Wednesday, American Idol Gives Back. And now, MySpace has an Idol Gives Back community you can join. One week from tonight. And we get a video review of why Idol is giving back and what to expect, including some of the biggest names in the business. Plus a duet between two of the biggest stars ever together on the Idol stage. It will be Pop History!

Coming up, the most important thing tonight, the results plus a live performance by Country Music superstar Martina McBride. Right after this break.

Seven faces, six places, someone is heading back to the real world. The Idols will be split into two groups, one with the highest and the other the lowerst number of votes.

Sanjaya, please head to the right side of the stage.

Phil, please head to the opposite side of the stage.

Jordin, please join Phil.

Lakisha, go over next to Sanjaya.

Blake, join Lakisha and Sanjaya.

Chris, to the left side of the stage with Phil and Jordin.

Hi, Melinda. Sanjaya, Lakisha and Blake in one group, Chris, Phil and Jordin in the other.

Melinda, the Judges loved you. America voted, they loved you too. You are safe.

Now take a look at these two groups, and tell us which one you think is safe, which is the highest, and which is the bottom three. Now go join them. Melinda sits down square in the middle of the stage and refuses to budge.

Ryan tells her to slide to the left. Phil, Jordin and Chris are safe. Sanjaya, Lakisha and Blake are in the bottom three.

Randy can not believe Blake is there. Paula hopes Blake's grandmother does not get too upset. Simon says he is beginning to sense something here.

America, this is what your votes have done, Sanjaya, Lakisha and Blake facing elimination. Find out who it will be after this break.

The bottom three would like to know the results, but first we get to see their visit with Jeffrey Katzenberg about the creation of Shrek III. Chris took a shot at voicing Puss In Boots but was shoved aside bu special guest Antonio Banderas. And then the Idols got to see the entire movie. Antonio is at the Results show along with family and Jeffery Katzenberg.

And then it is time. For Martina McBride to perform.

If you were looking for the results, Simon is licking his lips because Sanjaya is in the final three along with Blake and Lakisha. You will have to scroll down a little further, however, because the final results will not be revealed until after this break following some time killing chit chat with Martina and her daughter.

And now we have Lakisha, Blake and Sanjaya. Sanjaya, Blake and Lakisha. Who had the lowest number of votes? Who did America decide to send home this week? It's back to business on American Idol.

Let's ease the pain for one of you here. Who is safe? Blake, take a seat, you are safe.

So now it comes down to Lakisha and Sanjaya. Here we go.

America voted and after the biggest Top 7 vote in Idol history, over 38 million votes, Sanjaya, you are going home tonight. Lakisha is safe.

We get a look at Sanjaya's American Idol journey, bringing tears to his eyes, and then he reprises his final Idol performance with class and dignity.


Who thinks everyone has to agree, for better or for worse, Sanjaya gave America plenty to talk about...

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I dont think a fix is in.

I think Melinda is the best of the group and she should win with Blake coming in second.

I am happy that Mangina is gone he was terrible. He only had one good week and that was when he wasnt even singing in ENGLISH!

The only reason he stayed was because of Howard Stern and that website that tells you to vote for the worst on AI.

He did have a likability and confidence about him but this is a SINGIN competition and he was not a good singer. There were many who went before him who shouldnt have.

I was surprised that Blake was in the bottom 3 as i think he has a great voice and should be in the finals with Melinda but Melinda deserves to win. She has been great on every performance.

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Imo, no fix is in. All 3 of the top 3 performances were in the top 4.

Chris's fan base HAD to come out in groves to vote because they knew there was a chancee he could be leaving. Also, I wouldn't be surprised if a lot of the Haley votes went to Chris and some of the people that like Blake but, thought he was a shoe-in to make it, voted for Chris to help "save" him, also.

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I noticed the exact same thing today, while watching Oprah. They had them seated in a way that that fact just jumped out at ya.

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